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    I highly recommend going to the event as it is an awesome experience and Chris does things right. Personal highlights from previous Midwest Tournaments: -Apparently I was screaming and ranting during one of the tournament finals, I don't remember because I was kept in double bourbons and ginger all night thanks to a kind bartender who only charged me some amount less than the $100s of dollars I was expecting to see on my credit card -I returned the favor to Chris the next year much to Amanda's regret I would imagine -The tecmo was fun too
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    I searched the whole internet and there is no gif accurately portray my happiness....
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    A shocking announement
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    Version 1.0.0


    Knock knock! Who's there? Arby. Arby, who? Arby-Eye Baseball 2018! You're welcome!
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    Oklahoma and turBo are the same guy haha
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    Congratulations again to Brian Rausse on being the first winner and name engraved on the Jersey Cup!
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    As far as I can tell (I must mention that I have limited knowledge of the situation) Hal hasn't done anything wrong. It looks like Hal keep the Dallas tournament alive while Dave had much more important things to do and I thank him for that. I welcome Hal into our group and hope I can attend a tournament of his one day without the fear of anyone being betrayed. This is a community and I think we all want to see it grow.
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    If we somehow meet in an elimination game, it will be shirts v skins.
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    I was looking up hotel pricing today and then decided to look into alternate options. I found out that the campsite 15 minutes away has a four-bed cabin with electricity at half the price of any hotel. Would anyone be interested in bunking up? Maybe a mini Friday-night tourney after the bar closes? Maybe a Burning Vogt competition?
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 1.4) is up! *Graphics -Uniform usage and color adjustments -(NES Classic Edition) should now have a more accurate color scheme with NEStopia or an actual NES Classic system. *Rosters 7/4/18 -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Dolphins - LB, s. ANTHONY Raiders - LB, e. LAMUR Falcons - DL, vic BEASLEY, DL, jack CRAWFORD Seahawks - S, b. MCDOUGALD *Holding off on sixth defensive back at this time that was added to Dolphins and Raiders only. Eagles should no longer appear blue when playing the NES Classic Edition. Happy July 4th, Enjoy!
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    As indicated, I did, in fact, get rocked in Frogs and Flies. It was like 20-36, 24-32, before I had to bail for Mario Kart 64 (shockingly I actually won one? Mushroom Circuit better for noobs like me) While they are still up here are a couple of the techniques shown at this tournament: (Bad Moon Rison Jacob Green lockdown run D) https://clips.twitch.tv/LittleBitterFungusOSsloth (MattyD check to the curl pass in red zone) https://clips.twitch.tv/SpunkyAmorphousHamburgerOhMyDog It is unfortunate we don't have the game on stream where the CPU and I needed to tip 14/15 Sterling Sharpe passes (as Browns/Mike Johnson/Tony Blaylock) in order to win the game (the one I missed was a TD...). Congratulations @MattyD and all who came out! I apologize I was not able to show you good technique on the stream... P.S. If you need some sleep go watch this around 1 hr:58 mark to the end, my patience was being tested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/277074219
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    Sorry for not posting lately been busy with summer school and projects around the house. I will send hotel information in a couple of days. But for now here are some more free raffle prizes: 1. Gil Byrd autographed picture. Not only is he great at getting pics hopefully someone will enjoy picking this one off. 2. You can’t have a rocking tourney time without a Rockin’ Randall Cunningham autograph. 3. I told Ron was bringing some friends and boy did he ever. He invited the whole 1991 Action Packed Limited Edition Collection. 4. All he does is catch touchdowns. A Cris Carter Starting Lineup. We be a good item to have by your side come tourney time. 5. There are plenty of rookies in Tecmo Super Bowl, Jeff George, Emmitt Smith, Junior Seau, and Cortez Kennedy. All Hall of Famers. Yes, Jeff George is HOF in my book. The Action Packed Rookie Set will be worth it for someone. 6. Since this is a Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney and it’s Action Packed each contestant will get a pack of Action Packed cards. Hopefully someone gets the 24kt Gold Card. I LOVE TECMO TOURNEYS!!!!!!!
