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  1. TheRaja

    TSB Blimp Text (NES)

    Here is my Blimp for my 2018 Season
  2. The Finals of TFO Season 5 came to a head in Columbus Ohio on Sunday. But before the event we honored the Six Newest TFO Hall of Famers (RB Bo Nerr, OL Coors Premium, QB Jim Plunkett, LB Willy Wildturkey, K SkyGod Uranus, and LB Headless Monk) with a beautiful video package. 2017 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES (12:30pm July 23rd 2017) *LIVE @ 16-BIT BAR IN COLUMBUS OH!* -Six Members of the Class of 2017: https://youtu.be/9NfuO_s5jaM Then it was on to business as the Alliance took on the Fighters to be crowned the 5th ever TFO Champion! 2017 FINALS CHOCO-BOWL (1:00pm July 23rd 2017) *LIVE @ 16-BIT BAR IN COLUMBUS OH!* -BAD Champion Polytheist Alliance vs MAD Champion Street Fighters: https://youtu.be/pYGYjJ5_SVk Thanks for everyone who came out to the Choco Bowl, to all those who participate, and for everyone having a good time and being friends. I love you all and I love TFO! AND WE WILL SEE YOU NEXT TFO SEASON!!!!! Check out more on our website: http://tfofootball.weebly.com/
  3. Is there a way for me to set the ProBowl teams to actual teams? For a project Im working on I want to make them the JETS and the RAMS but Im having problems finding the correct pointers. I assume the once I find the right pointers I can change them to what the JETS and RAMS use and that show both ProBowl Teams exactly like the JETS and RAMS. I want their Rosters, Names, Initials, Everything to replicate JETS & RAMS for the ProBowl. And help or direction is appreciated. Again I want the pointers for NFC and AFC ProBowl Teams to point to JETS and RAMS, I do NOT want to just modify the AFC and NFC ProBowl Teams to look like the JETS and RAMS.
  4. No props to me, Props to the Big Dog bruddog for being quick and helping me out!
  5. TheRaja

    changing first down yardage

    Quick run and it looks good! Thank you so much my guy is starting to record his league next week and this really takes away the confusion of the animation!
  6. TheRaja

    changing first down yardage

    Thanks man I appreciate it. Gonna start recording games in a few weeks so any help is appreciated, even if it means I have to turn the animation off.
  7. TheRaja

    Turning Off Injuries during Season Mode

    Yeah Autoskip still causes injuries. It sucks. I been looking around to see how that can be corrected but no dice.
  8. TheRaja

    changing first down yardage

    I added this to my Rom but noticed that the ref is still measuring at 9.9 yards instead of 15.9 yards (Im using 1st and 16). Am I missing something or does the yard markers not update that part? OK i guess after reading the post again that the animation does not realize the change. Is there a place I can edit to change that, or is there a way I can just remove the animation entirely if that can't be done? Any help is appreciated.
  9. QUESTION: If I make a player all 100s and they are in Average Condition... what happens when they are in Excellent Condition? Will they continue to stay 100? Will it roll over back to 6? Im trying to run a COM league and am curious as normally I don't go higher that 75. Thanks.
  10. TheRaja

