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  1. Version 1.1


    - All 32 NFL Teams! - (NEW) 2022-2023 NFL Schedule! - Team SIM ratings based upon success in the 2022 season! - Halftime Stats! - Press START instead of B to throw a lobb pass. - Hybrid Defenses. (Extra defensive backs!) - (NEW) 2022 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters - (NEW) Rosters 2/12/22 5 DIFFERENT VERSIONS AVAILABLE! (BASE ROM (NO HACKS) / STANDARD / JUICED / JUICED PLUS / NES CLASSIC EDITION) SET Commands / Hacks Applied : BASE ROM NO HACKS *Tecmobowl.org 32-Team Base Rom with rosters for the 2019-2020 NFL Season *Small graphical changes. STANDARD VERSION *Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV BASE ROM NO HACKS *No Sprite Flicker *Add stats after quarters (Halftime Only) *More NFL-like QB rating value *PA/PC Hack - PC is INT & PA is target *Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes *Increase CPU kickoff length *Better COM punt timing *Press START instead of B to throw a LOB PASS *Bruddog's Moving Grapple / Push-Pull Hack *Directional Punts - hold UP or DOWN to angle your punt *Decrease fumbles *Decrease Injuries in SKP Mode *Decrease Injuries in MAN mode *Change player kickoff position to 30 Yard-Line *Change Touchback to 25 Yard-Line *FG Avoid Kick Block Fix *Extra Point Try Moved to 15 Yard-Line *'Hut-Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence for 32-Team Roms JUICED VERSION *ALL hacks from STANDARD VERSION *Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control *CPU find open receiver *Passing game probability table hack *Ball carrier can break drone grapples *PR speed change from SS to actual PR player *OB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less *Kickoff speed increased *Buck's TSB.COM Juice Setter (MILD) JUICED PLUS VERSION *ALL hacks from JUICED VERSION *Better INT returns *COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I *COM defensive coverage late in season (28 and 32 team codes) *Jstout 'Logic' Modifier *Preseason and zero win games are now more challenging *Buck's TSB.COM Juice Setter (HOT) (My personal favorite Version) NES CLASSIC EDITION *ALL hacks from JUICED PLUS VERSION -Minus *No Sprite Flicker (This is probably the version you would want to make a physical cartridge from, or livestream SIMS, unless you're familiar with the No Sprite Hack) HOW TO PLAY : Recommended Emulator : FCEUX : http://www.fceux.com/web/home.html Recommended Setup : 1. Config \ Video \ Check 'allow more than 8 sprites per scanline.' 2. Config \ Timing \ Check Overclocking (old PPU only) and enter '240' into both scan line boxes. *If you aren't using an emulator that supports these functions, don't care about flickering sprites, and just want to play, download the NES Classic Edition Many thanks to other user submitted roms for player stats and editing. Rosters may not be 100% perfect and any comments are appreciated. Enjoy! - Special thanks to Maverick209 for his insight on player ratings. **Please note this is a WIP rom, so check back often for revisions!** SET COMMANDS GUIDE by SBlueman : **ALL NEW**
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  2. Rick 8bit

    Tecmo Super XFL

    Version 2.0.0


    What team is the XFL's Greatest Of All Time? 3 Leagues 1 Schedule Each team plays a 14 game schedule, stretched between 17 weeks 2001 teams play against each other 2020 teams play against each other 2023 teams play against each other Top 12 Teams meet in the playoffs Like the 2020 and 2023 version, the kickoff is important! Teams kick from the 20 and clock doesn't run! Shout Out and thanks to S. Blueman and Baron Lector. They inspired me. This will be updated during the season. Enjoy and any questions find me on Social Media
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  3. Version Rev 0


    Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports video game of all time. Now, 31 years after TSB made 8-Bit legends of Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor, TecmoBowl.org proudly announces the belated release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2023. This site's 15th yearly iteration updates Tecmo's NES classic with up-to-date post-season rosters, graphics, schedules and play books for all 32 NFL squads. Additionally, you can now check the defensive conditions of your players. Playable on multiple platforms and operating systems via NES emulation software, Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 brings Nintendo's bone-crunching classic to today's computers and handheld devices. Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 Table of Contents A. How This Works B. How To Play - PC/Mac C. How to Play Online - Windows D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 Notes E. Known Issues F. Credits A. How This Works If you're new to emulation: ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file) Emulator = NES System B. How To Play - PC/Mac Download Nestopia for your platform and also the .nes ROM - Windows | Mac Open Nestopia. From Nestopia, File > Open and find your .nes ROM. C. How to Play Online - Windows Get started at the official chatrooms of TBORG, the Tecmo Super Bowl Discord - https://discord.gg/0bTEaH3dmy3Dzsgq If you’re looking for an online league, we recommend TecmoBowl.org's Online Tecmo Leagues. D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2022 notes Check Defense condition - In the same location as the time out menu there is now a "CHECK DEF" option which lets you scroll left and right through your players 32-Team ROM Rosters current as of 11:59pm CST on 9/7/2022 Adjustable quarter length Playbook editing in-game Player 2 attributes now display correctly Halftime stats Pass Control determines if a pass will be completed. Passing Accuracy determines if the ball will be on target. Schedule reset wont' randomize order (Thursday game should always be first, Monday night last) Schedule is only 16 games due to rom space constraints E. Known Issues You can't edit the player names for the NFC West teams using publicly released emulators. This rom may not work on some emulators. Sorry. F. Credits Graphics - Keithisgood | @keithisgood Rosters/Attributes/Sim - @Knobbe @War Machine Rom - @bruddog QA/Rom Merge/Project Coordinator - @Knobbe | @tecmogodfather Thanks to: Jstout, Bruddog, Cxrom, Bad-Al & Buck for the hacking knowledge and tools. Special thanks to @SBluemanfor his roster work and just pushing things in general Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 by TecmoBowl.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://tecmobowl.org/.
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