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    2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp With the sun shining bright, and fresh air circulating the dessert region of Pasco, two teams opted to hold a best-of-three indoor-stadium air-conditioned exhibition series, to let some of the stallions out of the stable to stretch their legs. Coach Fairfield’s staff provided refreshments, and hosted team lunch and dinner for the visiting Coach Rifle and, what some say is, an over-paid squad of misfits. Boasting the 3rd highest paid linebackers, the 2nd highest paid QB in B.Ko$ar and “Mr.Money” himself, Bruce $mith ($7, #1 paid DL), the Chargers management has dumped money where other CFT teams, strategically, would not. On the training facilities, the Oilers cruised to a 35-16 Game 1 victory. A John Stephens injury may have cost Coach Randy’s team the series clincher, as Stephens was poised to have a big series running, catching and providing special teams contributions at both returner positions. The RB went down in a 28-21 loss to San Diego in Game 2, however, Randy guaranteed Stephens would be ready for the CFT season opener. The final training camp game closed off with Coach rdelifriaf converting on a 4TH&10 after 4 consecutive blitzes from the Polish Rifle, to get him within FG range. Bill “Worth the Money” Romanow$ki was just an inch short from his 3rd block of the game, when his team needed it the most on a 36 yard-attempt. Thus concluded the 2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp (TTTP): HOU-SD Game 1 : 35-16 Game 2: 21-28 Game 3: 23-21
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    Man OH MAN! Looking at today's list I AM GETTING HYPED! We got 11 #34s to showcase today as it's 34 days until CFT Season 2 Kickoff. That's a full squad on the field. And the names!!! BO!, Thurmal, Herschel, Mack Attack!, Ironhead to name a few. The rest you can also tell as TSB fans just from one name (mostly), Agee, Braxton, Broussard, Wilder, Hector, and Thompson (Anthony) Let's start with one of my favorite players of all time, Tecmo and IRL. The Mack Attack. He was a beast in OG Tecmo Bowl, and while his speed is a very limiting factor in TSB. he still has skills to make your opponent fear. Hit Power and Hands. The Mack Attack. Next up... the man, the myth, the LEGEND... HERSCHEL WALKER. Because of trading Herschel, the Cowboys got several draft picks to throw at their team and hit on a bunch of them. He eventually would come back to the Cowboys later in the 90s, as the Vikings were never able to get over the hump with Walker. The most fit guy in the room, always. Herschel started out as a USFL Phenom, came and dominated in the NFL yet unfortunately, has never been drafted in CFT, like the Mack Attack above... Last of the undrafted 34s was a stud and really a workhorse for the Buccaneers for most of his career. In Tecmo, he was in the twilight of his NFL career and served as a backup to Barry and Mel. It's James Wilder. One note on Wilder, his daughter played in the Lingerie Football League... as well as Mark Rypien's daughter. Crazy world huh? 5 of our 34s today will be making their debut this season in CFT 2. Playing for @gripsmoke, and doing it all to help Emmitt get the job done. it's a guy who you don't have to tell Manyo of his value on the Tecmo field... Carrying the rock for @Polish Rifle this year, will be one of a pair of 44ms backs in the OG TSB rom JETS backfield, it's Backing up Nebraska legend and Heisman winner Mike Rozier for @Tick's Bengals is this former Coug And finally, this stud will be making knees shake and quake for @TheProfessor's in CFT 2, the man you could simply call THURMAL. Thurmal is a LEGEND in his own right. Speed, hands, agility, there's nothing he can't do. He led the league in all purpose yards for the first few seasons after Tecmo (SB) came out, he was simply the most consistently productive back. The last 34 to debut in season 2 I'll save for last cuz, well he's just hard to stop and warrants being the final subject on today's matter, especially given his prospects for making an impact on Season 2. Now for the two timers, and I mean that in a good way. Playing for my in season 1, helping with a whopping 4 tackles in Season 1, Tyrone Braxton will be playing in the secondary, sure to ruin a few CC Divers with unexpected PICKS for Joey B. In Season 1, this guy was on @Tick's roster, but he didn't tally any stats. I'm gonna guess he's not gonna get much more play in season 2 for @~Tailback