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    Manyo will return...but only with 29 upvotes on this post. No more, no less. That works perfectly because there are exactly 29 true believers in HSTL who have been awaiting his return. Let's make this happen. By the way, we hit 29, and some heathen savage upvotes to 30, I will find you and I will force you to watch a Sex and the City marathon. That's the most brutal thing I can think of.
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    Joey gats to madison fund

    Ok. I had a long conversation with Joe and we will give this a try. Here is the background. About five or six years ago my own issues with depression nearly got me to kill myself. I nearly threw myself off a large incline in a fit of rage with the people i had gone to for help. I have many issues with ECMC hospital besides that incident. The point was I was antisocial to a T back before I went to my first tourney. The process of breaking myself out of that and suicidal depression wasn't easy. Tecmo helped a lot and playing live helped a lot. Joe is the same age I was and has many of the same problems. Which is why I am convinced. You read his post about how he understands things are wrong. Yet at the same time he has been burnt by people trying to be his friend. A stolen car and stolen money most likely are the tip of the iceberg. He also understands that winning Madison won't change his life. Making better friends of all of us will. Which is why I am asking for people to donate 20 dollars apiece to support his journey and entry to Madison. Your entry buys a bus fair to Cleveland round trip. He will then carpool with my brother in my car to keep costs down. He will split a room with Louis, myself and El Tecmo. Of course he asks that in the time before the tourney he be allowed to play as many games as possible. We will also need to buy a nes controller and a nes adapater so he can practice with tpc games as he gets ready. 40 dollars for entry fee. Also some grub money. all this will run around 450 dollars. Anything more I will pay or he will. In the meantime I have given him some new job goals and life goals to get him out of the low wage trap he has been in. Hoepfully with our encouragement and a bit of luck he can make something good of himself. Anyways if you want to send a 20 dollar share. or more. Please send it via paypal to [email protected] The payback we agreed to was that in the event of 1st place he would pay back all of the sponsor ship money. In any other position we will allow him to keep the winnings to help him out with various life needs he may have. Thank you for your consederation Francis Buennagel PS. This is a serious effort. I expect there to be not one post in a non serious manner. donations recievied xxxxx $50 xxxxx $50 xxxxx $40 xxxxx $20 xxxxx$50 xxxx $50 xxxx $20 xxxx $50 xxxx $20 xxxx $40 xxxx $50 xxxx $20 xxx $20 xxxx $30 total 510 of 510 nes controller 8.95 usb nes adapater 13.75 madison entry fee 40 money order $41 shipping fee $5.8 shirt $5 bus ticket 30.5 money order 61 total 206
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    S33: SiGG Whars

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    (After some more thinking, I thought I'd do a more comprehensive guide to a Madison First Timer. So, this is my advice to the world of rookies) The Comprehensive Guide to Being a Madison Tecmo Rookie Hello. If you're reading this, you're likely signed up for Madison Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now. Congrats. Many of you have played in this grand championship before, but there are plenty who have not. For those who have not, here are bits and pieces of collected wisdom for anybody making their debut. Before we get to the point by point gibberish, this needs to be said- You're not going to win the tournament. Seriously man. I know you're good and I respect that. But you're not going to win the tournament. But, but, but, but... No. You're not going to win the tournament. I cannot stress this enough. You're not going to win the tournament. On the morning of Tecmo XI, there are probably 225 or so (give or take) of the 256 contests whom you could look in the eyes as they arrive and tell them with a straight face "You have absolutely no shot to win this thing." (And that's not me trash-talking by any stretch. Believe me, I'm very firmly one of those 225 guys on the outside). What I've found in my X number of years in this tourney is that the guys who come in truly believing they'll be crowned champion, despite never having played in Madison (let alone another tourney), tend to be the jerks that everyone remembers. I've always believed that we will never see an unknown or first-timer come in off the street and win this tourney. If you're making your debut and you're psyching yourself up and dreaming of raising the trophy, the faster you get that out of your head, the faster you'll actually enjoy the experience. "The experience" is the key phrase here. Outside of those 20-30 guys who could conceivably win the tourney, the real draw of Madison is the experience of it. Until you see a swarm of 400+ people surrounding 30+ televisions for 12 hours, you can't yet appreciate the electricity or the IMMENSE PRESSURE of playing in these games (this isn't you and Smitty from college drinking a 12er and playing a 7 game series on a Wednesday. Your heart will be pumping from the moment you arrive). For those of us who can't win, there's a list of 7 "Goals" you should follow on March 7: 1) Have fun. There are 256 pretty cool guys (give or take who all love playing the same game that have gathered together. Embrace that. Talk to them. Buy someone a drink, chat about strategy, past tournaments, yadda yadda yadda. The most important thing you should take away from Madison when you wake up on Sunday was "Damn, that was a lot of fun." 2) Pay attention. So, you're a rookie. You're not going to win (have I mentioned that yet?). But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to walk away from the tournament as a better player. When you're not playing, watch other games. Examine the playbooks people use. Keep a vague tally of matchups you see called that make you go "Hmmm, interesting. I may try that one." See how guys hit hot routes on called plays. Watch some of the better defensive players in the tournament and pay attention to who they use on defense and the angles they use to stop plays. If you liked how some guy played and want to emulate their style, wait until some point in the day when you see them not deep in conversation and then introduce yourself. Tell them you admire their play. Pick their brains, ask questions. Don't get clingy (nobody likes a tagalong), but use those 12 hours of Tecmo to take in as much advice (and booze) as possible. (Notice how the "Goals" haven't yet mentioned anything about your own gameplay?) 3) Win a game. This should be the base goal of every player in the tourney. Win a game. 25% of the field will go 0-2. If you win a game as a rookie, you should walk away from the day feeling proud, regardless of how the rest of your tourney played out. 4) Win 2 games. So you won a game. Nice job. Think about what worked for you in that game and what didn't. Make an adjustment and try to win a 2nd game. I mentioned 25% of the field will go 0-2. Important to note that another 25% will go 1-2. That means if you can win 2 games, you finished ahead of 50% of the field. That's nothing to scoff at for a first timer. It's a huge deal, actually. Walk around with your head held high. 5) Make the bracket. You have to go either 3-0 or 3-1 to make the final 64. Assume that roughly 40-45 of those spots can be written in pen (we all know who they are), so that leaves between 19 and 24 or so spots truly up for grabs. A large bulk of those will be claimed by guys who don't have the capacity to win the whole thing, but have previous Madison experience, so they overcame the intimidation to make the cut. If you can claim one of those last remaining spots as a rookie, you need to be very, very proud of what you accomplished. If you don't make the bracket, who cares. Stick around and watch the games, make friends, enjoy the atmosphere. 6) Win your own "Super Bowl." This goal falls under both Pool Play and Bracket Play. The 225 of us who cannot win the entire tournament have to focus on smaller, step-by-step battles. We won't make the championship, but there's a really good chance you are going to play someone who's in that elite category. That's your Super Bowl. That's the big one. If you can knock a big name out, man, who gives a shit if you win it all at that point, ya know? You ruined so-and-so's day! You're a giant killer! A couple years ago I faced off against Chris Vogt in the opening round of 64. I KNEW that was my Super Bowl. I played that game like a motherfucker and came up 4 pts short. But I felt good afterwards (mostly because Chris is a solid human being and that made for a really fun game), because I got a chance to go heads-up with a big name and I took him to the wire. We all know who some of the big fish are, so no need to name names and start little turf wars about who is "a name" and who isn't. That's not the point. The point is you'll just KNOW when you're about to go up against a monster. That's your Super Bowl. Embrace it. 7) The last and final goal, Don't be a jerk. Tecmo is a Gentleman's Game. This isn't the Madden Nation tour bus on ESPN from a few years ago where guys swing their dicks in each others' faces after scores. Celebrate properly when something good happens, don't flip out when something bad happens. That's Tecmo. We've all been there. Shake hands after the game and move on. Have fun. Both in playing the game and enjoying the surroundings. In past years, the Herd Mentality of the collective group can tell who the jerks are. Don't be one of them. Hopefully this all helps and doesn't come off as too preachy. Just know that, as a rookie, the experience and atmosphere is the biggest thing you'll take away from this. I started playing in this tournament many years ago when I was still a Milwaukee/Chicago guy. I've lived in New York for 3 years and have gone back every single year. Not because I think my name can be etched in the Hall of Champions, but because it's fun as hell. Hopefully you'll walk out of the Badger Bowl on Saturday evening feeling the same way.
