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    ? Hank please say this was a typo and you are planning on winning with “Butts” - as in Marion - lots of other potential places to get a tattoo where other people could see without you going to jail
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    @Darth RockMan was big time in this tournament. Taking two from @Tecmo Psycho and Mort back to back is no small feat. For those that were looking for the stream link, it's here.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGk4vlME4wQ Due to the length of the event, and upload limitations, Youtube deemed it necessary to end things after game 1 between Rock and Mort. It's my goal to have that footage separated from our local recording and uploaded as a separate video this week. For those that might be wondering what the longer pauses might be for, it's because of the round robin nature of the tournament, and the format itself. Because you couldn't call a match up your opponent had played in, as well as yourself, additional time and consideration was needed to determine what would be permitted. Due to the marathon style of the tournament with 10-11 round robin games plus the bracket, people needed a brief pause in between each game. I did not witness or hear about many blowouts, so the nerves of each player were certainly tested. As this continues to grow, I would imagine reducing the number of RR games will be a reality. I'd also imagine a possible reduction in play in games down to 1, as well as earlier bracket rounds potentially to accelerate the timeline before going best 2/3. Those decisions take place elsewhere of course. Congrats to the RSG guys for putting on another great event. It was fun to be there. On another note, someone had the bright idea of playing "Goodbye Horses" again.(Buffalo Bill cross dressing scene from Silence of the Lambs) This happened during the TPC I during bracket play last year. @toolie and I noticed it, and despite his absence this year, I let him know it happened again. Here was his response. "Would you lurch me? I'd lurch me..." I know @joeygats likes huge turnouts. Marginal growth of even just 10 people would add another $1,000 into the prize pool. The tournament is all about quality of competition, combined with quantity of games. Sure, your buy in is essentially doubled when compared to other national tournaments, but you get more than double the games, so keep that in mind when contemplating attending this in the future. GG everyone
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    Hope you got it going now. I should have my TSBLIV rom out by the end of the month
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