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    INCREDIBLE news on this front! The Everdrive N8 Pro can now be linked while in a console to a computer via USB cable, so that files (ROMs, states, etc.) can be sent back and forth between the two. This streamlines to a HIGH degree what used to be a laborious and TIME-consuming process of manually taking out the SD cards to transfer the files, etc.... which frustratingly caused lots of errors, and man alive did I mention it was TIME-consuming? Big THANKS to @bruddog for making this possible with time spent helping tech-illiterates such as myself thru the process, also especially for the state converter posted in this thread...... and may the tecmo gods forever shine on @kamphuna8... this is FINALLY a vision come true for me, but it was a vision I had frankly given up on because of the endless frustration with the SD cards in the old N8's, etc.... but KAMP THE GRINDER never gave up, no sir, and upon THAT ROCK we build the city of CFT!... happiest of all for him, man, cant wait to see him push those CPU buttons at the next CFT season and see his face light up as he realizes how much MOAR FUN he's about to have by dropping all that goddamn SD card MANUAL LABOR shizness----- WOOOOOO!!! PS---KRIKZZ FOR KING!
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    If the season were to end today, God forbid it does not, here is how I envision the draft to unfold. Prime I have you winning the Super Bowl over Arn, lol! Ok, on with the Mockery! ROUND 1 1.1, Oakland Raiders- Thrash, RB Edgerrin James. Oakland has talent all over the field, defensively and offensively. He could trade out of this pick for a team who desperately needs QB and potentially get someone's small farm but, this being a tbizzle special, that shit is not going down. He makes a small reach and takes the EDGE! Mock Attributes: rs50 ms56 hp38 bc44 rc50 1.2, Cleveland Browns- BigFatPaulie, QB Donovan McNabb. Taking McNabb is a no-brainer. Now Cleveland has HOF talent at QB, like they should of had in real life when they instead drafted Tim Couch, also many options with Charlie Batch, trade him, or keep him and you have an excellent QB2. Mock roll: ms25 ps63 pc50 1.3, Miami Dolphins- Tbone, QB Daunte Culpepper. The Dolphins make the easy pick with Culpepper. Now Marvin Harrison and Rod Smith have a real QB to heave them JJ's all game long. Poor Kanell will have to hold the clipboard for the rest of his Miami Dolphin career. Mock roll: ms19 ps75 pc44 1.4, Kansas City Chiefs- Junior, DB Champ Bailey. The Chiefs need talent on both sides of the ball. There Secondary gets a huge boost having Bailey to pair with Carter. You will think twice son! to pick pass against the Chiefs. 2 lockdown DB's! mock roll: rp50 ms69 hp31 int63 1.5, Carolina Panthers- Barletti, WR Torry Holt. Carolina's offense is on a whole new level now. Holt is now stretching the field for a ms63 Murrell. When this offense takes the field you best beware!!!!!! The bombs will a-fly and the run play #3 will reapeth your poor Tecmo soul!!! Mock roll: ms56 bc56 rc75 1.6, Tennessee Titans- boogiewithstu, LB Joey Porter. Nothing wrong with adding a little Pittsburgh Steeler HOF talent to an already solid LB crew. The Titans have both Percy Snow and Bryan Cox entering their mid-thirties, Now Porter becomes the insurance and the answer this LB corps needed. Mock roll: rp50 ms50 hp75 int44 1.7, Denver Broncos- JoeyB, RB Ricky Williams. Blair Thomas and Tommy Vardell take a seat. Williams can now run a muck. With no fear of being suspended for puffing the chronic, he can easily be one of the top 10 running backs of all time. Mock roll: rp31 ms56 hp44 bc38 rc50 1.8, Houston Oilers- PurpleHaze, WR Donald Driver. Houston is very solid on the defensive side of the ball. On the offensive side there is stability but no true answer to turn to. They take a very dependable WR in Driver. Probably now "thee" building block of this offense. Mock roll: ms50 bc75 rc63 1.9, New York Giants- Dolo, DB Dre' Bly. New York is a team that has always ran off of fumes. LB Ken Harvey is starting to get a little long in the tooth so they make Bly selection. Bly looks to pan out to be a good player as in his real NFL career he hauled in 43 int's, returned 5 of those picks for 6, and also took 2 fumble the house for TD. Mock roll: rp50 ms63 hp44 int 63 1.10, Buffalo Bills- Tadaos, DB Antoine Winfield. Antonio Langham gets a little company in the 3 time Pro Bowler Winfield. Winfield is a beastly tackler and extremely talented pass defender. Should be able to rise to the occasion for Buffalo and become one of the premiere DB's of this institution. Mock roll: rp38 ms69 hp56 int50 1.11, Washington Redskins- CubsFan, DB Chris McAllister. This pick gives Washington a very solid secondary. This team has major holes as in Offensive line and QB that need addressed but, having one of the best secondaries in the league on top of that is not a bad problem to have. Mock roll: rp50 ms63 hp38 int50 1.12, Pittsburgh Steelers- SwampC, LB Al Wilson. Shores up the LB corp nicely. Mock roll: rp44 ms50 hp63 int31 1.13, Indianapolis Colts- MattyD, QB Aaron Brooks. Brooks over Garcia all day. Wise choice as Garcia is clearly a QB2. Mock roll: ms13 ps50 pc50 1.14, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Speed, WR David Boston. Hasselback is a capable QB at ps50 pc50. Throw Boston into the mix and good things will happen. Mock Roll: ms56 bc63 rec56 1.15, New Orleans Saints- NOS, WR Marty Booker. With Anthony Miller approaching 34 years old it is time to add another true receiver to the mix. Mock roll: ms56 bc69 rec50 1.16, Houston Texans- eifer, DE Jevon Kearse. Pair Kearse with Wadsworth and they shall bring the pain and mismatches. Mock roll: rp44 ms56 hp63 1.17, New England Patriots- Kovalkin, OL Damien Woody. A couple holes on the Pats' OL. Woody shall be the plug (not the butt type). Mock roll: ms44 hp69 1.18, Dallas Cowboys- Kamphuna8, LB Chris Claiborne. Upgrade at LB for Cowboys. Mock roll: rp38 ms50 hp50 int25 1.19, Baltimore Ravens- Diaz (ODT), DE Patrick Kerney. This DL of Baltimore's is looking pretty formidable now. Mock roll: rp50 ms56 hp63 1.20, Jacksonville Jaguars- Mack, TE Desmond Clark. Will Clark take some of the attention away from Flipper? Mock roll: ms31 hp63 bc56 rec56 1.21, Seattle Seahawks- DT, OL Luke Petitgout. Petitgout becomes top two on this OL. Mock roll: ms31 hp56 1.22, Green Bay Packers- Stall, DL Anthony McFarland. Big beast to clog the middle up with. Mock roll: rp38 ms25 hp69 1.23, San Fransisco 49ers- Arn, DL Roderick Coleman. DL gets an upgrade here. Mock roll: rp44 ms56 hp50 1.24, Atlanta Falcons- Prime, OL Matt Stinchcomb. Nothing special here, run of the mill drone boy. Mock roll: ms25 hp50
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    HSTL S55 & D League S2 Sig War

