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    Here we go! Here are the first 7 bounties announced for this years tournament. Make sure you have volume turned on. Part 2 (#6 through #1) will be posted same time tomorrow.
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    S33: SiGG Whars

    Hannah, I think we nailed this Sig.
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    My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    Because I don't see any evidence that one year olds like anything other than, like, things to throw on the floor or bouncy balls or breasts for sucklin', my wife let me plan the kid's first birthday. So I went Tecmo themed. Just thought I throw this stuff in here for your enjoyment. The invites:
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    I'm going to break precedent here and reveal that yes, for the 5th year running, Flo was the #1 overall seed. Good luck Group 26! In unrelated news, we're happy to report that there will be an ESPN presence at this tournament. As of now, they're sending only a writer, but hopefully the mothership will course-correct and send a camera crew. Who wouldn't want to see Mort perform cunnilingus on a cartridge again?
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    S33: SiGG Whars

    No gimmicks this year. Have to get back in the good graces of Gats.
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    ATL coconuts Dave Meggett (NYG) Curtis Duncan (HOU) Anthony Miller (SD) James Francis (CIN) Joey Browner (MIN) Louis Oliver (MIA) A- This is going to be another tough Atlanta team assuming Coco picks up a 44/44 QB. Should be playoff bound. BUF luckytool Johnny Johnson (PHX) Drew Hill (HOU) Howie Long (RAI) Chris Doleman (MIN) Dave Waymer (SF) B+ Similar to ATL but slightly less impressive in my opinion. Still should be plenty for another potential SB run for Toolie. CHI hawkeye QB Eagles (PHI) Marcus Allen (RAI) Haywood Jefferies (HOU) Ray Childress (HOU) Pat Swilling (NO) Greg Jackson (NYG) Albert Lewis (KC) A+ Wow, this may top Sega's squad from last season. Good luck stopping this offense. Also a decent defensive core. CIN cubanrocks Neal Anderson (CHI) Vance Johnson (DEN) Mike Singletary (CHI) Greg Lloyd (PIT) Ronnie Lott (SF) Sam Seale (SD) A Like the Neal Anderson pick late in rd1. Assuming a serviceable QB gets drafted, Diaz should be back in the playoff hunt yet again. CLE moulds Phil Simms (NYG) Emmitt Smith (DAL) Mark Duper (MIA) Al Toon (NYJ) Greg Townsend (RAI) Manny Hendrix (DAL) Barney Bussey (CIN) C+ Stellar offense, but defense will be the Achilles heel in Cleveland. DAL kamphuna Andre Ware (DET) Mike Rozier (ATL) Buford McGee (RAM) Andre Rison (ATL) Carl Banks (NYG) Gil Byrd (SD) B Solid but not spectacular; not sure how well Ware will gel with the blazing Rison. Might have been better off with a 44/44 QB later on. DEN gripsmoke Rodney Peete (DET) Reggie Cobb (TB) Roy Green (PHX) Sam Graddy (RAI) Randle McDaniel (MIN) Derrick Thomas (KC) Wayne Haddix (TB) C- Haddix will get some stops on D, and the KR game will be fantastic. But Peete is a liability (I know from experience a few seasons ago) and will overthrow Graddy all year long. DET odell Dan Marino (MIA) Stephone Paige (KC) Art Monk (WAS) Charles Haley (SF) Darryl Talley (BUF) Vaughan Johnson (NO) Lonnie Young (PHX) A Expect Odell to storm back into the playoffs this season. Assuming he picks up a 44 MS RB (or two), this will be a tough team to handle. GB zachctl QB Browns (CLE) Willie Gault (RAI) John Alt (KC) Mark Bortz (CHI) Bruce Smith (BUF) Leslie O'Neal (SD) Vince Newsome (RAM) D- The Alt pick was terrible. No controllable DB and no RB yet, either. 4 wins may be the ceiling. SF lightninglarry Jim Everett (RAM) Cleveland Gary (RAM) Anthony Carter (MIN) Cornelius Bennett (BUF) Kyle Clifton (NYJ) Ben Smith (PHI) B- Solid overall team. Better run out of bounds a lot with Gary. Is this the original rom LA Rams? IND gats Johnny Bailey (CHI) John Taylor (SF) Keith Jackson (PHI) Dino Hackett (KC) David Fulcher (CIN) Mark Robinson (TB) B+ If Gats ends up playing (and a 44/44 QB is drafted), this team will be really tough. KC kweh Billy Joe Tolliver (SD) Ricky Sanders (WAS) Dalton Hilliard (NO) Jerry Rice (SF) Darrell Green (WAS) Thomas Everett (PIT) C- It's not RiceBerg or RiceKrieg, it's RiceBJ!! Doesn't sound good and probably won't work either. Otherwise a solid draft. MIA sega QB Bills (BUF) Gary Clark (WAS) Jay Novacek (DAL) Ray Agnew (NE) Sean Jones (HOU) Tim Harris (GB) Everson Walls (NYG) D+ Not sure why no RB has been drafted, nor why 2 speedy DL when you really only need one. Clark and Novacek are a bit redundant as well. Sorry Sega, not crazy about this so far. HOU chino Boomer Esiason (CIN) Ernest Givins (HOU) Ottis Anderson (NYG) Jay Hilgenberg (CHI) Seth Joyner (PHI) Eric Allen (PHI) C- Pretty good offense but Joyner and Allen are not nearly enough to get it done on D. MIN randy Dave Krieg (SEA) Thurman Thomas (BUF) Earnest Byner (WAS) Mark Clayton (MIA) Jarvis Williams (MIA) Carnell Lake (PIT) B- Entire league will be watching to see how Randy does with Krieg. He's trying where many others have failed. Playoffs may be tough with this squad. NE justin.peters Roger Craig (SF) Henry Ellard (RAM) Keith Millard (MIN) Gary Reasons (NYG) Richard Johnson (HOU) Terry Kinard (HOU) A- Once again, assuming a 44/44 QB gets drafted. If so, JP should be in for another playoff season with this stellar D. NO kimrari Ken O'Brien (NYJ) Gary Anderson (TB) Tom Rathman (SF) Brad Muster (RB) Richard Dent (CHI) Lawrence Taylor (NYG) C+ LT will be tough on defense, but no DBs and the not sure why both Rathman and Col. Muster were drafted. NYG gamehigh Steve Deberg (KC) Mel Gray (DET) Stephen Baker (NYG) Marv Cook (NE) Steve Jordan (MIN) Kevin Greene (RAM) C+ Noticing a theme of redundant picks for several teams this season. Solid offense here but why draft Steve Jordan when you have other needs? NYJ tsbrmm Don Majkowski (GB) Barry Sanders (DET) Albert Bentley (RB) Bill Brooks (IND) Jacob Green (SEA) Jerome Brown (PHI) Carl Lee (MIN) A Have to rate myself highly here, as I think this is one of my most well rounded drafts. Only weakness here may end up being the INT on defense. PHI ryan.stewart Warren Moon (HOU) Dexter Carter (SF) Sterling Sharpe (GB) Mark Jackson (DEN) John Offerdahl (MIA) Ronnie Lippett (NE) Bobby Humphrey (RAM) A+ Now we're talking! Ryan may want to draft one more 44 MS back to expand the running playbook. Otherwise this is looking like a fantastic team. PHX disasta John Elway (DEN) Bo Jackson (RAI) Shawn Collins (ATL) Mark Carrier (TB) Pierce Holt (SF) Michael Cofer (DET) Eric McMillan (NYJ) B+ Team might be rated higher but I'm not a fan of Elway. Otherwise this is looking like a really solid squad. Tough offense led by Bo, and a solid D with Cofer and Easy Mac. Disasta may finally right his HSTL ship. PIT hamburgler Bobby Humphrey (DEN) Robert Clark (PIT) Brent Jones (PIT) Dennis Byrd (NYJ) Deion Sanders (ATL) William White (DET) A- Yet another great team assuming a 44/44 QB gets drafted. Not sure William White was needed, but otherwise looks like a great draft for Jeremy. RAI art Christian Okoye (KC) Mervyn Fernandez (RAI) Bruce Wilkerson (RAI) Percy Snow (KC) Mark Carrier (CHI) Kevin Ross (KC) C+ Even though I had Carrier last season, seems like a bad choice to take him over Dick Johnson. I do like the Okoye pick quite a bit and Art is going to be tough to stop if he picks up a serviceable QB. RAM discdolo James Brooks (CIN) Mark Ingram (NYG) Ken Harvey (PHX) Mike Johnson (CLE) Rod Woodson (PIT) Issiac Holt (DAL) C Another solid draft that is missing a QB. After this write-up I expect there will be a 44/44 QB run, with so many QB needy teams! SD sirted Joe Montana (SF) Herschel Walker (MIN) Andre Reed (BUF) Bruce Matthews (HOU) Pepper Johnson (NYG) Eddie Anderson (RAI) B Some great picks here, but the one awful pick in Herschel Walker drops the rating down to a B. Could have picked up a 44 MS RB several rounds later. This still is a very well rounded team though and should make some noise this season! SEA gonickmontana Steve Young (SF) Marion Butts (SD) Tim Brown (RAI) David Little (PIT) Dwayne Woodruff (PIT) Mark Collins (NYG) Dennis Smith (DEN) B- Well rounded team here and should suit GoNick well to make the playoffs again. Only knock here is that there is no stud on defense, and that Young can sometimes be inconsistent. WAS jfagundes Vinny Testaverde (TB) Kelvin Bryant (WAS) Willie Anderson (RAM) Bob Nelson (GB) Simon Fletcher (DEN) Tim McDonald (PHX) A- Vinny to Flipper will be really tough to stop, and K-B is serviceable at RB. Well rounded defense as well, should be a nice turnaround season for the 'Skins. TB bobwothe Reggie White (PHI) Mike Merriweather (MIN) Martin Mayhew (WAS) Lemuel Stinson (CHI) Donnell Woolford (CHI) Robert Massey (NO) F Sorry Bob-- As they say, defense wins championships! But that's in the NFL, not in the HSTL!!!
