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  • Bruddog's Condition Checker v3


    This program is for checking all players conditions at once:




    UNDER OPTIONS-->PATHS make sure the Use internal compression box is NOT CHECKED or the program will not work. 


    General Directions

    1. Unzip and save the file to your computer.
    *** Make sure a save state exists. Create a dummy one if you have yet to play a game on the rom***
    2. Double click the file "Conditions.jar"
    3. Navigate to the directory where the save state is located and hit open

    Specific Directions for online players

    Step 1: If not already unzipped, Unzip file and save it to you desktop or wherever you'll remember it.

    Step 2: open nestopia when your ready to play a game. Then open "condition checker" program.

    * Side note: you can open condition checker 1st, it really doesn't matter.

    Step 3: Wait for "condition checker" open file box to open and slide it to the side of your nestopia box (you do not want to have it covered up..close other windows/programs if needed)

    Step 4: The open file box should be dispalying, underer "look in" locate where you keep the "states" folder for nestopia but DO NOT open the states folder. Go back to nestopia, but leave the box in view.

    Step 5: Load up/connect to your game like you normally would and start your game vs your opponent

    Step 6: After setting lineups, playbooks, etc. Start the game.

    Step 7: After the coin toss, save a state of the game (just like you do at the end of the game) REMEMBER WHAT SLOT YOU SAVED IT TO! This shouldn't be that hard because this is also the best place to start recording of your game, so it won't desync later.

    Step 8: After the kickoff, Go back to the Condition Checker box. and open the states folder. Now, just like your locating a state to upload after a win, find it and click on it.

    Step 9: The box will go away and a NEW box will apear showing "Condition Checker by Bruddog" with all the conditions for the home and away teams for each position except kicker and punter.

    Step 10: All the conditions should show "average". leave the box open and in view

    Step 11: Go back to playing the game. After EACH quarter you have to save a state to the SAME SLOT to update the conditions. It will NOT update automatically.

    Other important items:

    1.) Conditions will update only after every quarter

    2.) Do not try to update on "cut scenes" like FG kicks, or touchdowns or on the in game substitution screen. You will get an error, corrupt file message, or it won't update. If you get one of those messages simply close out of the message and try again after the next play

    3.) Conditions are shown based on the slot where the player resides when the rom was created. Meaning that if you sub a guy in before you start playing, his condition will be tied to that slot. For example, if Jerry Rice is in WR2 and you switch him to WR1 his condition will show in the WR2 slot. This is important when looking at your opponents conditions also.

    4.) If you desync and have to restart. Close out of the condition checker and start it up again.

    5.) If you open the wrong state at the beginning, you have to close out the condition checker and re open it as there's not way to go back and open another state.

    6.) If you mistakenly close out the box and have to reopen it in the middle of the game, the condition checker will show current conditions, not average. Same thing if you forget to save a state at the beginning of the game and save one after the 1st quarter, all current conditions are shown

    7.) Practice using it when playing TPC or vs COM, to get used to running the program. Otherwise, you might be suspected of cheating. LOL

    View attachment: ConditionsChecker_V3.zip

    Edited by bruddog

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    I'm looking for a league to join I'm new to this but ive been playing for a long time and ive been to some live tourneys my number is 4012562291 text I don't have aim

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