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    Version 5.0.0


    Ever wanted to play against a friend with randomly selected "even" teams. This rom is for you. You can set a cap limit as well as how close you want the computer to come to that cap. I believe the positional values follow the values shown in the position values unless i made a typo. INSTRUCTIONS: SET THE CAP AND TOLERANCE 1. Press start on the title screen which will bring you the above screen shots. 2. Adjust the cap or cap tolerance by pressing left or right on the d-pad. GET THE RANDOM TEAMS 3. Once you are ready press the start button. Press the A button and then the B button. The game uses the presses to determine the random number generator seed value. P2 CHOOSES HIS TEAM 4. Player 2 presses left or right on his controller to choose which team he wants. He then presses the A button to choose his team Player 1 thus automatically get the other team. If you want to re-roll you can press the B button. SET YOU_STARTERS AND PLAYBOOKS 5. Player 1 will get a chance to set his starters and then his playbooks. Then player 2 will get to set his starters and playbooks. You press B at each screen when you are finished. PLAY THE GAME 6. The game will play in PRO-BOWL mode. I have fixed a bug and all players will now start the game in average condition. TO-DO: 1. Have a tapmeter version 2. Have the p1 and p2 caps be different so you can play a handicap match. 3. Add the hack that lets you check all your players and conditions by pressing left and right on a single player.
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    Martin black

    First live tournament. Advice?

    I finished 2 wins 3 losses on the day including a playoff win. I'll take it for my first time. Tournament was run very well. Great time.
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    Who's Ready?? <Crickets> - OBJ to Cleveland √ - AB to Oakland √ - Updated uniforms for almost everyone √ - Huge player rating scale adjustments √ - Readjusted default playbooks √ - Up to the minute rosters √ - New SIM ratings √ - New 2019-2020 NFL schedule √ - Easter release date (4.20.19) √
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    Baron von Lector

    Tecmo Rose Bowl/NCAAF Games

    For this, I'm a firm believer of the mantra "You don't like my player/team selection? The tools are readily available... make your own damn game!"
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    @ImFlo is the true World Champion of Tecmo this is Tecmo in it's pure form.
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    BOOM! Going with a big raffle prize right out of the gate! How about a Bo Jackson autographed Raiders jersey?
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    There is a good chance that i get to go to this event and if i do so i plan on winning it and getting a tattoo celebrating my victory on my butt.
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    Fernando 49

    TSB III 2019??

    Hello everyone. I'm back The SB LIII version (2018 Season) is coming in a few days, preparing for the 2019 season in a few months (SB LIV). Besides a few surprises. At least for now, the games are coming.
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    Happy St. Patty's day everyone. Feeling lucky? The next door prize we have for this years Jersey Cup is a "Godfather" inspired Rod Woodson autographed framed print! (pardon the reflection of the ceiling fan)
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    Time to start unveiling some of the great raffle prizes we have lined up for this years tournament. Lets start this off with a bang with...an autographed Tecmo print of LAWRENCE TAYLOR!!!
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    Who's playin' Tecmo today?

