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    S33: SiGG Whars

    He is The One.
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    Well let's see, I worked 14 hours yesterday without eating cause the market was down 600 points, I didn't get home from eating for the first time till 11:30 pm. Had to be back at 8 am. I'm now registered. So everyone can relax. Yesterday was the worst possible day to have anything tecmo related. Not all of us sit at home and play on the Internet. It's done now, and I have time every night this week.
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    War Machine

    Kamp is new MIA owner

    Hey guys, over the last month I've been suffering from serious tecmo burn out. I've been chatting with guys about this for some time. Its come to the point where I have no motivation to play and the excitement and fun isnt there like it used to be for me. Since I started last October i've probably played more online games then most with all the TPC games (~600) and then eventually leagues. I've been full go with all the leagues doing videos, writeups, and all the games so I think I just need a break for a while to re-charge the batteries. I knew Kamp was next on the list and from chatting with him on AIM I knew he was excited about this season's format but would be stuck on wait list. Since this format may not happen again, i figured it would be best to step down now since im feeling this way and let him take my spot. The wait list isnt as daunting as it used to be so I asked Gats to put me at the end of the list and hopefully i'll be rejuvenated by the time my name gets called again.
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    MVP/LVP Watch - Season 32

    Here ye, here ye! Gather round to watch the public celebration & humiliation of the Tecmo greats! Being just over halfway through this season, here are some of the candidates to watch out for MVP: (first time doing a write up over this, so if the group believes a player was left out, just let me know) 1. John Elway - WAS: Talk about coming out of NOWHERE, Elway continues to dazzle HSTL this season. Having completed 67% of this passes (league high), 0 interceptions (league best) and a nearly perfect QB rating of 145, Elway is proving his worth with Manyo's Redskins. Even though he only has 85 passing attempts, normally the run sets up the pass, but in this case, it seems as if the opposite is true. Also starting with a 9-3 record and the division lead over SeƱor Gatsby, the Skins are a force to be reckoned with in the NFC. Chances of winning MVP - 35%. Eventually, the long season will catch up with Johnny boy, where he'll occasionally slip up and be just a candidate, not a front runner. 2. QB Browns/Anthony Carter duo - PHX: This combo is literally keeping the Cardinals alive in the NFC. Without them, the rest of this team is as pathetic as a deadbeat dad. But how can you argue with 41 passing TDs and 30 rec TDs after 12 games?? You can't.... Chances of winning MVP - 5%. Cardinals will likely get ousted from the playoffs, causing other candidates to step forward in the MVP race. However, don't count out the "Number Munchers" who will make their MVP votes on merely stats alone. 3. RB Bobby Humphrey - RAI: With only 8 games in, B-Hump is on pace to HSTL history to break Bo's 3,176 season held by Johny_mx by over 400 yards. Averaging 24.1 YPC is absolutely insane, even for the robot of all robots. Also has the league lead in TDs, which will continue to send many of his opponents packing. Chances of winning MVP - >50%. If you have a record breaking season at ANY position in HSTL, you're a near shoe in for MVP. League has been around a long time and records don't fall as easily as Regulator is making it this year. 4. Christian Okoye - MIN: Many people will look statistically at this player and say, "WTFballz?" If you're just looking at the rushing page (13th in overall rushing), you're not looking hard enough. With 11.6 YPC, that's good for 3rd in the league. But more importantly, Okoye is returning kicks at an outrageous 26.2 YPR, good for 2nd overall, and 3 return TDs. With such a dual threat that can barrel over peons like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, with 1 more TD he'll also own an HSTL record* (after checking the phile's records, seems as if the ST returns section isn't quite accurate, but that's what I'm going off of) Chances of winning MVP - <10%. This will be the darkhorse for sure, maybe not garnering a vote or making the final ballot, but at this point in the season, he's a critical part of the 9-2 start for the Vikings. These are the top 4, and unfortunately all are on offense. Not many defensive players standing out there as legitimate MVP candidates this season... so far!
