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  1. Group G Stalltalk Chiefs vs. Bengals Bengals Link posted above: Bengals started with a FG attempt which was blocked. The Chiefs immediately fumbled but the Bengals gave it back on a fumble as well. Okoye took over for much of the game with long runs, but DeBerg made a huge mistake late to allow the Bengals to take the lead. DeBerg took over with around one minute left and got the win for Stalltalk, 24-21.
  2. Stalltalk Weekends during the day and Monday all day. Yes No
  3. Lb1+4: Green and Griggs
  4. DBs1and4 Hasty and Washington
  5. via proxy MattyD selects RB Eric Metcalf
  6. LBs Gary Plummer and Junior Seau
  7. Oilers take TE Brent Jones
  8. I'll take Chicago DL/OL/KP
  9. I'll take Ronnie Lott and Pollard
  10. Yes: (Wright, Lewis Taylor) - No explanation needed. No: Brenner, the position is weak, not Hall of Fame numbers. 15-20 catches per season doesn't do it for me. No: Young, good player - not a Hall of Famer.
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