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  • SirTed
    WHAT : The First Annual Pacific Rim Tecmo Tournament

    WHEN : Sunday, April 7th 2013 - 11:00am

    WHERE : The Magnolia Village Pub (3221 West McGraw Street, Seattle, Washington 98199)

    FEE: $15

    Come join Bo Jackson, QB Eagles and the rest of the gang for a day of throwback football action at the Magnolia Village Pub. The PTC will be a world cup style tournament complete with group play and elimination rounds, until only one 8 bit football god remains!

    Who will be crowned the king of the 2-D gridiron?

    Join us for the afternoon, whether you're a TSB guru or just looking for an afternoon of nostalgic fun.

    There will be food and drink specials throughout for participants, fans and onlookers, not to mention Cash and prizes!


    Start by visiting our event page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/472466322801085/

    and sending an email to: [email protected]


    The 49ers pull out the win by capitalizing on Joe Flacco's costly mistakes. The Ravens risky decision to try for the FG with 01:20 left in the 4th ruined the chance to hold the Lombardi trophy.

    Kaepernick throws 2 TDs and runs for another. He's the MVP by a long shot.

    Kotaku - http://kotaku.com/5978814/tecmo-bowl-simulation-says-take-the-49ers-in-super-bowl-xlvii
    Yahoo Sports - http://yhoo.it/TMTEo5
    CBS Sports - http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/21604366/super-bowl-preview-tecmo-bowl-style
    Bleacher Report - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1497603-tecmo-bowl-predicts-super-bowl-xlvii-outcome
    Maxim - http://www.maxim.com/the-big-leagues/tecmo-bowl-predicts-super-bowl-xlvii-outcome
    TIME - http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/01/29/super-bowl-2013-9-wacky-ways-of-predicting-the-winner/

    Deleted Account
    Buffalo's first real Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney will be held in Cheektowaga.
    Featuring multiple prizes.
    Buy in $15
    Prize pool for top finishers.
    $5 for each time you eliminate a player.
    $30 dollar bounty on NFL films star Mort(Francis Buennagel). This goes up to 50 if 40 plus join and a 100 if 70 plus commit. Out of my own pocket. If you have a big ego feel free to place a higher bounty on yourself at game time.
    $25 dollar prize for those in the first group eliminated. (too be announced.

    Sign up at [email protected]
    sign up with name, location, equipment you can bring. (mainly nes sytems or tv's).

    Tourney Location

    AMF Thruway Lanes
    1550 Walden Ave
    Cheektowaga Ny 14211
    April 20th 11 am start time (10:00 set up time)

    Real easy to find. Take the walden exit for buffalo. Just half a mile down. Location is next to a tim horton's and several good resteraunts are nearby besides what is served at the hall. I think a Chilpolte, subway, mighty taco (I highly recommend this if it is your first trip to buffalo), fridays, applebees and several other restarurants.

    As for hotels the ones on Walden Ave are in walking distance. Any hotel on the list is no more than 15 mins from the tourney site.

    these list the hotels in cheektowaga, if you can't find what you want its not to hard to get to the tourney site from the hotels in amherest on transit road and in amherest by the university.

    Pre-game Friday festivities location (This will be the location for Friday night festivities.) Meaning chances to get in lots of warmups starting around 6 pm friday.)
    April 19th Around 6pm
    AJ's Lounge (in the back room)
    1028 Walden Ave
    Cheektowaga, NY 14211
    April 20th 11 am start time 10:00 set up time.

    (Less than 25) Random Triple elmination. non bracket.
    (More than 25) Round-Robin Group play and elimination brackets. Groups will consist of 4 players. each group will be fairly divided with new and experienced players. Your 3 games in group play will determine your seed in the elimination bracket. The seeded elimination bracket will be single elimination until the elite 8. In the elite 8 it will double elimination.

    Gameplay rules
    1. dl use with no lurching (Lurching: Lurching is prohibited. If you want to rush with a DL, you must either go outside the offensive tackle or “popcorn” someone on the offensive line. You cannot simply go around your blocker and dive. Note that this rule does not apply to LBs.)
    2. cannot have a run play with a wr and te(except reverse). players like Givins and Sanders are considered wr's.
    3. playbook changes/lineup editing each pregame
    4.“One Matchup Once” Rule: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Packers-Browns, Player A cannot call that exact matchup for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that matchup later in the tournament.
    5. if we use group play...differential of your win and losses in group play will help determine your seed. The most you can win a group play game is 28points... so if you win 35-3...your winning differential will be +28. Note: if we use random triple elimnation your differential wont matter.
    6. TIES:
    No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. All OT's will be 5-minute sudden death periods. If no one scores in the first OT, the second OT will be only the first quarter in a new game. This process will be repeated until a winner emerges. So that one competitor does not start with the ball in every OT period, the receiving team (i.e. team that gets the ball first) shall alternate beginning with the second OT period.

    How matchup is chosen.

    The coin flip winner picks matchup option a. Or option b. Pick a card with a set matchup on it.
    If A is chosen the coin flip loser picks team or controller. Then whatever is left goes to coin flip winner.
    Option B means you select a random card from a deck of many fair matchups. The coin flip loser still gets to pick his preference of team or controller. the coin flip winner gets whatever is left over.
    (this is given as an alternative for those who do not like to pick a matchup.)

    Tournament Issues

    All issues will be settled by the tournament crew. Headed by Louis Buennagel, Francis Buennagel. (Others will be designated by gameday as seconds for when we are playing.)
    Report contoller issues and any other issues.
    Game freeze will be settled by playing out part or all of the game depending on circumstnace. Unless you cause a reset by your physical actions. The final decision is up to the tournament directors or those designated by the directors.
    All equipment loaned for the tourney will be tracked. You may use your own controller if it is standard but do not move the other controller from that station. Respect all equipment as if it was your own's.
    Excessive misbehavior will result in your elimination from the tourney and all future events.