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    Politics, Tecmo-ized

    Because why should we limit the Tecmo treatment to only football? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXHPQ7UL5lo
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    S33: SiGG Whars

    He is The One.
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    What: Tecmo XI: Apocalipps Now When: March 7, 2015. Registration will take place between 9:00 and 9:30 am on Saturday, though we encourage everyone to take advantage of the pre-registration on Friday night at Badger Bowl, from 6-10pm. Tournament will start promptly at 10 am on Saturday. Where: Badger Bowl, 506 East Badger Road, Madison, WI 53713 Tournament Website: http://tecmomadison.com Entry Fee: $40. Includes a tournament t-shirt (size to be selected during registration). Updated Payouts: First Place: $2200 Second Place: $1400 Third Place: $750 Fourth Place: $500 5th - 8th Place: $100 9th - 16th Place: $50 Tournament Rules and Format: This information is available on the Rules tab of the site. The site also includes past tournament results, pictures, competitor profiles, and a preview of this year's tournament. Questions: If you have a question potentially applicable to all competitors (rules, tournament format, etc), please post such below. This is the official tournament thread. If you have an individual question that requires our attention, you can reach us at [email protected]
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    Here is the original 28 team rom with a bunch of my own customs hacks and tweaks. This will be the basis for a more in-depth rom I am currently working on. I hope you guys like how it plays as there is so much more to come. JBI OG-Style 1.2 Update 6/19/15 >https://youtu.be/xwxin7KwVCQ Custom Hacks: New Attributes Added QBs have 3 new attributes: Ball Control, Evade Blitz, and Clutch Rating Skill Players have 2 new attributes: Body Balance and Clutch Rating Defenders have 2 new attributes: Pass Coverage and Clutch Rating COM QB Pocket Presence & Awareness If under pressure while in the pocket, the QB doesn't just blindly throw the ball as in the original rom. The QB insteads reads where the rush is coming from and moves within the pocket or outside of the pocket. Then the QB reads for either a scramble opportunity or for open receiver downfield. Then the QB decides what to do based upon the defensive pressure and pursuit. The QB can still decide to throw the ball to open receiver without moving within the pocket at all. COM QB can Throw on the Run If under pressure while scrambling, moving within the pocket, or simply rolling out from playaction, the QB can throw the ball while running. The QB awareness works on the run and not just in the pocket so be careful when blitzing the QB!!! COM QB Scrambling based on MS rating The higher the MS rating, chance of scrambling increases COM QB Take Sack Chance based on Evade Blitz (New Attribute) rating While standing still in the pocket, Evade Blitz is checked. Lower the rating, the chance of getting sacked increases. The QB can also spin away from a sack attempt while standing still in the pocket!!! Clutch Rating has effect on certain attributes For QBs it determines if PC & PA gets juiced, For Skill Players it determines if REC gets juiced, For Defenders it determines if INT & Pass Coverage gets juiced Body Balance Rating for Skill Players This determines the chance of spinning out of grapple as well as the COM Skill Player's ability to zig zag downfield. Pass Coverage Rating for Defenders Pass Coverage rating determines defender's ability to force incompletions Shorter, Better Angled Onside Kicks Hold Up or Down while pressing A on the power bar to angle onside kick. COM can do this as well. Directional Punts Hold Up or Down while pressing A on the power bar to directional punt. COM will directional punt as well. Total Control Passing Hack Lead your WR, RB, TEs with the D-pad in while pressing B to pass. You can lead them while they're still running their route and even after the have stopped in place. This give you the ability to throw your receivers open or move them to a bigger passing window. Get creative and throw fade routes (especially if you throw a lob pass) if receiver has a step on defender, comeback routes if defender drops deep, or turn fly routes to IN or OUT routes, etc. Touch Passing Hack Tap B to throw a lob pass, Press B to throw a normal pass, Hold B to throw a bullet pass. Note that a QB pass speed rating will determine how fast the bullet & lob pass is thrown. Cycle Backwards Through Receiving Targets Press Start to cycle backwards. Press A to cycle forwards as you normally would Smarter Passblock CC Command (also adjusted CD, CE, CF Commands) OL can now read if defender is already being blocked. If so, he will look for next available uncovered nearby defender. If no defender is nearby, he will hold his position. No more unnecessary double teams while free defender run right by the OL. Offensive User Moves Press Select (changed from A) for speed burst (will lose control momentarily and lose speed afterwards) Press B to dive for extra yardage (delayed get up, can be grappled during dive attempt) Press Start to do a spin move (will lose some HP, crowd also cheers) Press Select to take a knee while controlling QB behind LOS (does a kneel down animation too) Defensive pursuit angles based on Quickness Will be much harder to juke defenders with high quickness ratings Dive animation timing based on Quickness Defenders with a high quickness rating will dive faster Single Defender JJ Ints based on Pass Coverage (New Attribute) and INT rating If pass coverage is not high enough, defender will whiff more often. If pass coverage is high enough, defender's int rating gets checked. If int rating is high enough defender will intercept the pass, otherwise pass will be deflected. Defensive Jump/Dive for passes based on Pass Coverage (New Attribute) rating Determines if defender is able to do either on a given play Offensive Jump/Dive for passes based on Body Balance (New Attribute) rating Determines if skill player is able to do either on a given play COM better Read and React run support If a COM defender is set to go into M2M coverage, he will read for run play first and break off his coverage assignment if it is a run. The defender