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    It definitely was released in December. I'd assume because of the lag time it would take to release something like this. I think it would have made sense to release at the beginning of the football season so they probably had them prepared earlier. Also there was probably limited data on changes made. Steve Grogan was released on April 28th. Hugh Millen was signed by the Patriots on April 1, 1991 (was on the Falcons in TSB) The roster I'm sure are an inconsistent mashup of rosters between the end of the 1990 season and the start of 1991.
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    Special Ending

    Thanks I wasn't aware of the special ending. I'll have to get there and put it on youtube
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    1994 Pro Bowl Teams

    AFC QB1 - Dan Marino (SF) QB2 - Vinny Testaverde (NYG) RB1 - BO Jackson (KC) RB2 - Garrison Hearst (PIT) RB3 - Emmitt Smith (NYG) RB4 - Larry Centers (ATL) WR1 - Willie Anderson (NYJ) WR2 - Johnnie Morton (TB) WR3 - Sam Graddy (SF) WR4 - Ed McCaffrey (KC) TE1 - Ben Coates (SF) TE2 - Keith Jackson (TB) OL1 - Wayne Gandy (SF) most total yards OL2 - Tom Nalen (PIT) most rushing yards OL3 - Troy Auzenne (SF) most passing yards OL4 - Keith Sims (KC) fewest sacks OL5 - Bob Whitfield (CIN) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Clyde Simmons (KC) DL2 - Leslie Oneal (NYG) DL3 - John Randle (RAMS) LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA) LB2 - Roman Phifer (MIA) LB3 - Terry Wooden (SEA) LB4 - Levon Kirkland (CIN) DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF) DB2 - Tom Carter (KC) DB3 - Marcus Robertson (ATL) DB4 - Erik McMillan (NO) K - Matt Stover (ATL) P - Max Runager (NYG) NFC QB1 - Doug Pederson (GB) QB2 - Stan Humphries (OAK) RB1 - Derek Loviile (PHI) RB2 - Natrone Means (HOU) RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE) RB4 - Adrian Murrell (MIN) WR1 - Tim Brown (GB) WR2 - Mike Quick (PHX) WR3 - Isaac Bruce (CLE) WR4 - Jimmy Smith (OAK) TE1 - Shannon Sharpe (CHI) TE2 - Mark Bavarro (MIN) OL1 - Jumbo Elliott (PHX) most total yards OL2 - William Roaf (PHX) most rushing yards OL3 - Richmond Webb (GB) most passing yards OL4 - Jerry Ostroski (HOU) fewest sacks OL5 - Dave Widell (DAL) OL5 from best KR DL1 - Keith Millard (PHI) DL2 - Neil Smith (MIN) DL3 - Howie Long (NE) LB1 - Derrick Thomas (MIN) LB2 - Cornelius Bennett (WAS) LB3 - Greg Biekert (NE) LB4 - Mo Lewis (GB) DB1 - Wayne Haddix (PHI) DB2 - Ray Buchanan (GB) DB3 - Jeff Burris (HOU) DB4 - Darren Perry (CHI) K - Jason Hanson (HOU) P - Stuart Dodds (OAK)
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    Baron von Lector

    Super RBI 2019 (SNES) Gameplay

    Just going to leave this here... Enjoy!
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    It's pretty much all hair from hair on out. Here's two somewhat different hairstyles represented by the same Tecmo face. Gary Anderson had some kind of Jheri curl fade thing going on: T.B. RB1 gary ANDERSON Face=0xcc #40 38 69 50 25 50 50 [6 6 5 6 ] N.O. LOLB rickey JACKSON Face=0xcc #57 25 31 38 38 19 56 [38 3 ]
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    Okay I have now made a short video that walks you through this guide So that you can join, host, and play tecmo super bowl online via our server. Have a nice day
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    Sorry for the long delay everyone. The name is VK. Represent Florida to the fullest. Favorite team in real life ; Denver Broncos Favorite Team to control in TSB NES; Houston Oilers. Me and my older brothers use to grind hard as teens. Now I strictly play TSB3 Final Edition, just play TSB NES for the love of the game. Feel free to ask, Keep the TSB party going.
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    TecmoBo you are never allowed to make an unbalanced trade again. You've used up your lifetime supply
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