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    Part 1 Atlanta Prime has a huge dick on his team, not the DB, Phil Simms is a dick. Buffalo I'd love to see Hoff air it out Krieg to Sanders every play. No runs. Chicago Fantastic offense and a decent defense, but Majik always chokes. Cincinnati Bo Jackson and Gault: The name of the game is SPEED! Keanu Reeves style. Cleveland This is the first time Lorenzo White got drafted in the second round. Dallas I heard QB Browns' daughter has some porno flicks. By 'heard', I mean 'watched.' Denver Derrick Thomas will be a huge disappointment. Much like Ted's seasons. Detroit regulator's back. Missing draft times, game deadlines. Still will win it all. Green Bay Everett and Thurman: An offense straight outta hell. Defense? LOL. Houston Elway is the key. Will Stall use him correctly? Or bench him for Reich? Indianapolis L.T. and Teste Lobbin' bombs to Sir Al Toon. Fun team to play with. Kansas City coconuts is back, and he joined my division. No halftime skips here! Miami Picked my beloved Bob Nelson. Will probably never control him. Minnesota This team is OK. No great weaknesses or strengths. 8-8 sounds right.
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    George aka the People's Champ- My intro to this dude was him coming up to me and Lou barely holding onto THREE mixed drinks in shoddy plastic cups without any segue telling us "HEY, I saw a BITCH that looked like MARINO." It didn't take much longer for me and Lou to realize a new Madison Legend had been born. I didn't realize he was in my group until my first game is underway and I'm taking the kickoff back with Barry Sanders and I hear a familiar voice behind me exclaim "HEY! WHERE'S MEL GRAY!? You can't put BARRY at kick return man... you're gonna USE UP HIS JUICE!!" I'll never forget that voice. I'll never forget this tourney!
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    It's difficult to even begin to describe how much fun I had at my first ever Tecmo Madison tournament. A huge thanks to all of those involved! Without a doubt, my absolute favorite thing about any live Tecmo tourney is that pretty much every single competitor is there to have fun and is a good sport no matter the outcome. This makes for a full day of nothing but smiles and pure fun. This picture pretty much sums it up - I was playing against JimSocks for the last spot in the field of 64 and the pic was snapped as I hit a FG off the post and in for a 3 point win in DOUBLE OVERTIME! Take a look at JimSock's face - BIG OL' SMILE!! It isn't possible for someone to be a better sport than Jim right there. That's live Tecmo at its best. Jim you and your crew were fantastic the entire time. Thanks for helping remind me just how much fun playing this game live can be!
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    Well let's see, I worked 14 hours yesterday without eating cause the market was down 600 points, I didn't get home from eating for the first time till 11:30 pm. Had to be back at 8 am. I'm now registered. So everyone can relax. Yesterday was the worst possible day to have anything tecmo related. Not all of us sit at home and play on the Internet. It's done now, and I have time every night this week.
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    Guys, I'm happy to announce that Tomczak Bowl has received it's first ever sponsor, EatShitOrenga.com!
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    +1 Allow me to elaborate. We do our best, guys. There are a lot of tournaments. We can't upload them all. We have to use our judgment on which tournaments we enter, based on our experience with those tournaments, the number of players, the talent of the field, and expected crossover between the players in that field and the players in our field. As Dave mentioned, even if documented really well (which many are not) and sent to us promptly (which many are not), it's not easy to enter them into our site. It takes time. We're all busy people, so we don't get to them all. We prioritize. We know who did well in all of the tournaments this year (like, say, Nebraska), and we'll try to take that into account with seeding, to the degree it's feasible. The person who wins #TecmoXII will not win it because of how he was seeded. He'll win it because he was the best player in the room that day, as Derek was last year.
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    Glad to read that people are enjoying watching the games this season for the Patriots as I had fun playing them. Second Super Bowl I've lost on the last play. Like Manyo said it wasn't i think either of our best games but neither team relented. Where do I start with this season? So many fun memories (games of the year vs Reg.) I enjoy just getting back to what Tecmo should be about. Exciting games, epic battles, Cinderella stories, the works. Kinda feels like last day of school and you've hung out with all your friends and you'll miss them (Thurmal) but at the same time you're a grade higher and get to learn with new people (Vinny, Lott etc.) I really wanted to get one for Andre Waters! Not sure if he's ever won it all but it's fun getting this far with so much challenge in front of you and succeeding. Underdogs! We'rethe 6th seed, relative HSTL playoff newbies playing for keeps but with house money feeling. I hope to make a TecCenter Top Ten Plays of Season 32 for New England and put em all together to store for awhile. Gonna need some help with that project. Great season 32 and looking forward to an even greater challenge in season 33 with most teams being solid and everything coming down to the last minute in each and every game. Cheers to Tecmo and have a Happy 4th of July!
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    Gif, please. You wouldn't believe the photo/comic strip I had cooked up for a Duper pick - it had strong character development, a punch of dramatic irony, and a satisfying denouement. It would have changed lives...it would have changed lives. And, like everything else these days, it was ruined by a prick.
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    CT TECMO BOWL IX - Only The Good Die Young An ode to CT Native and Greenwich High School's own: Steve Young... and 2 of the best original TSB players gone too soon: Derrick Thomas & Reggie White WHEN: Saturday, December 2nd 11:00AM WHERE: Blackstone Irish Pub & Sports Bar, 1678 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Southington, CT 06467 - http://www.blackstoneirishpub.com/ BUY-IN: $25 Registration: email [email protected] or Reply to this thread with your name & an email. Rules: http://tecmomadison.com/rules Format: Prizes: Cash payout for Top 4. Trophies for Top 3. Equipment: Please let us know if can bring TVs, NES consoles, controllers, cartridges - bring as many as possibly can in case of equipment failure Facebook Event: http://facebook.com/events/1970208573260492/ Transportation or Directions: Blackstone is located at the junction of I-84 & 691. Click for directions. If driving: 10 Minutes from 91 if traveling from Mass, VT, Maine, Canada, North Pole It's approximately a 75-minute drive from NYC, 80 min drive from Boston Flying: Bradley International Airport is a 20-minute drive from Blackstone. Railway: New Haven train station is a 25-minute drive. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro North train from New York City. We can and will pick & drop people back afterward at the NH Train station free of charge. Raffle: Lots and lots of prizes including signed items by Reggie White and Derrick Thomas! Past winners are: 1: Pete D 2: Erik M @arncoem 3: Erik M 4: Francis B @mort1237 5: Mort 6: Mort 7: Kevin S @tadaos 8: Gerald Smith @suicideking81 We are very excited to be the second Tecmo Major for The Road To Tecmo Madison! Our top finishers will be awarded points towards the circuit: 1st 25 2nd 18 3rd 15 4th 12 5th 10 6th 8 7th 6 8th 4 9th 2 10th 1 Players who finish in the top 4 will get a guaranteed Top 6 region seed at Madison. The winner will get an even better seeding, with preferred placement into Tecmo Madison regions!
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    My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    The posters I hung around the room: This last one was also on a shirt we made for him.
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    I erred on a VERY IMPORTANT rom question that someone asked me..what is the probability of the panty shot. I think i said 33%. Its acutally 50%. In one halftime is the final scene and in another it comes before the kiss. @moulds33 @gripsmoke @manyo360
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    Madison Madness!