will then pursue the ball carrier even if he is yet to pass the LOS. COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I COM will not make as many silly dive attempts while chasing in open field Pass Accuracy Controls whether a pass is on target and gets juiced by same value as Pass Control QB Ball Control (New Attribute) QBs have their own separate ball control rating (APB is back to normal) Punt Returners now use their own ball control Miscellaneous Hacks: Fumble & INT & Punt adjusted for better returns, Multiple new play commands created and implemented, Crowd cheers before the ball is snapped, NT can't lurch, Better stats screen, Halftime stats, and skip to main menu, MAN vs COA changed to COM vs MAN & Home/Away during season (Set Player 2 Controls), and all player ratings have been adjusted for new hacks. Other Hacks: Fix season schedule randomization (bruddog) Weather hack---weather affects gameplay attributes (cxrom) Team Color Playbooks (jstout & drummer) Dedicated Returners using code (jstout) Increased Kickoff Length (jstout) TE Sim Fix (jstout) P2 Conditions Fix (jstout) CPU Find Open Receiver (jstout) (I altered it to my liking) COM Mojo (jstout, cxrom) Avoid Kick Block Fix (bruddog) Randomize Tecmo Music (bruddog) Are you guys up for the challenge? Can you bring it OG-Style? I hope you can cuz there's much more to come later on in the 1.3 update!!!
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    Atlanta Randall Cunningham AKA QB Eagles plus Tenacious D Buffalo Mr. Okoye Popcorn! Getcher popcorn here! This is a fun team Chicago Elite receiver and a pretty solid D Yep, it's a gats team Cincinnati Dan Marino Dan Marino Dan Marino Dan Marino Gault Cleveland Warren Moon will pass Warren Moon will run, as well. A tough team to beat Dallas Jesus loves Dallas But he doesn't love this draft Eddie Anderson?? Denver No Eagles for Rob But he has a sick defense I think it's the flu Detroit Haywood Jeffires? And it's still pronounced Jeffries? It's just like Brett Favre Green Bay Everett to Drew Hill All day long. All season long. All the fucking time Houston Haddix and Darrell Together for the first time And likely the last Indianapolis With these three draft picks Indy has four good players Could go all the way Kansas City This is a young team I mean that literally Steve and Lonnie Young Miami Everything was good 'til the Ken O'Brien pick Sig should be good though Minnesota Boomer and Deion Not super exciting yet Early DL pick? New England Ronnie and Vinnie? Sounds like a New Jersey show That I would not watch New Orleans I just realized New Orleans Saints' acronym is N.O.S. Nice! New York Giants Linebacker boners I hope he keeps drafting them Don't attempt FGs New York Jets Joe plus a defense Wait, this defense kind of sucks Oh well. Pool parties! Oakland We finally pass the fourth man down rule. And I only draft offense... Philadelphia Regulator could draft the entire Colts team and still kick our ass Phoenix The Raiders DL Always taken too early. Lessons never learned Pittsburgh Man, fuck QB Browns He's always running for firsts I want to have him! Los Angeles Rams This team's like my team Except I have Stephone Paige You can keep L.A. San Diego Don and Bo Jackson A deadly combination Fuck this division. Seattle Lions offense, eh? gonick is gonna kill it Fuck this division. San Francisco Jerry Rice returns NFC is reg and brud and 12 sad bastards. Tampa Bay QB Bills needs love. Ottis Anderson can't catch! He can barely run. Washington And last but not least, Our supreme commissioner I ran out of words.
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    1 Rmm1976 DEN QB Eagles 2.28 Rmm1976 DEN Ernest Givins The obvious choice for the #1 overall pick along with a dangerously speedy WR. One question remains. Can they draft enough talent, defensively, to keep every game from becoming a shootout? 2 Gripsmoke RAI Joe Montana 2.27 Gripsmoke RAI Deion/Rade The obvious choice for the #2 overall pick. Coach Grip is great with QBs and this seems like a very good marriage. Montana should have a special season and compete for s32 MVP. Deion is a steal at this point in the draft. Great start for the silver and black 1.3 Louis BUF Dan Marino 2.26 Louis BUF Hendrix/Lockhart This was a controversial choice but if a quick strike passing game is the backbone of your offense, then this HAS to be your pick. While I have QB Bills 3 spots higher in my QB Rankings, there isn’t another consistent QB out there with the same arm strength. Coach B. continues his history of puzzling selection in round 2 or 3. Terrible reach here with Hendrix and Lockhart with Deion on the table and an abundance of 31 RS LBs that could be had in the middle rounds of the draft. 1.4 BradBears CHI QB Bills 2.25 BradBears CHI McMillian/Kelly We’ve seen this script before, BradBears with QB Bills, and the season ended in a 1-14 disaster. Will this year be any different? McMillian is a nice pick up but defense has never been known as Bradbears’ forte. 1.5 Gamehigh S.D Warren Moon 2.24 Gamehigh S.D Stinson / Hampton San Diego couldn't make much happen with the best player in the draft last season. While I like the first 2 picks, I’m taking a wait and see approach because they can ill afford to leave an elite QB without a running game for the second season in a row 1.6 Disasta PHX QB Browns 2.23 Disasta PHX Anthony Carter I love the pairing here especially considering they’ll need an easy way to score points in a division with Carrier, Mayhew, and LT. 1.7 Sega MIA Bo Jackson 2.22 Sega MIA Young / Harvey Tons of speed with their selections but I don’t know if I see anything that will allow the fins to be successful given that historically they are most dangerous with one of the top 3 QBs 1.8 Jfagundes RAM Barry Sanders 2.21 Jfagundes RAM Rodney Peete Barry Sanders was the logical pick at this point. After beasting his way with Okoye, this year he’ll have a true home run threat on every play. Typically drafting Peete in RD2 is a recipe for trouble but coach Fagundes is very efficient with his QBs. 1.9 Player G.B Woodson/Little 2.20 Player G.B Marcus Allen Woodson/Little were the best DB/LB tandem available but 63 INT might not have warranted a top 10 selection. Marcus Allen was a nice get as he was one if the last 56 MS backs. 