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    This year’s official T-shirt. Sign up today or Sunday to guarantee your MW swag at www.mwtecmo.com! 2 weeks away! And we are happy to announce that our live stream will be setup and produced by TecmoPsycho, Derek Ruble, this year. With plenty of play-by-play and commentary announcers getting in on the action. Looking forward to broadcasting #MWTecmoXI to Tecmo Nation on July 28 at twitch.tv/mwtecmo! See you all soon!
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    Future Live footage from the mortmobile (someone’s riding in the trunk) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tm2Jy64b0dI
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    The top 4 finishers from the Chicago Hardcore Tournament will be traveling in the mortmobile 4th Hankthetank 3rd Stahnke 2nd Mort 1st Flo Also im bringing my roommate along
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    The annual cleansing of the Conjurer is upon us!
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    Coverage from local news last night and this morning - Tecmo Jam Cleveland looks to be promising! http://www.cleveland19.com/story/38647449/retro-tecmo-jam-cleveland-tourney-promises-bragging-rights-cash-prizes
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    HSTL S46 Draft

    I was talked off the Elway ledge here. Give me Peete, I guess.
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    Darth RockMan

    HSTL S46 Draft

    WR Jeffries and LB Childress....
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    We are down to 12 DAYS until the kickoff of the first LIVE SEASON of this kind! Players drafted in tandems under a salary cap! Injuries, conditions, playoff bracket... ALL on CONSOLE! The stream is really starting to come together... and we have denizens of 12s in these parts.. I am not a 12 per se, I just live amongst them... There are a couple of iconic players who wore 12 in real life. Unfortunately both of them rocked 0's and their first name on the game was QB, Eagles and Bills ... Neither have been drafted in CFT thus far. Kelly, a veteran of the Houston Gamblers of the USFL came to the NFL and brought the Bills to the brink of a championship at the conclusion of the 1990 season. Randall... I just remember when he would gather himself to throw balls with oomph, it always seemed like he was a rubber band straightening out to whip that ball where it needed to go, he had a long "gather up" before letting fly with that pigskin. And finally, I drafted the other 12 in TSB this season, technically the only 12 in the whole game.... Unfortunately for Miller, he won't be getting the start to game 1 vs @~Tailback King~'s in week 1 to start our seasons, because my other choice, who will be shared tomorrow, was a , and Miller is a . I'll take the notch of PS to start over that PC notch, but the Tecmo Gods will have their say on who gets to lead the CFT Cowboys for most of this season as we will be playing the Hot (read: Better Condition) hand once we get conditions going. 12 DAYS! JULY 28th!
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    gojiphen malor

    Better INT return hack

    Thank you much! I do love this hack. Thank you for helping fine tune it a bit for more MAN vs. COM. With the player ratings I'm using for the LIII rom, it was almost a automatic pick 6 or fumble return for a TD. Thanks again for helping us out. Your knowledge has kept this old game fresh for us for a while now! Much appreciated, Bruddog!
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    (NES) TSB NCAA19

