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    It was promised from the outset that 32-team rom capability would come to dynastyphile, and guess what, suckas? It's live. It doesn't work to switch from 28-team to 32-team roms midseason, but you can update your 28-team rom to a 32-team rom when your season rolls over. You'll just have to switch team ownership around afterward.

    Yes, believe it or not, I am still alive. Working six days a week doesn't leave much time for Tecmo-ing. But, as a Colts fan, this play was too perfect not to get Tecmo-ed.

    (Also, I have no idea how to get embedding to work on this new forum. Sue me.)


    Official All-Time WTF Rankings

    By tecmomig, in News,

    I only figured out the numbers for past players that have played a minimum of 150 games. I figured a lot of this league is keeping up with the pace so those players who couldn't reach a 150 games didn't fit the bill when it came to the WTF. The formula remained the same and each final score was multiplied by 100. Where do you stand ALL-TIME in the best tecmo league ever...

    1. Opus12 - 72pts (412 games)(8 WTF Super Bowls)

    2. Canesrforeal - 65pts (324 games)(4 WTF Super Bowls)

    3. Lordsummerisle64 - 61pts (266 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    4. Lillefty021 - 44pts (221 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

    5. Brookstonfowler - 29pts (390 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

    6. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL - 28PTS (340 games)

    7. Discdolo - 26pts (320 games)

    8. Tecmodell42 - 22pts (195 games)

    9. Berger2313 - 12pts (147 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    10. BigFatPaulie5 - 7pts (237 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    11. Arncoem - 5.5pts (383 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    12. Tadoas - 4.2pts (231 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    13. Sowa1291 - 1.1pts (368 games)

    14. Chiefsjr83 - -2.0pts (364 games)

    15. Kidpro84 - -2.1pts (215 games)

    16. Tecmomig - -7.5pts (197 games)

    17. Cubsfan5150 - -14pts (264 games)

    18. Swampc1 - -20pts (360 games)

    19. AHake21 - -21pts (376 games)

    20. Tecmopsycho - -25pts (143 games)

    21. Kamphuna8 - -35pts (96 games)

    22. Jesusluvsme4ever - -39pts (113 games)

    23. Altony14 - -41pts (195 games)

    24. Redskinsfan1124 - -67pts (206 games)


    DIY Tecmo Cut Screens

    By Knobbe, in News,

    From the site you can choose from
    QB Sack!

    Thanks to Butt Douglas, he of thetecmobowl.com fame, for alerting the Tecmo Planet about this.

    - Tecmobowler Cut Screen Generator via @thetecmobowl

    The main story of "NFL FILMS PRESENTS: Tecmo Bowl" revolves around profiling four of the favorites to win the March, 2012 tournament: "Mort", Sobhi, The Vogt Brothers, and tournament co-founder Chet. Sprinkled into the mix is a series of former and current NFL players reminiscing about their days playing Tecmo, including former Tecmo Super Bowl stars Emmitt Smith and Christian Okoye. One of the most famous players from the game, Christian fittingly is the NFL player featured and serves to illustrate just how far NFL video game have grown in popularity over the years. While many current players will actively lobby EA Sports for higher ratings in Madden, Okoye has only a passing knowledge of the game from fans throughout the years than from actually playing it. As you might expect, Bo Jackson makes an appearance on the show though only in the form of "Tecmo Bo." (BTW, the most legendary video game athlete of all time, despite being asked weekly about the game, has claimed never to have played it.)

    The overall production is exactly what you would expect from NFL Films, the booming voice of
    narrator Robb Webb starting the show"A video game from a bygone era...still alive in the Mid-West....it's Tecmo Super Bowl." It's this classic compelling NFL Films story telling that takes us through the tournament as the favorites are eliminated one by one up to the championship. The group of people I watched the piece with proved that you don't have to know a single thing about Tecmo Super Bowl to find this a fun and entertaining walk through of one of the greatest video football games ever created. The crowd favorite proved to be "Mort" with his genuine enthusiasm in competing in Tecmo tournaments. The Tecmo enthusiast will be impressed by the amount of research and detail that went into this production. Most stories of Tecmo Super Bowl, while glowing tributes, are filled with inaccuracies.

