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  1. I'll keep it short and sweet. Kreig, Nelson, James yes. Still, Fuller no.
  2. I guess i'll take TB DBs/IND LBs Haddix
  3. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to play a game for at least a week and a half so I'll take a forfeit. @Jpthebowler advances
  4. Didn't vote for Lonnie because he lied on his resume (tied for lead in tackles).
  5. Warren Moon, QB - Had a great career, but he does not get my vote in his first year of eligibility. The fact that his career was short and his interception count is a big factor for me. How do you throw 19 INTS at 75 PC then 21 INTs at 69? That's a NO. Andre Tippett, LB - An absolute beast at linebacker, 111 sacks. YES. Roland James, DB - Roland is a yes for me. For nine straight seasons, he was it in Kansas City. 80+ tackles in 7 of those seasons, top 5 in INTS all time. Two rings and a four-time All-Pro. YES. Ottis Anderson, RB - Just look at his player page: his accolades stretch on for days! YES. Darrin Nelson, RB - Tough one, but looking at the current list of RBs currently in the hall - Nelson belongs. Was a huge game breaker for the Giants in the passing and rushing game. Not to mention he had 8!!! touchdowns in the Giants' superbowl run. YES
  6. Vikings DL and Browns Kickers
  7. NYG LBs and IND DBs Lets try something different
  8. I'll take Dan Marino and below average buds.
  9. My votes: Drew Hill Freddie Solomon Hokie Gajan I left off Elway because I think his early retirement hurts the numbers. Definitely not having a stud defense and running up the score like other QBs hurt him. But he was highly efficient in his career, but just doesn't strike me as a first-ballot hall of famer. Maybe if he gets on again. And with Winslow - I left him off as well. Definitely had a couple Hall of Fame seasons, but hovering around the 20 catch mark, and below at times in his career, doesn't seem worthy of a first ballot. Obviously, the TE position isn't used as much, but I gotta keep him off in his first year of eligibility.
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