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    Super (obviously) important oversharing of my thought processes for the name of this shindig. I perused the top movies of 1991 and used them in this stream of consciousness. My Own Private Bo... Or Joe... Backdraft Draftback Beauty and the East What about Bob Nelson? Point Broke Boyz All in Good JFK - Jerry, Fulcher and Krieg Robbin Good (Players) : Price of Thieves My Girl - (byline of Silence of the Rams) #Chrissy Fried Green Marinos Slacker (The Draft) The Last Cowboy Scout The Add Man's Family Don't Tell TBK The Cardinals are Dead CCing with the Enemy Bills and Jets Bogus Journey New Bo Jackson City An American Tail: Thurmal Goes West LA Story Dead Again The Prince of Sides (Swappin) and finally Necessary Roughness Oh yeah, we're doing a Tecmo thing this weekend on Saturday at the Eagle's Nest in Sammamish (we gonna change that moniker to the Hawk's Nest?) Here are the particulars: CONCEPT: 7 players will be participating in a one-day tecmo tournament in a format never before seen. There will be two rounds of drafting, a TEAM draft and PLAYER STEALING draft. 1. TEAM DRAFT: Each of the 7 players will choose 4 teams each from the original TSB, totalling 28 teams. This will be a SNAKE draft (person picking last in round 1 picks first in round 2, etc). There’s not much for rules here, pick a team that hasn't been taken yet, and make it snappy. 2. PLAYER DRAFT: Once the teams are chosen, there will be a 2 round NON-SNAKE draft, beginning with the last team selected and ending with the first team selected. This draft has lots of rules, so read a few times to make sure you got it. RULE 1: You cannot steal from one of your own teams. Example: You drafted the teams SF, SD, NO, IND. Any time you’re up to steal a player, you CANNOT steal players from those teams. RULE 2: A team can only be stolen from a maximum of 3 times. Once this limit is hit, the team is immune from being stolen for the rest of the draft. Example: The Oilers lose Warren Moon, Drew Hill, and Richard Johnson. They are now immune from being stolen from again, so if you want Lorenzo White, get him EARLY. RULE 3: Once a team loses a player, the position of that player is immune from future steals Example: If Joe Montana is stolen, Steve Young is safe. If Bo Jackson is stolen, Marcus Allen is safe. If Derrick Thomas is stolen, Percy Snow is safe. Etc for all positions RULE 4: The player you steal must be the same position and alignment as the player you’re giving. Example: Jerry Rice is WR2. If you want to steal him, you gotta trade your WR2. Example: Gil Byrd is DB2. If you want him, you gotta trade your DB2 RULE 5: There will be NO RE-ALIGNMENTS Example: If you steal Gil Byrd, get ready to play DB2 RULE 6: Once a player is stolen, they cannot be RE-STOLEN again. Example: IND takes QB Eagles. QB Eagles is the IND QB for the rest of the draft. RULE 7: A given player can be stolen by another team, but a given player may NOT be given away again in another trade. This is the most complex rule, so a couple examples will help explain the logic. Example A: Indianapolis, with the first pick, steals QB Eagles (and in exchange, give the Eagles their original QB1, Jeff George). Now that IND has QB Eagles and PHI has Jeff George... QB Eagles is immune from being stolen from the Colts (per Rule 6), Jim McMahon is immune from being stolen from the Eagles (per Rule 3), The owner of PHI may NOT trade away Jeff George for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal Jeff George (per Rule 7) Example B: Cleveland, knowing someone will eventually steal QB Browns, preemptively solves their QB problem by stealing Warren Moon from HOU (and in exchange, gives QB Browns to HOU) Now that CLE has Warren Moon and HOU has QB Browns… Warren Moon is immune from being stolen from the Browns (per Rule 6) Cody Carlson is immune from being stolen from the Oilers (per Rule 3) The owner of HOU may not trade away QB Browns for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal QB Browns (per Rule 7) So Far we are done through Round 4. I'll post the results below but will keep the End Results on this top post of this thread. Round Zero: Picking draft slot Joey B - 1. Shamanyo - 2 Boogie with Stu - 3 Tick - 4 Gripsmoke - 5 DT - 7 Kamp - left with 6 Teams selected. Joey B: Shamanyo: STU Boogie: Tick: Gripsmoke: Kamp: DT: Player Draft: 1.1 Browns snatch QB Eagles, giving up QB Browns to Philly 1.2 Bucs snatch Jerry Rice, giving