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  1. Got it. Here we go again, a timeless debate. People have lives family and work nights like I do so it's not so easy for me personally. Should I resign now or wait until I'm booted and made an example of due to my particular circumstances?
  2. Boot em. Don't have time for this nonsense. We just lost an admin over this crap.
  3. Dukesta now known as Kovalkin plz add to the list.
  4. Patriots win big. tecmo gods made em cough it up after Patriots score early in the game and just kinda lean on em from there.
  5. ageless Howie Long and Dan the Man!
  6. Muthafuckin Dukie #Lewis and the news is back baby!
  7. Unheard of for this to be a discussion. Flawed PM communication also by leadership. Do the right thing for the league and not allow inseason exceptions. We should take this offseason to make official on how many games a new GM would have to play to qualify for playoffs also.
  8. Happy New Year's first off Second off.....1st post in a long long time in the forums! Dolo, we've been rivals since classic & beforehand. we bring the best outta each other so there's no other guy to play against than an old rival Dolo's legacy in the community is that he can always play above the talent on any given roster. He's done it before in Classic and many other leagues so nothing is to be overlooked. Hope it's a good game for tecmo and good luck!
  9. GG bud tough game then again I couldve punted
  10. @diazhole im around until 5 wed thurs 10pm fri sun Sat 8pm Thats my schedule this week
  11. I think i cleared the 12 games before midnight cali time no? or was 2nd demerit from something else besides June 6 deadline?
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