    For all my fans!
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    HSTL S55 & D League S2 Sig War

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    Version 5.0.2


    SPECIAL VERSION FOR MAC USERS: ConditionsChecker_MAC__dialog.jar IMPROVEMENTS: 1. Select player ratings displayed for each player adjusted correctly for their condition 2 Kicker name and rating added. 3. Tecmo Font Added 4. File filters and Windows look and Feel added to make it easier to find files. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPENING the JAR FILE 1. Save the file to your computer. Ideally in the same folder as nestopia. 2. Make sure .jar files are associated to open with java. See this example for associating jar files to the jave.exe www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R7XNDROTSg 3. Double click the file to run it PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: If you haven't already save it to you desktop or wherever you'll remember it. Step 2: Open nestopia when your ready to play a game. Then open the program. * Side note: you can open condition checker 1st, it really doesn't matter. Step 3: Wait for "condition checker" open file box to open and slide it to the side of your nestopia box (you do not want to have it covered up..close other windows/programs if needed) Step 4: Select the rom you will be using for your game Step 5: Load up/connect to your game like you normally would and start your game vs your opponent Step 6: After setting lineups, playbooks, etc. Start the game. Step 7: After the coin toss, save a state of the game (just like you do at the end of the game) REMEMBER WHAT SLOT YOU SAVED IT TO! This shouldn't be that hard because this is also the best place to start recording of your game, so it won't desync later. Step 8: After the kickoff, Go back to the Condition Checker box. and open the states folder. Now, just like your locating a state to upload after a win, find it and click on it. Step 9: The box will go away and a NEW box will appear showing "Condition Checker by Bruddog" with all the conditions for the home and away teams for each position except punter along with certain ratings. Step 10: All the conditions should show "average". leave the box open and in view Step 11: Go back to playing the game. After EACH quarter you have to save a state to the SAME SLOT to update the conditions. It will NOT update automatically. Other important items: 1.) Conditions will update only after every quarter 2.) Do not try to update on "cut scenes" like FG kicks, or touchdowns or on the in game substitution screen. You will get an error, corrupt file message, or it won't update. If you get one of those messages simply close out of the message and try again after the next play 3.) Conditions are shown based on the slot where the player resides when the rom was created. Meaning that if you sub a guy in before you start playing, his condition will be tied to that slot. For example, if Jerry Rice is in WR2 and you switch him to WR1 his condition will show in the WR2 slot. This is important when looking at your opponents conditions also. 4.) If you desync and have to restart. Close out of the condition checker and start it up again. 5.) If you open the wrong state at the beginning, you have to close out the condition checker and re open it as there's not way to go back and open another state. 6.) If you mistakenly close out the box and have to reopen it in the middle of the game, the condition checker will show current conditions, not average. Same thing if you forget to save a state at the beginning of the game and save one after the 1st quarter, all current conditions are shown 7.) Practice using it when playing TPC or vs COM, to get used to running the program. Otherwise, you might be suspected of cheating. LOL
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    Bless us with a ROM, oh great Blue one!
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    I could never explain myself in this climate. My blood must be to thick for North dakota. Someone bring some ether. Basic loss of motor skills would be interesting playing tecmo. I heard it makes u behave like a town drunkard from early irish town novel.
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    I couldn't tell if this was discovered before, but I was able to figure out how to fully extract season stats from a save state file created with VirtuaNES! I don't think VirtuaNES is the most popular emulator out there, but it was the easiest one to dissect the save states. Here's what I found, and I created a very rudimentary spreadsheet to help extract all the stats (I'm not a programmer, I did my best. By all means, somebody take the info and do a better job than me!) The way they store this info is convoluted as hell, so hopefully it's understandable. I included example bytes in my descriptions below. A few concepts: They often split up a two-digit byte into two different values, so that the left digit has one 0-F value for say TDs, and the right digit has a 0-F value for Attempts. So as I try to describe below, I call the left digit (x) and the right digit (y). Starting at x11C2 (Buffalo) Quarterbacks (9 bytes) Examples: x011C2 - 99 6E 84 24 6C 00 00 58 00 (QB1: 110/153, 2924 yds, 33TD, 9 INT, 0 Rush) x011CB - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (QB2: 0) Byte1: Pass Attempts (0-255) | Example: 99 = 153 Pass Attempts Byte2: Pass Completions (0-255) | Example: 6E = 110 Pass Completions Byte3: Pass TD (x) & Pass Attempts/TD (y) | Example: 84 = 32 Pass TD, 0 Pass Att. and 1 TD Pass (x) = TD * 4 (y) = Pass Attempts (0, 256, 512, or 768) & TD Passes (0,1,2,3) --- 0/4/8/C: 0 Att & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 1/5/9/D: 256 Att & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 2/6/A/E: 512 Att & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 3/7/B/F: 768 Att & 0/1/2/3 TD Byte4: Int (x) & Pass Completions/INT (y) | Example: 24 = 8 Int, 0 Pass Comp. and 1 Int (x) = INT * 4 (y) = Pass Completions (0, 256, 512, 768) & Int (0,1,2,3) --- 0/4/8/C: 0 Comp & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 1/5/9/D: 256 Comp & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 2/6/A/E: 512 Comp & 0/1/2/3 TD --- 3/7/B/F: 768 Comp & 0/1/2/3 TD Byte5: Pass Yards (0-255) | Example: 6C = 108 Pass Yards Byte6: QB Rush Att (0-255) | Example: 00 = 0 Rush Att Byte7: QB Rush Yds (0-255) | Example: 00 = 0 Rush Yds Byte8: Pass Yds (x) & Rush yds (y) | Example: 58 = 2,560 Pass Yds, 256 Pass Yards, 0 Rush Yards (x) = Pass Yds * 512 (y) = Rush Yards & Pass Yards --- 0-7: Rush Yards * 256 & 0 Pass