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    Outstanding weekend with the Vogts! Congrats to Joey! It was great seeing everyone and spending some time getting to you.
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    This is Drew Stanton speaking, here: Chop ! Chop ! Chef may field questions as to that; I am not here to deliberate on his salad. Ok - I am ready to reveal my findings (but not all), to Joe Public. As they say in West Dallas... Then again, if you go to East Tokyo... But if you take it to The Land, why - all I gotta say is - this ROM is some kinda Wild & Entertaining ride, with Yours Truly rockin' the CB's helm Led MY team, I did - that's, MY team - to an 11-5 mark... For all who are clamoring for the Baked Potato, let's not forget to compare our side-by-side EOS stats, shall we? Ok, you may have a point there... At any rate, speaking of Cardinals, I bested that dragon-breath behemoth Brett Hundley's mark of 9-7. And now let's compare our (all's) EOS stats: Ok - you Doogie got a point, there... Butlookeyhere, darnit: * WildCard, banana fries. ~Strangely, all WC games this year seemed to go to Overtime... Mine, too.~ What did I do about it, ye say? Well, only throw 3 picks in the OT period, is all. The third of these turned out to be the Game-Winner, as Malcolm Butler picked it off around his own 5 yard-line, only to be worked into the end zone {grapple, Miguel} - Safety-style!... That was very "me" of me. (Very Malcolm Butler of Malcolm Butler, too.) *There is an asterisk next to this result. * Best thing I remember about this game was, earlier in the day I heard some feller named "Frank Dukes" being interviewed (over radio). Then, the same guy who did merely this all of regular-season, busts off an amazing 63-yarder, to lovely brown paydirt. Weird but True. *There is another asterisk next to this result. Thankfully, I went back to my glorious INT ways, in this here Won. Now, as for the Championship Game: Let me just say that the Rams are a tough out. We played 'em even for the first half - it was tied 21's at halftime (I think) - with Your EXCELLENCY rocketing 100% complete; then... G'nite.
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    Recording Tackles

    Here is some code for recording the number of tackles for each defensive player during a played game (NOT a simmed game). I've been using this for testing play design coding but it has a few bugs. I thought someone might find it useful or be able to expand upon it. I haven't checked the erase code location for 100% correctness thoroughly though I expect no problems. *Added code for the Pro Bowl game, changed entry point to start of stats not cleanup to fix a bug, changed back fumble code, and added code to fix previous bugs* Note: Do not use this on cxrom's 32-team rom as locations listed are being used and you'll ruin the rom. Also I'm not aware of the exact SRAM locations he used. The Bugs are: [Previous Bugs are fixed using this code.] 1. Fumble tackles are not recorded (defender fumbles back to the offense caused problems with checking for lost fumbles) 2. Not a Bug but no Special Team tackles are recorded x25AE9 Jump to New Code: 4C 90 FF JMP $FF90 EA NOP EA NOP EA NOP EA NOP x3FFA0 Change Banks for Tackle Code: A9 06 LDA #$06 8D 00 80 STA $8000 A9 01 LDA #$01 8D 01 80 STA $8001 20 E0 9C JSR $9CE0 ; Go to Tackle code A9 06 LDA #$06 8D 00 80 STA $8000 A9 12 LDA #$12 8D 01 80 STA $8001 ; RE-ENTER NORMAL CODE A5 70 LDA $70 10 03 BPL :+ 4C 3E 9C JMP $9C3E ; Go back to Player 2 4C E0 9A : JMP $9AE0 ; Go back to Player 1 x3CF0 Record Tackles: ; ENABLE SRAM A9 80 LDA #$80 8D 01 A0 STA $A001 ; CHECK FOR OUT OF BOUNDS A5 73 LDA $73 C9 80 CMP #$80 ; Out of Bounds F0 39 BEQ :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A FUMBLE 29 20 AND #$20 ; Fumbled D0 35 BNE :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A RUN OR PASS PLAY A5 71 LDA $71 C9 8C CMP #$8C ; Run Play F0 11 BEQ :++ C9 AC CMP #$AC ; Pass Play F0 07 BEQ :+ C9 CD CMP #$CD ; Sacked QB F0 09 BEQ :++ 4C 24 9D JMP :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A COMPLETED PASS A5 72 : LDA $72 C9 20 CMP #$20 ; Completion D0 1E BNE :++++ ; TACKLED A5 B5 : LDA $B5 C9 40 CMP #$40 ; Player 1 90 18 BCC :+++ C9 C0 CMP #$C0 ; Player 2 B0 05 BCS :+ ; PLAYER 1 29 0F AND #$0F 4C 1A 9D JMP :++ ; PLAYER 2 29 0F : AND #$0F 18 CLC 69 0B ADC #$0B ; RECORD TACKLE A8 : TAY B9 80 7F LDA $7F80,Y 18 CLC 69 01 ADC #$01 99 80 7F STA $7F80,Y ; DISABLE SRAM A9 C0 : LDA #$C0 8D 01 A0 STA $A001 ; EXIT 60 RTS x21D7E Jump to Erase Code: 4C E0 BF JMP $BFE0 EA NOP x23FF0: Erase Tackles: A9 00 LDA #$00 A0 16 LDY #$16 99 7F 7F : STA $7F7F,Y 88 DEY D0 FA BNE :- A0 0E LDY #$0E 4C 72 9D JMP $9D72 x21419 Jump to Pro Bowl Erase Code: A2 01 LDX #$01 A0 06 LDY #$06 84 44 STY $44 4C EF BF JMP $BFEF EA NOP x23FFF Pro Bowl Erase Tackles: A9 00 LDA #$00 A0 16 LDY #$16 99 7F 7F : STA $7F7F,Y 88 DEY D0 FA BNE :- A9 05 LDA #$05 A0 64 LDY #$64 4C 13 94 JMP $9413 If a league ever uses this then the tackles are for player 1 at $7F80 to $7F8A (x1F80 to x1F8A) and player 2 at $7F8B to $7F95 (x1F8B to x1F95) in SRAM.
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    Recording Tackles

    Update for 28 team rom league play. TACKLE ERASE (not really needed for league play since RAM is intialized every game load but keeping in) SET (0x21D7E, 0x4CE0BFEA) SET(0x23FF0, 0xA900A016997F7F88D0FAA00E4C729D) JUMP TO TACKLE LOGIC SET (0x25aE9, 0x4C90FFEAEAEAEA) TACKLE LOGIC SET (0x3FFA0, 0xA9808D01A0A573C980F0392920D035A571C98CF011C9ACF007C9CDF0094CD4FFA572C920D01EA5B5C9409018C9C0B005290F4CCAFF290F18690BA8B9807F18690199807FA9C08D01A0A57010034C3E9C4CE09A)
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