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  1. stalltalk

    Hall of Fame 1992 Candidates

    In my first year as a HOF voter (Bone flaked the league), i'll be voting for: Mark van Eeghen: Not much to say here. Guy is a legend. And I'm going to give the nod to Steve Fuller: he was dominant for several seasons, an MVP, won a Super Bowl, and is top 10 in numerous stats.
  2. stalltalk

    1992 Rookie of Year (voting)

    Not a rookie.
  3. stalltalk

    1992 OL Gain tourney

    No. 10 Packers - 24, No. 5 Dallas Cowboys 14. Recap: Flutie started the game with two interceptions on the Cowboys first two drives which doomed them for the rest of the game. Pederson hit Tim Brown for a couple touchdowns and a couple of his errant throws fell incomplete. Flutie was injured early in the second half which sealed it for Green Bay.
  4. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Jets DL
  5. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Chris Miller
  6. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Scott Mitchell
  7. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Willie Green and Richard Johnson
  8. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Seattle OL.
  9. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Karl Mecklenburg and Dennis Smith.
  10. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Byner and Howard
  11. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Kevin Greene and Bobby Humphery is invalid, I have LB4 already. I'll take Pepper Johnson and Guyton
  12. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

    Willie Anderson and Gaston Green
  13. stalltalk

    HSTL S48 Draft

  14. stalltalk

    Most Missed Tecmo Player?

    Iturrey and tlallstar6 for sure. Bits' legends.
  15. stalltalk

    HSTL S47 Draft

    James Hasty and Townsell