King~ in season 2, but that depends on Injuries and conditions which ARE in effect for season 2, it's...Anthony Now a guy I'm super excited for. Last season my were victorious and one of the players that came up huge was Tommy Rathman. I'm really hoping the hard hitting fullback role will be excel once again for our team in season 2. He ran for 222 yards on 42 carries in season 1 for the but we're looking for an even bigger impact in season 2 in Big D. The guy is just an IRONHEAD! And now. With respect to Thurmal, Herschel, Mack, and Ironhead. I had to finish with this guy. You know who he is, and he will wreak havoc on CFT defenses in season 2. @manYo720's moniker will ring true in season 2... #unstoppaBO I like this pic because it shows Bo running away from the secondary, which you know he's gonna do in season 2. What are CFT 2 defenses gonna do when Bo goes into that inevitable run of EXCELLENT condition. 88MS in TSB as a RB is no joke. I've wielded that power and it is EXQUISITE! To boot, there really aren't many (any?) defense equipped to put a stop to BO. But what will the tecmo gods say. All praise be to them, we shall see. Will there be a glut of injuries or games in BAD? Or will he be truly #unstoppaBO. My god, the fear should be real man. That Bo KNOWS!
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    It will be fun for sure tomorrow I will post hotels close. Most are very reasonable. 29 days until the Mayhem!!! Wooooooo
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    If I could stand humidity this seems like a fun event
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    Jim Brown was in Any Given Sunday 🤔🤔🤔
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    Just wanted to say thanks for updating this thread - counting down with the jersey numbers of players in Tecmo is an awesome idea. Considering the number of views this thread has I'm sure many others enjoy reading this every time they visit the forums. I wish I lived closer and could participate in this league - I ran a similar setup a few years back for a one day tournament where everyone built teams with a salary cap (Stone Age Gamer Franchise Bowl) but a draft and full season, playoffs, etc. is definitely next level stuff!
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    Since when do guys have territorial rights to do Tecmo events? I wouldn't expect anyone wanting to do a Tecmo event in southern Louisiana to ask my approval. I dont own territorial rights to any region/city. And to be fair, I'm sure Hal wouldn't be doing Tecmo Dallas unless LPGE gave approval because I'm sure Dave was their first choice. But LPGE made the right call in having someone step in and do the event instead of have it not happen at all. I'm just starting to get the sense that guys are feeling threatened by the Tecmo Tour for whatever reason. I've seen many issues happen in Tecmo for various reasons (I've been part of some) but this is a low point and I'm saddened at where this negativity has come from.
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    First, this is absolutely, unsubstantiated gossip. I had no knowledge of a previously existing page, nor did I flag said page. You have no right to make a serious and public accusation such as that without even asking me about it (You have my number). I am attaching my entire Support Inbox with Facebook to prove this is a blatantly false accusation. Second, since Dave did not respond to Let's Play Gaming Expo's request to return this year and since the Retro World Series already handles the other retro tournaments there, the Expo board passed on the responsibilities of Tecmo Dallas to the Retro World Series. I run a professional organization. I have never engaged in nor plan to engage in any malicious behavior to impede or disrupt another person's tournament. I run retro gaming tournaments across the country and have promoted/sponsored the tournaments of others (including Madison 2016) and will continue to do so, despite these defamatory statements.
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    ~Tailback King~

    Poetry Hour

    Cascadia F*cc!n Tecmo, will be the time of the man with the neckroll, red flash in an instant, 39's in the distance, and all hope, opponents have ta let go.
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    Article via BrownsWire (USA Today syndicate) https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/19/tecmo-super-bowl-tourney-coming-to-cleveland/ Hype train is real