Yards --- 8: 0 Rush Yards & 256 Pass Yards --- 9-F: Rush Yards * 256 & 256 Pass Yards Byte9: Rush TD | Example: 00 = 0 Rush TD (x) = Rush TD * 4 (y) = Rush TD Remainder --- 0-3: 0 Rush TD --- 4-7: 1 Rush TD --- 8-B: 2 Rush TD --- C-F: 3 Rush TD Offense (12 bytes) Examples: x011D4 - 18 9F 1C 00 00 00 02 00 02 A1 66 59 (RB1 Stats: 161 Rush, 1638 Yds, 22 TD / 24 Rec, 671 Yds, 7 TD) x011E0 - 07 C9 08 00 00 00 01 00 00 3A BF 24 (RB2 Stats: 58 Rush, 447 Yds, 9 TD / 7 Rec, 201 Yds, 2 TD) x011EC - 03 42 00 06 31 00 00 00 00 0B 5F 08 (RB3 Stats: 11 Rush, 95 Yds, 2 TD / 3 Rec, 66 Yds, 0 TD / 3 KR, 49 Yds, 0 TD) x011F8 - 00 00 00 62 64 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 (RB4 Stats: 49 KR, 868 Yds, 0 TD) x01204 - 10 E4 14 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 00 00 (WR1 Stats: 16 Rec, 484 Yds, 5 TD) x01210 - 23 8D 1C 00 00 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 (WR2 Stats: 35 Rec, 909 Yds, 7 TD) x0121C - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (WR3 Stats: 0) x01228 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 50 BC 00 00 00 00 (WR4 Stats: 20 PR, 188 Yds, 0 TD) x01234 - 19 51 30 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 (TE1 Stats: 25 Rec, 593 Yds, 12 TD) x01240 - 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (TE2 Stats: 1 Rec, 0 yds) Byte1: Receptions (0-255) | Example: 18 = 24 Receptions Byte2: Receiving Yards (0-255) | Example: 9F = 159 Receiving Yards Byte3: Rec TD (x) & Punt Ret Yds / Rec TD (y) | Example: 1C = 4 Rec TD, 0 Punt Ret Yds, 3 Rec TD (x) = Rec TD * 4 (y) = Punt Ret Yds (0, 256, 512, or 768) & Rec TD (0,1,2,3) --- 0/4/8/C: 0 PR Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rec TD --- 1/5/9/D: 256 PR Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rec TD --- 2/6/A/E: 512 PR Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rec TD --- 3/7/B/F: 768 PR Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rec TD Byte4: Kickoff Returns divided by 2 | Example: 62 = Hex2Dec Value of 98 - divided by 2 = 49 Byte5: Kickoff Return Yards (0-255) | Example: 64 = 100 Kick Return Yards Byte6: KR TD (x) & Kickoff Ret Yds / KR TD (y) | Example: 03 = 0 KR TD, 768 KR Yards, 0 KR TD (x) = KR TD * 2 (y) = KR Ret Yds & KR TD --- 0-7: KR Yds * 256, 0 KR TD --- 8-F: KR Yds * 256, 1 KR TD Byte7: Punt Returns (x) & Rush Yds / Punt Returns (y) | Example: 02 = 0 Punt Returns, 512 Rush Yds, 0 Punt Returns (x) = Punt Ret * 4 (y) = Rush Yds (0, 256, 512, 768) & 0-3 punt returns --- 0/4/8/C: 0 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Punt Ret --- 1/5/9/D: 256 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Punt Ret --- 2/6/A/E: 512 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Punt Ret --- 3/7/B/F: 768 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Punt Ret Byte8: Pass Return Yds (0-255) | Example: BC = 188 Punt Return Yds Byte9: Punt Ret TD (x) & Rec Yards (y) | Example: 02 = 153 Pass Attempts (x) = Punt Ret TD (0-15) (y) = Rec Yds * 256 Byte10: Rush Attempts (0-255) | Example: A1 = 161 Rush Attempts Byte11: Rush Yds (0-255) | Example: 66 = 102 Rush Yds Byte12: Rush TD (x) & Rush Yds / Rush TD (y) | Example: 59 = 20 Rush TD, 1024 Rush Yds, 2 TD (x) = Rush TD * 4 (y) = Rush Yds (0, 1024, 2048, 3072) & 0-3 Rush TDs --- 0/4/8/C: 0 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rush TD --- 1/5/9/D: 1024 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rush TD --- 2/6/A/E: 2048 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rush TD --- 3/7/B/F: 3072 Rush Yds & 0/1/2/3 Rush TD Defense (3 bytes) Examples: x0124C - 2A 10 08 (RE Stats: 21 sacks, 1 int, 8 yds, 0 TD) x0124F - 08 10 05 (NT Stats: 4 sacks, 1 int, 5 yds, 0 TD) x01252 - 08 20 0D (LE Stats: 4 sacks, 2 int, 13 yds, 0 TD) X01255 - 0C 10 03 (ROLB Stats: 6 sacks, 1 int, 3 yds, 0 TD) X01258 - 06 00 00 (RILB Stats: 3 sacks, 0 int, 0 yds, 0 TD) X0125B - 08 20 15 (LILB Stats: 4 sacks, 2 int, 21 yds, 0 TD) x0125E - 0A 10 06 (LOLB Stats: 5 sacks, 1 int, 6 yds, 0 TD) x01261 - 00 00 00 (RCB Stats: 0 sacks, 0 int, 0 yds, 0 TD) x01264 - 00 20 04 (LCB Stats: 0 sacks, 2 int, 4 yds, 0 TD) x01267 - 02 20 09 (FS Stats: 1 sack, 2 int, 9 yds, 0 TD) x0126A - 00 40 2A (SS Stats: 0 sacks, 4 int, 42 yds, 0 TD) Byte1: Sacks (x) & Sacks / Int (y) | Example: 2A = 16 Sacks, 5 sacks, 0 INT (x) = Sacks * 8 (y) - Sacks (1-7) & Int --- Even # (0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E): Sacks 1-7 --- Odd #: (1,3,5,7,9,B,D,F): Sack 1-7 & 16 INT Byte2: Int (x) & Int TD / Int Return Yds (y) | Example: 40 = 4 INT, 0 Int Ret TD, 0 Int Ret Yds (x) = Int (0-15) (y) - Int TD (0-7) --- Even # (0,2,4,6,8,A,C,E): Int TD 0-7 --- Odd #: (1,3,5,7,9,B,D,F): Int TD 0-7, 256 Yds Byte3: Int Return Yards (0-255) | Example: 2A = 42 Int Ret Yds Kicker (4 bytes) Examples: x0126D - 42 3E 09 08 (62/66 XP, 8/9 FG) Byte1: XP Attempts (0-255) | Example: 42 = 66 XP Attempts Byte2: XP Made (0-255) | Example: 3E = 62 XP Made Byte3: FG Attempts (0-255) | Example: 09 = 9 FG Attempts Byte4: FG Made (0-255) | Example: 08 = 8 FG Made Punter (3 bytes) Examples: x01271 - 09 73 01 (9 punts, 371 yards) Byte1: Punts (0-255) | Example: 09 = 9 Punts Byte2 & 3: Punt Yards | Example: 73 01 = 01 73. 0173 = 371 yards (256 + 115) Team-Statistical Info x01274 - 0E | Wins (14) x01275 - 02 | Losses (2) x01276 - 00 | Ties (0) x01277 - E2 01 | PF (482) x01279 - 2E 01 | PA (302) x0127B - 39 0B | Pass Def (2873) x0127D - 98 05 | Rush Def (1432) X0127F - x01282 --> Playbook (Play byte) **LINEUP** (0 - QB1, 1 - QB2, 2 - RB1, 3 - RB2, 4 - RB3, 5 - RB4, 6 - WR1, 7 - WR2, 8 - WR3, 9 - WR4, A - TE1, B - TE2, C - C, D - LG, E - RG, F - LT) x01283 - 02 | QB1 / RB1 x01284 - 36 | RB2 / WR1 x01285 - 7A | WR2 / TE1 x01286 - 59 | KR / PR x01287 - x01289 --> Injuries x0128A --> Physical Condition (Each byte - pair players) (0 - BB, 1 - BA, 2 - BG, 3 - BE, 4 - AB, 5 - AA, 6 - AG, 7 - AE, 8 - GB, 9 - GA, A - GG, B - GE, C - EB, D - EA, E - EG, F - EE) Team addresses (208 bytes per team) x11C2 - BUF x1292 - IND x1362 - MIA x1432 - NE x1502 - NYJ x15D2 - CIN x16A2 - CLE x1772 - HOU x1842 - PIT (some dead space between PIT & DEN) x1A16 - DEN x1AE6 - KC x1BB6 - RAI x1C86 - SD x1D56 - SEA x1E26 - WAS x1EF6 - GIA x1FC6 - PHI x2092 - PHX x2166 - DAL x2236 - CHI x2306 - DET x23D6 - GB x24A6 - MIN x2576 - TB x2646 - SF x2716 - RAM x27E6 - NO x28B6 - ATL VirtuaNes Stat Extractor.zip
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    I'm sure your ROM is just fine. Post it up and then your watch has ended and you can finally rest (jk, no pressure. Just super excited!)
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    (NES) Major League (Translated)