1.10 Peters T.B Fulcher/Zander 2.19 Peters T.B Ottis Anderson Fulcher at #10 could be thought of as a coup. I didn't like the Ottis Anderson selection, as much, with 56 MS backs still on the board. Still it wasn't a horrible pick. 1.11 Toolie K.C Haddix/Moss 2.18 Toolie K.C Cherry/Thomas Some people might question going defense heavy a bad proposition but in a division with QB eagles, Moon and Montana it’s nice to know you have an elite player who can pressure the passer and an elite Defensive back. If they go offensive heavy for the next 3 rounds they could end up with a very difficult team to beat. 1.12 Diaz CIN Neal Anderson 2.17 Diaz CIN Raiders BU's Neal “the real deal” Anderson can carry the offense given his great combination of speed & hands. Every draft someone over pays for the Raiders backups. I think the Brown/Graddy combo is great when you have an elite QB but when you don’t (as is the case here) Graddy loses quite a bit of effectiveness. 1.13 Dolo GIA Guyton / LT 2.16 Dolo GIA Emmitt Smith Coach Dolo surprised me in round 1 as I thought he’d go QB or RB for sure. LT is the best LB in the draft, it will be interesting to see how often the Giants employ him as a pass rusher vs dropping in coverage. Emmit Smith will surely get the ball a ton in this offense. 1.14 ZiurZiur PIT Jim Everett 2.15 ZiurZiur PIT Willie Anderson I thought this was high for Jim Everette but had PIT waited they would have missed out on a QB. Anderson gives Everette a familiar face to throw to. Passing on a DB may come back to bite the Steelers in the end. 1.15 Regulator NYJ Bobby Humphrey 2.14 Regulator NYJ Allen/Brown I can’t argue with either pick here. Humphrey may not be the receiver Thurman Thomas is but they are close enough in value to choose either one. Allen/Brown is a good in the middle of round 2 but the Jets need to get a higher INT drone as defending with 50 INT DB will be tough come playoff time. 1.16 Dukesta N.E Thurman Thomas 2.13 Dukesta N.E Don Majkowski Continuing the run on RB’s the pats pick up a great utility back in RD 1. I think Majikowski is a 3rd round talent but the run on QBs in round 1 left the Majik Man as the best QB on the board. Going defense here might have been a wiser selection. 1.17 Flo CLE Jerry Rice 2.12 Flo CLE James "Hell" Brooks Jerry Rice is a threat to score on any play with his speed but his 81 rec makes him a touchdown scoring machine. James Brooks is a great complement on the ground and should keep defenses from keying on Rice. The question is will coach Flo get to experience a full season with them as he is notoriously hard to find during any season. 1.18 Manyo WAS Marion Butts 2.11 Manyo WAS Mayhew/Collins Completing the run on 63 MS backs was the redskins. He might be one dimensional due to his lack of hands but he’s still a workhorse. Mayhew should have gone much early, so he was a major steal at this point. 1.19 Stalltalk HOU Waymer/Millen 2.10 Stalltalk HOU David Meggett Waymer/Millen wasn’t a reach but given the fact the Millen is not really a usable defender a better select would have been DB Richard Johnson. Despite his small stature Meggett will be a workhorse for Houston this season. 1.20 Keirre ATL Dave Krieg 2.9 Keirre ATL Walls/Johnson Similar to my thoughts on Marino going 1.3, if Krieg’s your guy then I have no issue with him going this high. His noodle arm might cause issues when the field shrinks but there might not be a better QB suited for deep passing. Walls and Johnson are a good tandem to anchor the defense considering and were the 2nd best duo of DB/LB. 1.21 Nos N.O Johnson/Smith 2.8 Nos N.O Henry Ellard A major find for coach Nos at 1.21 getting a 75 int DB. Henry Ellard is often over looked and I actually rank him as the 2nd best WR behind Rice, so getting him at 2.8 is a good value. The only question is who will throw to him. 1.22 GoNick SEA Vinny Testaverde 2.7 GoNick SEA Byrd/Rolling Seattle fans were excited to see the return of Vinny T and hope he can get them to another Super Bowl. Byrd is another RD 1 talent who slipped into round 2. Byrd will be very busy in a division full of good QBs. 1.23 Psycho IND Williams / Offerdahl 2.6 Psycho IND DET Backups Williams/ Offerdahl was easily the worst pick of round 1 and a major reach. A similar (and arguably better) duo in Walls/Johnson went almost 15 picks later. Detroit backups were a good save. QB Ware had a great season in PIT last season, if he can duplicate that performance Indy will still be in good shape. Indy does get the luxury of building their offense over the next few rounds after getting Williams and Offerdahl early. 1.24 SirTed PHI Lott / Romanowski 2.5 SirTed PHI Andre Rison This is my second worst pick of round 1. Lott is undeniably one of the fastest and hard hitting DBs in the draft but his 50 INT makes him a 2nd rounder at best. Romanowski is an average LB that does little to enhance the value of the duo. Rison is a major talent if you can get him the ball. Though, as of right now, PHI has really put themselves behind the 8 ball in this draft. 1.25 Bruddog S.F Phil Simms 2.4 Bruddog S.F Browner/Studwell Two very steady picks for a very steady player. It looks as if Coach Brudd will not repeat last season’s draft mistake of going too heavy on defense. 1.26 O'Dell DET Boomer Esiason 2.3 O'Dell DET Drew Hill Boomer was one of the few tier 2 QBs remaining and he ended up in a great situation as Coach Odell loves to throw the ball. Drew Hill is a great WR, whose speed should allow the Lions to take advantage of Esiason’s arm strength. 1.27 Hamburgler MIN Okoye 2.2 Hamburgler MIN SF Backups After having success slinging it around with Marino last season, the Vikes looks to have gone in the opposite direction and will run the ball more. I don’t like either pick here. Okoye is a decent pick even though I have all the 56 MS backs ranked higher. I have a bigger problem pairing him with a QB who has low PC (despite Young’s MS). The other backups are all only slightly above average players. I would have liked to see a speedy WR or Elite DB paired with Okoye. 1.28 Gats DAL Deberg 2.1 Gats DAL Carrier/Morrissey Coach gats has work wonders without a good QB all these seasons, so now that he has one, he might be poised to bring home the title. Carrier is by far and away the best selection of round 2. Even though it’s boring, Bringing Carrier back for a 3rd year in a row assures that DAL will rank at the top of the league in defense.