    Hey everyone, after talking to a few peeps figuring out logistics, I'm letting y'all know there will be Madison Madness this year, and I have volunteered to run it. The basics The bracket will consist of the Sweet 16 Entry is free, one entry per person A URL to fill out a bracket will be announced and displayed once the bracket is confirmed and I've updated the settings. You will be required to provide some information, probably your tecmo name / email address to register and fill in Only one bracket per registrant you fucking cheaters Once the Sweet 16 starts, the website will lock new entries and convert into a scoreboard style website. As games are played and winners advance, I will update the website to indicate the advancements, and the scoreboard will also update. After the final game, the scoreboard will show who won the bracket, and that person will win some swag Swag to be provided by nice people donating to the cause. The URL will be mobile-friendly for the most part, as long as you have a non-shitty phone. iPhones, Androids, maybe even Windows phone who knows. Blackberrys and flip phones can GTFO. Find a laptop or borrow someone else's phone. You may not borrow my phone. The URL will not be announced until the Sweet 16 is announced, so don't ask me for it ahead of time. Edit 1: You will probably need to be AT the event when the tournament is over to collect the prize. Shipping the prize probably won't happen. Edit 2: Due to logistics and my programming laziness, you will not be able to fill out the winner's bracket and loser's bracket simultaneously. You must fill out the winner's bracket, then you can click a button to go to the loser's bracket. You will not be able to go back to the winner's bracket after pushing the button. Ditto with not being able to edit the loser's bracket once you push the button to pick the champion.
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    Here they are....the three #1 seeds of the tournament. Some may see these as obvious and others may disagree. Either way, these guys should be among the favorites. Agree? Disagree?
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    Damn, Can you believe we're back already?! Episode 2 features Ryan Stewart, Madison announcer extraordinaire! Thanks for the positive feedback from the first episode. IMO, this episode was even more fun to put together, probably because I was so much less nervous about every step in the process, and despite our different personalities, I think Ryan and I vibed pretty well on the pod. So check it out, enjoy and let me know what you think. And of course, hit me up to record. It's super fun just to talk Tecmo, right? That's all we're really doing. Thanks guys, -SirTed >https://soundcloud.com/edward-beresford-949627369/hidden-stats-ep-2-final
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    War Machine

    Kamp is new MIA owner

    Hey guys, over the last month I've been suffering from serious tecmo burn out. I've been chatting with guys about this for some time. Its come to the point where I have no motivation to play and the excitement and fun isnt there like it used to be for me. Since I started last October i've probably played more online games then most with all the TPC games (~600) and then eventually leagues. I've been full go with all the leagues doing videos, writeups, and all the games so I think I just need a break for a while to re-charge the batteries. I knew Kamp was next on the list and from chatting with him on AIM I knew he was excited about this season's format but would be stuck on wait list. Since this format may not happen again, i figured it would be best to step down now since im feeling this way and let him take my spot. The wait list isnt as daunting as it used to be so I asked Gats to put me at the end of the list and hopefully i'll be rejuvenated by the time my name gets called again.
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    Sig Wars

