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    ChaosConffetti reacted to lightninglarry in Rocket League   
    my 7 yr old son loves this game.  I stand no chance vs him.  Its like Pats vs Niners on TSB OG the difference in skill level between the two of us.
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    ChaosConffetti reacted to bruddog in 15 ydextra point try   
    Since the NFL is going to 15 yard xp's this year
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    ChaosConffetti reacted to rmm1976 in Mega Man 2 takes #2 spot on my 100 best NES games blog   
    Great read.  I may be one of the few who actually think Mega Man 1 was the greatest Mega Man game.  Maybe b/c it was the first, and I really love the music and level design / bosses, etc.


    Personal favorite (and top 5 of any NES music ever):



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    ChaosConffetti reacted to cubsfan5150 in error after fresh install of nestopia   
    Hit it with a hammer, mend it with duct tape, restart cpu, problem solved.
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    ChaosConffetti reacted to bruddog in 128 play teaser video...   
    This is just the visual part working of having 128 possible plays...

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    ChaosConffetti reacted to bruddog in Switch plays at the line of scrimmage   
    Just proving it can be done....




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    ChaosConffetti reacted to bruddog in Randomize sound loop used for each play.   
    There are 8 possible sound loops that get played after the snap:
       $42,      ; PRESEASON  song P1
       $43,      ; PRESEASON   song P2
       $3C,      ; PRO-BOWL    song P1
       $3D,      ; PRO-BOWL    song P2 
       $40,      ; SEASON         song P1
       $41,      ; SEASON        song P2
       $3E,      ; PLAYOFF      song P1
       $3F       ; PLAYOFF       song P2
    This hack randomizes which song gets played for every snap
    0x255EC = 0xEAA53C2907EA
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    ChaosConffetti reacted to bruddog in Drummer's NFL TECMO SUPER BOWL 2K14 Special Edition!   
    Don amero please see my condition checking program. Granted its not a hack for the game but its a side program that acheives what you are asking...but only if you are playing on an emulator.
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