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  1. johny_mx No Chiefs, Falcons, Lions
  2. Discord: johny_mx #4477 Nickname (if applicable): johny_mx Email: [email protected] Availability: Weekdays after 8pm. Weekends. Can you host?: Yes (Hamachi) List 4 Team Preferences: Chiefs, Lions, Falcons, Eagles. What's your location/timezone?: Central Why do you want to join HSTL?: I want to comeback to the Tecmo community. Played season 21 to 26 five years ago.
  3. GG Jon and GL the rest of the playoffs, u def were my robot all this time i was around playing online tecmo, Thx Kamp-Randy-Kamp-Randy for having me this last 6 seasons, it has been very fun. Take care everyone. Joey go win the SB man.
  4. Falcons game is over, where are u Grip?
  5. I will be around today before the chiefs vs denver game, hit me up if u can play.
  6. WOW, i set the 347 record back in season 24 but 574 yards, man that's insane. Did u recorded the game, this is a must see tecmo film?
  7. I will be around today watching nfl games but also availabe for tecmo games, hit me up if u are around.
  8. Another tough division match for the Chiefs, this time against the Gripsmoke Seahawks.The chiefs get a 2 scores advantage at HT, the last play of the half was a Clifton int (his 3rd of the season) to a Warren Moon pass who hasn't been picked all season long. In the second half Seahawks came back strong to take the lead in the 4th after a recovered onside kick. Fortunately for the chiefs Hill appear again in the last series to give them the win. 35 31 Very good game Grip, see u again in the rematch.
  9. Another chapter of one of the biggest rivalries in nfl and the first game of the season between the chiefs and the raiders was a very good game that went to OT. In regular time LT proved again he can do it all since he could cover Hill in one on one situations several times. Regular time ended 21-21 after the Raiders had a last chance with one second on the clock on the 50 yard line but the bomb was an incomplete pass (I really think Art was going to kick the FG there). In OT chiefs won and liked their chances but Raiders have a great defense and put the chiefs in a 4th and 10 position, Chiefs went for it and.... they couldn't convert so it seems it was over since Raiders get the ball in my 30 yard line. Right here it seems two things could happen, Art could run and get closer to kick the FG or he could pass to surprise me and get bigger gains, I gamble for the second one and picked a p4, right after that i picked his r&s p1 and send browner directly to the rb1 hoping George throws to Herschel Walker and he does. Browner gets the int and Chiefs get another chance to win this game, this time Hill didn't let the fans down and score to seal the victory. Great game Art, i def was lucky to get that int. 27 21 See u in the rematch.
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