    " /> #HSRL-AFC-EAST
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo

    HSTL 29 Rolling Cig Wars

    Bo don't know rolled cigs...
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    I'm about 2 months late on this, but "better late than never" they always say. Unless of course you're too late and are forced to dive, leaving your opponent yards and yards of open field. So if you find yourself with 20 minutes of time to kill, give it a look. You might find yourself in there somewhere. Its not just about my journey to Madison, although the first several minutes start out that way. And if you want 20 minutes of your life back after watching it, I understand that too. The trailer I posted several weeks back makes it look much better than it is, but isn't that what trailers normally do? Also, I found out from YouTube that since there is copyrighted music in the video, it is blocked in some countries and therefore blocked on all mobile devices. You will not be able to watch it from your cell phone, only PC or laptop. Thanks again to Josh, Chet, & the Madison crew for an awesome job, this is truly my Spring Break from adulthood. Finally a reminder that the Ohio Tecmo Meet-Up: A Marv Cook-Out is on for May 17th. We would love to see some of you guys there. Free food, drinks, got some great prizes, maybe some live music and plenty of Tecmo Super Bowl. I also promise no creepy mustache. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VMtx-Wvzho
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    This is my recap of my tecmo pilgrimage to THE tournament of tournaments, Tecmo Madison v10.0 The Gannonball Run. (sorry it's taken so long, but I came home to a sick wife, daughter AND mom-in-law, and then ended up sick and delirious myself, only coming out of it today) I had spent a couple Saturdays leading up to TecmoX rassling up some mayhem at Manyo's in preparation, and felt very good about where my game was at as a result. The days leading up to leaving, I had a void of playing games online, not on purpose, as I held out for league games and had a busy couple of days prepping for the voyage, and couldn't match time with opponents. My wife was very supportive even though she would be very happy if I dropped tecmo altogether, and she knew how much making this trip to the Tecmo Tourney Mecca meant to me. I had made promises online that I would be at TecmoIX but the birth of our first child, my daughter Josie, in February made the choice easy for me that I would be watching the live stream for the 3rd straight year. And each year, the presentation was better than ever. After watching the end of TecmoIX (we had friends over that day so I really only caught the end of the tourney), I laid the groundwork for punching my ticket to Madison for TecmoX, by getting the boss on board with me going the next year. The 2 months leading up to TecmoX were wrought with nervous anticipation for the experience of a lifetime. Playing and watching tecmo alongside so many guys I've built relationships with over the last couple of years, and partaking in the Madison experience in general. I was just as excited for the tecmo to be had on Friday night as I was for the Saturday throwdowns itself. My flight left SeaTac on Friday afternoon and touched down early in Chicago, which worked out perfectly time wise for my ride to pick me up. Here's a pic from the plane as I'm arriving showing what a frozen tundra Lake Michigan is I had the pleasure to ride from ChicagoLand to Madison with the Michigan set, the O Brothers, O'Dell and O'Toole. I couldn't have asked for a better pair of guys to usher me to my first Madison. Giddy with anticipation that arriving at the Super 8 was only a couple of hours away, we chatted about life and tecmo, and it was so cool to be able to be in their company. After a stop at the Ginger Burger Chain, some Ill Communication was cued up and I was getting more and more pumped. Arriving to Madison was a bit anticlimactic initially as we took a couple of wrong turns trying to navigate our way to the Super 8 on Hayes with dwindling E-Navigator juice. BUT WE MADE IT! My roomies, Manyo and Coco were at the Badger Bowl, as was my brothafromanothamotha DiAZZhole hisself. We got to the O'Crew's room and I received intel from Derek aka tecmopsycho that a welcoming tecmo beacon was a couple floors up in 315, where the Midwest contingent was preparing a Chrysler T&C tourney. We ran into Joey V on the way upstairs, who had an impressive run of games on the drive to Madtown, and then... Wow. I was very excited to meet Derek and Jon (daboy) who I've had plenty of chats with, and Chris Vogt just bleeds brotherhood as well. Aaron Hake and Matty were in there too, and it was really great to put a face to the names. These guys are all cool as shit and it was a pleasure to hang out tecmo style with them. Chris hugs me, Jon and Derek shake my hand and we're all just grinning. Matty was on the other side of the room trying to beat a TCS deadline on a shitty connection, and Aaron and I break the ice a bit later (sorry I didn't sooner, I was kind of in tecmobrotherhood over stimulation). I wish I had taken a pic. Jon and later Aaron get in on some FG challenge action, showing off their keeker skills and Chris sets up the live stream of the Chrysler T & C challenge. I finally pop my live vs online cherry vs Matty, the guy I had probably played the most recently online in an OT Mia-Chi affair. We played a tight game where he was able to utilize a blocked FG Kicker scoop and score on his way to a 21-14 victory. I get word a few minutes later that the Coco Manyo punks are back at the Super 8 and I make my way down to the 134. I arrive and it's just smelling awesome in there (was that Axe body spray?). I get to meet Coco in person and we're hitting it off and all of a sudden, a room of 3 just morphed into a room of like 13. Mort was like the first to show up, and after some brief introductions, it took us no time to agree to play. I don't remember the matchup, but I do remember getting a fumble to get the edge and then getting another fumble to seal it late. Meanwhile the tecmoers keep streaming in. Jim Socks was one, along with Woodshed. I had a fun game with Jim Socks. I got lucky as QB Bills missed like 3 open receivers in the back of the end zone to give me the ball late and help me pull out a Giants Bills slugfest. Very cool dudes. Joey Gats makes his way in and I didn't see him play much that night, but he had held his own at the Badger Bowl vs Chet and he was very quiet yet very friendly. My main man Diaz shows up, and a big old bear hug proceeded (no homo!) and I mean shit, there was a ton of guys in there. I think I lost a game and thus my spot in the games (or maybe I just left) and headed back up to 315 to see what was going on with the Chrysler T & C tourney. When I got there Ryan Stewart was there, I think Kevin Cabarello too (how did I not introduce myself to you this weekend?) as well as a couple of Elite Eight tecmoers from TecmoIX from Kiel, Lucas and Jeff I believe? Hey Ryan, I'm better at introducing myself than you #whothefuckareyouguys? I got to play Derek in the tourney, and he waxed me, racking up a ton of rushing yards with Byner after getting a stop on my first drive. I bombed it a bunch to score some TDs, but I had no answer for his O that game. And thus ended my (tuck tail and?) run in the Chrysler T & C tourney. I headed back to the 134 for some more tecmo action. The Michigan O'Crew eventually found their way down there, and so did Mort's brother Louis. Let me just say I was excited also to meet these two guys, the Buennagel brothers. Like the Vogts, these guys are the epitome of brothers in tecmo arms. I am so impressed with them and how they just made the Gats to Madison thing happen. Big BIG props to both of you. A real pleasure to meet you face to face and to play together. I got to play my man Diazz in a Pitt Dallas Matchup. I'm pretty sure I got to be Pitt and gave Sir Mattrick Swayze his lone loss of Friday Tecmo. The Blue Moon and a trip to the bathroom area left me a little foggy for what happened the rest of the night. All I know is I wanted to play more, and this was after Manyo had just beaten me twice (and he was running on fumes I'm sure) the 2nd one a 24-0 blowout that I was not wanting to end my night with, but it was 2:30 and the tournament was early. So bed it was. Woke up early on Saturday wanting to make sure I wasn't late. Felt kind of like crap (hello captain obvious #consequences) but a shower helped that a bit. After retrieving my NES from the 315, we eventually embarked on our way to the Badger Bowl, with the Man, the Myth, the Legend Segathon sharing the back seat of Coco's ride with me. Another guy I was pretty pumped to meet. Sega might have some rare sightings for games at times, but he always brings it with his posts, and I for one would love to participate in an actual Segathon as well! We get to the Badger Bowl and holy crap the parking lot is seemingly already full. I check in for the tourney and find out where I'm supposed to play and just meet a ton of tecmo brothers, including the Miller brothers, as I first meet Kyle and then Matt, two guys I've had a ton of online rivalries with, as well as shared a lot of words with, re: tecmo and life. Really great to finally meet you guys as well. As we wait for group play to commence, I watch Regulator and Gats battle a matchup involving Detroit and maybe San Diego, maybe Miami? It took me a bit to figure out who was who as my Tecmo OCD kicks in (player 1 SHOULD sit to the left of player 2!) which it seemed like the Holzy brothers seemed to stick to, while a lot of players broke my secret code of tecmo Obsessive Compulsive honor. Anyway, I find out that Gats was Detroit and he handed Regulator his only loss of the day (that I could tell), in a tight one. Ryan Stewart was there too and we fired up a game after, but then it was time for group play and we cut it off pretty early. Time for some Madison Action! Game 1 was vs a very friendly dude named Matt. He was from Missouri and had been to Madison a couple times before as well as some other tourneys. He picked a Cincy SD matchup and I went with SD, liking the better speed at RB and WR, and a bit more options on D. He wins toss and kicks. I get the ball and drive. I'm down to his 10 and running along the bottom sideline with Billy Joe Tolliver when... FUMBLE! Of course it bounces in bounds and is recovered by the Bengals. I am able to recover however, somehow getting Leslie O'Neal to get a pick off of Boomer. Back in business. I drive, get a score. Then Matt beats me cheating a little too short and ties it up on a nice pass, 7 up. My next possession, it happens again, I suffer the dreaded jealousy. I'm able to hold for a FG. Getting the ball back, I got a dive play started but a drone from the bottom beats his man and meets me in the hole. In comes Fulcher and he separates Butts from the ball, it's picked up by Cincy and housed. 