up Bruce Hill to the 49ers. 1.3 Eagles snatch Bo Jackson, giving up Keith Byars 1.4 Falcons snatch Joe Montana, giving Chris Miller Cascadia Tournament Historical Links: Ickey Shuffle 1 - CFT - The Shuffle Draft: The Silence of the Lambs 11/19/19 1st gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Manyo CFT Season 4 - Sammamish Smashmouth Tecmo at the Eagles Nest 7/29/19 - 1st PeteT, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd and 4th gripsmoke and Tick PNW Honbasho 1 Behind the Woodshed 1/26/19 1st DT, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd kamphuna8, 4th PTitteri CFT RNG 1 Sammamish Smshmth 12.30/18 1st Invader, 2nd kamphuna, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf Championships) CFT Season 3 GrgeDys Revsted 11/10/18 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Stu, 3rd and 4th Tick and Randy (lost in Conf Championships) CFT Season 2 Grit City Tecmo 7/28/18 1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf championships) Portland Tecmo 2 JJ's Birden 1/27/18 1st kamphuna8, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Tick, 4th DT (Greats rom side tourney 1st Gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8 Seattle Pimpin' Ain't Easley 9/3/17 1st Ptitteri, 2nd Mort, 3rd DT, 4th Invaderstar (Consolation Champ Tailback King) CFT Season 1 Tacoma 7/8/17 1st kamphuna8, 2nd DT, 3rd XtraLargent, 4th Invaderstar CFT Season 0 Centralia 3/11/17 1st Tick, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd DT, 4th Manyo 3Portland 1 JJ in the Beaver 1/28/17 1st Invaderstar, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Manyo (Consolation Champ 1991Huskies #shoottheJ) Pac Rim 3 Seattle 9/4/16 1st Moonwalk, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd jim jensen, 4th DT (Bottom Bracket Winner Boogiewithstu over gripsmoke) PNWTC 5 Centralia 7/2/16 1st gripsmoke, 2nd SirTed, 3rd Tick, 4th Manyo Mayhem 5 Centralia "Dick" 8/29/15 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd gripsmoke, 4th Manyo PNWTC 4 Centralia 7/11/15 1st DT, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd SirTed, 4th kamphuna8 Mayhem 4 Centralia "play 2" 1/2/15 1st kamphuna8, 2nd manyo, 3rd grip ( Night mayhem 1st kamp, 2nd manyo, 3rd TailbackKing) PNWTC 3 Centralia 6/21/14 1st gripsmoke, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Randy F Mr. GiGGles PAC RIM II Seattle 4/12/14 1st Invaderstar, 2nd gripsmoke, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Stanley? Mayhem 3 Tacoma Trailer Tecmo 4/4/14 1st kamphuna8 Mini Tourney Winner Invaderstar Mayhem 2 Centralia 3/1/14 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Sir Ted, 3rd Manyo, BoogieWithStu Mayhem 1 Centralia ACTUAL 2/15/14 Manyo over kamphuna8 Mayhem 1 Centralia 8/17/13 Didnt happen... PNWTC 2 Centralia 6/30/13 1st kamphuna8, 2nd Randy Foulfield, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th BoogieWithStu PAC RIM I Seattle 4/7/13 1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd tie Sir Ted and Tyler J PNWTC 1 Olympia 6/23/12 1st Randy, 2nd GoNickMontana5, 3rd Manyo, 4th BoogieWithStu RESULTS Rumblings by CochiseBlue(Luigi) and MadManyo and GoManyo360 Edmonds at Another Castle 5/20/11 1st Manyo, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Boogie with Stu RECAP RodWoodson aka TecmoGodfather aka PNW Live Tourney Godfather
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    how'd the bills go so late? Sounds like my kind of tourney.
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    (NES) Tecmo Grey Cup 2019

    There will be another update sometime this month.
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    Wow some steak and eggs with a little Cocaine makes for a great LT breakfast. while a black and blueberry eyed girl pancake makes for a perfect Warren Moon Wife Beater plate breakfast.
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    Here are a couple primo prizes! You can eat your breakfast on either Lawrence Taylor's or Warren Moon's Face?
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    2018 Victory Lane. @joeygats @justinpeters51 @Knobbe LTZJ1409[1].MP4
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    And here is our first raffle prize! I will post a couple a day. Were also going to have a raffel for losing games! So even losers can be winners!
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    This just in! Amazing trophy for the winner!
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