    I don't think a day has gone by this season where I haven't played this game. Play testing and tweaking the latest release I put out and another file I plan on releasing later which is the latest version of the TSB Redux I have been tweaking for over a decade. Just lost to the Patriots in the AFC championship game 24-10 (I was the Titans, went 13-3) in my latest release and now the Rams and Bears are going at it in the NFC title game COM vs COM.
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    Thanks to everyone who came out to the first ever Bronx Bowl! The top finishers were: 1) Bo O (@oklahoma) 2) Chris B (@Barletti) 3) Matt D (@MattyD) 4) Patrick B (@PatrickB1008) There were some crazy draws overall. Here was the full draft order: When it was their time to draft, players with 6 pts got to pull three teams, players with 4 pts two teams, players with two points one team. You then had to choose which of the teams from the ones you drew that you wanted. If you didn't want any, you got one more pick, but you had to stick with that pick. Here's the results. Scroll to the right to see the bracket: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13y4MsqzgIhcWqrbbBav9hLl9ObspxMas675H0sITdfk/edit?usp=sharing I'll post my recap soon. In the meantime, check out the Facebook page for photos: https://www.facebook.com/NYTecmo/ Congrats to Bo and thanks again to everyone for coming out!
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    @bruddog far as i can tell, that rom runs like a scalded dog. again, set RB1 RB2 and RB3 to FF. Thomas went down on the first hit, making buffalo slightly less godlike. Then Davis down on his first hit, But that was ok because Don Smith has been patiently waiting his entire tecmo life to embarrass himself on the gridiron, and he's got double zeroes, so his ceaseless emasculation earned him the mvp of the game....for the dolphins. but wait, late in the third quarter, having had enough of Smith's tecmo bullsh*t, Levy decides to call Mueller's number for the first time. It can't be any worse right? wrong. Mueller's 50k/yr salary is immediately voided due to the worst case of turf toe the nfl will ever see. It's only 1 game into Marv's very first march to the super bowl, and he's already lost every real option he has at the running back position. Even the Tim Tebow of halfbacks, Don Smith can't play both HB and FB at once, So levy looks around at his squad. He's got Metzelaars...he's big, hes strong, he's even ugly enough to play nose tackle. But due to the technicality of being next on the list, Don Beebe gets the nod. He's lightning fast and roughly the size of my 11 year old son. He'll be perfect at fullback. I guess what I'm trying to say is, Brude, you're a genius. Awesome code. Furthermore, this is the first season where 4-5 KRs didn't get injured prior to the buffalo game. Thanks man. I'll post back if anything comes up but this looks solid to me so far. Can we get it in the hex code?
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    Ok I believe this should work for both 28 and 32 team roms. I don't think any hack used the crash handler location so I stuck it there. SET(0x2412D,0x20639E) SET(0x24452,0x207B9E) SET(0x248B5,0x207B9E) SET(0x24BDA,0x20639E) SET(0x25E73,0xA91AA000A29A2054C4A588291F0AAABD11664C909EEAEAEAA91AA03CA29A2054C4A589291F0AAABD4566EAEAEA) SET(0x35A10,0xA588291FC906B031A9788544A99A8545A56CF011AAA54418690C8544A54569008545CAD0F0A588291F0AAABD1166A8AAB144A8BD1066856E60A00760A589291FC906B030A9788544A99A8545A56DF011AAA54418690C8544A54569008545CAD0F0A589291F0AAABD4566A8AAB144A8BD4466856E60A00760) INJURY_CHANCE_TABLE SET(0x35A88,0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) Each team entry is 12 bytes long (QB1, QB2, ...TE2). They start at: 0x35A88 TEAM 1 (BUF) 0x35A94 TEAM 2 (...) In a 32 team rom you have to skip two entries for the AFC and NFC pro bowl teams. 00= no injury chance FF= you get injured.
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    Version 2.0.0


    This is basically a ratings and roster overhaul of the official site rom. 1. LILB's are often DB's due to the fact that nickel defense is the prevalent formation in the NFL these days 2. REC and PC boosted slightly from Original rom levels given the effectiveness of passing. 3. Ball control much higher than normal levels. The RE in a 4-3 defense was placed at ROLB since that seems like the most natural position Pro football focus was the main source for these ratings. Draft slot and scouting reports used for rookies.
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    Tecmo Rose Bowl/NCAAF Games

