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    Your Bracket Guide to Tecmo Madison IX: Marino Royale

    Mark Clayton Region


    Projected Group Winners

    Group A - Chet H. (holzy11)

    Group B - Sobhi Y. (bestinworld)

    Group C - Matt M. (Ones11fahzu)

    Group D - Joseph N. (nomad)

    Group E - Eric O. (tecmodell42)

    Group F - Erik M. (ARNCOEM)

    Group G- Travis R. (Moulds33)

    Elite 8 Favorites

    Chet H. (holzy11)

    Matt M. (Ones11fahzu)


    Todd D. (imimmortl)

    Jonathan B. (QB_Browns)

    Best Names

    Erik B. (Butt Douglas)

    James K. (Tobin, She Rote)

    Jordan W. (Don't Go Chasin Atwaterfalls)

    Dave M. (Balloneous Assault)

    Jason P. (Marc Vlasic Pickle Defense)

    The Clayton Region seems the most predictable in terms of projected group winners which probably means we'll see some upsets. Defending champion Chet is the biggest favorite to make the Elite 8 and it will be interesting to see who can challenge Matt M and Sobhi Y to make the double elim. While former champ Sohbi is considered one of the greatest Tecmo players ever, Matt gets the nod due to his impressive year of tournament play including last year's Madison Final 4 run. Eric O and Erik M are perennial Top 16 players who are capable of making a deep run. Travis R and Joesph N represent some of the Nebraska talent finally making it's way to Madison.

    Mark Duper Region


    Projected Group Winners

    Group H - Luke C.

    Group I - Jon J. (daboy)

    Group J - Jeff B.

    Group K - James T. (skunkerofbestinworld)

    Group L - Chris V. (vogtcd11)

    Group M - Matt O. (LuckyTool)

    Group N - Adam G. (Garbage)

    Elite 8 Favorites

    Jon J. (daboy)

    Luke C.


    Ryan K. (Hoigaard2)

    Jess S. (Schuk)

    Jay H. (birdhas_uwl)

    Tony J. (Dotdon)

    Justin O.

    Taha Y. (Monkimanmanmonk)

    Best Names

    Corey L. (Hingle McCringleberry)

    Jon S. (RogerCraig'slist)

    Brett Michael S. (Jesus von Fitzenhopper)


    Gabriel J. (Likesbutts)

    Realistically, I have no idea who will make the Elite 8 from the Duper Region. I went with Luke of his showings in Iowa and Nebraska (only

    loss was to Chet) and with feared Jon (Daboys) J who is potentially due for some damage in his second Madison showing. Jeff B, who made the big Elite 8 run last year in dominating fashion and Midwest Tecmo Tournament organizer Chris V are itching to prove they belong among the elite. Hometown Shunker and Garbage are always a threat to go on run. Matt O was one win away from making Mort one of the best players to never win Madison. The one thing this region lacks is clear favorites. Expect major upsets here but be surprised if someone from the Duper Region wins the tournament.

    Ferrell Edmunds Region


    Projected Group Winners

    Group O - Kyle M. (Regulator088)

    Group P - Francis B. (mort)

    Group Q - Seth B. (Virtuoso)

    Group R - Erik J. (rikfenny)

    Group S - Kevin M. (buzzsaw)

    Group T - Tony O. (AverageTSBPlayer)

    Group U - Troy H. (PrimeTime)

    Elite 8 Favorites

    Kyle M. (Regulator088)

    Francis B. (mort)


    John H. (ButtonSpaz)

    Tom B. (8-bit)

    Ed G. (edisaurusrex)

    Best Names

    Luke L. (DutchHammer)

    Brad A. (Rypien Brawler)

    Patrick D. (Anders to the Top)

    Jordan K. (Showtime Loo)

    Barry K. (Brute Farce)

    Potentially the best player never to win at Madison, Kyle (Regulator) was one win away from fulfilling the 10-0 t-shirt he wore last year and is the clear favorite of the Edmonds region to make the Elite 8 and to win the entire tournament. The other clear favorite in the region is Mort, who has won most every tournament of note not featuring Chet. Which local player can knock one of these guys out of the tourney? Seth B., Erik J., and Troy H. are elite lWisconsin players who play online. Their unique play will throw someone for a loop. Tony O. and his entourage is one of the most intimidating plays in all of Madison. While he might not be favored to win his group, Ed G is certainly capable of ruining any of these player's day.

    Jim Jensen Region


    Projected Group Winners

    Group V - Matt V. (bigmv54)

    Group W - Rico R. (ryanr33fulcher)

    Group X - Louis B. (red98sethuthut)

    Group Y - Brent B. (bgboud2)

    Group Z - Derek R. (tecmopsycho)

    Group AA - Josh H. (sonofpatbeach)

    Group BB - AJ B. (adversity)

    Elite 8 Favorites

    Louis B. (red98sethuthut)

    Matt V. (bigmv54)


    Steven M. (Meest)

    Kyle F. (Flo)

    Barry A. (Bob Nelson)

    Lucas S. (Breaker)

    Adam L. (smoolorf)

    Josh H. (Houlie)

    Best Names

    Isaac L. (SEX PANTHER)

    Dan D. (Child of Destiny)

    Brock F. (Brock Lobsters)

    Jake I. (Beef Juice)

    nick t. (The Pecan Sandies)

    Big time tourney player Matt V is the favorite to win the Jensen and he's joined by probably one of the most improved Tecmoers in the last two years, Louis B. Typical favorite and former champion Josh H not only has to battle travelling to his own tournament but also running the mike before every round. If he can get past the distraction monster he is one of Tecmo's elite. Brent B and Derek M are two tapping tournament veterans who play a ton of games and are capable of running with the best. AJ has completely revamped his game from last year and is hungry to prove himself. Speaking of tapping, Kyle F will give Louis all he can handle and has the game to make the Elite 8.

    Thanks to the guys at Tecmomadison.com, especially Tony, for their awesome tourney site that made this breakdown possible.

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    Got in at around 12:30pm today and have had a few games with chad norwood so i will be well rested and practiced.


    Staying at the Rodeway Inn and even got hit on by a lady of the night on my way in.

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    If there were a March Madness bruddog would've made money putting me in the 8. The guys I was worried about (Lou, psycho, bigmv) wound up not being in my path...but then I beat the guys that took them out.

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