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  1. @henchman21 Still the Thunder.

  2. RT @roybelly: Ive done a lot of top tens....voshon leopard was never on any of them https://t.co/f6Li9WdVnw

  3. RT @ryenarussillo: I love “Edgy” Joel Ingles.

  4. RT @edsbs: Jay the penile metaphor here is both weird and unflattering https://t.co/GwyaCgwzsu

  5. RT @MrBrianKenny: 1. There are no errors 2. If there are still "errors" in the 21st century, that was not one of them. https://t.co/Zd8Wxi…

  6. RT @RedSox: You will not believe this, but this team has hit another grand slam. (‼️) Mitch absolutely crushes one! The score is now 7-3…

  7. RT @SBNationCFB: Mel Kiper on Jimmy Clausen, eight years ago this draft: “If Jimmy Clausen is not a successful quarterback in the NFL, I’…

  8. RT @BarstoolBigCat: Are the Bucks in trouble? Well it’s hard to say. Today’s PMT —-> https://t.co/htoaCr8KQG https://t.co/Za2mPiISkA

  9. RT @MyNig: Was the locker room pregnant https://t.co/uJG8QZL5Jo

  10. RT @RedSox: Who wore it better? https://t.co/ud8RpxJetJ

  11. RT @NESN: Joe Kelly received a massive ovation at TD Garden after the Bruins showed the Red Sox-Yankees brawl on the video board. WATCH: ht…

  12. RT @RedSox: G’morning! Remember last night? https://t.co/rJuyv8sONB

  13. Hahahahaha holy shit Gary Sanchez is a terrible catcher and it is on FULL display tonight.

  14. btw every sin Joe Kelly has ever committed as a Red Sox player is absolved purely because of this: https://t.co/e1m8Azgr1U

  15. RT @SarahSpain: Me too, Ben. Me too. 😍 @minakimes #SmartKid https://t.co/ZC5ioSXJT3