    Major League (Translated) View File Originally this was a game meant to be released in the U.S. per the movie release of Major League but it was only released in Japan. Here is the recently patched English version. Submitter Knobbe Submitted 04/28/2020 Category NES  
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    So far so good on the testing on my end. I am now fine tuning the sim code and playbooks. As for the jersey numbers the Patriots probably won't announce them until right before the preseason starts. Bill Belichick thinks it's some sort of motivational tool, whatever. That's how you end up with players like N'Keal Harry sporting #50 in camp last year. Bill's gotta be Bill.
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    In the middle of testing the latest version as I type. Rosters are almost done, just waiting on the Jets and Patriots to release uniform numbers. The first release might have the rookies for both teams using their college numbers until they announce them. Keep an eye out for it, I hope to release something by next week.
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    PACKERS Green Majik qb 1 = option 2 qb2 = 13 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab rb1 = option 2 rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = option 1 wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol = option 3 ol = 25ms 50hp ol = 31ms 50hp ol = 25ms 56hp ol = 19ms 50hp dl = option 1 dl = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl = 25rs 38rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb = option 2 lb = 31rs 44rp 50ms 38hp 19int lb = 25rs 31rp 31ms 44hp 38int lb = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db = option 2 db = 25rs 31rp 44ms 38hp 56int db = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int
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    Tecmo Psycho

