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  1. gonickmontana5 yes seahawks, broncos
  2. Can't believe you typed that whole thing on your phone. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  3. Heard a rumor that the Cleveland Browns were planning on making a big play for Johnny J in the 1st round...if they actually show up that is!
  4. Opus is definitely at the top for me. When I started playing Tecmo I was horrendous. Then I realized Opus posted vids of all his games, so I watched them and tried to copy him as best I could. He basically turned me into a regular playoff participant in all my leagues. He also randomly started a blog and only made one blog post - but it was an incredibly nuanced post about fumbling and going out of bounds. #SSOA Another Tecmo stud is Larry. He was great in every league, but had an especially incredible run in WTFC, and along with Opus, I always respected the fact that they weren't great tappers but did everything else an elite level.
  5. Kamp breathlessly texted me this morning to inform me that he had tagged me in a post on TBORG. I see no mention of my name in this post, jerkface!
  6. Discord: GoNickMontana Nickname (if applicable): Email: gonickmontana at callmefairf.com Availability: yup Can you host?: yup List 4 Team Preferences: Sea What's your location/timezone?: West Coast Why do you want to join HSTL?: There's something missing from Tecmo these days: the JJ offense. I will be bringing it back. I'll win about 2 games per season so everyone should enjoy playing me.
  7. Ok, I really do have to give Hank the old tip of the cap here: he has inserted himself into this thread. He has pounded away with his statistics. Over and over and over. And then he has ejaculated all over the place with his trump card: Peyton Hillis has been a coverboy and has rushed for 1,000 yards! But it turns out he didn't fill all the holes like he set out to do: the year Hillis was on the cover, he won a fan vote, so a popularity contest rather than a representation of his abilities as an RB. And as far as 1,000 yard seasons, JJ actually has multiple seasons over 1k. My favorite was HSTL season 34, where he rushed for over 1,000 yards and helped lead the Seahawks to a 12-4 record and an appearance in the HSTL Bowl. And his QBs that season were Tony Eason and Chris Miller, so no excuses about being carried - he was doing the carrying!
  8. Ok, let's get down to the root of the issue here: Hank's negativity toward JJ is because he's confused by his intense sexual attraction to him. Which is not a problem: JJ is a stud. And, I think I speak for all Pacific Northwesters in this thread when I say that we welcome everyone to our discussion, no need to be embarrassed!
  9. Good to see the com finally get on board with the back and b strategy that the Bengals were built on.
  10. What's up guys, just wanted to let you know (if someone hasn't talked about this already) that you made the front page of Twitch at one point and had something like 850 viewers. But, I think because the stream went offline and there was some downtime, it dropped off pretty heavily from there. Not sure if you want to/have the time to put more effort into the stream, but seems like there's an online audience for Madison.
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