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  1. Double Dragon 2 is MUCH better than 1. Harder in challenge and longer in game. Moves are most sickening when you master them. Beat Double Dragon 2 only losing 1 life!
  2. Bump for any players in this game.... Been almost 3 months and I haven't really played any other game except Overwatch. #Eeeeeeek
  3. I may have just slightly wet myself. This and Super Metroid are two of my ALL TIME favorites. No denial the creativity and exploration was not for the weak of heart
  4. Anyone here playing Overwatch? Can't get enough of that game.... getting close to addicted. If you have a PC or PS4, you need this game
  5. Dude.... scope out eBay for some good prices on used versions. Don't wait, because it's so popular you'll be waiting awhile. I'm not even close to being a fan of FPS games, but this game is absolutely the shizzzzzzzzz!
  6. Gamestop = RAPE!!!!! Check out eBay or something... easily get it cheaper there
  7. My guess is that as it becomes more & more popular, they'll begin to add more channel options.
  8. You can buy a Mohu Leaf antenna at Walmart for $17. They're GREAT and cheaper than almost everything else. Just bought 3 last week and now we're getting about 30-35 air channels when not on Vue. Clear reception so football is alive and well!
  9. Buy it used from a game store. Should be like $40 intead of $60.
  10. I actually made the switch over myself last week and am very satisfied thus far. I did have to make a small investment into a few antenna for local channels, but even after spending $55 for those, I'm still saving $25 this month. Next month, I start saving $90 per. Can't argue the $$$
  11. Any Overwatch players out here in the ether?? This game is SOOOOOOOOO badass
  12. I got rid of Star Wars Battlefront to get Uncharted 4. I was highly unsatisfied with SWB. No campaign mode, no creativity in the boards, spawn at same locations every time, etc. Very poorly executed on their behalf. I used to love Battlefront 1 & 2 on PS2, but they significantly strayed from what made them popular.
  13. Hey all! Just wondering who else is online on their PS3/PS4 around here? Currently playing the following games: 1. Uncharted 4 2. NBA 2K16 3. NHL 16 4. Diablo 3 5. Possibly looking into getting Overwatch soon.... Would love to game with some fellow gamers!!
  14. If you have your own original NES controller, I would suggest using the "NES RetroPort. I have had one for over 5 years now and it works like a charm every time. No lag, no setup issues, no problems connecting to ANY device with a USB. Here is the web link: http://www.retrousb.com/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28 Trust me, you won't regret this decision EVER.
  15. "And what a choke by the Vikings!" HA HA HA!!! That shit never gets old
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