    Online Tecmo

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    No Movie message...??

    It looks like you toggled Frame Display. Try clicking Period and it should toggle off. This sounded familiar. I looked this up under Options, Map Hotkeys
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    NESTOPIA RAM 0x0038 2048 bytes long PPU PAL 0x93B 32 bytes long PPU PATTERN TABLES 0xa6D SRAM 0x128F 8192 bytes long EVERDRIVE RAM 0x6800 2048 bytes long PPU PAL 0x6B1A 32 bytes long SRAM 0x0000 8192 bytes long EVERDRIVE PRO RAM 0x0000 2048 bytes long PPU PAL 0x18A0 32 bytes long SRAM 0x4000 8192 bytes long
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    @buffalo_tox, I am working on a 2020 rom with roster updates as I type. It's almost complete. In the meantime people can copy and paste the schedule I posted and apply it to the 2019 roms with TSB Tool. Just remember that is you want to edit anything with the NFC West teams you'll need to make the edits to the vanilla version and then re-apply the hardtype hacks from the text file I included in the downloads with TSB Tool. In the meantime, here's a preview:
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    Waiting List

    This league has been defunct for about as long as you've been playing tecmo
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    Man look where we are now...
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    That is correct, sim pocket goes from 0-3. You will find there are some plays QBs scramble more on so adjusting playbooks will affect this as well. Also, you will find the results will be very different when its COM vs SKP. The only real way to have substantial rushing stats by the QB in SKP mode would be to have a running play for the QB in the playbook.
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    The best there is the best there was the best there ever will be......Lewis
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    1.14 Lions select: QB Tommy Brady
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    Tecmo Super Bowl 2020

    Weather options were not added until the SNES version of TSB. Dropping back to pass and slipping in the rain or snow sucked lol TSB 2020 is the NES version of the game
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    HSTL D League S2 Playoffs

    ROM is being posted 5/19 around 4 PM EST and seeding is below. Both players need to record an NSV so I can stream it. Winnners are getting promoted to HSTL. Good luck everyone! AFC Playoffs 1. Cleveland Browns (14-2) -- Kovalkin 2. Seattle Seahawks (11-5) -- Kamphuna 3. New England Patriots (10-5-1) -- Baxter 4. Houston Oilers (11-5) -- Bob Sacamano 5. Miami Dolphins (9-6-1) -- Riddler 6. Los Angeles Raiders (8-8) -- Gripsmoke AFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (6) Los Angeles Raiders @ (1) Ceveland Browns (5) Miami Dolphins @ (2) Seattle Seahawks NFC Playoffs 1. Chicago Bears (14-2) -- ImFlo 2. San Francisco 49ers (13-3) -- Arncoem 3. Phoenix Cardinals (11-4-1) -- Disastamasta 4. Atlanta Falcons (13-3) -- Eifersucht 5. Dallas Cowboys (11-4-1) -- The Shield 6. Green Bay Packers (9-7) -- RetroNathan NFC Wild Card Playoff Matchups (4) Atlanta Falcons @ (1) Chicago Bears (3) Phoenix Cardinals @ (2) San Francisco 49ers
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    Alpha TD


