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  1. I'm a couple days late on this topic, I been waiting for over 10 years for this, just take your time
  2. TSB3 manager had a code saying missing file 5
  3. It was TSB3 manager. When I get a chance to go on my computer, I will take a picture of the error code.
  4. I tried to change the city name, but couldn't locate where to change it. Could someone provide the link to the hex where I could download it.
  5. I've downloaded the rom, but it will not appear on my emulator
  6. Can I use TSB tool manager to change the game roster back into NFL teams and change the colors of the uniforms?
  7. Is this joe montana or prime time version?
  8. Is it for windows or android? And can you change up the uniforms and endzone logos?
  9. What about changing the houston oilers to the texans?
  10. I was trying to move Seahawks to the nfc, and redo the cowboys, chargers, bills and Broncos uniforms
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