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    Westlake, OH (Cleveland) 14 man BONEYARD BOWL - Friday Jan 13th, 2012


    *** Tourney Thread ***

    Signup: E-mail [email protected] by Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

    When: Friday, January 13th, 2012- Registration/Check-In starts @ 7:00 PM EST; Draft @ 7:15PM EST; Games starting immediately following the draft.

    Location: The Boneyard, 24940 Sperry Road, Westlake, OH, 44145. Website: http://www.boneyardusa.com/

    Maximum Participants: 14

    Tourney Format (See attached PDF file for complete rules):
    - Participants will draw poker chips labeled 1-14 for first round draft order. Each player will draft at least 2 teams.
    - The number of draft rounds will depend on the number of participants (4 rounds for 6-7 players, 3 rounds for 8-9 players, and 2 rounds for 10-14 players).
    - After the 1st round of the draft, players will draft from the remaining teams in reverse order in the 2nd round (i.e. 14th pick in Rd 1 picks 1st in Rd 2).
    - The teams selected in each round will play against each other in a single elimination bracket based on seeding (1st pick plays against 2nd pick, etc.)
    - First round byes (if needed) will be given to the lowest draft seed(s) in each bracket.
    - The lower seed in each matchup will have choice of their preferred controller (side).
    - The winning team in each matchup will have the option to keep their team or "steal" their opponent's team.
    - When taking control of an opponent's team after a victory, both competitors retain their original draft seeding for future matchups.
    - When a player loses with their teams in all brackets, they are officially eliminated from the tournament.
    - If the same player wins out on all brackets, they are crowned tournament champion.
    - If there are different champions for each bracket, the Pro Bowl will be played for the title.
    - A coin toss will be held and the winner of the coin toss can choose their team or controller.
    - In the event of a Pro Bowl Championship game, original rosters will be used but lineup and playbook changes will be allowed.

    Buy-in: $5 cash at the door (Proceeds will be donated to charity)

    Prizes: Trophy awarded to tourney champion

    Equipment Information: 3 TVs will be provided by the venue. I will provide 3 original NES top loader consoles, 3 copies of the greatest sports game of all time, controllers, and the adapters. We will not require any additional TV's but please bring backup consoles, cartridges, adaptors, and controllers. Let me know what you are able to bring when registering via e-mail.

    Confirmed Participants:
    01. Ryan McKay
    02. John Rozum
    03. Daniel Kolbenschlag
    04. Nick Ciofani

    Thanks for your interest and see you at the tournament! If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be checking the official signup email box regularly in addition to monitoring and updating this posting with the confirmed participants.

    God bless, and long live Tecmo Super Bowl! (20 Years and still going strong - 1991-2011)

    Ryan McKay
    Tournament Commissioner
    [email protected]

    Official signup: [email protected]

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