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  • Onlinetecmo.com presents Dynastyphile: The Tecmo League Stat Tracker




    Back in the day keeping track of stats for Tecmo Season played on an emulator used to be a fairly manual process for most people.  In February of 2005 all of that changed with the creation of Tecmophile.com by "Snatches".  Tecmophile was a place where you could upload outputs from emulators which would in turn keep track of all the statistics from a league.  In 2007 Snatches got out of the Tecmo business and handed off the site to TecmoWorld.  At TecmoWorld a guy known as BrookstonFowler began working on some improvements and in 2009 Dynastyphile was born.  Dynastyphile would be a means to an end as the knowledge gain customizing the system would allow Brookston to create the site capable of managing the World Tecmo Federation...the WTFphile over at Puretecmo.

    It was during this time we were witnessing the fall of the original online Tecmo powerhouse league, the simplistically named Online Tecmo Football League.  Started back before 2000 on dialup modems, this league at one time boasted 4 different pools of teams and existed for nearly a decade.  After it was all said and done, one of the few things left from the era was the league's Tecmo portal, onlinetecmo.com.  This new url will serve to display Dynastyphile as a means to play Tecmo online for the masses.

    It seems very fitting that the last act of the original online league would be to pass on the torch to the leagues of today and tomorrow.





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