    Here are a couple good ones to check out:
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    @SammieSmith33 pulls out all the stops! my kind of tourney with all the weird wrinkles in reg season games. Great job as always Great time reconnecting with friends and meeting new tecmo buds. Here's the epic comeback game between @joeygats and @justinpeters51
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    Ummmm Guys? 11 days til CFT 4! We gonna have some special type shit erupting soon. In a good way, lol. 11 is the number of players that Tecmo Super Bowl got right over Tecmo Bowl (among MANY other things). I sense a SHAMAN in our midst... His cat just dropped a chipmunk at his feet... This sign is a favorable one...
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    I decided to bring back the Even Stevens League (ESTL) for ONE season only. The last season ended 2015 so heres a brief introduction on what its about. GENERAL FORMAT All Teams have identical rosters with the exception of their chosen superstar Each owner gets to choose their superstar to replace the lowest rated player at their position. Will be using the tpc tap meter rom with no hacks WILL BE A 10 WEEK LEAGUE but ALL ROMS COME OUT AT ONCE (2 Months to play 10 games) LOOKING FOR 20 OWNERS 2 Conferences AFC and NFC (top 4 records from each make the playoffs) WILL BE ALL NFL TEAMS FROM ORIG ROM ONLY RB plays RB only but WR can play TE and TE can play WR Here is an example of your team before you choose your superstar. must choose 2 for your starting line up qb1 = 13ms 44ps 44pc 50ab qb2 = 6 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab qb3 = 25ms 31ps 25pc 38ab rb1 = 38rs 50ms 31hp 81bc 38rec rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = 38rs 50ms 13hp 50rec 81bc wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol = 31ms 50hp ol = 25ms 50hp ol = 31ms 50hp ol = 25ms 56hp ol = 19ms 50hp dl = 25rs 31rp 38ms 50hp 19int dl = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl = 25rs 31rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb = 31rs 44rp 50ms 50hp 19int lb = 38rs 44rp 56ms 44hp 13int lb = 25rs 31rp 31ms 50hp 38int lb = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db = 25rs 31rp 44ms 50hp 63int db = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int db = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db = 50rs 31rp 63ms 38hp 38int p 50/50 k 50/50 SUPER STARS Below is a list of superstars you get to choose and will replace the lowest rated player at that position. For example, if you want the superstar RB (63MS), then he will replace your worst rated RB. You get to name him and choose the skin color if its ol or dl you can name and choose the skin color for all them as well) QB: 25ms 56ps 69pc 100ab RB: 38rs 63ms 38hp 100bc 50rec WR: 44rs 63ms 25hp 100bc 69rec OL/TE/K: (all 5 OL) four 44ms 69hp and one 56ms 69hp , TE 25rs 44ms 94hp 100bc 69rec , K 88 KA DL: (all 3) one 38rs 50rp 56ms 69hp 31int one 44rs 56rp 69ms 75hp 44int and one 25rs 31rp 25ms 75hp 19int (dl is allowed to be controlled on de, read rules for more info) LB: 44rs 56rp 63ms 69hp 63int DB: 44rs 50rp 69ms 56hp 69int Here are the players names (will be same for everyteam) skin color will be whatever it is on orig rom for that position with the exception