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    UPDATE: Dates for Tecmo Cleveland 2019 are a work-in-progress; however, this year our goal is to slide the tournament back a little further in the calendar year. For the last few years we've been close to the dates for Midwest Tecmo and Tecmo Columbus and want to space out the tournament scene the best we can. The top contenders for dates we are looking at are the weekend of November 1 - 3 or November 8 - 9. At this point we are leaning towards November 8 - 9 as the favorite. TSB tournament would be the Saturday date in all dates/weekends proposed, with similar start/end time. We had around 68 total registrants last year for TSB with I believe 63 in attendance on gameday, so it was a great turnout. We have a lot of great stuff planned for this year to expand the programming for the entire weekend. Thanks. Tom Jenkins [email protected]
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    Me to helmet off and all. Got my ? fix
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    I loved watching the San Diego QB get destroyed early in the game lol
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    The Don't Hassle The Hoff Show

    Great show! especially the Temco 2k episode. Some very unique teams. big shout to War Machine, the presentation to Temco 2k Monday Night Football is fantastic.
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    What's New in Version 2.3 See changelog Released 1 minute ago Updated/Added the following set commands: #Better INT returns #http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/11106-tsb-editor-tsbtool-supreme-season-generator/?do=findComment&comment=387879 SET(0xBFC5,0xF710E100E00CE303E4DFFEFF) #Defensive Pursuit Based on Quickness #http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/64567-jbi-hacks/?do=findComment&comment=438141 SET(0x28ddd,0x2030E3EAEA) SET(0x28de5,0x2064E3EAEA) SET(0x28ea3,0x2030E3EAEA) SET(0x28eab,0x2064E3EAEA) SET(0x3e340,0xA008B1AEAA8A45703008A91E186920CBDA608A208DDDA08720AADDB954E3186920CBDA602422201E1C191613100D0A0705030201) SET(0x3e374,0xA008B1AEAA8A45703008A905186920CBDA608A208DDDA08720AADDB988E3186920CBDA6008080707060605050404030302020101)
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    FYI, in case anyone is interested, attached to this post is a text file of all the edits done with TSBTool including all the set commands installed. Please note some of the hacks installed in this game were done using an .ips patch. I've also been working on a spread sheet that I use for player rankings. I'll be posting it up once I make it a bit more user-friendly. I hope this helps anyone who wants to dip their toes into editing the game. Also, if anyone want to edit the game I posted in any way (include/exclude hacks, edit players, etc.) you want to use the vanilla version to edit in TSBTool, then re-apply the hacks via TSBTool and the .ips patches with something like Lunar IPS. The "Push/Pull" hack is a huge piece of code and once installed will make it so whenever you edit a NFC West player the game will glitch and become unplayable once a game kicks off. IPS files used: Ultra Logic Hack Punt Coverage Boost Cut In Half More Accurate Field Goals Decrease Fumbles By 30% Text File: SBluemans Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 - Final Editon.txt
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    The Don't Hassle The Hoff Show

    Episode 9 @hoffnasty9 and @War Machine review War's 2K Season 2 Predictions. They go through each team division by division, including division winners. Hoff and War touch on the HSTL S49 Draft Format and the HSTL S48 Playoffs at the end.
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