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  1. redskinsfan1124

    World Tecmo Federation - BEHOLD!

    Ready, set, go.....
  2. redskinsfan1124

    New Broncos Owner

    I am excited to be back, now just gotta get acquainted with everything again lol Good to see some familiar names on the owners list.
  3. redskinsfan1124

    tadaos' 1989 games: DOLO 2 DAYS LEFT! DOUBLE DIP!!!

    I will be avail later tonight and tomm evening after work. And this weekend.
  4. redskinsfan1124

    Ian, playoffs round 2, can we get a status update?

    I know I'm late to the party on this one but reg it is possible to be that busy. Classes started had some family issues going on and work had me staying later. This season I will be around and getting games in on time like I have in the past. Thanks for those who understood.
  5. redskinsfan1124

    Redskins and Ian

    Sorry fellas, just have a lot going on right now and just need to get my time more organized. My apologies for being so behind to the new owner and this league will always be one of favorites. First league I was part of and created some great tecmo friends. I will still be around on aim so hit me up. Plus I'm still in retro and 2.0.
  6. redskinsfan1124

    3 Games left

    Tadaos I will he on this evening. I get off work at 630 est so look for me after 7pm est. And off all day tomm so whichever works for you
  7. redskinsfan1124


    Is available, offer it up on phile.
  8. redskinsfan1124

    QB and/or WR

    If anyone is looking to trade I'm open to listening. Have 1.10 and my 1st next season. Did someone say top 10 pick? Could be yours for the right guy(s).
  9. redskinsfan1124


    We got 2 games....will you be around this weekend to get these games in?
  10. redskinsfan1124

    Week 16 Pats vs Dolphins "Commish please Read"

    Thank you....unless it helps with draft pos lol
  11. redskinsfan1124

    Week 16 Pats vs Dolphins "Commish please Read"

    And 7-10 is showing.
  12. redskinsfan1124

    Week 16 Pats vs Dolphins "Commish please Read"

    Uploaded just now
  13. redskinsfan1124

    Week 16 Pats vs Dolphins "Commish please Read"

    Looks like its just giving me 10 losses instead of 9.
  14. redskinsfan1124

    stepping down from classic

    You can actually go ahead and replace me. Give the new owner time to get acclimated with his roster and decide what changes he wants to make. Feel like o have left the team in decent shape and 3 1st rounders in the next 2 drafts.
  15. redskinsfan1124

    stepping down from classic

    First thanks to everyone for accepting me into the league and thanks for all the beat downs yall gave me lol. I will finish out the season but if you want to replace me now i have no issues with that either. Its been a fun run but I just want to focus more on Retro, WTF and 2.0. Thanks, Ian