    Player Conditions Change More

    Incase I need this again: Condition Change Every Play SET( 0x25ae9, 0x4cf39feaeaeaea ) SET( 0x25ffb, 0xa570100e4c3e9cffa9068d0080a9188d01804ce09a ) SET( 0x3200d, 4cca9f ) SET( 0x31fda, a9078d0080a9118d01802095a3a9078d0080a52f8d0180a9068d0080a52e8d0180 )
  11. TFO is proud to present our FIFTH Season! TFO 2016 began Feb 9th 2017! http://tfofootball.weebly.com TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Chief Operating Officer "TheRaja". The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League". Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams. After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. During the 2013 Season this was 24 teams in total, in the 2014-2016 Seasons the team limit was increased to 28 teams, and now since 2017 the team limit was increased to 36 teams on 2 different roms!!! To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we document each season of TFO Football through our weekly programming, with our season starts the week after the NFL Superbowl. Each week TFO brings out full game footage, commentary games, video highlights, and other YouTube updates and scheduled TFO programming. Season 1 of TFO (2013 Season) started on February 7th 2013. That season had 24 teams that played in an 11 week season, with 12 teams making the Playoffs. The first ever TFO Championship (The Shiva Bowl) was held on May 25th 2013 at TheRaja's home and crowned the Westeros Guardians (Owner Kyle Kniss) as the first ever TFO Champions. (TFO Football 2013 download file) Season 2 of TFO (2014 Season) kicked off on February 6th 2014, That season had 28 teams that played in a 17 week season (one bye week per team). 12 teams faced off in the playoffs with the second ever TFO Championship (The Ifrit Bowl) being held on July 6th 2014 at 16-Bit Bar & Arcade in Columbus OH and crowned the Normandy Defenders (Owner Chris McCleese) as the second ever TFO Champions. (TFO Football 2014 download file) Season 3 of TFO (2015 Season) kicked off on February 5th 2015, That season had 28 teams that played in a 17 week season (one bye week per team). 12 teams faced off in the playoffs with the third ever TFO Championship (The Titan Bowl) being held on June 28th 2015 at 16-Bit Bar & Arcade in Columbus OH and crowned the Cleveland Steamers (Owner Ryan Anderson) as the third ever TFO Champions. (TFO Football 2015 download file) Season 4 of TFO (2016 Season) kicked off on February 11th 2015, That season had 36 teams that played in a 17 week season (one bye week per team). 12 teams faced off in the playoffs with the fourth ever TFO Championship (The Odin Bowl) being held on July 10th 2016 at 16-Bit Bar & Arcade in Columbus OH and crowned The Beergods (Owner Dave Fogle) as the fourth ever TFO Champions. (TFO Football 2016 to be available for download soon) Season 5 kicked-off February 9th 2017!!! We have returning teams like Hollywood Heroes, Azerothian Assassins, Kinky K, World's Warriors, Greek Legends, Rap Kings, Westeros Guardians, and more!!! We also have new teams like The Amazing Racists, Fantasy 7s, DC Universe, and South Park Cows!! It is going to get CRAZY for this Choco-Bowl Season!!! And once Season 5 ends I will release the Rom File right here on TecmoBowl.com !!! THIS IS EPIC! THIS IS TFO! So the question now is... Are You Ready For Some 8-bit Football??!!!!!!!
  12. TheRaja

    is there an updated stat extractor

    Awesome! Thanks for the update had me scared! LOL. Ill keep my eyes peeled
  13. TheRaja

    is there an updated stat extractor

    Anyone know what happened to the Madison Stat Extractor? I use it every year but since the Madison site was updated the Stat Extractor is missing!
  14. TheRaja

    TSB Blimp Text (NES)

    Here is the Blimp for my 2017 Season
  15. TheRaja

    TSB Blimp Text (NES)

    Hey all. Im working on my yearly TFO Rom and last season I started to give away the prize of placing text on the Tecmo Blimp that appears at halftime. So since I have my notes and couldn't find this on the boards I wanted to post it for others... and so I won't lose it next season when I do this all again So I like to think of the Tecmo Blimp as having 2 Lines of 10 "Spots". These spots are filled in with 8x8 pixel images. There are 16 available characters to use in these spots (not counting spaces). You would need to go in and EDIT these with your own images/letters/characters to appear on the blimp and one could have MORE spots by doing some edits on their own but I stick with the 16 as I haven't had an issue with it. I know there is more "real estate" on the blimp that could be used but since it shares a pallet with the background clouds I just stick with the two 10 character lines. CHARACTER GRAPHIC SPOTS (17 total counting Space/Blank) 03 = Space/Blank (DO NOT OVERWRITE) 0B = Left Part of Helmet Icon 0F = Right Part of Helmet Icon 1D = E (blue) 37 = C (blue) 39 = T (blue) 3D = M (blue) 3E = O (blue) 3F = S (pink) 41 = U (pink) 42 = P (pink) 43 = E (pink) 44 = R (pink) 45 = B (pink) 46 = O (pink) 47 = W (pink) 48 = L (pink) SPOTS AVAILABLE ON THE BLIMP (2 Lines of 10) 1ST: LINE: 0x1446c 0x1446d 0x1447b 0x1447c 0x1447d 0x1447e 0x1448c 0x1448d 0x1448e 0x1448f 2ND LINE: 0x14470 0x14471 0x1447f 0x14480 0x14481 0x14482 0x14490 0x14491 0x14492 0x14493 PALLET LOCATION (3 colors) BLUE: 0x1a02d PINK: 0x1a02e WHITE: 0x1a02f (DO NOT CHANGE) [Recommended not to mess with the white as the rest of the blimp's white spots share the same pallet as the clouds in the background] Attached is TFO 2016's Blimp Have fun!!!!