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    Field goal distances

    So the distance depends on the kicker rating and there is also a random variable as well. The longest possible kick would by by Nick Lowery in excellent who would have a kick rating of 94. He could make a kick 68 yards away (his own 32 yard line) and that would have a 23% chance of being in his range. Al Del Greco in bad would have a kick rating of 13 and after the 50 yard line it's no sure thing after that he would be in range.
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    Wow the Colts simply ground down the Chiefs. This is the same team that gave up 31 to the Raiders at home the week prior.
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    I wonder how much Christian McCaffrey is motivated by "white men can't run." Because - regardless - he's the best RB in the league, right now
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