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  1. It kills me to say this but my tecmo days are done. My goal was to always win a title and then retire...I only need one. After getting the last WTF title I was set to retire BUT I wanted to help setup the new WTF brand. It's still the greatest league I've ever played in and I enjoyed all the guys I was able to get to know. After getting back from my trip to Dallas this was the first time I was able to even look at the boards. My life and business are too busy for me to continue. Like I said this kills me but it's better for all of you. GL to all of you in tecmo but more importantly life.
  2. ***DALLAS TRIBUNE*** After losing their first two games in OT the Cowboys have gone on a bit of a run. They won their next two games but due to a glitch in the Chicago game the game will be replayed at a later date. Technically the Boys are at 3-2 after the great win tonight over the Raiders. The Raiders were tempting fate all game when 44/44 qb Fuller was threading the ball in tight situations. Cowboy defenders had great opportunities for the snatch all game but the doink was every where. After a 21-10 score when the 3rd was over the game seemed to be all over. Coach Mig always instills the never give up attitude and the Cowboys would show that in the 4th. After a turn over on downs Williams would march the Cowboys down the field and get a nice 7 to make it 21-17. The short kick would not work and Coach TSB was seen with a smerk on his face. With the ball on the 50 the Raiders would get a couple of nice receptions for good yardage but then it finally happened. On a full out blitz Fuller would tempt fate yet again but this time man defender Simpson would step into the short pass for the pick. With 2 and change left on the clock Coach Mig would go to kill mode and methodically march the Boys down to scoring range. Dorsett who only had 65 yards on the ground would punch it in with seconds left to make it a 24-21 score line. Never quit, never give up...the Coboys win 3 in a row to go to 3-2 on the season but the glitch in the Bears game still needs to be decided. We caught up to Mig after the game, 'it was a great game, I thought the Raiders played really well but we poured it on in the 4th and they had no answer. Tough season so far but the guys are starting to find their way, we should be good to go.' When asked about early words exchanged from the two coaches when TSB got into the league Mig had this to say; 'everyone has an opinion, I have mine as he has his. We're grown men, what was said was said and we move on. He's taking me out for dinner tonight so things are good.' Cowboys win another game in the AFC EAST which looks to be the tightest division in THE WTF this year.
  3. Ok when I get home tonight I'll zip it up.
  4. it says im not permitted to upload this kind of file...slim do you have any copy of this game?????
  5. Game was played last night and some real whacky stuff happened including the stat. It wont let me load, I've played games after with no issues so maybe it has to do wirth us not sure. Here is the stat hopefully someone can figure it out. The vid didn't end up working on my end.
  6. The admin team would like to introduce NOS as the new owner to replace Odell. He was our first choice off the WAIT LIST.
  7. We're working on that and hopefully will have a replacement by the end of the day.
  8. Lol, 2 weeks? Bro I went away for the weekend. You all should know the admin team here has all been working very hard to get this all done. Unfortunately we had a little misunderstanding as a group on whether the phile was ready or not. It's not about owning anything, we should have been more clear with all of you but a lot of things are going on behind the scenes.
  9. I was on vacation man, get a grip.
  10. Sorry boys but before I left there were a few guys who hadn't posted their teams on the phile yet. I was waiting for Brooks to let us know that the site was all ready, my bad. Things should be on its way very soon. Let's not be like other leagues and rush in, let's make sure all is right before starting.
  11. Exactly why this guy should not be in this league, we've talked about the guys we want and he is not one.
  12. tecmomig


    Cowboys are always ready!!!! Brooks if you could please hook me up with the jerseys I had in WTF, thank you.
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