    Discord name: Alpha TD I can host Currently in TRL, soon to be in HSTL G League, hopefully.
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    DEVOlopment wants to see the T.S.Blueman Report, dammit!
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    It was probably hard to find but the save state information has been documented before. They had to compress everything to make it all fit in the limited amount of save memory that there was on the cart. The only difference from emulator to emulator is where the save ram information starts in the file. If the data is compressed then it will be impossible to find without knowing what the compression algorithm used is. Great work though!
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    This is Ed's tournament, so you will Paypal him once he gets at least 8 participants. Eddie is making it really hard to circumvent the system. I do love football players named Farr, but I also want to win this tournament. Eddie, you forgot to put the payout in your post, and that might be one reason why you don't already have 8 people signed up.
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    2019 results Top 3 2019 online players 1. Nos (52 points) 2. Prime (38 points) 2. Randywags (38 points) 3. Arncoem (31 points) How do we decide whos the online tecmoer of the year? Simple - whoever has the most league titles, online tournament wins, and championship game appearances. Each league or tournament win isnt gonna be as much as the next. For example - an HSTL title is worth the most reward points, it all just depends. Any questions or things that need to be changed like the amount of points each league is worth please let joeygats know. HOPEFULLY BY ADDING A LITTLE INCENTIVE THIS WILL BRING MORE ATTENTION TO ONLINE TECMO ONLINE LEAGUES HSTL - champion = 10 reward points, runner up = 5 reward points (completed 4 seasons in 2019) Tecmo 2K - champion = 8 reward points, runner up = 4 reward points (completed 3 seasons in 2019) TTL - champion = 8 reward points, runner up = 4 reward points (completed 4 seasons in 2019) OGTL - champion = 8 reward points, runner up = 4 reward points (completed 1 season in 2019) WTF - champion = 8 reward points , runner up = 4 reward points (completed 4 seasons in 2019) GTFO - champion = 2 reward points (starting 1989 season), runner up = 1 reward point (completed 18 seasons in 2019) TAD - champion = 4 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points (new league started in 2020) HSTL D League - champion = 4 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points (new league started in 2020) TRL - champion = 4 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points (new league started in 2020) USFL - champion = 5 reward points, runner up = 2 reward points (completed 0 seasons in 2019) ONLINE TOURNAMENTS: (Tournament reward points will be based on how many competitors and level of the competition.) Thunderdome XI - champion = 10 reward points, runner up = 5 reward points GBLAN - champion = 8 reward points, runner up = 4 reward points QCT (Queryentine Classic Tournament) champion = 6 reward points, runner up = 3 reward points QCT II (Queryentine Classic Tournament II) champion = 2 reward points, runner up = 1 reward points QCT III (Queryentine Classic Tournament III) champion = 1 reward point, runner up = 0 reward points CURRENT LEADERBOARD: Madtownspliffstars = 18 points TTL S38 champion (8 points) HSTL S53 champion (10 points) Ptitteri = 8 points TTL S38 runner up (4 points) GTFO 1990 champion (2 points) 2020 QCT II champion (2 points) Nos = 10 points HSTL S52 champion (10 points) Randywags = 15 points HSTL S52 runner up (5 points) GTFO 1991 runner up (1 point) 2020 QCT runner up (3 points) GTFO 1992 champion (2 points) GTFO 1993 runner up (1 point) GTFO 1995 runner up (1 point) GTFO 1996 champion (2 points) Johny_mx = 15 points GTFO 1989 champion (2 points) GTFO 1990 runner up (1 point) Tecmo 2K S4 champion (8 points) HSTL D League S1 champion (4 points) Purplehaze = 1 point GTFO 1989 runner up (1 point) Swampc1 = 8 points GTFO 1991 champion (2 points) GTFO 1993 champion (2 points) GTFO 1994 champion (2 points) GTFO 1995 champion (2 points) Prime = 9 points HSTL S53 runner up (5 points) WTF 1997 runner up (4 points) Tecmobo = 6 points 2020 QCT champion (6 points) Kovalkin = 5 points 2020 Thunderdome runner up (5 points) The_Shield = 11 points 2020 Thunderdome champion (10 points) 2020 QCT III champion (1 point) 8bit = 4 points TTL S39 runner up (4 points) Joeygats = 8 points TTL S39 champion (8 points) Matty d = 8 points WTF 1997 champion (8 points) Baxterbear = 1 point GTFO 1992 runner up (1 point) Gripsmoke = 1 point 2020 QCT II runner up (1 point) Bruddog = 4 points Tecmo 2K S4 runner up (4 points) Speed = 1 point GTFO 1994 runner up (1 point) Vikingmo = 16 points OGTL S2 champion (8 points) Tecmo 2K S5 champion (8 points) Kamphuna = 8 points OGTL S2 runner up (4 points) TAD S1 champion (4 points) Dueceloose = 2 points HSTL D League S1 runner up (2 points) Primetime = 10 points HSTL S54 champion (10 points) Discdolo = 5 points HSTL S54 runner up (5 points) Disastamasta = 2 points TAD S1 runner up (2 points) Eifer = 1 point GTFO 1996 runner up (1 point) The_Mack = 4 points Tecmo 2K S5 runner up (4 points)
  35. 1 point

    No Movie message...??

    thank you kamphuna8! that fixed it.
  36. 1 point

    NFL 2020-21 Season Discussion

    And the rookie Perine will be in the mix for touches too. Adam Gase is not a Bell fan at all either and will not make changes to his offensive scheme to fit what Bell does best. Here's a good article that sheds some light on the issues with Bell and Gase: https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-adam-gase-leveon-bell-offense-rushing-20200501-dli6uqulgjg2bffcv7eqgne3le-story.html IMO Gase isn't the offensive genius people try to make him out to be. A good coach adapts his scheme to his player's strengths. Gase is stuck doing the only thing he knows how to do.
  37. 1 point

    Tundra bowl 2v2 TSB?

