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  1. Here is the Blimp for TFO 2020 ( Season 8 ) The Federal is a restaurant in Youngstown Ohio.
  2. Yeah I can see that. Im glad I mentioned this. I think I'll instead go Fragile (04), Normal (03), Resilient (02) instead or something like Fragile (04), Normal (02). Not sure if I want to go higher than 04 in a full season CPU league as one season I changed the injury rate to 03 and the owners complained all season on how many injures were going on. Had a few full teams with all injured benches lol.
  3. So while I was testing (still running with no issue so far, going to run a team through a full season next) I had an idea; could this code be modified so that instead of it targeting the players base on a table it would give them an injury rate based on their condition? So Excellent 01, Good & Average 02, and Bad 03 for example. Or one could give Excellent players 00 for "invincibility" or punish Bad players with FF. I'm going to use the current method for TFO because I let people make their own teams so targeting individual players gives me an additional player trait I can use on the team application, but I thought the condition was an interesting idea and figured that conditions have to be stored with the players so in theory I think it would be possible.
  4. Looking good so far. KR/PR Injury Rate is now 0x35a50 for P1 and 0x35a92 for P2. Tested alot with the returners and that looks fixed. Im running a full CPU season now but based on the last testing since the returners are fixed it looks like its gonna be solid. But Ill keep testing it within the TFO rom but if I get any weirdness Ill retest it in a TSB rom. I heart fast forward But excellent work brudogg a nice way to add an extra stat to players, gonna give some extra flavor to games
  5. Ill test this tonight. I love playtesting this kind of stuff esp since this ones really cool. I plan on using this my TFO 2020 Apps to include the ability for team owners to buy better injury rates. So a player could be Fragile (04), Normal (02), or Resilient (01) depending on the money spent. My owners hate injuries so I think this is gonna be a big hit with them
  6. @bruddog Had a weirdness. Start of the game, team kicks off and injures kick returner. But the player change screen is showing the opponents team, and it is there KR that is injured. Also where is the byte for the KR/PR Percentage? Is that 0x35a49?
  7. @Ian Jones KR/PR has their 7/256 Injury Rate. bruddog said he had moved it to a new location within the new code. Also its 12 bytes per team. So for example Bengals are 0x35ac2 while Browns are 12 away at 0x35ace. Im using a 28 team rom. Also @bruddog this is awesome I went ahead and added it to my TFO 2020 rom and am running like a full CPU season to test it. No issues so far looks awesome
  8. @bruddog Better, but still has some weirdness. Example: Played a Season Game SEA vs NO; SEA has an injury and it works correctly (has the star, status is injured). Next 3 injuries are fine too. But the 5th injury brings SEA up to JETS Offensive Starters and shows a JETS player injured. NO then has an injury next and it brings up the JETS Offensive Starters, and the player who was just injured isn't showing injured now. Tried it a few times and its very random but happens consistently if there are multiple injuries in a game. Had 1 game where the Giants QB got injured, Browns Offensive Change comes up, next play same Giants QB gets injured, but now Oilers Offensive Change comes up. Giants QB still in play. From what I can see it looks like after so many injuries it messes up the pointer in some way and starts looking at a different team and then gets stuck on that team. Maybe something being stored? **EDIT: Had it happen on the 1st injury of the game. Bengals QB gets hurt, brings up Browns Offensive Starters screen. I think the injury is triggering correctly but its pulling the incorrect value for the team for the change screen (but only sometimes).
  9. I tested the code aswell and it works great! Missed FGs are now basically the same as Touchbacks. This happens regardless of how the FG is missed (far right, far left, hit goalpost, or falls short). If the place holder is tackled before the kick then its counted as a tackle and turnover on downs at the spot of the tackle. If the FG is blocked it is treated like a fumble. AWESOME WORK!!!! I've been running a CPU league and one of the worst things to see is the computer kick a long FG when tied late in the 4th and giving up amazing field advantage when they miss. This helps resolve alot of those issues Thanks!
  10. @bruddogI tested it and the player got injured but his status never changed, so even though the injured animation goes off there is no X beside the name and I can still keep him in the game.
  11. @bruddogThis is awesome, I plan to test it as part of my TFO 2020 Season. Question: Do Returners stay at the KR/PR Injury Rate or does this hack overwrite that? "EDIT* I just realized it actually is replacing the Injury Rate area so it does look like the players keep their injury rate regardless if they are returning or not.
  12. Our TFO Season 7 Finale was held earlier this summer. Here is the game link!!! https://youtu.be/jhw9bmLK1TA
  13. I love these formation changes, but is there a way I could have say the Defense on the field for Kick Returns? I want the Defense to be on the field for all Special Teams plays (Punts and Kickoffs)
  14. For My Notes due to a Request: #Computer ONLY kicks FG's on 4th Down (Regulation) SET (0x1897f,0x00) ***After testing it was determined that this doesn't apply to Overtime, just regulation***
  15. Time to kick off Season 7 of the Tecmo Fantasy Owners with a big time matchup, and this one is gonna be a barn burner! We got the rookie owner Oak taking on the veteran Anthony, as the Saturday Mornings take on the Sunday Knights this Tuesday, Feb 5th at 6pm EST! So don't be sad that the NFL season is ending (NFL stands for No Fun League anyway!) instead embrace the awesomeness that is TFO as we start our 17 week regular season the Tuesday after the SuperBowl!!!! -Saturday Mornings at Sunday Knights (Game posts at 6pm EST on 2/5/19)
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