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    Annnnnd We're back. Sorry it's been forever. Kids. Holidays. You know the deal. And you might be wondering "Wait, episode 4? What the hell happened to Episode 3?" Well, we'll get that out, but I experienced some technical problems with it, as well as just conducting a shithouse interview, so I may have to get a re-do on that one. So for now, you're stuck with this (Di)Azhole. Also, I've kinda switched the way that I record the pod, which has made it much, much easier to record with any interested parties (please contact the HYPE offices if that's you) but has made editing a lot more difficult, specifically the audio levels between myself and the other "guest" or whatever. So, I'm really quiet at times. Sorry if we blow out your ears. I figured it out for the future, though, so I'll think we'll be good going forward. Anyway. Enjoy! Good luck Everyone in Season 35! SirTed https://soundcloud.com/edward-beresford-949627369/hidden-stats-ep-4
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    Ryarnac11p The Magnificent Back in Action! So I know, I know, it was over a week but we are trying to keep pace with the rest on Online Tecmo here....... Ba doom Cheee. This Month and has seen a rash of Online Tecmo Retirements although hard for us who remain chugging along its important to remember, everyone has some times where real life comes into to play and the best thing to do is step away for a bit, I have been there. Lets wish each of these guys well wishes and appreciation for all they have done. I have the great honor to call all of them friends and have shared great experiences with each one of them live and in person which is the best way this little tecmo hobby comes full circle. Thank You Guys; You all are some true legendary players and people. I present to you Diaz and the Retirement Party Band! Diaz is the odd man out not retired, but come on his face on that suit just makes you smile and not sure if there is a better front man or better friend a guy could have! Enough sappy stuff on to the predictions Answer: The 2016 Presidential Election & the WTF NFC Central Question: Name 2 races that are to close to call This division has been a bloodbath all season and the out of division games aren't helping literally any of the four could win the division, Daboy, Player, Duke and Stall all have the skills to pull it off and as the season winds down its gonna come down to the wire! Ryarnac11p The Magnificent sees The Saints lead by the veteran Daboy winning the division and being the only team in the NFC Central to make the playoffs as the rest pummel each other out of playoff contention. but like the election who really knows? Answer: Ben Carson, Tube, Kamphuna Question: Name a Doc, a Sock, and a Lock The NFC East is all but wrapped up by the Dynamic Minnesota Vikings at 9-3 on the season and have a 112 point differential the outcome of this division seems decided, Ryarnac11p The Magnificent also predicts that Kamp is the #1 seed in the NFC when the dust settles. Now some seriously slim % outcomes Baltimore at 6-6 could make a serious run and it is possible for the colts to still win this division but some serious things have to happen. #1 Colts would have to win out on the season including a win over the Vikings week 16. # 2 Vikings lose 3 of their last 4 games.#notlikely, #wtfcoltsdreamland, #wishfulthinking Last 2 predictions on the NFC East Raiders finish .500 or better, and the Bears get the #1 pick in 1981 Answer: Super Bowl Question: What do you find in Super Mans Bathroom The AFC West is seemly won already by the powerful K.C. Chiefs with Coach Chiefsjr, Ryarnac11p The Magnificent is a Championship appearance in the making. This division has an outside chance of going a different direction but much like the NFC East to much has to happen. This division is full of old school Veterans that are each expert game managers I see K.C being the only team going to the dance this year. KC 12-4, BUF 8-8 , CLE 7-9, PIT 7-9 will be the end of the year standings. One last thing coming through: Ryarnac11p The Magnificent sees DT in Dallas finishing a impressive 9-7 and becoming a force in Dallas. This WTF Newcomer has really turned the tide for the Cowboys and his Live Tourney Championship ways will payoff and show in years to come Until Next Time!
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    Ones11fahzu you have 1 day to claim

    If you want dry please hang outside.
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    i could have sworn after the first three paragraphs that this was spam