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  1. Looks like the batters start at 0x411B and each batter is 16 bytes. The breakdown for each nibble I could figure out so far is: 0-11: Player Name (1 byte for each character) 12: Blank 13-15: Unknown 16: Arm Strength (Gets 1 added to it) 17: Running Ability (Gets divided by 2 and 1 gets added to it) 18: Catching Ability (0-3="-", 4-7="C", 8-B="B", C-F="A") 19: 2nd Base Ability (0-3="-", 4-7="C", 8-B="B", C-F="A") 20: Shortstop Ability (0-3="-", 4-7="C", 8-B="B", C-F="A") 21: Outfield Ability (0-3="-", 4-7="C", 8-B="B", C-F="A") 22-23: Unknown 24-27: Batting Average (26-27 is the first number, 24-25 is the last 2 numbers) 28-29: Homeruns 30-31: Blank So, I couldn't figure out where 1st & 3rd base abilities are or what the unknown fields are from above. It seems logical that 2 of those unknown fields would somehow be for 1st & 3rd but I the numbers didn't add up so I'm not too sure how that works. I'm also guessing the batting ability is recorded someplace unless it is somehow figured out from the average and homeruns. I haven't looked at pitchers data yet.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm new around here so not sure if you talk about Bad News Baseball at all. Someone asked me to build an editor for it so he could change player names, abilities, stats, etc. I was able to figure out player names and several of the stats from looking at the hex, but there are a few things I couldn't find. I was wondering if someone has a listing of what all the stats/abilities are and where to find them in the ROM. Thanks
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