    Sign up [email protected]
    sign up with name, location, equipment you can bring.

    Systems committed. 21
    Game carts 21
    controllers 42

    televisions 13 no digital screens.

    All equipment is welcome in partial or whole. Electrical equipment welcome as well.

    Sign up [email protected]
    sign up with name, location, equipment you can bring.

    Players committed 31

    Out of town 11
    1.Brian Rausse Bronx, NY "chaosrison" 1 total system (NY city tourney director)
    2. MatthewVogt Fairfield ohio "BigMV54"
    3. Matt Bird NYC (Jamestown NY) made tourney flier.
    4. John Barhoover youngstown Ohio
    5. Andrew Lescovac youngstown Ohio
    6. Pete "Cuban Tecmo" Dorsey Wallingford, CT 3 systems and 3 carts and 6 controllers and one TV
    7. Jim Teta "powerade" Troy ny 1system, maybe 2, a few carts, 2 controllers and one tv.
    8. Kris Smith Hornell Ny
    9. Mario Pirchala New jersey (DirtBowl NJ Tecmo director) 8 nes systems (wow) 5 tv's (wow)
    10. John Saunders Roanoke Va one console 2 controllers and one cartridge.
    11. Chris Esposito Wallingford, CT
    12. AJ Fullam Trenton Ohio "Webmaster of Mwtecmo.com"

    Local western new yorker's 20
    1. Francis Buennagel "mort1237"
    2. Louis Buennagel "red98sethuthut" 4 total systems 6 tv's
    3. Dan Rosati 1 total system
    4. Jason Palazzo 1 total system "Laztlain"
    5. Jim Garbano 1 total system
    6. Mike C.
    7. Justin K.
    8. Eugene "flu" Kelly
    9. Brian "shaggy" Foster
    10. Rocko K.
    11. Brian Buck
    12. James Candytree
    13. Xavier Gutierrez
    15. jason kelly
    16 Paul Bailey
    17. Doug Watson
    18. Jon Francis
    19. Eric Stanczyk
    20. William Rodriguez
    21. Mike Hogs

    Sign up at [email protected]
    sign up with name, location, equipment you can bring.

    View attachment: wanteddeadoralive.jpg
    View attachment: wantedmort.jpg


    The Tecmo Roller - TLL 1978

    By deadfaulkner, in ROMs,

    I don't know if Ken Stabler plays Tecmo, but in this video Tecmo plays Ken Stabler. This reenactment of the Holy Roller play from 1978 is a teaser for the upcoming installment of the Tecmo Legacy League ahead of its own 1978 season.

    Be sure to check out at http://www.scottzolak.com/tll/index.php. We're just about to begin the 1977 playoffs, so visit the site for live games, historical news article, stats, and more

    This program is for checking all players conditions at once:
    UNDER OPTIONS-->PATHS make sure the Use internal compression box is NOT CHECKED or the program will not work. 
    General Directions
      1. Unzip and save the file to your computer. *** Make sure a save state exists. Create a dummy one if you have yet to play a game on the rom*** 2. Double click the file "Conditions.jar" 3. Navigate to the directory where the save state is located and hit open Specific Directions for online players
    View attachment: ConditionsChecker_V3.zip

    It was promised from the outset that 32-team rom capability would come to dynastyphile, and guess what, suckas? It's live. It doesn't work to switch from 28-team to 32-team roms midseason, but you can update your 28-team rom to a 32-team rom when your season rolls over. You'll just have to switch team ownership around afterward.

    Yes, believe it or not, I am still alive. Working six days a week doesn't leave much time for Tecmo-ing. But, as a Colts fan, this play was too perfect not to get Tecmo-ed.

    (Also, I have no idea how to get embedding to work on this new forum. Sue me.)


    Official All-Time WTF Rankings

    By tecmomig, in News,

    I only figured out the numbers for past players that have played a minimum of 150 games. I figured a lot of this league is keeping up with the pace so those players who couldn't reach a 150 games didn't fit the bill when it came to the WTF. The formula remained the same and each final score was multiplied by 100. Where do you stand ALL-TIME in the best tecmo league ever...

    1. Opus12 - 72pts (412 games)(8 WTF Super Bowls)

    2. Canesrforeal - 65pts (324 games)(4 WTF Super Bowls)

    3. Lordsummerisle64 - 61pts (266 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    4. Lillefty021 - 44pts (221 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

    5. Brookstonfowler - 29pts (390 games)(2 WTF Super Bowls)

    6. MRTECMOSUPERBOWL - 28PTS (340 games)

    7. Discdolo - 26pts (320 games)

    8. Tecmodell42 - 22pts (195 games)

    9. Berger2313 - 12pts (147 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    10. BigFatPaulie5 - 7pts (237 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    11. Arncoem - 5.5pts (383 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    12. Tadoas - 4.2pts (231 games)(1 WTF Super Bowl)

    13. Sowa1291 - 1.1pts (368 games)

    14. Chiefsjr83 - -2.0pts (364 games)

    15. Kidpro84 - -2.1pts (215 games)

    16. Tecmomig - -7.5pts (197 games)

    17. Cubsfan5150 - -14pts (264 games)

    18. Swampc1 - -20pts (360 games)

    19. AHake21 - -21pts (376 games)

    20. Tecmopsycho - -25pts (143 games)

    21. Kamphuna8 - -35pts (96 games)

    22. Jesusluvsme4ever - -39pts (113 games)

    23. Altony14 - -41pts (195 games)

    24. Redskinsfan1124 - -67pts (206 games)

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