of ur superstar QB1, mr TOSS, Face=0xd4, #8, 25, 69, 13, 13, 44, 44, 50, 50 ,[4, 5, 2 ] QB2, mr GUNS, Face=0x5, #15, 25, 69, 6, 13, 75, 31, 50, 38 ,[2, 2, 2 ] RB1, mr WORKHORSE, Face=0x8f, #22, 38, 69, 50, 31, 81, 38 ,[7, 3, 6, 3 ] RB2, mr THIRDDOWN, Face=0xc5, #34, 44, 69, 38, 25, 50, 50 ,[4, 4, 6, 5 ] RB3, mr MARGINAL, Face=0x85, #32, 44, 69, 38, 25, 100, 25 ,[3, 1, 3, 1 ] RB4, mr THUNDER, Face=0xcd, #39, 81, 69, 25, 69, 50, 19 ,[5, 1, 4, 1 ] WR1, mr BURNER, Face=0x86, #83, 38, 69, 50, 13, 81, 50 ,[1, 5, 7, 10 ] WR2, mr POSSESSION, Face=0x89, #88, 31, 69, 38, 13, 50, 56 ,[1, 3, 8, 1 ] WR3, mr SECONDSTRING, Face=0x9f, #81, 25, 69, 31, 25, 100, 50 ,[1, 4, 6, 1 ] WR4, mr PRACTICES, Face=0x86, #86, 25, 69, 31, 13, 50, 31 ,[1, 4, 7, 1 ] TE1, mr HANDS, Face=0xce, #84, 25, 69, 31, 50, 69, 31 ,[1, 7, 7, 10 ] TE2, mr BLOCKS, Face=0x21, #89, 31, 69, 19, 63, 50, 44 ,[1, 2, 6, 1 ] C, blocks THREE, Face=0x4c, #67, 25, 69, 31, 50 LG, blocks ONE, Face=0x2c, #53, 25, 69, 25, 50 RG, blocks FOUR, Face=0x2f, #66, 25, 69, 25, 56 LT, blocks FIVE, Face=0xcd, #61, 25, 69, 19, 50 RT, blocks TWO, Face=0x4b, #68, 25, 69, 31, 50 RE, mr RUSH, Face=0xc0, #92, 25, 31, 38, 50, 19, 100 ,[46, 2 ] NT, mr PLUG, Face=0x2e, #96, 25, 31, 44, 50, 19, 100 ,[38, 2 ] LE, mr SACK, Face=0x44, #73, 31, 44, 50, 56, 25, 100 ,[64, 2 ] ROLB, mr SIDELINE, Face=0xd1, #97, 25, 31, 31, 50, 38, 100 ,[15, 9 ] RILB, mr POWERSLUG, Face=0x43, #55, 19, 25, 19, 63, 19, 100 ,[15, 9 ] LILB, mr MEDIOCRE, Face=0xb1, #51, 31, 44, 50, 50, 19, 100 ,[64, 2 ] LOLB, mr RUNSTOP, Face=0xc7, #56, 38, 44, 56, 44, 13, 100 ,[13, 7 ] RCB, mr BURST, Face=0xc1, #37, 50, 31, 63, 38, 38, 100 ,[2, 33 ] LCB, mr PICKS, Face=0xc4, #45, 25, 31, 44, 50, 63, 100 ,[2, 79 ] FS, mr AVERAGE, Face=0xa9, #20, 31, 38, 50, 44, 50, 100 ,[2, 33 ] SS, mr SPEED, Face=0x96, #30, 38, 44, 56, 56, 50, 100 ,[2, 79 ] K, mr KICKER, Face=0x42, #1, 56, 81, 81, 31, 50, 50 ,[6 ] P, mr PUNTS, Face=0x20, #4, 25, 56, 44, 31, 50, 50 ,[8 ] KR, WR4 PR, WR1 Interest List: 1. justinpeters - DB Star (Fart Breath) 2. da riddler LB Star (Da Riddler) 3. simplesimon QB Star (Hinkle McCrinkleberry) 4. joeygats DL Star (Star Clone, Star Slow, Star Beast) Black Skin tone for all 3 5. nelson OL Star (John "Hannibal" Smith, Templeton Peck, B. A. Baracus, Howling Mad Murdock, Hunt Stockwell) 6. jpbowler RB Star 7. speed QB Star (Bobby Herbert) 8. arncoem DL Star (Ben Dehrover, Miyat Urbandinks, Stag Yeoj) 9. middledoug LB Star (Mr Pfister) 10. kmolnar DL Star (Reginald Merryweather III, la Lloyd Christmas, The Legend Cyrus Lyger) 11. milestails LB Star (Andre Woodard) 12. ptitteri QB Star (Gristle McThornbody) 13. Randywags LB Star (.Mike Rotch) 14. Barletti QB Star (Oderus Urungus) 15. 8 bit RB Star 16. MadtownSpliffStars LB Star 17. Thrash WR Star (Givest Earnins) 18. Acslater DL Star Zack Morris (white), A.C. Slater (black) and Samuel Powers (white) Slater (44rs 56rp 69ms 75hp 44int), Morris (38rs 50rp 56ms 69hp 31int) and Powers (25rs 31rp 25ms 75hp 19int 19. Retronate QB Star (Willie Beamen #13) 20. Rico LB Star 21 matty d QB Star (Johnny Unitas) 22 flo QB Star (vinny testeverde) 23 tundrayeti WR Star 24 hughmillen RB Star 25 sammiesmith33 RB Star (Eric Dickerson # 29) player121xk
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    BTFL Best Team Football League

