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    Tecmo Super Bowl tournament plus Mega Man 2 race! CT Tecmo XI Is locked in for December 7th, 2019 there will be a live draft to start the day where everyone will be drafted to make up the Pools of 4 for group play. There will for the first time after group pool play be 2 separate brackets, Silver & Bronze for the 0-3 & 1-2 players that will compete for $ & a trophy for ea. (Plus after winning 2 games in silver & Bronze the competitors will earn their spot in the main event bracket along w the 3-0 & 2-1 players! ) more info to come....... The 3-0 & 2-1 players while waiting for 2 rounds of the silver & Bronze games will play in the: CT vs NY vs PA/NJ vs team “West of The rest” team challenge where each member of 4 man team plays one 1/4 of a game CT Tecmo 11 will again be on the 1st first Saturday of December at Blackstone Irish Pub in Southington CT. our Facebook page for updates: CT Tecmo website for all of the North East Tecmo Tourneys: NORTHEASTTECMO.com Please feel free to email me to be on the update list or if any questions: [email protected] WHEN: Saturday, December 7th, 11:00AM Setup & practice 10-11am 11am the live draft of players for pool play & $50 challenges announced for the day ! Last year at CT 10 “The Andre Rison” challenge was everyone played NO Saints vs ATL Falcons game 1 of Pool play: NO Saints D that held Rison to fewest yards earned the $50 & the ATL team w most Receiving yards by Rison earned the $50 challenge prize too! WHERE: Blackstone Irish Pub & Sports Bar, 1678 Meriden Waterbury Turnpike Southington, CT 06467 - http://www.blackstoneirishpub.com/ BUY-IN: $25 Registration: email [email protected] or Reply to this thread with your name & an email. Rules: http://tecmomadison.com/rules Format: Prizes: Cash & trophies for Top 4. Along w/ Rookie of the Year trophy & MVP both based on how did at North East Tourneys in 2019. equipment : Please let us know if can bring TVs, NES consoles, controllers, cartridges - bring as many as possibly can in case of equipment failure (no TV larger than 32” please) Transportation or Directions: Blackstone is located at the junction of I-84 & 691. Click for directions. If driving: 10 Minutes from 91 if traveling from Mass, VT, Maine, Canada, North Pole It's approximately a 75-minute drive from NYC, 80 min drive from Boston Flying: Bradley International Airport is a 20-minute drive from Blackstone. Railway: New Haven train station is a 25-minute drive. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro North train from New York City. We can and will pick & drop people back afterward at the NH Train station free of charge. Raffle: Lots and lots of prizes including a Tecmo Super Bowl Autographed Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge by Lawrence Taylor! In addition there will be a raffle for an all inclusive (flight. Hotel, Tournament entry) Trip to Green Bay WI for the next Tecmo Super Bowl national championship tournament - the 2020 Tundra Bowl! For $5 raffle ticket someone will win a free trip to GB Wisconsin & entry to the tournament! CT Tecmo 10 top 4 1 Rob O'donell ( PA ) 2 Erik Merliss (CT) 3 Dave Herson ( NYC ) 4 Lenny Cardoza ( Cape Cod, Ma) Past CT Tecmo (formerly known as The Cuban Tecmo Bowl 1-7) winners are: 1: Pete Dorsey, CT (2nd Erik M) 2: Erik Merliss, CT (2nd Pete D) 3: Erik M, CT (2nd Kevin Smith aka Tadaos) 4: Mort, IL (2nd DT Sea, WA) 5: Mort, IL (2nd DJ Deflippo, CT) 6: Mort, IL (2nd Louis, Buffalo NY) 7: Kevin S, CT (2nd Danny Knight, NY) 8: Gerald Smith, Louisiana (2nd Louis B ) 9: Matt Degeorge, PA (2nd Mort) 10. Rob O’donell, PA (2nd Erik M) In addition to the Tecmo Super Bowl tourney will be the 3rd year for the Mega man 2 race! Top 4 Mega Man 2 finishers last year were: 1st: Todd Saucier (CT) 2nd: Phil Rottkamp (NY) 3rd: Kevin Cabarello (Columbus, OH ) 4th: Kevin (Tadaos) Smith Don’t miss out on Friday night - multiple TVs w/ tecmo hooked up at the hotel across street from Blackstone & pickup games going on all night! please feel free to hit me up w/ any questions or comments ! ARNCO EM on discord Erik Merliss on Facebook thanks- Erik aka ARNCO~EM
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    Yup had the spots identified and went through changing them one by one to determine/verify. I've been busy since then and need to see if the attributes sum to 255 like in TSB NES, sum to a different value, or do not sum at all.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    8-6 I picked Dallas but I'm glad the Saints held on and won. Fuck Dallas.
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    Good week in my nfl spread pool so far. Need NO to pull it out tonight to have a chance to win it. 81 person pool is always tough. #2 on the season standings....
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    My rough working theory based on messing with the sim data: qb - 3 bytes (6 total) (bit 5 = passing, bit 6 = scramble) rb/wr/te - 4 bytes (40 bytes) 18 defenders - 3 bytes each (sacks/int/tackles) (unlike TSB NES they are grouped per player) (54 bytes) - **CONFIRMED** kicker/punter/rush defense yards allowed /pass defense yards allowed (last 4 bits/2 bytes) - **CONFIRMED** That gets me to 102
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    The official CT Tecmo Eleven (EL) theme reveal:
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