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  • Knobbe
    What does this mean?  Tecmo Super Bowl roms for the 2011/2012 season with semi accurate instead of imaginary rosters!

    But until then....it's free agency and an article detailing available free agents over at Grantland.com of course mentions Tecmo

    Clinton Portis
     has missed 19 games over the past two years, thanks to a concussion in 2009 and a separated groin last season. Although it seems as if he's been around since the first edition of Tecmo Bowl, Portis will only turn 30 in September. When he's been healthy, Portis has maintained a healthy 4.1-yard rushing average, and he's one of the league's best pass-blockers out of the backfield. He could be a valuable part of a running back rotation somewhere.

    [caption id=attachment_451" align="aligncenter" width="720" caption="Managing to not only win the trophy but also shattering the record for number of women in a Tecmo Tourney photo][/caption]


    Congrats to longtime online player and Louisiana native Brent "bgboud" B for taking home the trophy in this year's event.

    Here is a write up from tourney organizer and 3rd Place winner Chad

    WOW!  What a weekend!
    First of all I would like to thank everyone that participated.  Especially those that signed up ahead of time and really showed up, you guys are the best!
    A big thanks to all that came to hang out and support us!
    Thanks to Huddle Up for hosting us and allowing us to have a great time.
    Also thanks to Chris Gaudet-State Farm.  If you have any insurance needs, call him, he is an excellent person and agent.
    Thanks to all who participated again.  We had an amazing group of guys that I would hang out with anytime.  I really appreciate the support.
    From now on I will have all participants pay ahead time by pay-pal.
    Now for some of the details.
    This year we decided to add a double elimination tournament after the round robin.  This was a total success for us this year.
    I am going to cut off the fat and get to the final four participants.
    Jack H (MIA) and Chad N (MIN) played, with Chad being the winner by a close one.
    Chad (DET) moved on to play Tommy S (WAS), with Tommy winning by a close one.
    Tommy(DAL) moved on to play Brent B (PIT), with Brent winning by another close one.
    Chad (HOU) moved on through the loser's bracket to meet up with Tommy (GIA), with Chad avenging his loss and winning by a close one.
    Jack (MIA) survived the long journey of the loser's bracket to meet up with Chad (MIN) again, with Jack avenging his loss and winning by a close one.
    Jack (MIN) moved on to play Brent(DET), who was undefeated so far.  Jack won the first game in our traditional close fashion.  Now they had to play again because of the double elimination rule.
    Jack(MIA) vs Brent(CIN).  This was a very good game.  The Dolphins seem to have control of the game and had  the Bengals on the ropes but the Bengals dug in their heels and would not give up.  Up by 7 The Bengals pinned the Dolphins deep in their own territory in the fourth quarter.  The Dolphins set up in a Shotgun formation and the Bengals read the play for an all out blitz, forcing Marino to make a quick decision that lead to a Fulcher interception that allowed the Bengals to move on to another score to seal the victory.

    The standings for our 2011 S.W. La. TSB tourney:
    2011 S.W. La. TSB Champion- Brent B - Dallas, TX
    2011 S.W. La. TSB Runner Up- Jack H - Shreveport, La
    2011 S.W. La. TSB 3rd Place- Chad N - Sulphur, La
    2011 S.W. La. TSB 4th Place- Tommy S - Shreveport, La

    [gallery link=file" orderby="rand]

    Randall Cunningham’s 1990 season is the greatest single season an NFL quarterback has ever had; and no one remembers or acknowledges it. 3,466 passing yards. 942 rushing yards. 35 total TDs. His stats read like a season straight out of Tecmo Super Bowl, a season too ridiculous to have ever actually occurred in the NFL.

    Why does this season not get any recognition?

    Sure, it happened 21 years ago but what he was doing at the time was unprecedented in the history of the NFL. The only season close to that type of production in the 21 years since was Michael Vick’s 2010 totals.  Vick bested Cunningham’s rushing total (which was an NFL record for a QB) in '06, but he also threw for 1,000 less yards and scored only 22 total tuds compared to Randall's 35.

    Cunningham was second in passing tuds with 30 and 6th in passing yards in 1990, but the leader in both, Warren Moon, had another 119 attempts. If you give Randall another 119 throws at his average yards per pass (7.45) he accumulates another 922 yards which elevates him to 2nd with 4,388 behind Moon's 4,689, but Moon only rushed for a paltry 215 yards that year. Any QB in any era of the NFL would be happy with those passing numbers alone in a single season (and a career if your name is Chad Hutchinson or almost any other Bears QB)and any NFL running back would be pleased with himself after a 942 yard, five TD season with an NFL leading eight yards per carry.