    Primetime Games of Week 6!
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    @Nameless Loser Lives in D.c. area I believe !? Morts Tecmo blog has all kinds of tips on it at Tecmo101.wordpress.com ( search Tecmo 101 at Google) . @joeygats is running an online tecmo rookie league I believe. Good luck
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    hank On the left, still in his own little world after his lovely speech. Ohioians in general on the right, having to hear this awful awful attempt at talking smack
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    LIV Jets vs. Dolphins
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    Were def in trying to see who will ride along to chicago to meet with mort and drive with him rest of way.. lets make this the biggest turnout yet
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    As much I wanted Orlando to win the game (which they played sloppy I might add) Yes Memphis was hosed x 100. Those refs should lose their game checks.
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    He sent over a case of his Over the middle “all purpose” sauce. Debating whether to keep it for myself or use it for a door prize.
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    OK guys This is just the BETA of the AAF! WARNING! I don't have the helmets and uniforms correctly, I only edited 4 teams; they are Salt Lake, Orlando, Birmingham, and San Antonio. To find their rosters click the following teams; Miami, Denver, Oakland, and Arizona. If there are any problems, say something. Forget to mention, I don't have the proper hacks either. Check out the game and see if I need to make corrections (I'm sure there will be plenty) Enjoy! 2k_1_week_0 AAF vgifted beta.nes
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a remastered edition of Tecmo NBA Basketball 2018 for NES emulators that I released over a year ago. To go along with updated team logos, one of the huge changes is the update to team simdata. What this means is that the Warriors will play like Warriors, the Knicks will play like a dumpster fire, the Bulls don't play with the ghost of Michael Jordan twenty-five years later, etc. Enjoy!
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    lol okay let's see what you can do. I need to watch more live games to get a better sense of this league. I plan to really dive in to rosters and ratings on Monday. I will try to watch as much as possible this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out this B/R Live thing so I might miss this first game, but I plan to watch the others.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Ratings for 2018 QBs

