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  1. I only figured out the numbers for past players that have played a minimum of 150 games. I figured a lot of this league is keeping up with the pace so those players who couldn't reach a 150 games didn't fit the bill when it came to the WTF. The formula remained the same and each final score was multiplied by 100. Where do you stand ALL-TIME in the best tecmo league ever... 1. Opus12 - 72pts (412 games)(8 WTF Super Bowls) 2. Canesrforeal - 65pts (324 games)(4 WTF Super Bowls) 3. Lordsummerisle64 - 61pts (266 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl) 4. Lillefty021 - 44pts (221 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls) 5. Brookstonfowler - 29pts (390 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls) 6. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL - 28PTS (340 games) 7. Discdolo - 26pts (320 games) 8. Tecmodell42 - 22pts (195 games) 9. Berger2313 - 12pts (147 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl) 10. BigFatPaulie5 - 7pts (237 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl) 11. Arncoem - 5.5pts (383 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl) 12. Tadoas - 4.2pts (231 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl) 13. Sowa1291 - 1.1pts (368 games) 14. Chiefsjr83 - -2.0pts (364 games) 15. Kidpro84 - -2.1pts (215 games) 16. Tecmomig - -7.5pts (197 games) 17. Cubsfan5150 - -14pts (264 games) 18. Swampc1 - -20pts (360 games) 19. AHake21 - -21pts (376 games) 20. Tecmopsycho - -25pts (143 games) 21. Kamphuna8 - -35pts (96 games) 22. Jesusluvsme4ever - -39pts (113 games) 23. Altony14 - -41pts (195 games) 24. Redskinsfan1124 - -67pts (206 games)
  2. Honestly I wasn't happy with the switch at first but with the Puretecmo theme and now being able to kill some time reading thru some Tecmobowl.org info I'm glad with the switch. Is there a thread on how to edit the playbook? I would love to fool around with this rom. Or is it possible to take playbooks that have been edited from other guys and pick and choose and make your own?
  3. it was cool to see the logos and have the three downs. The ratings are off but it was nice to see everything up to date. It wouold be great to see a different type of playbook selection more like the CFL, but still a cool rom.
  4. WOW, this is the first time I've heard of a rom like this. Canadian Football is truly an exciting game, I can't wait to download this when I get home. Is there any other CFL roms out there?
  5. So I shouldn't use 2000 to edit the players? I wouldn't have to edit the team names so should I use TSB Tool Supreme for everything? Thanks for the reply and help bro.
  6. Hi there I hope I have the right area to post this but recently our rom guy has fallen ill and I've been stuck to produce the rom for our next season. Not sure if I should use TSB Manager or the 2000 version. I just opened up the 2000 version and not sure what to do with the body balance or agility part, not to mention the coolness. Was hoping to start from scratch so I could get a feel for this, so a lot of players to move around and create, I would love to change some uniform colors and visual features as well if possible. Fairly new to this board so I hope I found the right place. Thanks in advance.
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