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  1. Vikings DL and Browns Kickers
  2. NYG LBs and IND DBs Lets try something different
  3. I'll take Dan Marino and below average buds.
  4. My votes: Drew Hill Freddie Solomon Hokie Gajan I left off Elway because I think his early retirement hurts the numbers. Definitely not having a stud defense and running up the score like other QBs hurt him. But he was highly efficient in his career, but just doesn't strike me as a first-ballot hall of famer. Maybe if he gets on again. And with Winslow - I left him off as well. Definitely had a couple Hall of Fame seasons, but hovering around the 20 catch mark, and below at times in his career, doesn't seem worthy of a first ballot. Obviously, the TE position isn't used as much, but I gotta keep him off in his first year of eligibility.
  5. Group B, Stalltalk vs. Hawkeye Coin Toss Winner Stalltalk, again Matchup Vikings/Redskins Hawkeye takes Redskins Another close one: Hawkeye receives and punts after a first down or two, but the Vikings punt right back. The Skins put together a nice drive but have to settle for 3. Wilson dials up A. Carter in good and completes a long bomb standing still in the end zone for a TD. Hawkeye times a perfect bomb before halftime, but it falls incomplete. Vikings start with the ball in the second half and put together a long, scoring drive capped off by a TD from Walker. Washington responds after getting two huge cut blocks by WR2 Gary Clark and Byner runs in for the TD to make it a one-score game, 14-10. But the Vikings control the ball, and score another TD with little time left to get the 21-10 victory. 21-10 Vikings
  6. Group B Coin Toss Winner Stalltalk Matchup Bengals/Chiefs Darth takes Chiefs Very tightly contested game, check out the stream below with chat speculation throughout of who's who. Bengals take it late, 17-14
  7. Group B: Stalltalk vs. Middledoug Stalltalk won toss Cowboys/Cardinals Cowboys Cardinals' defense was on point in this one, forcing a 3-and-out to start the game and the offense got it started with a long drive eventually leading to Tupa coming in and handing to Johnson for a score, 7-0. The Cards D continued with great coverage and called a bunch of plays to help themselves out, but two fumbles by the offense kept the score 7-0 and obtainable for Aikman and the Cowboys.. but a late INT to McDonald sealed it as the Cardinals were able to drive down and kick a FG (which looked off), to take a 10-0 lead and eventually win 10-0. Cardinals, 10-0.
  8. Stalltalk Of course I can host. East coast, best coast. Weekends only.
  9. DL Baker/LB Grayson/DB Gash lol
  10. Sam Clancy, LB Chip Banks, DB Eugene Daniel
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