    One argument I hear in regards to Cunningham’s career in general, not just the ’90 season, is that because he wasn’t a “Pure Passer” (whatever that means) his numbers are seen as more cartoonish, less legitimate than if Chris Chandler or some other stiff QB put them up. But his 1998 season with the Vikings proves he was in fact a great quarterback who could sling the rock without relying on his feet.

    The 1998 Vikings were the highest scoring team in NFL history until the 2007 Patriots usurped the title from them. What’s awesome about this from the Cunningham perspective is that everyone thought his career was done- he was only signed to backup incumbent “stud” Brad Johnson until he got hurt after two games.

    Instead, Cunningham became the starter and completely blew up. His 3,704 passing yards was the second highest of his career (3,808 in 1988) and fifth most in the league. His 34 passing TDs was a career high and second most in the NFL. His 106.0 QB Rating led the league. But more importantly for his legacy, he led the Vikings to a 15-1 regular season record and the NFC Championship game where they lost to the Atlanta Falcons.

    But this isn’t an article about 1998- the coordinates I set on the Delorean were for 1990 and Doc Brown is getting antsy- so let’s go back.

    Who was Cunningham even throwing to in 1990? Calvin Williams and Fred Barnett were both rookies and neither of them had 40 catches. Cunningham didn’t have a single 1,000 yard receiver that year which shows you how he spread the ball around because he had to, which speaks to how good he was and how truly amazing the production was. Keith Byars, a running back, was actually his leading receiver.

    Still not convinced that Cunningham’s 1990 season was epic and the greatest for a quarterback ever?

    Lucky for you, Al Gore “created” the internet because you can go back in time, sans Delorean, and be Randall Cunningham in his prime right now. “How can this be possible, Paul? The laws of time as a linear concept moving forever forward strictly prohibit this.”

    You can play Tecmo Super Bowl on your computer right now at work and re-live a season through the eyes of “QB Eagles” in his prime. Click on the "Downloads" tab above and get it poppin'. High top fade like Randall's not included.

    Update from previous post

    Just in case you wanted to print these out to put one of your cartridges (you have more than one, right?) here are the labels in high-resolution.  There are even a couple of new ones. (TIM TEBOW!!!!!!!)

    [gallery link=file" orderby="rand]







    TecmoBowl vs RBI July Podcast

    By Knobbe, in News,

    July TB vs RBI podcast Site Link

    Possibly the greatest authority on the 1988 game Tecmo Bowl, Brad from TecmoBowl vs RBI is doing a monthly podcast along with Fargo accented Nate.  This month's topics:

    2011 RBI Baseball Championship Matchup: Detroit vs AL All-Stars
    Tecmo Bowl passing defenses
    Russell Wilson transferring to Wisconsin
    Recap of their ongoing TB season in week 9 of 12....I guess Tecmo Bo Jackson is good
    Favorite and Worst Tecmo Bowl matchups
    Favorite  baseball matchups
    Next Month's guest will be Travis "TecmoTurd"

    It's been nearly 7 years since the Tecmo Player's Circuit opened for business on the oddly named sois.com.  During that time there has been an average of 23 games uploaded per day and has added the ability to not only keep track of the nearly defunct Nesticle games, but also the current nestopia and ZSNES games.  With it's 58k+ uploaded games it's been the defacto place to find pickup games of Tecmo and keep track of your stats while you're at it.

    We caught up with Mr Sois himself, Aaron.

    TB.org:  After all these years, why all the new changes…new domain, Facebook, etc?
    TecmoAaron: Why now? I felt like neglected the site. It's not as populous as it once was. I think upgrading the backend will give me more time to work on features. Also, this way should be more secure.

    TB.org:  What other changes have been made?
    TecmoAaron: The coolest parts are the Meebo bar and the Wordpress integration. The Meebo bar will allow you to login to your Aim/Facebook/Google Chat... etc while on the page and you can get challenges right on the page. You don't have to keep AIM installed. Also, it isn't as bothersome as being pinged nonstop for games this way.  The Wordpress integration will allow me and others to publish TPC news more easily.  You would laugh if you saw the old way.

    TB.org:  Going forward, do you have any other changes planned?
    TecmoAaron: I have always debated putting ads on the site, but I would like to do it for tournament prizes. I don't need to make money from this, I do it for fun, but if we could get $50 bucks in ad revenue in the door every six months, we could have a nice prize.

    TB.org:  One last thing, did you know you had an average of 23 games uploaded per day since you started this thing back in 2004?
    TecmoAaron: I did not know it was that many games! I think that has dwindled and I would hope these changes make things easier.