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    >http://www.twitch.tv/gatstecmoboys/b/500459689 like i said before i have had no type of sunlight since 2010 so dont be disturbed by how pale i am..
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo

    S33: SiGG Whars

    This is probably a bit of premature eDanulation but I'm just so excited, I just can't hide it. I'm so scared. INTRODUCING!!! Marino’s Condition Booster w/ Betta' Blockers We've reached the age where we’ve learned a thing or two. This is the age of knowing what needs to be done. So, why would you let something like lag get in your way? Hi, I’m Dan Marino! I know sometimes you may not feel like you have a good “connection” with others. Well, don’t let lag get you down. I’m here to help. With Dan Marino’s NEW Condition Booster you can become the stud you always knew you could be. You could be more like me! So take control of your gun and simply take 13 pills one hour before playtime, with plenty of alcohol. With every season comes responsibility. Talk to your coach to see if my Condition Booster is right for you. It makes your gun bigger, too!! Go Tigers!
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    Hello my tecmo bretheren! After taking a hiatus to get my life and career in order I am back and better than ever. I have sincerely missed the fast paced tecmo action and the camaraderie that comes with it. Looking to get back into some league action. Any openings please let me know!
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    Tecmo Psycho

    Tecmo Christmas

    Twas the night before Madison, when in the hotel, all competitors were scrimmaging, including tecmodell. Preparations and play calls were accompanied by beer, in hopes that the Tecmo gods would bring them good cheer. Drunkenness and sore thumbs put the competitors to bed, while visions of JJs danced in their heads. Hungover by morning and riding with Matt, we pull into the venue and settled in to the pool play format. Before festivities began I looked up at the TV, only to see Josh reading from the Book of L.T. Now it is game time and make sure you have a cup, to get you prepared for those perplexing matchups. From screen to screen then what did appear, but a game changing fumble by Mike Rozier. The crowd became enraged with an eruption of cheer, I knew my tournament hopes were swirling this year. More rapid than tapping, the gods they interfered, a quick strike, a cover catch, and the three from mid-field. Survived another pool play and picked up some grub, and then see my bracket path, please hit me with a club. First it's Flo, then one of the Matts, third is Tony, next is Luke, on to Mort, only to face Chet and loathe this great sport. Despite this gauntlet, and despite my odds, this is Tecmo and anything is possible from the gods. Round one I ran on the back of Earnest Byner, I blocked out the noise reminiscent of a jetliner. Round of 32 I rifled the passing speed, how dare you give me the option of B.J. Tolliver or Rodney Peete? Sweet 16 oh how sweet is it, Orenga and your posse, well you can eat shit. Elite 8 is here and this was my day, as I caught some luck against ArtVandalay. The semi-final had a malfunction of the player 1 controller port, but the replay was not magic for the great one called Mort. The final was here and of course it was Chet, line'em up, line'em up and place your bet. I called Houston - San Francisco and he took Montana to Rice, Dick Dick I need you to put them on ice. Tied at 42 and only six seconds remain, the ball at the 48 and then I hear the rain. The rain might you ask with superstar teams, yes the rain hitting the window as I wake up from my dreams. #TecmoChristmas Merry Christmas and/or holiday of your belief to all you Tecmo brethren. I got the Madison itch. Any timeline on registration?
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    For those who have to go through the significant other, and a rigorous conversation, in order to gain access to this trip we all call "Tecmo Heaven," I have a strategic, yet probable, way of convincing them to give you the green light. I've been fortunate to be a part of the last three Madison tournaments, despite my daughter's actual birthday being March 9. She turns 5 the Monday after Tecmo XI. Mind you, this is in the car during a trip with my mom, my fiance, my fiance's niece and my 4-year-old daughter this past Saturday to see Santa Claus at a local mall. Also mind you, I hadn't officially asked for the green light ... yet. Me: "Mom, did you know it is Tecmo Super Bowl's 23rd birthday today?" Mom: "No way?! Are you serious? That means you're getting old. It came out that long ago?" Me: "Yeah. Hard to believe, huh?" Mom: "When is the Madison tournament? Are you going to go again?" Me, looking at my fiance: "It's March 7 this year. They are having another tournament. I'm pretty excited." Fiance, looking at me (and I know it's about to get serious): "Jenna's birthday is the Monday after." Me: "That would be perfect. We can have her birthday party on Sunday, March 1. She'd love to get her presents early. She's still young, and she still may not know the true difference of when her birthday party is, just as long as it is before her actual birthday if her actual birthday falls on a week day. Which in this case, it does." Fiance: "I just don't know how long we can keep having her birthday party that far away from her actual birthday." Me, with a soft tone because others are in the car: "I definitely understand that. I think we can work out the best of both worlds with me enjoying a fun weekend with my brother (Matt), and Jenna getting the 5-year-old birthday experience early this year. I don't want to miss out on an important brother bonding moment like this being the fact that there's been an ongoing fear of it being the final one." Fiance: "We can have Jenna's birthday party on March 1." Have the Tecmo Madison talk with others in the car or in the same room. Odds are, you can control the tempo and conversation. I understand that others have different circumstances. But this is always a hard one for me. But regardless for me, a fourth straight visit, five overall, to Tecmo Madison has been confirmed by the significant other herself. #winning #seeyouinmarch
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    I hit my first ever home run in softball tonight. That is all.