17-7 just like that. Trying to keep my cool, I try to set up a good hail mary attempt with Vlasic, but it's no good. 2nd half starts with Cincy getting the ball. Boomer tests the waters deep and the Chargers secondary makes him pay with an INT. I go to change Billy Joe back in and check the conditions when another guy (in our group I believe) starts saying something about only checking/changing players twice per game. I'm not dawdling as I'm checking and changing, but this had an effect later in the game. To Matt's credit, he said it didn't matter to him. As I learned through the day, he's a very cool dude, and was hanging around all day, filming much of the elite 8 games on his camera. Back to the game. I make the INT count and score, cutting the lead to 17-14. Then force a 4th and short in his own territory and he decides to punt (I'm thankful for this). Unfortunately I fumble it away again. Matt scores and pushes the lead to 24-14, and we're in the 4th quarter. I'm a bit in shock. My best bet is to put Butts at WR (and in the future I will) but I'm only able to manage 10 yards at a time with Billy Joe running as the Bengals focus is on Butts the runner and down to almost 2 minutes left, and getting desperate with time, I need to take some chances. The first chance is picked off by Fulcher, no surprise and my hopes of pulling this game out evaporates. I congratulate Matt on a good game and wander off and around in a state of disbelief. I've got a while to wait, and I get nothing but support and encouraging words from just a ton of guys. I'm pretty sure I meet Boud at this time and we commiserate for a bit. And I try to separate my mind from what just happened tecmowise and try to approach the rest of my group play with steely reserve. The winners played out of turn according to alphabetical order, so I had to wait a little bit longer than expected to play again. I checked my man Manyo and saw some of his first game. Here's a pic of either his 2nd or 3rd game. Witnessed the Orenga Posse. Here it looks like Orenga is telling me to eat shit (not sure if this was his game 1 loss) Stopped by and introduced myself to Dave Murray (you rock man, thanks so much for what you do and did for those of us that are at home during Madison, the evolution of the stream is incredible!). And then BRUDDOG comes up and introduces himself. I was so glad to meet Bruddog as well, we've had some epic late night chat sessions and he's done so much for us online garbage players (AND CONTINUES TO DO SO!) I really can't thank him enough. It was great to shake his hand, and eventually made good on buying him a beer. He was insistent on buying round 2, but I eventually declined (I only had a couple beers on the day, kind of still hung over from Friday Night Lights) Here's a pic from where Dave was sitting and streaming and you can see Bruddog, Mort and Chris Vogt all in game. Finally I get to game 2 after a looooong wait. I play a guy named Jeremy. He was another cool dude, and again I lost the toss. He offered up GB and the Jets. I went with the better D in NY. This was an ugly affair. He scored first, getting a FG. I got a TD after we traded possessions I think. To end the first half, he lined up the FG, I blocked it, and then his kicker picked it up! I had visions of my Matty V Chrysler loss running through my head as he zigged and zagged, but somehow, the Jets corralled him near the 5 to avert disaster. The 2nd half was all ugly. I actually got a FG blocked and MY KICKER housed it for the final score. Both offenses sucked, and I grinded to a 14-3 win. There was much relief though, as I was able to get a W and walk a slip up to the table. This I think was where I actually introduced myself to Dave M. Game 3 was one where I won a toss. Not really having a great plan for picking matchups this early, I went with Wash Minny, and my opponent Johnny (Johnny Tecmo) took Wash. Johnny's been to every Tecmo Madison but the 1st, and his resume includes wins over Louis B (redsethut) and Flo, as well as a 6 point loss to Regulator. I was able to get the turnovers with the Viking D and Hershel did most of the damage en route to a 24-14 W (my memory of this one is the most hazy). While waiting to see who my next opponent was, I watched the Winner's bracket final between Matt (Heechy) and Edwin (Technical Difficulty) who had traveled with his brother and friends all the way from NY, arriving at 1am in the morning on Saturday. They played a tight one, with a Jets and SD, and watching it unfold, and seeing Heechy pull it out, I started thinking a bit about how I might try to beat Edwin if I got to that point, as I noticed he was trying to run around the offset toss play vs Butts, instead of under the blockers. Anyway, the next game was to decide who I would play next, and it was a matchup between Matt (who had beaten me in game 1) and Ross (the Passion and the Fire). If that's not a great nickname I don't know what is. Ross pulled out a tight one, 10-7 with Washington over San Diego, scoring a late TD and preserving it with the D. Gametime vs Ross came and he won the toss, picking KC CIN. I just have a dislike for Cincy, mostly due to the lack of speed at the Receiving positions, so I went with KC. Then I proceeded to pick the dumbest playbook ever, using the two proset sweep plays, which were totally ineffective as Ross won the taps vs me. I don't know what it is, but I know I should go offset vs Cincy (unless I'm detroit). Anyway, it was a struggle throughout. I got one key breakaway with Okoye to end one of the quarters (the 3rd I think) and utilized Deberg to Paige in true garbage fashion to pull out a 17-7 win that was closer than the final score, much closer. That was a great game Ross. So it's on to the win and your in, also the 4th straight lose and you're out game for me. I win the toss and think of a matchup that I could run offset offense with both teams and go Jets Dallas, hoping he'd pick NY like he did in the SD Jets matchup heechy offered. He didn't, but I'm cool with it, thinking I can utilize the offset and get the inevitable LVP throws from Aikman into the Jets coverage that should make the Cowboys pay. Well, it started out pretty tight I believe, we might have traded possessions with no scores, or maybe I turned it over then he scored a FG. Then I screwed the pooch. Offset pass 2, I have an easy dumpoff to RB over the middle but double tap and throw it to the covered RB at the bottom of the screen and of course the Dallas D picks it off! Edwin is able to take the lead into halftime and get the ball back. Early in the 2nd half, Gats is there, Odell is there, I'm feeling the support from my tecmo brethren, but I can't get the tecmo gods to side with me in this one. I'm able to get Edwin to throw a couple of passes into coverage, but they just bounce away harmlessly and he eventually is able to score, forcing me to get desperate and force it to Al Toon, but he didn't catch it once and I have to accept the fate pretty early in the 4th that my day of competition is over as I suffer through a 31-7 loss, in which by all means, I was outplayed. I got to talking to Edwin's brother Edward and we exchanged numbers and talked tecmo, which was great therapy after the disappointment of not advancing to the bracket. Edwin played Joeygats in the round of 64 and won after Joey made a couple of poor choices (not exchanging the controller [i wasn't much help, I'll admit at the time] and then not punting late when it was tied and near his own end zone). Edwin then went on to play Matty V and I saw Matty chatting them up a lot after the game, giving him a lot of props. So for final words of my Madison play before moving on to my Madison spectatorship, I got 3 words. Grinding not grooving. I can't expect to do much better if I don't play better, although the losing 4 fumbles in the first game was kind of a shock to the system. On to the Bracket! Man, all of a sudden there's just a ton of games going on and I don't know what to pay attention to. I'm perusing and then I hear Manyo is taking on the Orenga Posse. Boom, gotta be there. If there's anything that can take your mind off of a disappointing showing at your first Madison, it's watching your homeboy take on the Orenga Posse in Madtown! WITH a side of Sega with some inspirational words about a certain BSD. Unfortunately, Manyo did not heed the warning to not give Orenga the Rams and paid the ultimate price. My other 134 mate Coconuts did however take on the Orenga Posse and emerged victorious. One of my biggest regrets is not getting to see more of Josh's incredible Elite 8 run. Vs Orenga I couldn't get to a spot where I could see. I did see most of the end of the game vs Bruddog on the big screen, especially the dagger Whiskey Wade to AC JJ late with a 3 point lead that all but sealed it. While watching this I was kind of hovering around O'Toole playing a game that earlier he seemed to have in the bag, but as you know in tecmo, that can quickly turn for the worse, and all of a sudden he's losing late in the game, but pulled it out with a decently long pass (non bomb) to an open CHI WR (BURNER ALERT!) and he pulled it out. Luckily I was able to help stop a tragedy when Edwin's brother darn near walked right between the players and the TV, probably tripping over the controllers and knocking over the system. I had earlier watched a bit of Daboy vs Josh H and Chet vs Derek Psycho, and Louis' Dal Pitt Matchup in the same round. The theme is, even if you're there THERE'S JUST TOO DAMN MUCH TECMO TO KEEP ABREAST OF! Also too damn many tecmoers to meet in one day. As many guys as I finally met, there are just as many I didn't and wish I had. Here's hoping for TecmoXI Well things got interesting late. In the sweet 16, the best view I could get was behind Diaz vs Chet (TAKE THE RAMS!) with a kind of view of Louis vs Chris Vogt and Josh vs AirBonTempo. The best of these games that I could see was the Louis and Chris Vogt game. I stood kind of next to Mort and caught a joke one of the brothers made regarding which team Louis was in reference to the Mort game vs Skunker a few years back. Chris pulled it out and for each of the winners, the Elite 8 meant you had the luxury of double elimination. During the first round of the Elite 8 I believe (since noone was in danger of being eliminated), I finally got some food and took a load off, hanging out with Psycho and Gats. Was nice hanging out and breaking bread in a manner of speaking. Derek is an outstanding person and I'm really glad for that time (and the beer earlier, which was soon followed by the Tecmo Bunny ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT!) From here on out, there were still a lot of great games. Probably my favorite to watch was the Chet vs Skunker matchup. Cleveland vs Green