    When I finally got over the hated Pats winning another SB, I looked back and saw it was an amazing season for QBs. The last time I got the urge to do this was for the 2014 season. I didn't bother to create an overall rating for the order, it's just vaguely in order of who I think is best overall. Don't pay too close attention to the order, just look at the ratings. Questions, comments, critiques, discussion is encouraged. Ratings are MS//PS/PC/APB Oh, I'm back. Maybe. 1. Patrick Mahomes K.C. 19//75/75/50 2. Drew Brees N.O. 13//56/81/81 3. Jared Goff LAR. 13//56/75/44 4. Russell Wilson SEA. 25//56/69/44 5. Philip Rivers LAC. 13//44/75/63 6. Andrew Luck IND. 13//56/69/56 7. Tom Brady N.E. 13//56/69/44 8. Deshaun Watson HOU. 31//50/63/63 9. Mitchell Trubisky CHI. 31//63/56/50 10. Dak Prescott DAL. 19//50/63/56 11. Matt Ryan ATL. 13//56/63/69 12. Carson Wentz PHI. 13//69/56/69 and Nick Foles PHI. 13//31/63/56 13. Cam Newton CAR. 31//69/50/56 14. Aaron Rodgers G.B. 19//75/50/38 15. Kirk Cousins MIN. 13//56/56/75 16. Ben Roethlisberger PIT. 13//75/50/50 17. Lamar Jackson BAL. 44//50/44/38 and Joe Flacco BAL. 13//69/31/38 18. Jameis Winston T.B. 19//69/31/44 and Ryan Fitzpatrick T.B. 13//25/50/50 19. Baker Mayfield CLE. 13//63/44/38 20. Derek Carr OAK. 6//63/44/63 21. Ryan Tannehill MIA. 13//50/44/44 22. Eli Manning NYG. 6//50/44/44 23. Marcus Mariota TEN. 25//31/44/63 24. Josh Allen BUF. 38//81/25/25 25. Matthew Stafford DET. 13//75/31/50 26. Nick Mullens S.F. 13//31/44/44 27. Andy Dalton CIN. 13//31/44/38 28. Alex Smith WAS. 13//31/44/38 29. Case Keenum DEN. 13//31/44/38 30. Blake Bortles JAX. 25//50/31/38 31. Sam Darnold NYJ. 13//50/31/31 32. Josh Rosen ARI. 13//44/31/31
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    Tournament Champs Archive

