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    We have a discord server where you can find players to play online against. Join here and have fun! https://discord.gg/qpaFxx
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    Not sure if this is really the best way to prepare for this, but it's how I am choosing to prepare for this
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    The weekend after the NFL Championship games and before the Super Bowl is a football dead zone that is normally filled by the Pro Bowl game that most of the players don't take seriously and most football fans don't care to watch. It also happens to be a good time to put on a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament and this year there are three in different time zones for people to scratch that football itch. With that, let's take a look at this Saturday's upcoming tournaments in Seattle, Green Bay, and New York City. The Sixth Annual TUNDRA BOWL in Green Bay, Wisconsin under @RetroNathan has grown into one of the largest tournaments in the country and with the recent news of TECMO MADISON relocating to NYC it may proof to be the biggest event in the state for 2019. In terms of game play this is a very standard type of tournament where competitors play in pool play for seeding into an elimination tournament. A twist this year is the inclusion of a "Division 2" section for guys who want to play some Tecmo in more of a leisure instead of a competitive environment. Additionally, there is a blown out Friday night that will include a "2 ON 2 TECMO TOURNEY" where competitors will pair up on teams and RETROMANIA, an 8 game battle of overall video game skills. The events are open to walk-ins and more information can be found on the Tundra Bowl website A new event from a well established group is this year's BRONX BOWL. Typically we've seen a fall tournament from the NYC group but an expansion of @Bad Moon Rison favorite neighborhood bar and this relatively slow sports weekend were the inspiration for this event. The new venue was also the inspiration for a twist on format as group play will consist of matchup cards and the single elimination tournament will feature drawing teams to use for the rest of the tourney. You can still register here Last but not least is the very active PACIFIC NORTHWEST TECMO GROUP, known to many as the PNW. Long time member @DT. has come up with PNW HONBASHO I - BEHIND THE WOODEN SHED introducing some radical ideas. Play will start first with groups based on skill and then matchups will be determined based on your record and rank coming from these groups. If that wasn't enough action for you, the competitors will also be playing regular season games and whatever matchups might occur on the system they find themselves at. The plan is to end in a tourney that should culminate in championship games played during Super Bowl matchups. Show up and you're in. Find out more from the forum thread. View full article
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    bill gates

    Winning a SB with every team

    Deberg, lol, The Bucs are one my favorite teams to play with on this game, I love the Nickerson/Thomas combo on D, and the underdog feeling you get from playing with them. I agree, changing the playbook makes it a lot easier, I just get frustrated with the crappy playbooks of some teams. I have been playing with original playbooks since reading your post, and it is much more difficult. I've gone undefeated with the usual suspects, and won the SB w/o going undefeated with a few others. But once I get past the top 10-12 teams, it is very difficult. What about lineups? Do you change them to get guys who are in bad condition out and guys who are in excellent condition in?
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    To the guy that plays tsb2 alot

    I read your article about team ratings on TSB II. I thought it was great. I also read about keeping the original playbook to make it challenging. I tried it and wow huge difference. I chose the Bears went 15-1 lost to the steelers in week 16. Then got killed first round of the playoffs by Dallas. I had the 2nd worst ranked offense and the 1st ranked defense for every category. I used 5 minute quarters. I was curious on any other tips you might have? What quarter length do you use so the stats are about right for games and seasons? My offense was horrible, The playbook is terrible for passing. RB Bears was injured 4 separate times during the season lol. Just joined the forum to ask you a few questions. Thanks for your time Ken
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