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    No more tears...No more fumbles after TDs


    Stopping Fumbles After Touchdowns (beta hack link)

    [caption id=" align="alignright" width="350" caption="Sorry, this hack only applies to fumbles after you score, not because you were screwing around before you went to score.]tumblr_lfslwcsR5m1qe9kot.jpg[/caption]


    One of the first little quirks you learn about from playing Tecmo Super Bowl is that the referees turn a blind eye towards late hits....especially after a TD.  Thus, every time someone has the audacity to punch in a score it was entirely possible to take out your frustrations of your inadequacies by leveling the offending ball carrier.  It was even possible to steal the soul make the carrier fumble the ball....turning the background fans silent to the sound of the ball falling to the ground.  This sort of vigilante justice had a side effect:  If the man you had cowardly destroyed also fumbled the ball it turns out it also erased that 88 yard Bo Jackson TD run you just made...or any other stats involved with the score.

    Finally, there is some justice for the player who not only just beat you but needs to point out Warren Moon threw for 340 and 5TDs, not 287 and 4TDs!  Someone played enough games to realize that out of bounds runners don't fumble so why not apply this technology to TDs?  After that resident Tecmo Hacking Savant JStout simply made it so.

    Worry not, defensively poor Tecmo Players.  Even though you might not be able to erase the evidence of your inadequacies, you can finally enjoy repeatedly diving on a stationary QB Eagles, guilt-free.


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