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    I didn't expect it to take this long for my Madison documentary video, but with the editing out of shenanigans (and there are a lot of shenanigans) it is taking a lot longer than expected. So here it goes, a couple of quick takes from Tecmo X. First and foremost I'd like to apologize for my creepy mustache. God made some people to grow great facial hair (Diazz) and I'm not one of them. As Jon (daboy) said, that stache ain't you man! 2.) Listening to the autobiography of Arnold Schwarzenegger for 10 hours on the way to and from Madison is the best way to pass the time. 3.) Room 134 at the Super 8 smelled like home, you guys are awesome. d.) I don't think the band of brothers (Holtzbauers, Buennagels, Vogts, and Millers) will ever be beat in major tourneys, I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it. 5.) My funniest parts of the trip were when we left #134 and Woodshed told the other 10 guys he hoped they all made the Final 4 tomorrow, then the hotel clerk asked where we were going with the TV and we said it was ours, he just said OK and we went on our merry way. 6.) My favorite part of watching the tourney was yelling "RIVERBOAT IT!" on every 4th down, especially between Matt and Chet. Here is a quick preview of what I have so far, Long Live Tecmo! >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9EuOCx6B3Q
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    Season 25 ended with the Giants reaching the top of the HSTL mountain with a victory over johny_mx's Chiefs. That team was lead by the legs of Marion Butts and the quickness on D of Lonnie Young. The Season 26 Giants were a totally different squad, as the first few picks were spent on QB Vinny Testaverde, the Raiders combo of DL, 50 ms OL Wilkerson, and WR Sam Graddy, and DB Louis Oliver. The Giants filled out the roster later with the significant adds of Brad Muster and Michael Cofer. The Chargers were led by HSTL red-shirt rookie owner diaz, who despite a decent reputation as a player, got put into the tier that was eligible for the top overall pick. The conversation in the draft lottery thread went something like this: Lucky: diaz shouldn't have had a chance at the #1 pick since he joined mid-season. Randy: i made a judgment call for the good of the league and competitive balance Lucky: Diaz does not come in with a reputation of being a bad player. Randy: when i played him i thought he sucked pretty bad lol So there was disrespect #1 from the commish. The Chargers did land the number one pick and, with the new tandem arrangement, passed over QB Eagles in favor of the super-combo from Pittsburgh of Rod Woodson, Greg Lloyd, Tunch Ilkin, and Tim Worley. After the draft finally returned to SD, they said "to hell" with any offense, and loaded up on defense, taking Darrell Green and the 49ers DL, landing Mike Sherrard, Brian Mitchell, and two solid OL in the process. Another tandem was taken at the end of round 4 (Talley and OL) and then he made his first offensive selection with Albert Bentley. After the draft, the Chargers had 3 38 ms backs and Bentley, who would serve as the team's WR1. WR2 was Keith McKeller who would provide some blocking. Vlasic and Schroeder would split the QB duties. The draft earned diaz a grade of F- from Randy Kiper Jr., which served as motivation for the Chargers all season long. The Giants backed into the playoffs, losing their last three games. They got by coco's Falcons in the Wild Card round, had some good fortune against rob's 49ers in the divisional, and then won a nail-biter against O'Dell's Lions in the NFC Championship, with Vinny sneaking in the winning TD with under a minute to play. The Chargers won the stacked AFC West and earned a bye. They defeated tadaos' Bills 21-17 and daboy's Steelers 14-13 (an instant classic) to reach the Super Bowl. Pre-game, the Giants went with the decision to play Muster at WR2 and insert Ed West at TE to try and combat Rod Woodson's HP. That meant benching Eddie "Money" Brown, who had a TD catch in each of the Giants' playoff wins. Coach Lucky sent Jenny Craig to deliver the news. The Artful Roger told him "Consider Yourself... benched." Game time and the Chargers win the toss. I was hoping to win it to make him stuck with 38ms on his first drive, but no dice. Vinny engineers a pretty good drive. It looked like the Giants would be held to a FG, but Craig fumbled the ball away inside the five yard line, which earned him a strong admonishing from Eddie Brown. Chargers take over and call a great drive, working it down for a Tim Worley TD with just over 2 minutes to go in the half. The kick is intentionally (I think) onsided, which gave the Giants the time it needed. Facing a second and goal from about the 12, the Giants called back-to-back Run 3s and The Roger found the endzone to tie things up with :07 to go in the half. Halftime: no panties, no Tecmo Hot Chick. Chargers receive to start the third, but can't move the ball trough the air. Roby pins the Giants deep, and the Chargers D forces a quick punt. Giants get a bit fortunate on the next Chargers possession, as two passes on called runs net nothing (a bad Schroeder pass is to blame for one). Chargers punt to open the 4th, still 7-7. Giants are determined to move the ball and eat out as much clock as possible. After burning a couple of minutes, Vinny has Graddy streaking in the clear, but he throws short for a completion and Graddy is caught by Rod just inside the 10. After a sack, it's back to Run-3-whoring, but two tries only gets the ball to the 2. Lohmiller kicks the FG to go up 3 with about 1:30 to play. First play Schroeder throws one deep for Bentley that comes up empty. Vlasic comes in for the next play and overthrows Metcalf, which burns out the rest of the remaining time. A Schroeder incompletion (he was in excellent) would have at least given SD another play, and any completion there would have probably meant a SD touchdown, since my man defender (Long) was isolated and diaz is the better tapper. 10 7 The Giants survive a true battle and finish a very unexpected back-to-back championship season. Look out, bruddog! Super Bowl MVP was probably Vinny, who did some good scrambling and managed not to throw a pick, though Marc Logan's 5 receptions for 56 yds were also eye-catching. VGG Matt, and congrats on an excellent season. Winning games with that offense demands precise play. You just about got me in this one. One thing that I lucked out on was that none of your 38ms guys got into good. Did you ever consider putting Bentley in there? The Giants and Chargers take their final bows and the curtain drops on Season 26. On to Season 27!
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    Here's the video highlight reel of the lag-free HSTL Season 25 Super Bowl. There are some extras here and there to watch for. johny_mx vs. LuckyTool. Enjoy!
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    That’s nice, Gats. I’m not sure how your post is at all relevant to that which was being discussed, but your analysis of my Tecmo ability couldn’t mean less to me. I’ve never claimed to be some God. Heck, I barely even play Tecmo anymore and acknowledged, just a few months ago, that Reg would soon overtake me. Of course, some of you online guys are already complete pricks to him for the same reason (becuz he’s good) even though he’s actually a really nice guy. You’d know that if you spent 5 minutes talking to him in person. It’s nice to win these tourneys, yeah, but I’m not on some conquest for world Tecmo domination here. I attend these tournaments because they are a fun and necessary break from reality, a chance to get the competitive juices flowing, and more importantly, a chance to spend time with my brother and friends. You and others have been taking shots at the competition in these tournaments for years, yet still hypocritically follow the stream all day long. I don’t get it, never will get it, and find it shameful. It's pretty hard to criticize fields that contain the best online players (Reg, Daboy, MV) and the best console players, yet you guys find a way to illegitimize these events and their outcomes. And besides, not everyone is there to win. Remember fun? Only one guy won on Saturday, yet everyone would go back in a heartbeat. You’re pissed for 5-10 minutes after you lose and then realize you’re drinking beer while playing a 23 year-old video game. #perspective Speaking of perspective, it occurs to me that I’ve reached an all-time low here. I’m in a message board dispute with a couple clowns I have no interest in ever associating with. There are clearly better ways for me to spend my time. Chris, I apologize for whatever role I played in derailing this thread. We should be celebrating what was another fantastic event. I hope these tournaments continue long after I leave the Tecmo scene.
