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    HSTL D League Waiting List

    Discord: the_shield Availability: afternoons and nights at times. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Doesn't matter to me what team i have. What's your location/timezone?: CST Why do you want to join HSTL?: Because Hoff runs it and I want to kick jebigred's ass.
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    helmet and jersey same color in TSB?

    It's linked to in the hacking directory But yeah to elaborate on what Bruddog said people used to ask about it ALL THE TIME and it's an 8 bit hardware limitation to have 3 color uniforms
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    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl Redux v3.0

    doing a com vs com of the season, and I really like it! Im repping my favorite teams (Packers) and they are 1-0 so far im sure that wont last, but a man can hope Edit: just lost to the bears 38-7 lol The scores are very realistic and varied, which i appreciate. Have seen 42-35 and 9-3, and everywhere in between on week 1
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    (NES) Tecmo Super Bowl Redux v3.0

    OMG! I LOVE ATLANTA! Deion Sanders is supposed to be just like this on the game, a weapon!
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    Tecmo Bowl Manager

    Tecmo Bowl Manager.zip If Miami's intro name is longer than 5 letters you'll get an error message
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    I think these were descriptions of the teams in real life, and then some of the ratings just didn't match the teams because of how the attributes are used in game. The Saints are a good example. Craig Heyward was indeed a "hard-nosed ball carrier" who kept the chains moving, but 25 Maximum Speed and 94 Hitting Power doesn't really do much for you in the game. On defense they did have good linebackers in real life known as the dome patrol, but giving Swilling and Johnson 63 Hitting Power doesn't really do much for you in the game.
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    (NES) Tecmo Bowl Champ Teams

    View File Tecmo Bowl Champ Teams This ROM is the greatest teams in each franchises history. Let me know if there's anything you believe to be an error, this ROM was done by one person and is likely to have mistakes. White stars by players name denotes that they were Pro Bowl that year and red star denotes All-Pro selection. Enjoy! Submitter Drewmanster Submitted 03/24/2020 Category Tecmo Bowl - NES  
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    Normal play injury chance = 2/256 = 0.8% KR/PR injury chance = 7/256 = 2.7% Almost 3 times as likely to get injured on kick returns
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    The manual is a hilarious read, especially where they give short descriptions of each team!
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    91 Redskins

    The year the game is based off the Redskins finished 10-6 so they are represented pretty well. They were never a team that had a roster full of huge stars. They were always just a very solid team from top to bottom and the game represents that. The '91 Redskins just had several players have career years all at the same time.
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    I remember watching last year and your comment that there would not be another TD. I was upset cause I thought I missed out on something really cool. Extremely fortunate that you decided to bring it back and I got to be a part of it this year. That first week of group play was one of the coolest Tecmo experiences I’ve ever had. March Madness of Tecmo. Games on all day long and quadruple headers at night. Watching on my phone all day while I should’ve been working, parenting, etc. Capped off by an epic grand finale! @War Machine Can’t imagine how much work you put into this, and wanted to say thank you, what a way to start my foray into the online Tecmo world. Until next year.
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    2K Wait List

    1. Discord Name: thenicolino 2. Can you host? Not Sure 3. Team preference (list 3 teams). NYJ, NYG, CHI
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    NFL 2020-21 Season Discussion

    I don't think it's necessarily bold to predict that the Buccs are going to try and run a more successful Dave Gettleman plan
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    bob sacamano

    2K Wait List

    Yes please! Discord: Bob Sacamano Host: Yes Teams: DET but believe me, DOES NOT MATTER! Would be happy to be a part of 2k with any ball club!
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    91 Redskins

    This is correct it's based on 1990, but I have memories (nightmares?) of the Redskins from 1991. As a Cowboys fan, I was very pumped for the promise of the young team from Dallas only 2 seasons removed from 1-15. In week 2, they hosted the Redskins on Monday Night Football and it was an exciting game. While the final was 33-31 Washington, it wasn't that close at the end, as a late Dallas TD made it look closer than it was. The rematch is one of my favorite Cowboys wins of all time. The Redskins were 11-0, and Dallas was 6-5 after some tough losses. Dallas pulled out the stops, Onsides recovered after their first TD, hail mary at Half time from Aikman to Harper, Aikman gets hurt and Beuerlein comes in. They won 24-21, and Jimmy Johnson in the post game locker room "When you go up against a big gorilla, you don't just tap it, you hit it with EVERYTHING YA GOT!" Why nightmares about that 91 Redskins team? It seemed that EVERY SINGLE TIME Rypien cocked his arm back to make a deep throw, that sucker was gonna be complete. THAT's HONESTLY HOW IT FELT. I believe Kurt Gouveia was a rookie that year. If the atts on TSB were to reflect the 91 Redskins better, I would have made Wilbur Marshall better and given Rypien more PC, like 63. I'm guessing @vogtcd11 knows what I'm talking about. Rypien fartz
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