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    The Road To Tecmo Madison



    We are working on some new, awesome extensions for Tecmo and Tecmo Madison. We are going to start a tournament series, including qualifiers and a last chance event, that leads up and builds to Tecmo Madison -- The Road To Tecmo Madison.


    Overall, there will be 5 tournaments - 3 qualifiers that will be coined "Majors", 1 Last Chance event and the main event, Tecmo Madison.


    Each of the majors will contribute to a new point and seeding system for Tecmo tournaments. Players who finish in the top 4 of each major will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. Major winners will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into regions.


    The points system will be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats. Those are: They must use the basic rules from Tecmo Madison (http://tecmomadison.com/rules), they must have more than 24 people, they must submit the scores to TecmoMadison.com using the proper format, and the final portion of the tournament must be a seeded bracket, single or double elimination.


    The points system is as follows:

    1st  25
    2nd  18
    3rd  15
    4th  12
    5th  10
    6th  8
    7th  6
    8th  4
    9th  2
    10th  1


    Once your tournament has been posted on TecmoBowl.org and pinned, the Tecmo Madison committee will read through and reach out to let you know if your tournament will be part of The Road To Tecmo Madison.


    We will announce all the tournament majors in the coming weeks here on TecmoBowl.org.


    Players: We will keep track of your points and they will be posted on your TecmoMadison.com profile as we build them out. More on this later.

    Organizers: There will be further benefits to being part of the series and we will make a separate post laying out that information for you.


    Good luck and godspeed during this Tecmo Bowl season.

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    19 minutes ago, davefmurray said:


    "The points system will also be assigned to all tournaments that adhere to a few standard rules and formats"<-- Yep, ALL tournaments.


    No, Bloomington has not submitted results.


    Bloomington results will be submitted as blood alcohol contents.

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    Yep that's how I read it, just wanted to make sure. I'll hassle Bloomington to get their results in!

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    Hey Dave, I'm posting in regards to kramz8477's post a couple of days ago. And he's right. He's my brother and he beat me to eliminate me. I got 6th he got 4th. Could you please fix that in your points system. Thank you

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