    I'm going to attempt to make an archive for past Tecmo Championships this is a work in progress information on previous events and corrections are appreciated. Arizona Tecmo (1 and 2 Probably in 2011 and 2012) 1 Disastamasta 2 Disastamasta 2013 III Disatamasta 2014 IV Disastamasta 2015 V Disastamasta 2016 VI Basement Nemesis 2017 VII Disastamasta Bloomington Tecmo 2004 I Bryan Robertson 2005 II Chris Reeve 2006 III Chris Reeve 2007 IV Kasey Wells 2008 V Aaron Heidelberg 2009 VI Aaron Heidelberg 2010 VII Kasey Wells 2011 VIII Aaron Heidenberg 2012 IX Kasey Wells 2013 X Kyle Daniels 2014 XI Aaron Heidelberg 2015 XII Tim Mann 2016 XIII Jason Lynch 2017 XIV Psycho 2018 XV Tecmo Bo 2019 XVI Mort Boneyard Bowl 2011 I Mort 2012 II Bobby Johnson 2012 III Mike V. 2012 IV Mort 2012 V Steve E. 2013 VI Matt Vogt Bronx Bowl 2019 I TurBo Buffalo Bounty 2013 I Mort 2014 II red98sethuthut 2015 III DT 2016 IV Mort Cascadia Effin Tecmo (Strange Numbering) 2017 0 Tick 2017 I Kamp 2018 II Randy Fairfield 2018 III Kamp 2018 RNG Invaderstar Cincinnati Championships 2017 I Matt Vogt CT Tecmo Bowl (Unsure of early years) 1 Pete Dorsey 2 Arncoem 3 Arncoem 2012 IV Mort 2012 V Mort 2013 VI Mort 2014 VII Tadaos 2015 VIII Suicideking81 2016 There was no tournament 2017 IX Matty D 2018 X Oklahoma Dirt Bowl 2012 I Mort Iowa Tecmo 2013 I Hawkeye 2014 II Ira M. 2015 (I Belive there was no 2015 event) 2016 III Gamer 2017 IV Gats 2018 V Mort Junkie Bowl 2013 I Matty D King's Cup 2017 I Tadaos LI Retro Tecmo Tourney 2016 I MattyD 2017 II MattyD 2018 III BadMoonRison Manyo's Mayhem 2014 I Manyo 2014 II Kamp 2014 III Kamp 2015 IV Kamp 2015 Night Kamp (Apparently a tourney after IV?) 2015 V Kamp Midwest Tecmo Superbowl Tournament 2008 I Jimmy Vogt 2009 II Matt Vogt 2010 III Chet 2011 IV Chet 2012 V Chet 2013 VI Matt Vogt 2014 VII Regulator 2015 VIII Regulator 2016 IX Diaz 2017 X Mort 2018 XI Gats Milliards Mayhem 2013 I Sconnie 2017 II Mort 2018 III Gats Minny Meetup 2019 I VikingMoe Neo Tecmo Mini Tournament 2017 I Timbone PAC RIM Tecmo 2013 I Randy Fairfield 2014 II Invaderstar 2015 III Moonwalk Players Championship Satellite Milwaukee 2018 I Mort PNWTC 2012 I Randy Fairfield 2013 II Kamp 2014 III Gripsmoke 2015 IV DT 2016 V Gripsmoke PNW Honbasho 2019 I DT Portland Tecmo Super Bowl Championship 2017 I Invaderstar 2018 II Kamp Seattle Tecmo 2011 Manyo Seattle Tecmo Super Bowl Championship 2018 Ptitter Stone Age Gamer Tecmo Francise Bowl 2015 I Lurch Tecmo Atlanta 2018 I HumerFu Tecmo Fargo 2018 I Leonardite Tecmo Kumite 2013 I Regulator 2014 II Mort 2015 III Regulator 2016 IV Reguator 2017 V Toolie 2018 VI Toolie 2019 VII Gats Tecmo L.A. 2019 I FunBobby Tecmo Lincoln (Unsure of 1st year winner) 2011 I 2012 II Art Vandeley 2013 III Chet 2014 IV Chet 2015 V Buck 2016 VI Noonan 2017 VII Art Vandeley 2018 VIII Randy Wags 2019 IX Justin Peters Tecmo Madison (Unsure of the early years) I sonofpatbeach II Sobhi III Moonwalk IV Bontempo V Buzzsaw 2010 VI Mort 2011 VII Bontempo 2012 VIII Chet 2013 IX Chet 2014 X Regulator 2015 XI Psycho 2016 XII Gats 2017 XIII Gats 2018 XIV Gats Tecmo Milwaukee 2016 I Rico R. 2016 II Coconuts 2017 III Regulator Tecmo Mudbowl (Unsure of early years) 1 Pookie Pookums 2 Pookie Pookums 3 Ashman 4 Pookie Pookums 2012 V Ashman 2013 VI BGBoud 2014 VII Ashman Tecmo Philly 2018 I MattyD Tecmo Phoenix 2018 I Michael Burkhardt Tecmo Players Championship 2018 I Gats Tecmo Super Bowl Hardcore Championship 2018 I Flo Tecmo Texas 2014 I Jeff F. 2015 II Neerrm 2016 III Neerrm 2017 IV duecethasa1nt 2019 V Ashman The New York Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament 2007-BadMoonRison 2011-Arncoem 2012-Mort 2013-MattyD 2014-MattyD 2015-Psycho 2016-Stalltalk 2017-Tadaos 2018-Ranatoro Tomczak Bowl 2008 I Ronnie T. 2009 II Kyle K. 2010 III Kyle K. 2011 IV Kyle K. 2012 V Luke C. 2013 VI sonofpatbeach 2014 VII Tony Orenga 2015 VIII Regulator 2016 IX Gamer 2017 X Mort 2018 XI Mort The Equalizer 2017 I Tecmo Bo 2018 II Green Majik The Jersey Cup 2019 I BadMoonRison Trojan (Various Events) I know NMUFred and Rico won an event not sure the date 5/29/15 Hankthetank 8/9/15 Trojan 8/23/15 Andy Early 11/15/15 SuicideKing81 4/3/16 Nelson79 8/3/17 Mort 2/23/18 TimPapi 10/20/18 Nelson79 2/22/19 Gats Tundra Bowl 2014 I sonofpatbeach 2015 II Jeff Bernard 2016 III Coconuts 2017 IV Regulator 2018 V red98sethuthut 2019 VI Regulator Tupa Bowl 2015 I Ones 2016 II Ones 2017 III red98sethuthut 2018 IV Mort
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    Bruddog, can you do this with that XFL rom so we can start with 8 teams? There's enough stats on the league site to cobble together some ratings. Eight teams shouldn't take me that long, this is something I could probably do if no one else is actively working on it. Then I'd just dump it back here and someone else could do graphics and helmets if they want.
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    Play the scene from Rocky IV when they fight in Russia or a rendition of Nikolai Volkaf singing it.
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    Welp, here it is. The Tomczak Bowl XI trophy. Why is there a gas mask? What's with the Soviet theme? This is a trophy? I can answer those questions with: 1) I don't know 2) Why the hell not? 3) You bet your ass it's a trophy Some lucky son of a bitch is taking that thing home with them on Saturday.
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    Absolutely not. I'm merciless.
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    (NES) Usfl 2018

