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  1. Be looking for games tonight, hit me up if we have a game.
  2. I should be home all Thursday on 2/18, once you know your availability, hit me up.
  3. I'll be on vacation till thursday. Once I get back, I'll be looking for games.
  4. I'll be on today around 3pm est till whenever. Got nothing planned today, if we have a game hit me up.
  5. All good. Hit me up on Friday/Saturday if it's install.
  6. most likely after 9 eastern on Tuesday would be best. I'm avail today till 3pm est.
  7. What's up guys, if we have any games together best way to contact me would be through discord or message me here. I should respond on discord rather quickly or very soon after.
  8. If that happens, let me know. I'll be interested.
  9. can you change perferred contact info for me to be discord than aim. Much easier Discord: ScuffyMcGee
  10. I like to be added to the wait list. AIM: amellowdudde Nickname (if applicable): amellowdudde Email: [email protected] Availability: Depends on work shift but mostly nights Can you host?: yep List 4 Team Preferences: any What's your location/timezone?: eastern
  11. anyone can repost the discord link by any chance??
  12. AIM/Discord Handle: Can you Host? Yes Preferred method of contact for games. (AIM, Discord, email, forums, PM, text, etc) AIM: Amellowdudde email: [email protected] Or PM me on forums to set up time. What's your location/timezone? EST.
  13. Putting my name in the hat as well. AIM: Amellowdudde
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