    View File TSB NCAA19 My TSB NCAA19 is for this upcoming year. I used Phil Steele's College Football 2018 Preview for my pre-season rankings, depth charts, formations, player names and jersey numbers. I'm a fan of the original Tecmo Super Bowl so I make roms true to that version which I call "vanilla". This rom is complete and I will probably not do an update during or after the season. Enjoy! RANK - NCAA TEAM (TSB OFF/DEF) 1 Alabama (SF/NYG) 2 Clemson (RAM/CHI) 3 Ohio State (DET/MIN) 4 Washington (CIN/SF) 5 Georgia (BUF/HOU) 6 Wisconsin (RAI/SD) 7 Miami (GB/WAS) 8 Notre Dame (MIN/TB) 9 Oklahoma (NYG/GB) 10 Texas (ATL/KC) 11 Michigan (TB/SF) 12 Penn State (PHI/RAI) 13 Michigan State (NYJ/HOU) 14 Boise State (CLE/MIA) 15 Stanford (RAI/NE) 16 USC (WAS/PHI) 17 Forida (TB/DET) 18 Florida State (KC/RAI) 19 Auburn (DAL/PIT) 20 TCU (NO/CIN) 21 Mississipp State (SD/PHX) 22 Oregon (PHI/NO) 23 Virginia Tech (SEA/NYJ) 24 Iowa (NYJ/BUF) 25 UCF (HOU/CLE) 26 West Virginia (MIA/ATL) 27 Florida Atlantic (CHI/DEN) 28 South Carolina (PHX/RAM) 29 Northwestern (NE/DET) 30 LSU (PIT/DAL) 31 Missouri (DEN/IND) 32 Nebraska (IND/SEA) Features: NCAA19 Graphics 12 Game Schedule over 17 Weeks, Weeks 13-16 is Rival Week spread out, Week 17 is the predicted Conference Championships. Phil Steele's Pre-Season Rankings are on each teams mini helmet (Thanks to Proads26) 8 playbooks were used 4 times each with minimal pre-snap reads (Thanks to Mort & RSG Tom for their team and playbook breakdowns on YouTube.) Pro Bowl = Army vs. Navy = Even Teams (TB Offense & DET Defense) Alternate Uniform 2 Hack aka Color Rush Uniforms (Jersey/Pants - 1st Color, Helmet/Stripe on Pants - 2nd Color) Juiced version is Week 16 difficulty throughout. The file has 4 versions of the game: Vanilla, Vanilla - Color Rush Unis, Juiced, Juiced - Color Rush Unis Notes: I don't care about player faces but did do the Top 30 players. I stuck with the 3-4 defenses so for teams that actually run a 4-3 their second DT is at ILB. Sorry to fans of Utah, Boston College, Texas A&M, Memphis, Louisville, North Carolina, Duke, NC State, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, South Florida and Air Force but your teams did not make my Top 32. I did not include the Worst Possible Team (Bodom) like I have in the past. Thank you for all you've done for me and the TSB community: Knobbe, davefmurray, Maynard_G_Krebs, bruddog, Bodom, xplozv, Elway, TecmoTurd, Jstout, Cxrom, BAD_AL, buck, drummer4god, Proads26, Brinky274, drunken_honkey, Hurricane55, Tecmo Psycho, philleyOphish, mort237, Retro Sports Gamer Tom, QBEagles, slim_jimmy7, Bad Moon Rison, BO FB Offtackle Left, MRTECMOSUPERBOWL, averagetsbplayer, TDO, meat, rewhawl, Tom Brady and everyone that lives in Wisconsin. ZIPPED: Includes 4 versions TSB NCAA 2019 Vanilla TSB NCAA 2019 Vanilla Color Rush Unis TSB NCAA 2019 Juiced TSB NCAA 2019 Juiced Color Rush Unis Submitter fatcheerleader Submitted 07/09/2018 Category Misc ROMs  
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    Had a good time last year, but I'm signed up for Midwest on the same day. Have fun, good game.
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    Chris runs a first class event and is a first class dude. Have fun brother. Maybe in '19
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    I highly recommend going to the event as it is an awesome experience and Chris does things right. Personal highlights from previous Midwest Tournaments: -Apparently I was screaming and ranting during one of the tournament finals, I don't remember because I was kept in double bourbons and ginger all night thanks to a kind bartender who only charged me some amount less than the $100s of dollars I was expecting to see on my credit card -I returned the favor to Chris the next year much to Amanda's regret I would imagine -The tecmo was fun too
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    I was looking up hotel pricing today and then decided to look into alternate options. I found out that the campsite 15 minutes away has a four-bed cabin with electricity at half the price of any hotel. Would anyone be interested in bunking up? Maybe a mini Friday-night tourney after the bar closes? Maybe a Burning Vogt competition?
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    PNWTC-2 FILM ROOM: Super Bowl (Game J): Randy (GB) vs. Kamphuna (ATL) SUPER BOWL 2..... ATL receives the kick, and before the first play is snapped, a PAUSE..... is this the part where Kamphuna turned to Randy, smiled, and said Who ya daddy?...... then, giGGled?!? Yes indeed, I heard it, and it's PNW lore now, cuz the next play, first play of the Super Bowl, Big Balls Kamp drops Husky legend Hugh Millen back to pass....... seeing B-Button Bob Nelson wandering the far ranges all by his lonesome, he drops further back, into the end zone........... and then, IT HAPPENED: as Husky legend Millen let one slip deep down the field, the heavens opened up, and a flash of lightning and sunshine burst onto the field as the tecmo gods smiled down upon Kamp and his BiGG Balls ("now THIS is how you open a motherfuckin' super bowl!")...... and so it was that a sweet tecmo wind guided that ball thru the air and far downfield into the upraised hands of the HIGH tecmo priest Bad Moon Rison, who snagged it violently out of the air, dropped to the ground as a peal of thunder buckled Bob's quivering knees, then slashed into the endzone for the opening score...... HOT DAMN, now that's what I'm talking about!!!!! As O'Blarney's erupted in Mac N Jacks-inspired jubilation, I chanced to notice Kamp turn to Randy, calmly look into his fearful unbelieving eyes (for once, the gods were not with him), and say: eGGcelent. THIS.... is Game J of the PNWTC-2 playoffs bracket. >http://www.twitch.tv/tecmomanyo/c/2638823
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    Here are my grades for that game vs. kamphuna above: MENTAL: B I picked a lot of his plays, which bumps this up. But my own playbook did not properly factor in the potential pwnage of Mark "Bitch" Stepnoski by Gerald "G-Dub" Williams, which was evident throughout the game. A few other mental mistakes, but not too bad for me. PHYSICAL: D D-pad snap was pretty bad. Passing was absolutely horrible, even for me. SPIRITUAL: F- Just can't get it up using the Cowboys..... might be America's team, but aint manyo's. Emmitt "Footloose" Smith is the least exciting 56 ms RB in the game for me... rather have johnny johnson than that putz, which is really sayin' sumpin'. Kamp, you can have the so-called "Boys" in our 3-game series @ Mayhem...... I'll stomp 'em down with the J-E-T-S!
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    The real reason I didn't show to the last one is that my sensei said I was too brash and not ready. He said I was playing from my gut and not from my mind. My training was not complete. I will make it this time. Unless I go camping or there's a concert or something.
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    No, this would be at a local house, either my home or my mom's house (pool there is the bonus)...... we can visit the bar, but I'm not messing with lugging all my shit down there again this summer. Mmmmmm, KFC.....
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    Kinda sounds like a shot, but it's only the most delicious beer in Washington (and the United States, as far as I've tried). http://www.macandjacks.com/ The African Amber is the beer I'm referring to.
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    What about my old man's college beer...A lil Vitamin "R"!!!!
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    You don't even have to take off your crimson colored glasses to see that AT LEAST Bo and Barry are better (not to mention every 63ms back as well). I may as well be arguing with a wall...
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    ban him? jesus christ son... that was one of the best posts in internet history.