    The 2 v 2 at tundra is was not using the special rom. its two players switching off roles vs another two players. Example I play offense my parter players defense. Or I play first half and my partner plays second half. See the rules here: http://www.tundrabowl.com/2v2.html
  38. 1 point

    60's Roms

    Well Brian, I've got good news and I've got bad news. Bad news is I don't think there is a rom made yet for ALL of those seasons, but good news is I think there is at least one or 2 of those that I've seen. I was recently looking for all these roms myself in research related to even better news, Before all this explosion of home time even essploded, a few of us up in the PNW and nearby whereabouts started a league based on the year 1960's actual teams, players (and coaches, but that doesn't translate to this rom) with a little more oomph towards the real experience, a LOT more actually. Although the rom I have has our "branding" if you will, I do plan on editing it for more generic consumption, but I'll post the one we have here for your enjoyment now, because I don't honestly know how soon I will complete that. Accurate rosters and players of the 1960 teams with actual helmets and unis of those times (as close as we could get them) and the goal posts on the goal line instead of the back of the end zone. We plan on continuing our TAD league and will probably at least get 1961 done as well with our highly team oriented methods. Some of the more HIGHly optimistic in our group probably think we'll complete the whole 60s decade's set of roms. Here is our CFT Tecmo After Dark 1960 rom. I will look for those roms and share em here when I find them, hopefully tomorrow if I remember. TAD1960SeasonActualTeamsProto.nes
  39. 1 point

    Online Tecmo

  40. 1 point
    Eagles fulltimeslacker qb 1 = option 3 qb2 = 13 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab rb1 = option 2 rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = option 3 wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol 5 = option 3 ol 2 = 25ms 50hp ol 3 = 31ms 50hp ol 1 = 25ms 56hp ol 4 = 19ms 50hp dl 2 = option 3 dl 1 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl 3 = 25rs 38rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb 3 = option 1 lb 1 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 44hp 19int lb 4 = 25rs 31rp 31ms 44hp 38int lb 2 = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db 1 = option 2 db 3 = 25rs 31rp 44ms 38hp 56int db 4 = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db 2 = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int
  41. 1 point
    In the code, yes, all teams have 2 uniform slots. But in the original game they put the same colors in both slots for some teams. See my post above for those teams.
  42. 1 point
    BENGALS - Da_Riddler??? qb 1 = (option 3 19ms 13hp 50ps 50pc) qb2 = 13 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab rb1 = (option 2 - 25rs 63rp 63ms 6hp 31rec 81bc) rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = (option 1 - 50rs 69rp 31ms 25hp 88rec 63bc) wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol 5 = (option 2 - 25rs 81rp 13ms 81hp) ol 1 = 25ms 50hp ol 3 = 31ms 50hp ol 2 = 25ms 56hp ol 4 = 19ms 50hp dl 2 = (option 1 - 44rs 56rp 63ms 31hp 56int) dl 3 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl 1 = 25rs 38rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb 3 = (option 1 - 56rs 69rp 75ms 6hp 6int) lb 1 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 38hp 19int lb 2 = 25rs 31rp 31ms 44hp 38int lb 4 = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db 3 = (option 2 - 44rs 56rp 75ms 38hp 44int) db 1 = 25rs 31rp 44ms 38hp 56int db 2 = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db 4 = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int p 50/50 k 50/50
  43. 1 point
    GIANTS Jpthebowler qb 1 = option 3 qb2 = 13 ms 75ps 31pc 38ab rb1 = option 2 rb2 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 50bc 50rec rb3 = 44rs 38ms 25hp 100bc 25rec rb4 = 81rs 25ms 69hp 50bc 19rec wr1 = option 3 wr2 = 31rs 38ms 13hp 56rec 50bc wr3 = 25rs 31ms 25hp 50 rec 100bc wr4 = 25rs 31ms 13hp 31rec 50bc te1 = 25rs 31ms 50hp 31rec 69bc te2 = 31rs 19ms 63hp 44rec 50bc ol 5 = option 1 ol 2 = 25ms 50hp ol 3 = 31ms 50hp ol 1 = 25ms 56hp ol 4 = 19ms 50hp dl 2 = option 3 dl 1 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 56hp 25int dl 3 = 25rs 38rp 44ms 50hp 19int lb 4 = option 3 lb 1 = 31rs 44rp 50ms 44hp 19int lb 2 = 25rs 31rp 31ms 44hp 38int lb 3 = 19rs 25rp 19ms 63hp 19int db 3 = option 1 db 1 = 25rs 31rp 44ms 38hp 56int db 2 = 31rs 38rp 50ms 44hp 50int db 4 = 38rs 44rp 56ms 56hp 50int p 50/50 k 50/50
  44. 1 point
    I just very recently started getting into doing hex editing. I really have no idea what I am doing, but managed to fool around and get team names and stuff. I guess trial and error and just experimenting is the best way to learn! One thing I would love to do is redo the logos in the game. I did a few, but am not sure how to even begin to see how I can attempt to get them into the game. Here are some I did recently: (I'll add more here as I get to more teams and logos)
  45. 1 point
    Awesome, then put me down for 4 pts, and Tecmo DPS for 2, book it!
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    Version v4.0


