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  • Breaking News: TPC moving to TecmoPlayers.com



    It's been nearly 7 years since the Tecmo Player's Circuit opened for business on the oddly named sois.com.  During that time there has been an average of 23 games uploaded per day and has added the ability to not only keep track of the nearly defunct Nesticle games, but also the current nestopia and ZSNES games.  With it's 58k+ uploaded games it's been the defacto place to find pickup games of Tecmo and keep track of your stats while you're at it.

    We caught up with Mr Sois himself, Aaron.

    • TB.org:  After all these years, why all the new changes…new domain, Facebook, etc?
    • TecmoAaron: Why now? I felt like neglected the site. It's not as populous as it once was. I think upgrading the backend will give me more time to work on features. Also, this way should be more secure.

    • TB.org:  What other changes have been made?
    • TecmoAaron: The coolest parts are the Meebo bar and the Wordpress integration. The Meebo bar will allow you to login to your Aim/Facebook/Google Chat... etc while on the page and you can get challenges right on the page. You don't have to keep AIM installed. Also, it isn't as bothersome as being pinged nonstop for games this way.  The Wordpress integration will allow me and others to publish TPC news more easily.  You would laugh if you saw the old way.

    • TB.org:  Going forward, do you have any other changes planned?
    • TecmoAaron: I have always debated putting ads on the site, but I would like to do it for tournament prizes. I don't need to make money from this, I do it for fun, but if we could get $50 bucks in ad revenue in the door every six months, we could have a nice prize.

    • TB.org:  One last thing, did you know you had an average of 23 games uploaded per day since you started this thing back in 2004?
    • TecmoAaron: I did not know it was that many games! I think that has dwindled and I would hope these changes make things easier.

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