    Its almost here. A new season of semi pro usfl ?
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    The Iron was bringing the D while the Hotshot were scoring at will. Can't wait to see Week 2! It's only week one but the league is very fast-paced, rules are very legit.
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    Happy to announce that during Saturday's events, free pizza will be provided courtesy Kos Realty Group!
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    I have thoughts. First off, it was great to get back to hanging and playing with the fellas. Ultimately, this is what I look forward to the most. I really enjoyed the format, up until the choices for the playoffs got real cheesedicky. Here's a recap of my day. Spent most of Friday ( a day off ) working on the stream setup and overlay. The sound on the stream was fine but my laptop had some kind of Sound error for output that ended up having me spend hours on it until late in the night when I quit and watched the end of day 14 of Hatsu Basho 2019, and then the incredible Women's final in the Aussie Open . In bed late. Wake up and already had most everything packed but still got off to a late start leaving Tacoma (my bad), but I did end up bringing some larger TVs and some systems to the party. Arrive and briefly catch up with the crew while unloading the Forester. Great to see 91 Huskies, JBrooks, and GRIP again, it had been since July or before since seeing any of these fools. Sad that Stu and 6Killer couldn't make it. But I was mostly busy setting up so we could get started. Finally get set up and parked my car and now we ready to roll after DT gave some "description" as to what was going to go down. I learn that if I won I could secure Yokozuna status. This had a YUGE impact on me. Mentally tried to get dialed in and... Game 1 Week 11 vs PTitteri - I win toss and the best choices are TB DET, KC RAMS, CHI MIN, and ATL WAS. I choose DET TB and pete takes Barry. So I tried to get dialed in and... I get waxed. I lost like 17-3, and it should have been way worse. I threw 3 picks with Vinny and if not for getting a couple of fumbles, this would have been (well really it was) a total demolition. GG Pete. Game 2 Week 12 vs Invaderstar - Vader wins toss and selects DEN KC. I take DT and he's in excellent. So were the Tecmo Gods favor towards me again, this time I'm able to use their divine gifts to secure a win. Sorry about the shit luck Vader. Vader was pretty down, I think starting 0-2, but he turned this around after this game. 21-13 Chiefs, thanks to a DT blocked XP on Denvers 1st TD as well. Game 3 Week 13 vs XtraLargent - He wins and calls DAL WAS. I take Dallas and both of his QBs are in bad. I giggle and said something funny about the status of his QBs. I had a good game. DAL 21- WAS 3. Game 4 Week 14 vs Gripsmoke - I win toss and while there are some solid matchups in this round, I take WAS RAMS, a matchup I really despise. Or maybe Grip called this one? I think I called it and he picked the RAMS and Everett and Green were in EXC. I got stomped. 44 -14. Played bad and Grip OWNED. GG Game 5 Week 15 vs XtraLargent - Grip wins toss in his game vs PTitteri and calls IND NE. for once I want to win the coin toss, but XL does and he does NOT call IND NE like I request. He picks CIN MIA and I take Danny Boy. I don't remember much about this game but the final says 35 -7. I'm sure I got some cheesedick luck in here somewhere, but I was peak Donkey in my own mind at this point, playing THE SUPREME DONKEY. GG Game 6 Week 16 vs GRIP AGAIN - I'm really pissed that we play week 14 and 16 when we could have played IND NE like we ALWAYS do in Week 15, but the Torikumi did not support us this day. Of course I win the toss and there's not a lot of enticing matchups this week. Somehow I thought I was slick and picked SD MIA, really hoping that Grip would take SD, but little did I realize (because my own fault) that Butts was hurt. There's no way Grip takes SD with the uncertainty of Butts status for this game. He takes MIA and Butts DOES come back. A really tight game 17-10 late looks worse on the final score 26-10 after I got a key stop on an outtap (grip claims, I thought I had a drone stand up from losing a grapple on the line of scrimmage and help) on 4th and short where we met in the hole. I get a score and grip takes a safety. This was a key game (or so I thought) because we were both 3-2 coming in. GG Grip Game 7 Week 16 vs PTitteri - Pete wins the toss and calls KC RAI. I know I need to win this to secure a bye in the bracket, and hopefully hand Pete his first L of the day. The man was on a mission. I take KC because DT and really I won because Jay Schroeder, even in solid condition, sucks balls. Multiple wide open doinks, and I pull it out, 34-21, securing the 2 seed and a bye. Playoffs - I get winner of JoeyB vs JBrooks, and Joey handles his business with the young buck who was having a rough time. The kid did great man. But Joey is solid and so it goes. I win the toss and the options are less than stellar. THE best matchup of the 4 in the divisional round is CIN SEA. The other Options were RAI BUF, GB CHI, and WAS SF. I throw CIN SEA as I don't trust that I could stop the BILLS with the Raiders D, and despite a rocky start am able to hold on 17-10. Playoffs Rd 2 - I play grip and I'm about to lose my shit, because I won the toss and my 2 choices are SEA BUF and GB SF. After a while, I select SEA BUF before DT intervenes because we should only be in the divisional round according to his calculations. So played on a different cart THANK GOD. I have a MIA BUF option and choose it. Grip takes BUF and finds QB BILLS, and Thurmal in EXC. Reed too I think? and his LBs were on point too. I am able to get an early fumble, but Grip gets a ridonk CC to end the half tied 21 21. 2nd half I'm forced to punt and he scores and then I throw a pick to Kelso needing to score. GG BUF 35-MIA 28. I'm a little perturbed at this point because winning the toss seemingly meant losing in the most crucial part of this tourney. It happens again after I wait out Joey vs Invader. Joey pulls out the W and my choices are BUF HOU or CHI NO. I would rather not give Joey a good QB, so I select CHI NO and it pays off. It almost didn't, because Joey was still pulling some magic from an excellent Tomczak to good and excellent twins Morris and Davis WRs. I hang on for a 17-14 win. Pete had to take off because it was so late and he had JBrooks with him and had to drive back home to PTown, so I essentially got a bye past him. I played the loser of DT vs GRIP, with the chance to play the winner in the finals. We agreed on playing out on the SF HOU super bowls that were left (there were 2). I won the coin toss so DT had SF. I lost 13-7 even though I got 2 key fumbles late, there was zero connection downfield when it counted for Warren Moon, so 3rd place it was. Great time. Look forward to another Honbasho with perhaps the higher seed getting to call whether they call matchup? Or some other fix for the final rounds. I ended up packing the car and giving Grip a ride to his car and friend's spot in Burien then head home to catch the final bouts of Senshuraku of Hatsu 2019. Tamawashi wins the Yusho, his first at age 34, pretty impressive, and his wife gave birth to his 2nd child on the same day. Then I watch the Aussie Open Men's final. I stan for Rafa, but damn he was thoroughly dominated by the Djoker, probably the most impressive I've EVER seen him, and that's saying something. Great to see everyone again. Didn't get to say by to @XtraLargent so that sucked. Until July I guess? CFT! CFT! CFT! PNW TECMO RULZ!
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    Nice Video breakdown, I'll be watching this while pretending to parent all weekend. Hope to make it next year
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    Version 1.0.1


    By popular demand, I present Bad News Baseball 2017. All of the rosters, statistics, ratings, and one team's uniform colors have been updated from the original NES game. The twelve teams included are: San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, and Toronto Blue Jays. All of the teams from the original game carried over to this updated version, except for the New York Mets who were changed to the Yankees. The information found in a handful of forum threads made this update. What wasn't available in the forums, through trial and error I stumbled through and figured out. When comparing this to the original version of Bad News Baseball, this game does seem to provide a lot of offense. Keeping the opposing team in single digit runs is a great feat. My explanation for this that Bad News Baseball is a game played on the field by children (likely Little Leaguers). Bad News Baseball 2017 replaces those children with grown-up Major League men. When you put adults on a Little League field, most certainly balls are going to fly out of the ballpark. Enjoy!
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