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    As Hoff and I discussed on the latest Dont Hassle the Hoff podcast, I am looking to revive 2K season 4. I am looking to fill a full 32 team league for season 4. A bit ambitious? Yes, but the amount of work it takes to modify the ratings from a 32 team to 16, 18 or 20, etc is a giant PIA. It's 32 or bust! Future seasons will be TBD based on interest. If you are interested in returning/joining, please reply to this post with the information below. Note: Any owner who participated in season 3 will have priority as well as folks on waiting list. Discord Handle: Team preference (list 3 teams). Can be any of the 32 teams in the NFL. ------------------------ Current Interest List: Bold = in red = out or not confirmed 1. War Machine (PIT) 2. Hoffnasty (BUF) 3. Arncoem (SF-NE-HOU) 4. Madtown Spliff (Packers than anyone not CHI or MIN) 5. Prime (Falcons) 6. Player121 (anyone but CHI or MIN) 7. Nos (NO) 8. Jebigred (CHI) 9. Barletti (NYG) 10. Randywags (KC) 11. The Mack (JAX) 12. Darth Rockman (GB) 13. Drake (NE) 14. Tadaos (BUF, PHI, OAK, doesnt matter) 15. Jesus (DAL) 16. TecmoBo 17. Joeygats 18. Bruddog (S.F.) 19. Swamp (PIT or whoever) 20. Cubsfan5150 (WASH-DEN) 21. Speed (No preference) 22. Turbo (PHI) 23. Ptitteri (SF then doesn’t care) 24. 8-bit (MIN-JETS) 25. Primetime 26. Nelson79 (Browns, KC, Bears) 27. johny_mx (KC-ATL-DET) 28. Miles Prower (MIN or anyone but CHI) 29. VGifted (DEN) 30. Thrash (RAI) 31. VikingMoe (MIN) 32. Eifersucht (NYG) 33. jonnyv (bengals/vikings/giants) 34. Rico 35. Madcuban *Non wait list will move down list if wait listers join* Non returning members (will have chance to change mind before finalizing the list) Middledoug Ziur
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    gonna try .. im in
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    I am interested. vikingmoe02 prefer Vikings but will take any team not named the Packers or Saints
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    IN - don't want to miss it this time
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    Interested! War does an amazing job. Don’t want to miss it.
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    I’m so in! randywags25 KC, no preference otherwise.
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    Im in NY Giants please
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    Interested. MIA, RAI, whoever
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    Interested Discord: swamp no preference
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    Pete Dorsey - discord: MADCUBAN Miami Dolphins (I have him setup playing online now & his house is right next door to my office - will be no issue him getting games in).
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    I will come back. Bears 1st choice
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    I am in for sure. I will take any team outside of the Bears or Vikings. Great to have you back, War Machine!
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    Discord Handle: Miles "Tails" Prower Team Preference: Minnesota, then anyone except GB
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    Discord Handle: Prime Team preference: Falcons #1, Bears #2, Seahawks #3
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    jonnyv bengals/vikings/giants
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    Arnco EM - in SF 49ers prefer to be but if Brudogg wants them I’ll take Patriots or Texans
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    Cubsfan5150 Skins, Broncos... Third team doesn't matter
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    Interested. Discord: johny_mx Chiefs or anyone.
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    Interested Discord:Thrash. Raiders or anyone.
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    Interested. Discord Handle: Speed No team preference.
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