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  1. CHI DL ARMSTRONG LB morrisey Db woolford
  2. ATL OL LB TUGGLE DB SANDERS (1.28) SF Backups (2.1)
  3. Kovalkin won the toss and called DEN SD. Speed takes SD. Doesn't hurt getting a break or two on fumbles but heres the game nonetheless
  4. we can teach you buddy. I felt like I was like a top dawg top 3 in the world tapper at one point when Reg was around. that was the standard. Now look at all the good tappers around. Definately a teachable skill. Stick around and learn it Jedi.
  5. Group K vs The MACK Kovalkin wins the toss and chose CHI v KC matchup. The MACK chose KC Neal Anderson got loose with good yardage mixed in with QB rushing attempts. Okoye did some damage of his own but Fridge Perry saw a Pork Chop on the field in the vision of a football and intercepted the game turning pass. Chicago leaned on KC thereafter.
  6. 1. Discord Name: Kovalkin 2. Can you host? Yea 3. Team preference (list 3 teams). Can be any of the 32 teams in the NFL. (NE/ATL/INDY)
  7. Discord Handle: Kovalkin Best time for you to play (eg. evening after 8EST, weekends, etc): Days typically. I work 5pm PST TUES WED 8pm FRI SAT hockey THURS night 7-10PM PST (check in with me) Can you commit to playing 3 games in 10-12 days starting 2/15 (Y/N): Y Any planned vacation/travel between 2/15-3/31 which will prevent games being played?: none planned.
  8. Got it. Here we go again, a timeless debate. People have lives family and work nights like I do so it's not so easy for me personally. Should I resign now or wait until I'm booted and made an example of due to my particular circumstances?
  9. Boot em. Don't have time for this nonsense. We just lost an admin over this crap.
  10. Dukesta now known as Kovalkin plz add to the list.
  11. Patriots win big. tecmo gods made em cough it up after Patriots score early in the game and just kinda lean on em from there.
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