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    There is a good chance that i get to go to this event and if i do so i plan on winning it and getting a tattoo celebrating my victory on my butt.
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    Tundra Bowl, the nation’s largest Tecmo Super Bowl tournament, has announced that they are now the official home of both the Division 1 and Division 2 Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship! Over the last six years, Tundra Bowl has grown exponentially both in players, and in prestige. Tundra Bowl hosts the best collection of Tecmo Super Bowl players from across the United States, all competing to win their share of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, and the coveted title of TSB National Champion! More details will come in the months leading up to the tournament - make sure you stay tuned to Tundra Bowl’s social media pages (Facebook / Twitter), as well as the website and the TBorg forum for more announcements!
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    Sammamish, WA - CFT 4

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    Were def in trying to see who will ride along to chicago to meet with mort and drive with him rest of way.. lets make this the biggest turnout yet
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    Base rom freezes

    I restored the previous version.
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    Base rom freezes

    Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. I'm looking into it.
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    1st Place Kris K. (Kdog) 2nd Place Kramer J. (RypienU.A.new1) 3rd Place Josh D. (HughMillenation) 4th Place Tom B. (8-bit) Had a dozen competitors for TSB. Awesome venue. Hal and the retro crew did a great job. I hope I can make it to more of these.
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    Hey, how do you blow on a rom? The rom in the first post here keeps freezing on me. Is there a cleaner base rom? I just need a stable 32 team rom where I can edit all teams, don't need any other hacks. Don't care what year the helmets are from. Thanks.
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    First 5 players to sign up on the link will be entered to win this: Authentic Anthony Carter Jersey. The letters are not sewed on but no jersey during Anthony Carters playing day was during that time period were. Once 5 players are signed up I will list the names on the site and do a live video to present the winner. Good Luck. We have one signed up already. 1. Nate aka RetroNate 2. Rico aka Rico33 3. Levi aka Nelson79 4. Justin aka FartBreath 5. Nick aka Segathon Tony aka Lakitu did not want in on the jersey so Segathon gets the move up.
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