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    NES TSB Map of Field

    I have been asked to create a tutorial on how to edit the NES TSB field. The editing is simple enough once you know the field layout. You can use my endzone editing guide for more detail on how to do the exact editing it is the same as the endzones except there is only one layer of tiles. Here is an explanation about how the field is layed out. Once again, ask any questions you like, I will answer what I am capable of. Remember, if a 44 year old with no computer programming experience, no hex editing experience and no tile editing experience can learn to do this, so can you. You just have to dive in and learn, all the components are here on this website. I have tried to make these tutorials so that even an inexperienced person like myself can understand them so tell me if you are having problems understanding. NESTSBFieldLayout.xls davefmurray edit: For those without Excel -
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    Yes, one who participates in the Superbowl can do a preview on the Superbowl, so sit back, shut up, and enjoy the biased free analysis from a guy who knows something about the game and is trying to do his part to back up his big ass mouth about playoff interest. And if your name is Stalltalk you can still down rep this post and the world will move on. Minnesota Vikings Team Preview: Owner: Hamburgler Record: 15-3 Season high: 6 game winning streak before entering playoffs; Dan Marino 138.9 passer rating (Yikes!) Season low: a 31-7 dismantling by the Tampa Bay Bucs Team overview: This team boasts one well put together offense. Gun slinger Dan Marino leads the attack with a near 6:1 TD/INT ratio, supported by speedster Johnny Bailey and solid receiving options in Barnett/Paige/Jordan. The short and skinny of this offense is if you're not picking their plays, they are moving the ball on you. They averaged 27.7 PPG this year and came in 4th in total offense slipping 283 YPG. Studly. The defense on the other hand.....oui vey! They are yielding 21 PPG and a league worst 284 YPG. They are headed up by safety DB Eric Allen and LB Kyle Clifton. Fortunately for the Vikes, high INT numbers are not needed vs the Steelers. 50 INT should be adequate in defending the 38 PC Ware. This defense relies on play picking and mistakes made from offenses to get stops. It may have a hard time vs the potent Steeler offense. Pittsburgh Steelers Team Preview: Owner: Regulator Record 14-4 Season High: Boasting the first ever? RB with 1000 rushing and 1000 receiving yards Season Low: Failure to get Div round playoffs in and getting crushed 40-21 vs the JETS Team Overview: The Steelers come at you with a more balanced attack. The offense has enough weapons and speed at the RB/QB/WR positions to keep you honest. Replicating the same scenario as the Vikings offense, Pit will get the ball down field barring picked plays of fumbles. QB Ware and all his might at 38 PC has managed a 133 clip passer rating and a near 7:1 TD/INT ratio. RB Gray does it all for this team... over 1000 rushing/receiving, this guy is used all over the field. The speedy Ingram (despite only 28 receptions) keeps defenses honest with his quick down field threats. Pit owns the 2nd best offense at 26.4 PPG and 298 YPG. The defense has enough at key positions to give opposing offenses fits. Waymer at 69 INT and Bennet at LB4 keep running teams at bay. The Steel crew come in with the best YPG @ 201 and 5th best 17.8 PPG. Match-up Advantage: Vikings QB <- Steelers QB Vikings RB -> Steelers RB Vikings W/T <- Steerlers W/T Vikings OL <- Steelers OL Vikings DL <- Steelers DL Vikings LB -> Steelers LB Vikings DB -> Steelers DB Game analysis: Ultimately I think this game will come down to this: Steelers defense vs the Vikings offense. Not to go John Madden on you, but If the Vikes can strike on every possession, they have a good shot to win. Reality insinuates the Pit offense should be able to have their way against a slower Minn defense. Min will need a turnover, plain and simple. Clock management will be a must. Marino must execute to near perfection. I believe the Steelers have the better overall team, with the defense tipping the pendulum their way. The Steelers need to keep things simple and not get cute. Stick to their strength and run the ball vs the slower Min defense and get the EFF OOB!!!!! Fuck me, OK, moment over. Game Prediction: Coach Regulator and his Pittsburgh Steelers escape SuperBowl 31 with a 28-21 victory.
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    HSTL S30: Sig Wars

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    ATL coconuts Dave Meggett (NYG) Curtis Duncan (HOU) Anthony Miller (SD) James Francis (CIN) Joey Browner (MIN) Louis Oliver (MIA) A- This is going to be another tough Atlanta team assuming Coco picks up a 44/44 QB. Should be playoff bound. BUF luckytool Johnny Johnson (PHX) Drew Hill (HOU) Howie Long (RAI) Chris Doleman (MIN) Dave Waymer (SF) B+ Similar to ATL but slightly less impressive in my opinion. Still should be plenty for another potential SB run for Toolie. CHI hawkeye QB Eagles (PHI) Marcus Allen (RAI) Haywood Jefferies (HOU) Ray Childress (HOU) Pat Swilling (NO) Greg Jackson (NYG) Albert Lewis (KC) A+ Wow, this may top Sega's squad from last season. Good luck stopping this offense. Also a decent defensive core. CIN cubanrocks Neal Anderson (CHI) Vance Johnson (DEN) Mike Singletary (CHI) Greg Lloyd (PIT) Ronnie Lott (SF) Sam Seale (SD) A Like the Neal Anderson pick late in rd1. Assuming a serviceable QB gets drafted, Diaz should be back in the playoff hunt yet again. CLE moulds Phil Simms (NYG) Emmitt Smith (DAL) Mark Duper (MIA) Al Toon (NYJ) Greg Townsend (RAI) Manny Hendrix (DAL) Barney Bussey (CIN) C+ Stellar offense, but defense will be the Achilles heel in Cleveland. DAL kamphuna Andre Ware (DET) Mike Rozier (ATL) Buford McGee (RAM) Andre Rison (ATL) Carl Banks (NYG) Gil Byrd (SD) B Solid but not spectacular; not sure how well Ware will gel with the blazing Rison. Might have been better off with a 44/44 QB later on. DEN gripsmoke Rodney Peete (DET) Reggie Cobb (TB) Roy Green (PHX) Sam Graddy (RAI) Randle McDaniel (MIN) Derrick Thomas (KC) Wayne Haddix (TB) C- Haddix will get some stops on D, and the KR game will be fantastic. But Peete is a liability (I know from experience a few seasons ago) and will overthrow Graddy all year long. DET odell Dan Marino (MIA) Stephone Paige (KC) Art Monk (WAS) Charles Haley (SF) Darryl Talley (BUF) Vaughan Johnson (NO) Lonnie Young (PHX) A Expect Odell to storm back into the playoffs this season. Assuming he picks up a 44 MS RB (or two), this will be a tough team to handle. GB zachctl QB Browns (CLE) Willie Gault (RAI) John Alt (KC) Mark Bortz (CHI) Bruce Smith (BUF) Leslie O'Neal (SD) Vince Newsome (RAM) D- The Alt pick was terrible. No controllable DB and no RB yet, either. 