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    If the event is moved to the Lunds & Byerlys Deli section we could call it the 'Minny Meatup'
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    This is going to be great!! We have some really classy contestants showing up!
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    Most Missed Tecmo Player?

    Stuff happens and people move away from Tecmo. Who do you miss most in Tecmo? Live -Adam Garbage The Holyzys college roomate a tapper equal to Regulator and an amazing personality master of the Dolphin call for Flipper Anderson. Online -ChinoPino What a great guy and a good runner and Tecmo Player. Haven't heard from the guy in years hopefully he will show up at a Phoenix event some time. Troll -Mr.TecmoSuperbowl A pretty good player who played tons of TPC. I remember who called me Slapnuts once and i called him Jeff Jarrett he appreciated that. Honorable Mentions Skunker, TSBGod, Sconnie -Some real Tecmo Talent there
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    You should of said a Ponder-ful
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    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    @~Tailback King~ @gojiphen malor Good, good ... If 2 out of 3 ROMs had their say, one of you will be very happy come SB time. Until then, therapy will continue for both of you... in a good way! (they say.) #MeatloafPredicts #AllTheWay2TheSBForYou2Yay #1OfYouWinsIt #[email protected]#%$#($&#*@&)#!
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    PLAYOFFS WEEK 1 UPDATE 1 Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Launch Edition 6.0) *Gameplay -Team SIM ratings adjusted *Rosters 1/2/19 -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Dolphins - RB, kalen BALLAGE Patriots - DL, deatrich WISE Jets - TE, jordan LEGGETT Bengals - RB, mark WALTON, T, jake FISHER Browns - T, greg ROBINSON Ravens - TE, maxx WILLIAMS, G, alex LEWIS, *CB, tavon YOUNG Colts - T, braden SMITH Texans - WR, deandre CARTER, S, justin REID, *CB, shareece WRIGHT Titans - TE, mycole PRUITT, DL, harold LANDRY Raiders - DL, j. HANKINS Chargers - TE, hunter HENRY Giants - TE, scott SIMONSON Cowboys - TE, dalton SCHULTZ, G, connor WILLIAMS, DL, taco CHARLTON Bears - G, james DANIELS Buccaneers - RB, alan CROSS, DL, vita VEA Panthers - RB, c. ARTIS.PAYNE, TE, ian THOMAS, S, eric REID Cardinals - TE, john PHILLIPS, T, joe BARKSDALE Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Playoffs Week 1 Version 1) *Gameplay -Team SIM ratings adjusted *Rosters 1/2/19 -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Bills - DL, trent MURPHY Dolphins - WR, devante PARKER, CB, xavien HOWARD, S, t.j. MCDONALD Patriots - DL, deatrich WISE Bengals - LB, vontaze BURFICT Browns - CB, denzel WARD Ravens - RB, javorius ALLEN, G, alex LEWIS, *CB, tavon YOUNG Steelers - LB, vince WILLIAMS Colts - C, ryan KELLY, G, mark GLOWINSKI Texans - WR, keke COUTEE, G, zach FULTON, *CB, shareece WRIGHT Jaguars - QB, cody KESSLER, RB, l. FOURNETTE, WR, d.j. CHARK, CB, a.j. BOUYE Titans - QB, marcus MARIOTA, S, kendrick LEWIS Broncos - TE, matt LACOSSE Chiefs - WR, sammy WATKINS Chargers - TE, hunter HENRY, LB, hayes PULLARD Redskins - G, tony BERGSTROM Giants - WR, odell BECKHAM Cowboys - RB, ezekiel ELLIOTT, G, zack MARTIN, DL, taco CHARLTON, DL, tyrone CRAWFORD, *CB, anthony BROWN Bears - G, kyle LONG Packers - WR, randall COBB, S, kentrell BRICE Vikings - WR, c.j. HAM, LB, eric KENDRICKS Buccaneers - WR, desean JACKSON, LB, devante BOND Saints - QB, drew BREES, G, larry WARFORD, T, terron ARMSTEAD Falcons - RB, tevin COLEMAN, RB, ricky ORTIZ, G, wes SCHWEITZER, T, ryan SCHRAEDER Panthers - T, chris CLARK, LB, jermaine CARTER 49ers - RB, matt BREIDA, TE, garrett CELEK Rams - RB, todd GURLEY Seahawks - RB, tre MADDEN Cardinals - TE, r. SEALS.JONES, T, joe BARKSDALE, T, will HOLDEN *The NFL Playoffs are here ! The Launch Edition will now better reflect snap counts from the 2018-2019 regular season. The Weekly Edition has had the non-playoff team rosters reset. Only players on IR have been omitted. **Follow for Playoffs Week 1 simulations coming soon on Twitter : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen?lang=en ENJOY!
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    Registration is open! http://bit.ly/tomczak11
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    How many towns are in iowa that start with D? This may be an issue cuz I can't read good
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    Most Missed Tecmo Player?

    Opus is definitely at the top for me. When I started playing Tecmo I was horrendous. Then I realized Opus posted vids of all his games, so I watched them and tried to copy him as best I could. He basically turned me into a regular playoff participant in all my leagues. He also randomly started a blog and only made one blog post - but it was an incredibly nuanced post about fumbling and going out of bounds. #SSOA Another Tecmo stud is Larry. He was great in every league, but had an especially incredible run in WTFC, and along with Opus, I always respected the fact that they weren't great tappers but did everything else an elite level.
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    Buck and Luke let me know they couldn't make it. Not sure about Nick
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