Bay. Skunker got an early advantage, and then toyed with the tecmo gods and paid for it, in more ways than one. Skunker took a lead into halftime getting the ball to start the 3rd. The first half was chock full of hilarious back and forth Wisconsin style as Skunker would make a play and then get up and (for lack of a better description) juggle the balls? of the tecmo gods maybe? IDK lol. Anyway, with the lead and the ball in the 2nd half, Skunker took forEVER with the ball in his own end zone running to the line of scrimmage and then back again with QB Browns planning a deep heave, only the drones knocked it down BACKwards out of the back of the end zone for a momentum shifting glitch safety! This cut Skunker's lead to 10-9 and quickly turned into a 16-10 lead for Chet, complete with his own answer of juggling the balls. Skunker drives and cuts it to 3 and Chet drives late and is forced to a decision at 4th and 9 from about 20 yards out? FG gives you a 6 point lead, but you already got a 3 point lead. Chet goes for it, and the Majik Man pulled another rabbit out of his hat, only this time it wasn't to Sterling! CC in the endzone for the 10 point lead. Dagger! That ended it essentially and Chet enjoyed many of the local fans, family and friends uttering "GARBAGE!" throughout in good nature. Also of note, the Elimination game between Odell and Chris. Just watching the 2nd half, I could tell Odell was the Bucs (it was on the big screen, and I only knew they were playing not who was who, but I could figure it out from style) and I saw Haddix just being a menace and the dagger Gary Anderson JJ in JJ grill in the end zone. Another great tecmo moment. I then watched Odell and Skunker duel, but while this one was a good one early on, the game got decided relatively early, and thus I walked around to see... Battle Royale part 1 One great game that I haven't seen hit a lot of the recaps was the first game Winner's Bracket Final between Regulator and Chet. It was Mia vs Rams, with Chet as MIA and Reg as the Rams. This one was a doozy. It ended 20-14 as a last second hail mary into the endzone went to a diving WR but was PICKED OFF! Here's a shot of the crowd as Regulator was forced to punt with 2 minutes left and up 20-14 in the 4th. The Matty V vs Skunker game that followed was also EPIC! Then Chet beat Matty to set up the rematch for the 3rd year running. Before that we did our HSTL and Online Garbage pictures. I also managed to Photobomb the Chrysler T&C crew's group pic Moulds style! Regulator was on a true mission, and I regret not having a chance to play him or Matt live. Some other guys I met during the day. Knobbe - Obi Wan So great to finally meet you sir! You are kind and wise and have been a huge help to me figuring some commish things out and helping leagues go along. And the repository! I mean TBORG! Great things man. Great things! Rico and Heechy. I wish I could have played Heechy in group play, but I was definitely glad to meet him, and Rico. What a couple of great guys. I saw Heechy suffer the fate of playing as the Cards vs Diazzhole with the Steelersand missing a last second fg to lose 3-0 BRUTAL! Then Rico suffers a loss at the hands of my brothafromanothamotha on his sweet 16 run. You couldn't meet 3 cooler guys anywhere. Boud - Great to finally meet you. I feel you're pain. Ashman - Supersonics NOT PACKERS lolz. Great to meet you and hope to see you in ETC Reboot! Chet - Wishing you the best and like I said, you guys ever come out here, just give us some notice and we'll make something happen. Shoot that goes for everybody. Great run again and congrats! Josh - Thanks for helping settle that WR running issue and great to meet you. Both you Holzy brothers, that Madison tournament is something else man. It's not like I'm telling y'all something you don't already know! Hendershot - Fuck that tecmo bunny! The bunny was dope, but he wasn't a ninja! Airbontempo, ChaosRison, shit I'm just name dropping here, but really, it was great to share some time talking tecmo and otherwise. Anyone I met. For those that I didnt' , I"LL BE HUNTING YOU DOWN FOR A HANDSHAKE OR A BEARHUG at the next one, whereever whenever it is! Ryan - Great to meet you. I wish we could have finished our game. I heard you killed it on the stream. Look forward to queuing that up. Kweh - My first TPC game EVER vs the Mongrel and I get to meet him! Great to meet you man, and also heard you killed it on the stream. Good stuff! To wrap it up (WRAP IT UP B!) I ended the evening in heroic fashion (No Tecmo Brother left behind X2) We cooled it, literally, in coco's ride for awhile waiting for the fog to clear and making sure not to leave any Sega behind. Feeling wishy washy about the Plaza, I decided to hang out with JoeyGats and knock out some more tecmo, and we did, like a dozen games worth. Great playing with you in person man. You're a good dude and keep your head up. You never know what you can accomplish in life unless you try. Stayed up late, helped Mort carry a TV to his car after he got back from the Plaza. Saw what I thought to be like a BLUE LUIGI bounce in and snatch up a red Johnny Johnson shirt. Saw Coco in and finally was off to bed. Woke up to Odell and Otoole at the door, missing 4 texts from Odell in the process. No I obviously was not ready to go After a quick shower and packing up, I said my good bye to coco (thanks for all your hospitality, driving and great RUN! man) waved bye to Ryan and whoever else was in his ride, hopped in with the O Brothers and put the Super 8 in our rear view. We needed some grub and hit the BIGGEST CULVER'S in the WORLD! And it did NOT disappoint. Good eats. Then the O Brothers and I had another nice ride to O'Hare as I learned a couple things. There's a Depeche Mode song with a subliminal message. Something about the singer wanting "Dick in my arse"? Listen to it. See if you don't hear the same thing. And also. Tolls. We here in the NW haven't too many tolls to worry about. Not even a troll toll. But damn Illinois got a ton. As we got to a coin only toll, Me and O'Toole observed O'Dell's hidden stats. Let's just say he's the Cleveland Gary of the Coin Control. We exchanged our bro hugs and good byes and I proceeded (by sheer luck) right to my gate, which had a flight to Seattle at 3 or so and was boarding within minutes of me getting there. I asked if there were any openings on this flight since I had a ticket for a later one and I think they had to hold back their guffaws. Oh well, I had a nice restful stay at O'Hare. Tweeted a couple times. Got home super late to a super sick house and got sick a couple days later. Long live tecmo. Any and all tecmo. Especially live tecmo. Kamp out. Hope to see you in XI.
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    It went so amazing that I am still in awe of how efficient you guys where at getting games in. I plan to bring this back next year. Most likely sat Sept 14th As I announced as long as things are going well I will put in 1000 to the prize pool. Entries will be 100 unless you won the players championship or madison 5-15. For those few people entry will be 150. A max of 24 so I can have it a dmen cause Phil was just so awesome hosting us. I will make an official announcement this winter.
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    File Name: TecmoBowl.org Presents: Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 File Submitter: Knobbe File Submitted: 09 Sep 2015 File Category: NFL By Year Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports video game of all time. Now, 24 years after TSB made 8-Bit legends of Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor, TecmoBowl.org proudly announces the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2016. This site's 9th yearly iteration updates Tecmo's NES classic with up-to-date rosters, graphics, schedules and play books for all 32 NFL squads. Additionally, you can now check the defensive conditions of your players. Playable on multiple platforms and operating systems via NES emulation software, Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 brings Nintendo's bone-crunching classic to today's computers and handheld devices. Will offenses fear Richard Sherman like they feared Ronnie Lott? Who is the more deadly play-caller: Aaron Rodgers or Dan Marino? Will Marshawn Lynch live up to the hype? Loaded into an NES Emulator, Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 will make legends for the next 23 years. Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 Table of Contents A. How This Works B. How To Play - PC/Mac C. How to Play Online - Windows D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2015 Notes E. Credits A. How This Works If you're new to emulation: ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file) Emulator = NES System B. How To Play - PC/Mac Download Nestopia for your platform and also the .nes ROM - ** Windows Here ** ** Mac Here ** Open Nestopia. From Nestopia, File > Open and find your .nes ROM. C. How to Play Online - Windows Setup for online play using our guide - http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/. We then recommend starting out at the TPC - http://www.tecmoplayers.com. Most TPC players use the original Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, but you might be able to find some people playing TSB 2016. Remember that the versions of the game must be exactly the same or you will not be able to connect. If you’re looking for an online league, we recommend TecmoBowl.org's Online Tecmo Leagues. D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 notes Check Defense condition - In the same location as the time out menu there is now a "CHECK DEF" option which lets you scroll left and right through your players 4-3 Defenses - Several teams employ 4-3 defenses. The "RT" (Right Tackle) will show up as the LILB on the rosters. 32-Team ROM Rosters current as of 9/8/15 Adjustable quarter length Playbook editing in-game Player 2 attributes now display correctly Halftime stats Passing Accuracy hack is different from last year. Pass Control determines if a pass will be completed. Passing Accuracy determines if the ball will be on target. Quickness now works. This will be the maximum speed of a defender if they pick up a fumble or make an interception E. Credits Graphics - Keithisgood Rosters/Attributes/Sim - Buck 4-3 Defense - Jstout Roster QA - Nathan @ Retro4ever.com Promo - davefmurray QA/Rom Merge/Project Coordinator - Knobbe Thanks to: Jstout, Bruddog, Cxrom, Bad-Al & Buck for the hacking knowledge and tools. Members of TecmoBowl.org for helping beta test and for making this all worthwhile. Tecmo Super Bowl 2016 by TecmoBowl.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://tecmobowl.org/. Click here to download this file View full article
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    My Kid's 1st Birthday Party

