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    Oh you Von you!!!! you never disappoint sir!!! Thanks..
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    Hey love your commentary on retro video games channel! Good stuff for sure! Looking forwards in the future to possibly competing in one of those tecmo Super Bowl tournaments!!
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    Download multines to play xfl2020 tecmo.. still working on the rom but team rosters are complete
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    Here is the updated versions of CFL 2004 and 2005 that i have done, Just cause i happened to see u looking at that. TECMO GREY CUP 2004 - Max Juice.nes TECMO GREY CUP 2005 - Max Juice.nes
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    Tsb3 2018.?

    Tsb3 2018.?
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    Will there be a tecmo super bowl 2018 for snes.
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    First official roster reveal, with Trade Values, for Winning Run 2018 for the #SNES. @Yankees #RETROGAMING… https://t.co/E7ZqCKQCRc
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    Because staged β€œleaked” photos are fun! #RetroGaming #MLBOpeningDay2018 #SNES #Yankees #WinningRun2018 #KGJr https://t.co/MbSlaccpp1
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    RT @Steve_OS: NBA Live 18 demo coming in August.
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    What do to after all my baseball ROMs have been released? Relax? No. Start working on the football ROMs!… https://t.co/HVRY62xykY
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    very interesting on your 1978-1993 tsb. have u ever considered doing it for 1994-2007 with the use of the 32 team rom for 1995-2007? i know 1995-2001 had only 30 and 31 teams which i was thinking that a team in the afc and nfc could be used for free agency or something instead of being played in the season.
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    Coming soon: Legends of Tecmo Super Bowl #TecmoBowl https://t.co/7JVZjGB25J
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    hey man, we play in the thunderdome. Lmk when you're available.
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    Love the super juiced version! But still to nitpick... a few of your ratings are waaayyyy off! Jason Witten, old as dirt and returning from over a year out of football. You have him better than OJ Howard and Austin Hooper and Eric Ebron among others. That's absurd. He should be a 50 in rec and hitting power, and that's based on the player he was over 18 months ago. There are a few others that are headscratchers. What is your process for developing the ratings?
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    RT @AthletesHumors: BRUH.. I am crying??? https://t.co/wtD3ZFyBiB
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    @tedcruz Peace to you and yours, sir. You are a fine American for standing up for your beliefs and convictions. Thank you.
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    RT @MsBlaireWhite: Radical Islam a monstrously more present threat than Nazism, but we can only criticize Nazism because "Islam = brown peo…
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