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    Mike Gordan

    2020 Divisional Playoffs PREDICT FEST

    Even though I was 1-3 on Wild Card weekend, I insisted on a home sweep on the divisional round regardless of the outcomes of Wild Card Weekend. And I'm doubling down on my assessment. 49ers beat Vikings Ravens beat Titans Chiefs beat Texans Packers beat Seahaws--this one is arguably the toughest call. Doesn't really matter to me, so long as neither the 49ers nor Seahawks win the Super Bowl.
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    I'm rooting for the Seahawks to make it to the Super Bowl because they beat the Eagles, and for the Titans to make it because they beat the Pats. Then I pick the Seahawks to win. Texans over Chiefs, 49ers over Vikings.
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    Midnight Marauder

    Baseball Stars - Expanded

    1989 MLB Rom: https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/5162-1989-baseball-stars-rom/
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    baseball stars pennant race

    this hack has the 6 divion leaders and 2 wild card leaders. included is a save state file for fce ultra with 6 more teams in the wild card hunt. place the save state file in the 'fcs' folder inside the fce ultra folder. hit F7 while playing the game to load the save state. this will work with the latest version of fce ultra. if you need it, do a google search. rosters and stats are accurate as of 9-4-05. bstars05race.zip
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