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    The Jeff Query Quarantine Classic Live, one day, online tourney Sat. March 21 - 7PM (Central) - no entry fee No Condition Checker Type !1d6 for dice roll in #one-day-tourneys channel Type !Coin-toss for coin toss in channel or you can do coin toss in game Challonge link: https://challonge.com/JeffQuery Bummed no Tomcazk this weekend and also a down time for all leagues so seeing if anyone is interested in a live online tourney this Saturday March 21. I know this has been tried with varying levels of success before. Thinking double elim but will decide once I have a final number. Tomczak rules in effect (see below). Start at 7pm central. $20 to the winner. You would have 15 mins to start your game once it is announced or its a forfeit to keep things moving. So you would have to be available to play for the duration of the tourney. Commish call on who advances (possible both would not advance). Sign up here, DM on discord, and/or check out #one-day-tourneys channel on discord. All updates and realtime tourney announcements will be on there Some notes: - I'm trying to work it so non hosters can participate but reserve the right to decide a 2 non hosters game by a coin-flip. Hope it wont come to that and working on a solution. - War Machine's Thunderdome rankings will be used for seeding -Tomczak Bowl Game Setup rules - https://tomczakbowl.com/rules/ Game Setup Before each game the following steps will be followed: 1.One person rolls a die to determine which tier they get for the match (Tiers 1-5). Both players will choose between the teams available in that particular tier. If a 6 is rolled then the person will simply roll again. No changing tiers even if both players agree. The die is king in the land of Tecmo. 2.After the tier is determined a manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) from the determined team tier or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip loser. -If the winner chooses the matchup, the winner is given the P1 controller, and the loser chooses his choice of the two teams in the matchup. -If the winner defers the matchup choice, the winner is given the P2 controller, the loser will then choose the matchup and the winner will select his choice of the two teams. -Players can use the same match choice more than once in this tournament if the opportunity arises. 3. Once teams and controllers are established, both players are allowed to make and modifications to their team’s playbook and starting roster. A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. No Lurching.
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    HSTL S54 Sig Warz

    Let me start this off
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    My TSB Journal

    Dear Journal, Sorry I haven't said anything but I've seen the light! Going into my 2nd stint in the GTFO season something hit me. I know I am not playing up to the Standard I want. Two words; Play Calling! My defense is suppose to be a strength to my name now its need to be fine tuned a lot. Calling wrong plays and making the opposition easy scores, I had to be smarter when it comes down to defense. Too many pass calls leads to big runs, too many run calls lead to everybody wide open. I don't care how great the DB can be, he can't cover everybody, somebody is going to open. Sure, I can score with anybody on offense but I don't get stops create turnovers on defense. The result is losing seasons no matter what league (s) I join. As I approach to completion my first year as a TSB online player, now is the time to gain the RESPECT. I can play with anybody; If my mindset is correct I can for sure defeat anybody. I played about approximately 700 to 800 games (LFG, GTFO, TTL, Thunderdome, 2K, Scrimmages, and solo practice) now is the time to put all the pieces together. Is it hard, ABSOLUTELY! Wouldn't have it any other way. My Quote of the day : Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement TY @Barletti
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    NFL 2020-21 Season Discussion

    Pretty incredible Tom Brady / Tampa Bay Buccaneers stats line: "Brady has five times as many playoff wins, six times as many Super Bowl wins and seven times as many 30-touchdown seasons as all the quarterbacks in Buccaneers history, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He could lose his next 283 starts and still have a better career record than the Bucs franchise." ~ ESPN
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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

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    I love the HSTL

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    I love the HSTL

    you guys are great!
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