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    First 5 players to sign up on the link will be entered to win this: Authentic Anthony Carter Jersey. The letters are not sewed on but no jersey during Anthony Carters playing day was during that time period were. Once 5 players are signed up I will list the names on the site and do a live video to present the winner. Good Luck. We have one signed up already. 1. Nate aka RetroNate 2. Rico aka Rico33 3. Levi aka Nelson79 4. Justin aka FartBreath 5. Nick aka Segathon Tony aka Lakitu did not want in on the jersey so Segathon gets the move up.
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    That AC jersey will be mine and I am going to JJ other's drink orders.
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    unfortunately for everyone else, Looks like the fart will be there! You picked a great weekend even though shield cant. I will be there and remember I am coming in with my previous 4 tournament finishes being 4th, 1st, 2nd, 2nd.
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    2K Wait List

    Simplesimon Yes, I can host Prefer Bears, or any team not named the packers
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    Screw you guys for not waiting til August so I could commit to a 33% chance of coming. ?
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    Link to sign up isn’t working
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