    VERSION 4.0 Here is a collection of 1970-1994 Tecmo Super Bowl roms. It is by no means perfect or final, but I feel it's as good as I like it to be for now. I would like to thank all the guys at Tecmo Bowl.org., because it was all their hard work that allowed me to make these roms in the first place. In order to edit the players in a way that would reflect the seasons that the roms were designed for, and allow the game to feel and play a lot like the original, I had to assign player ratings that were similar to each and every player in the classic NES Tecmo Super Bowl. In other words, I had assigned the fastest running back (based on most yards from scrimmage, mind you) with the only 75 maximum speed rating, that in my opinion had been erroneously given to Bo Jackson. If anyone deserved a rating like that (I think nobody does, really), it's Thurman Thomas. He had a monster three or four years going, if you were to take into account of what he did on the field and where his team ended up in those years. But I digress. Although offensive players were a lot easier to rate, I found that offensive linemen and defensive skilled position players weren't and that a lack of info made them almost impossible. I can sort of live with that, though. If it wasn't for the internet, and Pro Football Reference.Com for that matter, it would have been impossible to edit any. I was at least able to edit the all pros for those years, making them the best at their positions. The basic formula I had to come up with when assigning player ratings had to be based on participation and production, not on popularity. Having said that, I had to be fair to all the players who excelled in seasons where their peers were either absent due to injury or failed to outplay their teammates. Keep in mind that some productive offensive players had to be replaced with Kick and Punt returners - with the lack of space on the roster, I tried to make the depth charts as accurate as I possibly could. (List of Edits) 1970-1975 roms contain only the 26 teams at that time. Team rosters and depth charts, as well as pro bowl teams, are all accurately edited to reflect their corresponding seasons. At least 99% of the players will have the correct name spelling, jersey number, for the most part his face image, as well as skin color. Accurate team city names. Accurate home and away game schedules and their actual dates. Helmet colors and logo designs, as well as uniforms, were all redone to be based on each year they were used. All playbooks were edited to somewhat match the team's yearly offense, but some liberties were taken to make use of every play that's available in the game. (game rules) 1970-77 roms were juiced a bit. Week 1 games will play like Week 3 if the player's team had been 2-0 in the original TSB. This was done so that a 14-0 win/loss season will play like a 16-0 win/loss season when entering the playoffs. 1970-71: hash marks are spread out (NCAA still uses this method) 1970-1973: 40 yard kick off position - Tecmo logos are located there, too; front field goal posts (imagine them as being transparent when players stand on them, because I do. - field goal kicking length was increased to make up for closer field goal posts; ball will be placed at the opponent's 20 yard line after any missed field goals; no overtime in man games, as well as auto skipped games. Note: the overtime hack doesn't work as good as I would have liked it to - playoff games will end up in ties, but a random winner is decided by the computer anyway, allowing one of the teams to move on to the next round. This only applies to skipped games - "man" games will still go into overtime during the playoffs. 8 team playoff schedule format. 14 game schedule. 1974-1977: 8 team playoff schedule format. 14 game schedule. 1978-1989: 10 team playoff schedule format. 1982: short season rom contains the 12 team playoff schedule format, as I wasn't able to implement a 16 team playoff format...not sure if it's even possible to do this, anyway. 1994: 30 yard kick off position - Tecmo logos are located there, too. No two point conversion hack. Maybe one day someone will figure this out and I'll add it later. I hope. Well, I hope you enjoy the roms. Cheers.
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    helmet and jersey same color in TSB?

    It's linked to in the hacking directory But yeah to elaborate on what Bruddog said people used to ask about it ALL THE TIME and it's an 8 bit hardware limitation to have 3 color uniforms
  48. 1 point
    You could have a third color if you dint want to have a player skin color....
  49. 1 point
    @bruddog fyi just got a new laptop and tried to install and it kept trying to create directories under your windows username path might want to make a note to advise a newbie that they need to go to paths and update all the default directories for states, save, etc
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    Johnny Johnson Season

    well, the super bowl was vs SEA! wtf! so I rolled them 42-0, Johnny lit it up with pass 3 play action pass to the tune of 5 for 372 receiving yards and 5 receiving TDs. TUPA to Johnson just couldn't miss....even one time Tupa threw it so bad, it went to the sideline (instead of middle fly). I let go of the controller thinking for sure incomplete, but all of a sudden Johnny is standing there grappling with two defenders on top of him, so I start tapping, throw the dude off and juke the other and run 35 yards for a TD. the other 4 passes were insanely high jumping catches for TDs. He also rushed for a td and 114 yards. yes, Johnny is the greatest all around player in the game of TSB. he does not drop passes and he rarely misses overthrows. he does have hidden stats, but this comes at a price - his hidden fumble-loss ability! but the tradeoff is worth it. here are playoff stats and super bowl pics.
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