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    Group C Vikingmoe won the toss, I called Tails. Vikingmoe called MIA vs CIN I took MIA Both teams were pass happy, but the Dolphin defense couldn't execute, as well as the offense stalling early and in crucial moments. Miami gets one more touchdown as time expires to make it look like less of an ass whooping. Final score 31-21, VikingMoe wins. gg and glrw Vikingmoe Thunderdome_Tails_vs_Vikingmoe.nsv
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    Group C Me vs Miles Tails I won the toss (he called tails of course) I offered CIN v MIA, and he took MIA MIA's first three drives were a punt, INT, and TOD that Cincy turned into scores for an early 21-0 lead. Exchanged some drives from there including a Marino heave to the back of the EZ for a TD as time expired. Final Score CIN 31 MIA 21 GG Miles and glrw TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
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    I just got this fun idea. If you want to watch someone play your rom for the first time, let me know and we can set it up on livestream. I'll go through the rosters of the best teams from the year, then pick a team and start playing a season.
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    Group F Darth Rockman Darth Called MIN Vs WAS Turbo takes MIN Early INT picks for both teams. Darth puts a drive together for a TD. JJ before the half for Turbo leads to a tie game. 4th down stop by Darth but only take advantage of a FG. Turbo gets a drive and misses a F.G. I'm unable to run the clock out after some dropped balls. Turbo gets two JJ shorts but throws were too accurate and no CC love against Mayhew. GG! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/556659954
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    Your Group F Who won toss SammieS Matchup called by coin toss winner GB PHX Team that coin toss loser chose PHX Brief happenings of the game (doesnt need to be a novel) or link to your youtube/twitch video or stream. Back and forth game tied up at the buzzer, OT 1st possession win against the momentum 30-26 Final PHX Turbo over GB Sammie Smith sammie.nsv
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    Group O TecmoBo vs. Player 121xk TecmoBo won the toss TecmoBo called MIA vs. RAMS Player took MIA This was a pretty good game despite some lag caused by servers. MIA fumbles his first drive one yard away from pay dirt, but after a bounce or two it goes out of bounds and he punches it in on the next play. MIA holds RAMS to a FG on the goal line, then scores again to make it 14-3. RAMS score, MIA fg, RAMS score to make it 17-17 at half. RAMS get kickoff but go 4 and out trying to bomb it on 4th rather than punt, and MIA takes the easy points 10 yards later. TDs back and forth all second half until it's 31-31. RAMS kick onside to save time since they haven't stopped anything all game, but get a few called plays to force 4th and 2. Run 3 is the call, with manned Kevin Greene making a desparation dive and missing BUT forces an excellent Stradford into traffic and he's tied up for the turnover on downs. RAMS try to eat up the remaining 2 minutes to avoid scoring too quickly but MIA forces a 4th and 5 on MIA's 40. MIA blitzed Offerdahl but got bounced and Everett throws to an open Flipper to ice the game 38-31. GG Player.
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    Group C Me vs Randy of the PNW I win toss and offer WASH v MIN, and Randy takes MIN I'm pretty sure everybody either watched the stream or the VloGG of this game. If you haven't, you should, because it had a little of everything including a flea flicker playbook and an epic come from behind OT victory. WASH wins 27-21 in OT Very GG and glrw
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    Your Group E jp51 vs hank the tank JP51 won the toss JP51 called Pit dallas hank took pit cowboys grind off a score in the second and hold the pitt to zero points over the game. dall gets another score to make it 14-0 . If you missed it go to http://twitch.tv/justinpeters51
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    Thunderdome 12 Game Recaps: GROUP PLAY

    Group H Manyo won the toss and selects a DEN-SD matchup. I select SD and win 30-0. Stream below:
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    I'm doing the beginning of Chapter 2 on DWIV today at about 1 pm. I also just got an idea. If you have made roms and would be interested in watching me livestream myself playing them for the first time, let me know and we can set that up.
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    Would you be interested in watching me load and play this for the first time live? If so, let me know when you are free. I'll livestream myself looking at the ratings and playbooks of a few teams, then play a week 1 game.
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