    While Tecmo might have missed the mark when trying to re-release the game as Tecmo Bowl Throwback to the X-box and Playstation, NFL Films managed to exceed my expectations in telling the story of an 8-bit football game from 1991. If you've ever played Tecmo Super Bowl before, you're not only going to love this story, you're probably going to try and find that old NES and immediately fire up a game. (Don't worry, you can play this online these days) The show will air
    10/22/12 @ 12:30 a.m. EST (ESPN 2)
    10/24/12 @ 2:30 p.m. EST (ESPN 2)
    10/26/12 @ 4:30 p.m. EST (NFL Network)
    10/27/12 @ 1:30 p.m. EST (NFL Network)


    Before this site existed, Puretecmo was around allowing people to connect via 56k modems to play Tecmo Super Bowl over the internet.
    In the following decade the site as helped many players, both offline and online, become better Tecmo players by honing and fine tuning their strategy over the years.

    For the last several years I've been running both sites to a point and the various disconnects between the online playing leagues and the producers of hacked roms has always confused me a bit. Finally we have the capability to marry these two sites and I've scheduled it for this weekend.

    This has been something that the members of Puretecmo have known about for a while but I wanted to wait until I finalized a moving date to announce on this site. Be prepared for downtime all Saturday and to welcome the new and old members of Puretecmo.

    We've recently been advised that NFL Films' piece on Tecmo Super Bowl will air on the following dates:

    10/22/12 @ 12:30 a.m. EST (ESPN 2)
    10/24/12 @ 2:30 p.m. EST (ESPN 2)
    10/26/12 @ 4:30 p.m. EST (NFL Network)
    10/27/12 @ 1:30 p.m. EST (NFL Network)

    These are tentative dates/times, so "check your local listings." Run time is 30 minutes (really 22 mins of air time), so we're not sure how much time will be devoted to the Madison Tournament or its participants. That this is even airing, however, is pretty amazing.

    There are 4x roms in the zip - actually, only two games (ROM 1 and ROM 2), but see below for reasoning for the extra two roms
    the zip also contains a basic readme, and a png image of a playbook key

    View attachment: Street Tecmo 2013 v1 also with no p2.zip

    View attachment: tsb street var shots 1.png


    There are two ROMs, each with 16 NFL teams.
    The only difference between the ROMs are the teams/rosters/names, etc. and the color of the endzones.

    Based on Jstout's "CIFL 7-on-7" NES Tecmo Super Bowl ROM
    Upgraded plays (enhanced for the street)
    50 yard "field"

    COM v MAN (you can play as player 2 if you set up your emulator)
    Competitive COM for challenging Season fun

    No "Out of Bounds" - you can run into the walls

    New Halftime and New Halftime Song
    Reduced Cutscreens

    Game plays very fast (almost every variable is sped up greatly)
    Turnovers and scoring are common
    No punts (just "kicker")
    Countless Graphic changes

    In-game playbook changing
    Cool new Uniforms (some throwbacks in there, too)
    12-game season with 8-team playoffs

    "Heroes" - it's like a mini-game
    I have set up the heroes from the original Tecmo Super Bowl game
    AFC and NFC - using their original ratings (although some are decreased because it's played as pro-bowl game)
    but, it has a totally different feel and challenge than the other modern "street" teams

    Pass Accuracy is completion/int variable
    KR return at their own Max Speed
    Player 2 condition indicator fixed

    No pass-defender auto-dive
    Quicker dives for defenders

    AI hacks
    Passing Game Hacks

    Bruddog's OL/DL Differential (more random popcorn in the trenches)

    HP Hack (MAN v MAN "popcorn" and/or "mash")
    Also, HP is quantized to a scale of "0 to 3 extra presses" that are added to grapple counter)
    6-25 HP = 0 extra press
    31-50 HP = 1 extra press
    56-75 HP = 2 extra press
    81-100 HP = 3 extra press

    EXTRA ("no p2" versions): the (main) 1st version of TSB Street posted on 9-5-12 has a very cool hack (thanks xplozv) that lets you play as the 2nd player (2nd side) vs COM (also in season mode).
    A requirement is that you need to have your emulator set up such that you have control of the 2nd player controller (or if using an actual NES, a controller in port 2!) . In the emulator I use, I have them both programmed to the same controller/buttons.
    If you use an emulator that will not allow you to program or play as a 2nd player controller, I have provided a set of roms with the additional "no p2" characters in the rom filename. this "no p2" will play just like the original TSB - MAN will always be player one side when playing COM.

    Therefore I have updated the zip to include these "no p2" versions. I also updated the readme in the zip. No other changes have been made.

    We must thank the following, because this rom would not be possible without their past or present help:
    jstout, bruddog, cxrom, bad_al, average tsb player, elway, knobbe, bodom, and xplozv

    (jstout did not have any direct hand in the making of this ROM, but we thought we should credit him because we used his CIFL 7-on-7 ROM as our base)


    it's a party, jerk. so enjoy it.

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