4 wins may be the ceiling. SF lightninglarry Jim Everett (RAM) Cleveland Gary (RAM) Anthony Carter (MIN) Cornelius Bennett (BUF) Kyle Clifton (NYJ) Ben Smith (PHI) B- Solid overall team. Better run out of bounds a lot with Gary. Is this the original rom LA Rams? IND gats Johnny Bailey (CHI) John Taylor (SF) Keith Jackson (PHI) Dino Hackett (KC) David Fulcher (CIN) Mark Robinson (TB) B+ If Gats ends up playing (and a 44/44 QB is drafted), this team will be really tough. KC kweh Billy Joe Tolliver (SD) Ricky Sanders (WAS) Dalton Hilliard (NO) Jerry Rice (SF) Darrell Green (WAS) Thomas Everett (PIT) C- It's not RiceBerg or RiceKrieg, it's RiceBJ!! Doesn't sound good and probably won't work either. Otherwise a solid draft. MIA sega QB Bills (BUF) Gary Clark (WAS) Jay Novacek (DAL) Ray Agnew (NE) Sean Jones (HOU) Tim Harris (GB) Everson Walls (NYG) D+ Not sure why no RB has been drafted, nor why 2 speedy DL when you really only need one. Clark and Novacek are a bit redundant as well. Sorry Sega, not crazy about this so far. HOU chino Boomer Esiason (CIN) Ernest Givins (HOU) Ottis Anderson (NYG) Jay Hilgenberg (CHI) Seth Joyner (PHI) Eric Allen (PHI) C- Pretty good offense but Joyner and Allen are not nearly enough to get it done on D. MIN randy Dave Krieg (SEA) Thurman Thomas (BUF) Earnest Byner (WAS) Mark Clayton (MIA) Jarvis Williams (MIA) Carnell Lake (PIT) B- Entire league will be watching to see how Randy does with Krieg. He's trying where many others have failed. Playoffs may be tough with this squad. NE justin.peters Roger Craig (SF) Henry Ellard (RAM) Keith Millard (MIN) Gary Reasons (NYG) Richard Johnson (HOU) Terry Kinard (HOU) A- Once again, assuming a 44/44 QB gets drafted. If so, JP should be in for another playoff season with this stellar D. NO kimrari Ken O'Brien (NYJ) Gary Anderson (TB) Tom Rathman (SF) Brad Muster (RB) Richard Dent (CHI) Lawrence Taylor (NYG) C+ LT will be tough on defense, but no DBs and the not sure why both Rathman and Col. Muster were drafted. NYG gamehigh Steve Deberg (KC) Mel Gray (DET) Stephen Baker (NYG) Marv Cook (NE) Steve Jordan (MIN) Kevin Greene (RAM) C+ Noticing a theme of redundant picks for several teams this season. Solid offense here but why draft Steve Jordan when you have other needs? NYJ tsbrmm Don Majkowski (GB) Barry Sanders (DET) Albert Bentley (RB) Bill Brooks (IND) Jacob Green (SEA) Jerome Brown (PHI) Carl Lee (MIN) A Have to rate myself highly here, as I think this is one of my most well rounded drafts. Only weakness here may end up being the INT on defense. PHI ryan.stewart Warren Moon (HOU) Dexter Carter (SF) Sterling Sharpe (GB) Mark Jackson (DEN) John Offerdahl (MIA) Ronnie Lippett (NE) Bobby Humphrey (RAM) A+ Now we're talking! Ryan may want to draft one more 44 MS back to expand the running playbook. Otherwise this is looking like a fantastic team. PHX disasta John Elway (DEN) Bo Jackson (RAI) Shawn Collins (ATL) Mark Carrier (TB) Pierce Holt (SF) Michael Cofer (DET) Eric McMillan (NYJ) B+ Team might be rated higher but I'm not a fan of Elway. Otherwise this is looking like a really solid squad. Tough offense led by Bo, and a solid D with Cofer and Easy Mac. Disasta may finally right his HSTL ship. PIT hamburgler Bobby Humphrey (DEN) Robert Clark (PIT) Brent Jones (PIT) Dennis Byrd (NYJ) Deion Sanders (ATL) William White (DET) A- Yet another great team assuming a 44/44 QB gets drafted. Not sure William White was needed, but otherwise looks like a great draft for Jeremy. RAI art Christian Okoye (KC) Mervyn Fernandez (RAI) Bruce Wilkerson (RAI) Percy Snow (KC) Mark Carrier (CHI) Kevin Ross (KC) C+ Even though I had Carrier last season, seems like a bad choice to take him over Dick Johnson. I do like the Okoye pick quite a bit and Art is going to be tough to stop if he picks up a serviceable QB. RAM discdolo James Brooks (CIN) Mark Ingram (NYG) Ken Harvey (PHX) Mike Johnson (CLE) Rod Woodson (PIT) Issiac Holt (DAL) C Another solid draft that is missing a QB. After this write-up I expect there will be a 44/44 QB run, with so many QB needy teams! SD sirted Joe Montana (SF) Herschel Walker (MIN) Andre Reed (BUF) Bruce Matthews (HOU) Pepper Johnson (NYG) Eddie Anderson (RAI) B Some great picks here, but the one awful pick in Herschel Walker drops the rating down to a B. Could have picked up a 44 MS RB several rounds later. This still is a very well rounded team though and should make some noise this season! SEA gonickmontana Steve Young (SF) Marion Butts (SD) Tim Brown (RAI) David Little (PIT) Dwayne Woodruff (PIT) Mark Collins (NYG) Dennis Smith (DEN) B- Well rounded team here and should suit GoNick well to make the playoffs again. Only knock here is that there is no stud on defense, and that Young can sometimes be inconsistent. WAS jfagundes Vinny Testaverde (TB) Kelvin Bryant (WAS) Willie Anderson (RAM) Bob Nelson (GB) Simon Fletcher (DEN) Tim McDonald (PHX) A- Vinny to Flipper will be really tough to stop, and K-B is serviceable at RB. Well rounded defense as well, should be a nice turnaround season for the 'Skins. TB bobwothe Reggie White (PHI) Mike Merriweather (MIN) Martin Mayhew (WAS) Lemuel Stinson (CHI) Donnell Woolford (CHI) Robert Massey (NO) F Sorry Bob-- As they say, defense wins championships! But that's in the NFL, not in the HSTL!!!
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    Omg I'm a dad!

    Please welcome the next tecmo legend weighing in at 7lbs 3oz... Cameron James Smith!! Unfortunately my wife had a very long labor and they had to do a c-section so we'll be in the hospital until fri-sat.