    And finally the food name plates: ^ That's what the drinks were in.
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    Annnnnd We're back. Sorry it's been forever. Kids. Holidays. You know the deal. And you might be wondering "Wait, episode 4? What the hell happened to Episode 3?" Well, we'll get that out, but I experienced some technical problems with it, as well as just conducting a shithouse interview, so I may have to get a re-do on that one. So for now, you're stuck with this (Di)Azhole. Also, I've kinda switched the way that I record the pod, which has made it much, much easier to record with any interested parties (please contact the HYPE offices if that's you) but has made editing a lot more difficult, specifically the audio levels between myself and the other "guest" or whatever. So, I'm really quiet at times. Sorry if we blow out your ears. I figured it out for the future, though, so I'll think we'll be good going forward. Anyway. Enjoy! Good luck Everyone in Season 35! SirTed https://soundcloud.com/edward-beresford-949627369/hidden-stats-ep-4
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    New Site Preview!

    Thanks all, will have more info shortly. Grip and brooks I will add you to the test group - 4 testers will be enough for now. I want to clean a few last things up then will send out the test link to the group. Will see what I can do diaz. Moe - as of now the plan is for this to be a standalone, however, with a few small exceptions, I'm using the database from dynastyphile as is and have not monkeyed with the back end / stat extraction / rom build as that shit's honestly over my head. I'm not at that level of programming. So, could perhaps consider doing some sort of bolt on at some future date for DF. Though gotta get this one up and working first. Here's a few more shots. One of the most fun things I worked on was a charting component. There's some more fun stuff in here, though don't want to give it all away.
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    AFC Central- Looks like I have to go with the front runner to win the division here. Not my typical draft team, but should be good enough to capture the division. Stall could possibly make a last second push to make things interesting. Browns 10-6 AFC East- Very good battle for 1st in this division with two top skill level guys in Daboys, and Diaz. Offense is pretty sick for the Colts, and defense should be good enough for this team to contend for the SB. Diaz edges Daboys out to capture the East. Colts 11-5 AFC West- Looks like a no brainer that GoNick takes this division down running away with it. Been a lot of complaining about his JJ offense, but he can win in many ways with his skill level. Grip seems to me to be having a disappointing season as of now. I look for him to string some big wins together down the stretch and try to compete for a wildcard. Seattle 13-3 Wild cards- Daboys and his Patriots will lock one of them up, and the other wildcard should be Grip's Raiders, and Stall's Oilers. I am going to have to pick Patriots 10-6, Oilers 9-7, and Raiders 9-7 NFC Central- The bears look to be rolling along for the division title, but do not count out the 3 time Champion Lions. Toolie will for sure push Dukesta to the very end and squeak out the division in the final 2 weeks of the season. Lions 11-5 NFC East- Jfag and the Eagles seem to be running away with this division on the strength of Bad Moon Rison, and defensive stud DT. Eagles 10-6 Nfc West- Very strong division with 3 very good players in Nos, Moe, and Bruddog, and an improving Ryan to make for a very sick division. Nos looks to be easing himself ahead to be the favorite to win the division with Moe on his heels down the stretch I am sure. I am going with Atlanta 13-3 Wild cards- Looks like Nos and Dukesta will get 2 of the wild cards for sure, and Ryan to get the last and final #6 spot to round out the playoff teams. Wild cards will be Saints 12-4 , Bears 11-5, and Rams 9-7 PLAYOFFS AFC- 1st round #3 Browns vs #6 Raiders---> Browns 21-17 #4 Patriots vs #5 Oilers ----> Patriots 24-17 2nd Round #1 Seattle vs #5 Oilers ----> Seattle 24-14 #2 Colts vs #3 Browns ----> Colts 21-17 AFC CHAMPIONSHIP #1 Seattle vs #2 Colts - Let the punches go in this one . Should be a fun one to watch. To be the JJ or not to be, that is the question! I do not see Colts having enough defense to stop this. Seattle wins 24-14. NFC 1st round #3 Eagles vs #6 Rams ----> Eagles 20-14 #4 Saints vs #5 Bears ----> Saints 28-14 2nd round #1 Atlanta vs #4 Saints ----> Saints 20-14 #2 Lions vs #3 Eagles ----> Lions 24-17 NFC CHAMPIOSHIP- QB EAGLES......need I say more? Lions win 24-14 SUPER BOWL I am going to go with the upset and pick against QB Eagles here. Should be a great game but see Seattle pulling it out of their ass somehow in overtime 24-21. SEATTLE HSTL CHAMPIONS
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    Season 34 Sig Wars

    Ah Yes! that time of the year again, who cares about winning games if you have a cool Sig lol
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    Ryarnac11p The Magnificent Back in Action! So I know, I know, it was over a week but we are trying to keep pace with the rest on Online Tecmo here....... Ba doom Cheee. This Month and has seen a rash of Online Tecmo Retirements although hard for us who remain chugging along its important to remember, everyone has some times where real life comes into to play and the best thing to do is step away for a bit, I have been there. Lets wish each of these guys well wishes and appreciation for all they have done. I have the great honor to call all of them friends and have shared great experiences with each one of them live and in person which is the best way this little tecmo hobby comes full circle. Thank You Guys; You all are some true legendary players and people. I present to you Diaz and the Retirement Party Band! Diaz is the odd man out not retired, but come on his face on that suit just makes you smile and not sure if there is a better front man or better friend a guy could have! Enough sappy stuff on to the predictions Answer: The 2016 Presidential Election & the WTF NFC Central Question: Name 2 races that are to close to call This division has been a bloodbath all season and the out of division games aren't helping literally any of the four could win the division, Daboy, Player, Duke and Stall all have the skills to pull it off and as the season winds down its gonna come down to the wire! Ryarnac11p The Magnificent sees The Saints lead by the veteran Daboy winning the division and being the only team in the NFC Central to make the playoffs as the rest pummel each other out of playoff contention. but like the election who really knows? Answer: Ben Carson, Tube, Kamphuna Question: Name a Doc, a Sock, and a Lock The NFC East is all but wrapped up by the Dynamic Minnesota Vikings at 9-3 on the season and have a 112 point differential the outcome of this division seems decided, Ryarnac11p The Magnificent also predicts that Kamp is the #1 seed in the NFC when the dust settles. Now some seriously slim % outcomes Baltimore at 6-6 could make a serious run and it is possible for the colts to still win this division but some serious things have to happen. #1 Colts would have to win out on the season including a win over the Vikings week 16. # 2 Vikings lose 3 of their last 4 games.#notlikely, #wtfcoltsdreamland, #wishfulthinking Last 2 predictions on the NFC East Raiders finish .500 or better, and the Bears get the #1 pick in 1981 Answer: Super Bowl Question: What do you find in Super Mans Bathroom The AFC West is seemly won already by the powerful K.C. Chiefs with Coach Chiefsjr, Ryarnac11p The Magnificent is a Championship appearance in the making. This division has an outside chance of going a different direction but much like the NFC East to much has to happen. This division is full of old school Veterans that are each expert game managers I see K.C being the only team going to the dance this year. KC 12-4, BUF 8-8 , CLE 7-9, PIT 7-9 will be the end of the year standings. One last thing coming through: Ryarnac11p The Magnificent sees DT in Dallas finishing a impressive 9-7 and becoming a force in Dallas. This WTF Newcomer has really turned the tide for the Cowboys and his Live Tourney Championship ways will payoff and show in years to come Until Next Time!
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    Season 34 Sig Wars

    Carrying on Sega's theme from Season 33... Did not flub at all. There was no fuckin flub. No. let's do it. Fuck it... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRmsNvjLxBg Fuck it! Send it in! Nope, I don't wanna see shit!
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    1972 Rooks Preview: QBs

