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  1. That's because the Patriots have tarnished the American Teams image
  2. Is it for windows or android? And can you change up the uniforms and endzone logos?
  3. What about changing the houston oilers to the texans?
  4. I was trying to move Seahawks to the nfc, and redo the cowboys, chargers, bills and Broncos uniforms
  5. Question, how where you able to change the logo and team colors for the texans and ravens?
  6. updated roster for tsb3 2019 View File trying out tsm3 manager Submitter cowboyschamps Submitted 10/12/2019 Category SNES  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    trying out tsm3 manager
  8. do anyone know how to change a teams uniform color from either tsb3 or tecmobowl manager 2000? I recently bought a windows tablet for this.
  9. What file did you use to upgrade the roster?
  10. It's this android tsb app. I still have to fix Carolina Panthers rb Christian McCaffrey, it still had Stewart on there. I will try submit another one.
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