    June is a pretty bad month for Tecmo.  In the northern climes, Vitamin D-starved people stumble out of their havens to enjoy the splendors of warm weather and girls wearing clothing more revealing than parkas and bomber caps.  In the southern climes, well, every day is a Corona commercial down there.  Add in that "real" football is still a couple months away, and you get a time of year where people are more likely to gorge on hot dogs and spark roman candles than churn out yards with Rick Fenney.

    Nonetheless, we are TecmoBowl.org, not beerleaguesoftball.org or obesitymakesmewearashirtatthepool.biz.  Whether it's June or January, we keep our finger on the pulse of Tecmo.  And as always, the Tecmo pulse is strong, even if its BAC is higher at this time of year than usual.

    The Rundown
    Tecmo Throwback: iPad, iPhone, left, right, left, right, b, a, start
    The biggest news of June was the porting of Tecmo Throwback to the iPad and iPhone.  We sort of reviewed this earlier, but we still have yet to actually play the game.  Adding up the $7.99 for the application, the $700 for the iPad, and the three day fraternity-style initiation now required to be an Apple loyalist, the costs remain too prohibitive.  Luckily, other guys have reviewed this game here and here.  While we won't fault anyone for shelling out eight bucks to play Tecmo football, the game's main selling point - online play - is probably not going to wow many on this site who pioneered the ability to do the same with the real deal years ago.

    Paul loves Tecmo. And you can call him Shirley.
    Paul Shirley was an NBA roster filler known best for blogging about his experiences in the league and for his unsolicited advice on Haitian contraception.  When he's not taking aim at third world countries, he is happily thumbing away at the game we all love.  This blog post contains a couple of anomalies, like mysteriously referring to C. Bennett as "Cornelius" and a story about the world's worst Tecmo battery.  Most confusing was his statement, "I'm not addicted to Tecmo Super Bowl . . . but I'm addicted to playing Tecmo Super Bowl."  Ingestion of Tecmo in any form other than video-based entertainment can be fatal, so we do endorse this statement.  Otherwise, we hated Shirley's blog entry, but really enjoyed reading it.

    We'd rather be Bubble Bath Babes
    Some high school kid got compared not just to Bo Jackson, but to the entire game of Tecmo Super Bowl.  He was honored, until he realized this meant he was just as much Derrick Thomas as he was John Fourcade.

    NFL: Now Funny Lines!
    NFL.com posted a piece listing six potential classic NFL names for newborns, which included the moniker of a certain, swiftly anonymous quarterback from Philadelphia (whoever he may be.)  While official stats are not kept for this sort of thing, the Elias Sports Bureau's last confirmed exampled of legitimate NFL-endorsed comedy came in 1997 when the Denver Broncos rolled out their current uniforms.

    Cain and Abel
    Bill Simmons slammed the show, "The Killing," recently, and for good reason: One of its "stars" is throwing crappy compliments to Tecmo.  Meanwhile, a bona fide NFL stud is sticking true to his roots despite newfound glory.

    Tecmo Goes to 11!
    And finally, a skilled ax-man covered Tecmo tunes 
    .  This particular author now knows who will be playing at his reception after he weds the halftime panty shot girl.
    Final Note - Leonardite
    Some of you are already familiar with my work, but this edition of "Talkin Bout Tecmo" is my formal introduction to you as a contributing member at TecmoBowl.org.  In addition to these monthly roundups, I plan to do a little freelance writing that will probably appear both here and at my own website.  You can check out more of my stuff, Tecmo and otherwise, at Leonardite.com and follow me on Twitter @Leonardite.


    Have a great 4th

    By Knobbe, in ROMs,

    We're talking off for the weekend. If you're looking for something to do, I'd suggest watching some random dude's review of Tecmo Super Bowl SNES using 15 minute quarters....for an hour....let us know if anything funny happens or if you also just wasted your hour.



    Tecmo Cover Art

    By Knobbe, in News,

    Our own TecmoPsycho has recently been cranking out some cover art for the great custom Tecmo Super Bowl versions out there as well as just for the heck of it.  I'm willing to bet this is the first time that Bernie Kosar has been featured on a video game.

    You can also follow his extensive blog chronicling his adventures playing Tecmo Super Bowl.

    [gallery link=file" orderby="title]


    Bo Shirts Sellout

    By Knobbe, in News,

    Apparently these were quite popular as the limited run managed to sell out in less than a week.

    At some point the Bo shirt will probably be offered again but not until some other guys have had their turn.

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