    HSRL 1972 QBs 1972 Vets Update: Retired: Bart Starr (13/56/69), Sonny Jurgensen (13/50/63), Earl Morrall (19/44/44), Aged: Daryle Lamonica (25/50/50-->19/44/44), Len Dawson (13/56/63-->6/50/56), Bill Kilmer (19/44/50-->13/38/44), John "Hubba" Hadl (19/44/44-->13/38/38) Gained: Ken Anderson (19/44/56-->19/50/63), Ken Stabler (6/81/44-->???) This offseason finds Starr and Jurgensen, two of the league's better QBs the past two seasons, having sailed off into the Far West, RETIRED-----pour out some liquor for 'em...... A few others AGED, and in the process took big hits in value, guys like Lamonica and Dawson were both 1st round picks last season... but Lamonica at least is gonna drop way down the boards in '72, just another 19/44/44 now..... Only a few GAINED, such as Anderson and Stabler (?), but not sure their value rises a bunch w/o ms-bumps..... So, let's restock the position, right? with some Grade A rooks? NOPE. Not this class... with only one QB coming in greater than 44pc, all of them at 13ms, and a few stray bop-gun QBs with 50ps / low pc, there's nothing to cross your fingers for in this basket of eggz..... in fact, the most interesting thing about these duds is that the ones with anything remotely significant in their attribute lines NEVER EVEN THREW AN NFL PASS in real life. [i would like to note one possible omission, however, in the form of Brian Sipe, who was drafted in 1972 and was a pretty good QB, by far the best of that class... but perhaps he comes another season down the line?..... toolie/WTFR geeks???] QB Jim Fassell (13ms/44ps/50pc) My guess is that whomever was doing the rookie lines for this WTF:Retro draft must have looked around and figured... "dafuq? Wait, Jim Fassel... I recognize that name." Or else they were a Giants fan, a team Fassel head-coached from 1997-2003 with a mixed-bag of results, perennially on the hot seat as I recall then saving his ass with a big victory or playoff bid at all the right times... also known for a ballsy "playoff guarantee" late in the 2000 season, eventually leading the Giants to the Super Bowl that year, where the Ravens defense proceeded to kick their ass... but still, good on him. As a player, though? Not a single NFL pass thrown, altho he was drafted by the Bears in the 7th Round... hence, no football card photo above. He did, however, play for the WFL's Hawaiians, and actually threw the last pass in WFL history, just before it folded...... Fassel's final stat lines for the Hawaiians? 16/39, 205yds, 0 Tds, 4 INTs. Jim Fassel's spirit appreciates this opportunity he is getting here in HSRL, and he vows to make the most of it. QB John Reeves Reaves (13ms/38ps/44pc) There are a few interesting things to note on Reeves. First, his name is actually spelled REAVES, not Reeves. Okay, another cool thing is that in our USFL league, first we have his name spelled correctly, and second he is a 13/69/50 QB, which are some fun atts to play with sometimes. While with the real-life Bandits, he chukked for 4,000+ passing yds twice. In the NFL, though? Journey-man QB, extraordinaire... he bounced around a handful of places, ending with a bit less than 4,000 total passing yds for his NFL career over 9 sporadic seasons, even playing one season for the Bucs in '87 at the age of 37 after the USFL dissolved. Last interesting thing to note is that he is Lane Kiffin's father-in-law, via marriage to his daughter..... now, my grandfather's twin sister married Monte Kiffin Sr., who begat Monte Kiffin the defensive genius, who begat Lane Kiffin, who married Reaves's daughter, so..... whoa, cool! QB James Hamilton / Mike Franks (13ms50ps/31pc or 38pc) There is nothing on these guys. No Pro Football Reference page, no passes thrown in the NFL... nothing. Hamilton does have a 50/50 roll though to get to 38pc, which would get him that much closer to becoming a poor man's Ken O'Brien... a tecmo player can dream, can't he? Wait, no they can't. Bru says so. The rest of the QBs are chukka material, at best! QB Jerry TaGGe (13ms/38ps/38pc) or (13/31/44) Legendary Nebraska QB, along with off. coordinator Tom Osborne he helped the Huskers win two national championships in 1971 and 1972. Drafted in the 1st round, 11th overall, by his hometown Packers (he sold concessions at Lambeau Field as a teenager), he didn't amount to much in the NFL. But great 'stache! QB Pat Sullivan (13ms/44ps/38pc) or (13/38/44) Smolderin' Sullivan! QB Dean Carlson (13ms/38ps/38pc) No photo found! QB Van Brownson (13ms/31ps/31pc) Another solid Nebraska QB in the same class as Tagge, he was selected in the 8th round, but doesn't even have a PFR page. QB Don Bunce (13ms/38ps/38pc) or (13/38/44) Bunce! Never played in the NFL, actually... but became a helluva orthopedic surgeon, apparently. Also was team doctor for the Stanford football team for 10 years. QB Neil Graff (13ms/44ps/38pc) Behold, the only NFL quarterback born in the great state of South Dakota! Neil Graff, enshrined for all time in the South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame! Bounced around as an NFL backup for a spell, but alas..... no NFL passes thrown for Neil. Maybe next time, South Dakota! >https://youtu.be/4ab2pnlWkd4 >https://youtu.be/G5-p8hjsAVI
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    Ken O'Brien's QB Clinic

    Not mine, but wish it was. >https://youtu.be/aR5KEShrfY4
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    S33: SiGG Whars

    Presenting the HSTL Season 33 Houston Oilers' signature: Spoiler Warning. Three elite Quarterbacks find themselves duking it out in the same division this year. Warren Moon, Dan Marino and QB Browns (Steelers) look to take back the division from the Houston Oilers. In a sign of kindness and peace, Lord Darrell Green Frey presents his three daughters to the QBs at a wedding ceremony at his castle. Little do the three QBs know, a plot of betrayal and deceit has been planned... THIS IS THE AFC CENTRAL.. RED WEDDING.
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    Last two standing from the tuff NFC bEast this season in a win-or-die showdown... discdolo and Los Gigantes looking to take a game from the Skins when it counts most after losing both regular season contests, altho both of those tuff battles to the final whistle and guess what? this one was as well... it's Babe, Emmitt and LT for Gigantes against the Basterds: Juan Elway, Sgt. Butts, Mayhew's Mayhem... and of course, dat muth*phuqqa Ernie Jones. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o54y5E1fQWA gg disc and glrw man
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    ***HSTL S33 DRAFT: Round 2 ~COMPLETE~

    Well he wont be throwing to JJ but he'll be THROWING JJ's >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Sn93Lh5vdc Its the return of So cold that it BURNS
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    Maybe it's too late for this story....but the more I think about it, the funnier it is...to us.... Kyle and I didn't have any raucous adventures. We both worked normal days FRI, and set out for the Econo-Lodge in Janesville around 6pm. It's the worst time to leave, as you hit Chicago traffic at a crawl around 7pm CST. We talked matchups.....matchups for unknowns...matchups for Chet....and matchups for big names in our regions. It took so long to get through Chicago that we stopped to eat 1 oasis earlier than normal. Usually we hit Belvedere Oasis before Rockford, not sure what this one was named. We walk in and look around. Lots of options...Subway, KFC, MCD.....but we both head towards Panda Express. It took a while, but evenutally, we sat down to eat. Some minutes and jibber-jabber later, Kyle chuckles and pushes a piece of paper across the table towards me. I look up at his side of the table, and see a few pieces and crumbs of a fortune cookie. I picked up the paper and it read, "You will win a prestigious award." There was a "alalalalaalalala (controller shake)" moment and we laughed. I went to throw out our trash and The Prophecy was on his plate. I pocketed it. The rest is history. When we got back to the hotel SAT evening, there it was, sitting on the dresser where I had absent-mindedly tossed it the night before. We had another "alalaalalallalaalalaalala (controller shake)" and placed it in the garbage.
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    Far too kind, sir! Thank you. You were certainly missed. Once I recover from the emotional roller coaster I'll have to pay my respects to all those I owe thanks. Still doesn't feel real.
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    New Los Angeles Rams Owner

    Hey guys, It was with a heavy heart leaving but its more fair to you guys. Baby 2 has been a big adjustment. As a family we have put a lot of time and effort into my son and daughter bonding as fast as possible and having a smooth adjustment for my son. So big time focus on my kids here and honestly not really sure I can keep and also be fair to the league time wise. Along with my family bonding thing we are in the process of buying a new home so moving will be on the horizon. I thank you guys for having me and appreciate the time and effort you all put into this. As my real pals will tell ya I have been thinking about this for awhile and this bummer of a loss had nothing to do with this decision. This is also not a retirement post ill def be playing some tpc to stay sharp, TTC for life as well.
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    War Machine

    ATA New Commissioner: War Machine

    Hi everybody, I am very happy to announce that I will be the new commissioner of the longest standing league in Tecmo….ATA (Current Player ROM!). I want to thank TDO for giving me the chance to run my first league and welcoming me with open arms. I have always wanted to run a league and with the success of the recent Thunderdome, I felt I was ready to take something like this on. The home of ATA will continue to be on TecmoWorld and have a large presence on discord. I know there may have been some beef and drama in the past but this is a fresh start with a hungry commissioner. I want to get this league back to its elite status. For more information on the announcement and what the league is about..head over here: http://tecmoworld.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=47301 Returning Owner/Interest List will be posted on tecmoworld later today/tonight
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    Stop skipping the panty shot, you monsters!
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    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfh0ytz8S0k This is a pretty cool video on how this works on older systems. Bruddog and I were just talking about the nightmare NES PPU today and then this popped up in my Youtube feed.... Google knows all.
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    Tie between 10 Yard Fight and NFL Football. If you knew how to call a play in NFL Football, you were a genius.
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    Tournament director's Twitch was not set up to archive streams. From what I hear it was great live though. Here are some pics and a video from me though: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8McDl1eKWI
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    Have I really been booted?

    well fuck me running, there he is..... I haven't hired your team away yet, so let's assume you've still got it unless I get complaints from league members, in which case I'd put it up for a vote.... really, disappearing for that long without posting is fairly unheard of, possibly grounds for boot itself considering you only have 2 games in, we'll see. suffice to say, you'll have a few demerits for missing deadlines in the consequences thread, and will be dangerously close to being booted anyway.... I'll figure all that out tomorrow..... if I was you I'd start getting those games in real quick this week. hot damn, this job never gets boring...... I recall Diaz asking me at Madison, well, what you gonna do during season as commish?.... I think I said, dunno, drop ROMs, I guess..... LOLZ
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