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  1. johny_mx No Chiefs, Falcons, Lions
  2. Discord: johny_mx #4477 Nickname (if applicable): johny_mx Email: [email protected] Availability: Weekdays after 8pm. Weekends. Can you host?: Yes (Hamachi) List 4 Team Preferences: Chiefs, Lions, Falcons, Eagles. What's your location/timezone?: Central Why do you want to join HSTL?: I want to comeback to the Tecmo community. Played season 21 to 26 five years ago.
  3. GG Jon and GL the rest of the playoffs, u def were my robot all this time i was around playing online tecmo, Thx Kamp-Randy-Kamp-Randy for having me this last 6 seasons, it has been very fun. Take care everyone. Joey go win the SB man.
  4. Falcons game is over, where are u Grip?
  5. I will be around today before the chiefs vs denver game, hit me up if u can play.
  6. WOW, i set the 347 record back in season 24 but 574 yards, man that's insane. Did u recorded the game, this is a must see tecmo film?
  7. I will be around today watching nfl games but also availabe for tecmo games, hit me up if u are around.
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