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    Detroit, MI - 3/07/20 - Tecmo Kumite VIII

    Sign-ups for Kumite VIII are now live! Registration Page: https://bit.ly/2s6TAax This year we are offering two divisions of competition. Compete for the title of Kumite Champion in the Globo Gym (Black Belt) division. Square off with other avid Tecmoers, minus the sharks, in the Average Joe's (Brown Belt) division. Cash, prizes, and raffle items will be ample and up for grabs for all competitors! Enjoy a discount if you submit your registration fee by 2/29. Send registration fee via PayPal to: [email protected] Join us at Bookies on March 7th for The Kumite! Globo Gym (Black Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Matt O. (Toolie) - Grand Blanc, MI 2. Levi L. (Nelson79) - Seymour, WI 3. Ed P. (Fast Ed) - Novi, MI 4. Joe Pasta (Shark) - Chesterfield, MI 5. Kevin M. (kmolnar) - Outta Town 6. Rico R. (ryan33fulcher) - Franklin, WI 7. Basilios B. (Alpha Tap Dog) - Flint, MI (*** 2019 Brown Belt Champ ***) 8. Eric O. (Bob Sacamano) - Waterford, MI 9. Tom S. (RetroSportsGamer) - Chicago, IL 10. Louis B. (Red98sethuthut) - Buffalo, NY 11. Francis B. (Mort) - Riverside, IL 12. Hank D. (hankthetank) - Green Bay, WI 13. Tim U. (the shield) - Menasha, WI 14. Dan S. (DPS) - Chicago, IL 15. Eric K. (Riddler) - Lima, OH 16. Joseph C. (joeygats) - Green Bay, WI (*** 2019 Black Belt Champ ***) 17. Eric H. (heidenreich) - Perry, OH Average Joe's (Brown Belt) Division Registered Players 1. Jordan T. (TeacherResellerGuy) - Rochester Hills, MI 2. Randall C. (Deezy83) - Chesterfield, MI 3. Nick G. (NickG80) - Highland, MI 4. Mark N. (LurchKing) - University Heights, OH 5. Robert W. (KornKid) - Mount Morris, MI 6. Max B. (MaddMax16) - Dexter, MI 7. John R. (Razor9) - New Boston, MI (*** 2019 White Belt Champ ***) 8. Jay M. (Hitman) - Peck, MI 9. Mark B. (Bucky) - Brooklyn, OH 10. Trevor B. (Bucky 2.0) - Brooklyn, OH 11. Bryan A. (Tugboat) - Cleveland, OH 12. Jeremy B. - Berkley, MI 13. Kevin P. (PaskdaYooper) - Escanaba, MI 14. Jason P. (TheReplacements) - Royal Oak, MI 15. Nick B. - Wyandotte, MI 16. Justin B. - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 17. Raymond V. (villareal) - Flint, MI 18. Eric P. (P Cash) - Plymouth, MI 19. John D. (Mocha Joe) - New Orleans, LA 20. Ryan P. (RockinRye) - Canton, MI 21. Tamer A. (TamBam) - Canton, MI 22. David F. (Triple20) - Wixom, MI 23. Drew F. - Wixom, MI 24. Nick M. - Dearborn, MI 25. Brandon P. - Farmington Hills, MI 26. Chas C. (grey fox) - Clarkston, MI
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    Is Ickey Woods the only football player whose TD dance has a Wikipedia page of its own? Maybe so... cuz Ickey Woods was a FREEDOM FIGHTER, man---for fun, for America, for whatever the fuck he wanted to do in life... one hard-fought north-south yard at a time... at this tournament, we will honor this "Freedom Fighter" version of Ickey who reigned so joyously in 1988, his big rookie season, by bestowing upon him his righteous atts, imagining for a moment a brighter, happier universe where his knees did not turn to gelatin starting in that foul year of our lord 1989... may the gods shine on Elbert "Ickey" Woods here at Ickey 2! Salute, king. Now let's SHUFFLE... everything else on the ROM... OG
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    Oh I was hoping someone was going to finally compile a large database from past tourneys.
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    Tomczak Bowl V - X https://tecmomadison.com/season/tomczak-bowl-v/ https://tecmomadison.com/season/tomczak-bowl-vi/ https://tecmomadison.com/season/tomczak-bowl-vii/ https://tecmomadison.com/season/tomczak-bowl-viii/ http://challonge.com/tomczak9 http://challonge.com/tomczak10 (I have scores and teams for 9 and 10 if you want them) Tecmo Ohio https://tecmomadison.com/league/ohio-v/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/ohio-vi/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/ohio-vii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/ohio-viii/ (talk to @vogtcd11 to see about getting more from this tourney) Tecmo Madison https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-iv/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-v/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-vi/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-vii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-viii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-ix/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-x/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-xi/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-xii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/tecmo-xiii/ Detroit Tecmo Kumite https://tecmomadison.com/league/detroits-tecmo-kumite/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/detroits-tecmo-kumite-ii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/detroits-tecmo-kumite-iii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/detroits-tecmo-kumite-iv/ (talk to @modeezie for more results) Nebraska https://tecmomadison.com/league/nebraska-ii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/nebraska-iii/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/nebraska-iv/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/nebraska-v/ https://tecmomadison.com/league/nebraska-vi/ Ryder Cup https://tecmomadison.com/league/ryder-cup-ii/ Tundra Bowl http://www.tundrabowl.com/history.html (talk to @RetroNathan for more info) Iowa Tecmo (talk to @noonan) Tupa Bowl (Tecmo Columbus) https://challonge.com/users/kevincabarello (this has results from Tupa Bowl II - IV) Millards Mayhem (talk to @SammieSmith33) I know there are plenty more tourneys out there but this should be a good start for you.
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