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    WEEK 14 UPDATE 1 : Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Launch Edition 4.8) *Rosters 12/5/18 -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Bills - WR, deonte THOMPSON Patriots - DL, adrian CLAYBORN Steelers - WR, justin HUNTER, LB, l.j. FORT Colts - WR, zach PASCAL Jaguars - S, ronnie HARRISON Titans - WR, cameron BATSON Raiders - DL, p.j. HALL, LB, nicholas MORROW Chargers - T, sam TEVI Eagles - RB, josh ADAMS Bears - TE, adam SHAHEEN Lions - DL, ezekiel ANSAH Vikings - RB, ameer ABDULLAH 49ers - RB, jeff WILSON Seahawks - LB, b. MINGO Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Week 14 Version 1) *Rosters 12/5/18 -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Bills - TE, charles CLAY, G, jeremiah SIRLES Dolphins - WR, isaiah FORD, CB, torry MCTYER Patriots - RB, rex BURKHEAD, DL, adrian CLAYBORN Jets - QB, sam DARNOLD, G, dakota DOZIER Bengals - TE, jordan FRANKS, G, trey HOPKINS, LB, nick VIGIL Browns - CB, t. MITCHELL Ravens - TE, maxx WILLIAMS Steelers - RB, stevan RIDLEY, TE, xavier GRIMBLE, T, matt FEILER, LB, l.j. FORT Colts - TE, erik SWOOPE Texans - RB, donta FOREMAN, *CB, aaron COLVIN Jaguars - G, patrick OMAMEH, DL, malik JACKSON, S, ronnie HARRISON Titans - WR, cameron BATSON, LB, derrick MORGAN Broncos - WR, river CRACRAFT, LB, brandon MARSHALL, CB, jamar TAYLOR, *CB, tramaine BROCK Chiefs - C, mitch MORSE Raiders - DL, p.j. HALL, LB, nicholas MORROW Chargers - DL, darius PHILON, LB, kyle EMANUEL Redskins - QB, josh JOHNSON (#), WR, jamison CROWDER, G, ty NSEKHE, G, luke BOWANKO, CB, greg STROMAN Giants - LB, ukeme ELIGWE, S, michael THOMAS Eagles - RB, darren SPROLES, *CB, crevon LEBLANC Cowboys - T, tyron SMITH Bears - QB, mitch TRUBISKY, TE, adam SHAHEEN Lions - DL, ezekiel ANSAH Packers - TE, robert TONYAN, DL, tyler LANCASTER, S, eddie PLEASANT Vikings - RB, ameer ABDULLAH Buccaneers - RB, ronald JONES, DL, carl NASSIB, DL, vita VEA, CB, devante HARRIS Falcons - RB, ito SMITH, G, zane BEADLES Panthers - WR, devin FUNCHESS 49ers - RB, matthew DAYES, WR, marquise GOODWIN, S, marcell HARRIS Rams - RB, justin DAVIS Seahawks - G, j. SIMMONS, LB, m. KENDRICKS Cardinals - WR, chad WILLIAMS, G, colby GOSSETT, T, will HOLDEN *Latest rosters, depth charts, and injuries / returns for Week 14. Follow for Week 14 simulations posted on Twitter : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen?lang=en ENJOY!
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    Version (Version 7.2)


    - All 32 NFL Teams! - (NEW) 2018-2019 NFL Schedule! - Updated Rosters! - Some playbooks / depth chart re-adjusted for 3 WR sets. - Team AI & stats based upon success in the 2017-2018 season. - Halftime Stats! - Aaron Rogers, Carson Wentz, and Andrew Luck Return! - Press Start instead of B to throw a lobb pass. - (NEW) Jaguars and Titans mini / large helmet updates! - (NEW) Titans uniform update! - (NEW) Hybrid Defenses. (Extra defensive backs!) - (NEW) Rosters 2/3/19 - (NEW) 2019 AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Rosters 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS AVAILABLE! (STANDARD / JUICED / JUICED PLUS) SET Commands Applied : STANDARD VERSION *No Sprite Flicker *Add stats after quarters (Halftime Only) *More NFL like QB rating value *PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target *Player-controlled QB rollouts for playaction passes *Increase CPU kickoff length *Better COM punt timing *Press Start instead of B to throw a lob pass *Bruddog's Moving Grapple / Push-Pull Hack *Directional Punts ~ hold UP or DOWN to angle your punt *Decrease Fumbles *Decrease Injuries in SKP Mode *Decrease Injuries in MAN Mode *Change player kickoff position to the 30 *Change Touchback To 25-Yard Line *FG Avoid Kick Block Fix *Extra Point Try Moved to 15 Yard Line *'Hut-Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence for 32-Team Roms JUICED VERSION *Faster handoffs, pitches, snaps & player control *CPU find open receiver *Passing game probability table hack *Ball carrier can break up drone grapples *PR speed change from SS to actual PR player *Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter - juice to start at week 8 juice and climb to max *QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less *Kickoff speed increased JUICED PLUS VERSION *Better INT returns *COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I *COM defensive coverage late in season (28 and 32 team codes) *Jstout 'Logic' Modifier *Preseason and zero win games are more challenging. (Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter) SET COMMANDS GUIDE by SBlueman : Recommended Emulator : FCEUX : http://www.fceux.com/web/home.html Recommended Setup : 1. Config \ Video \ Check 'allow more than 8 sprites per scanline.' 2. Config \ Timing \ Check Overclocking (old PPU only) and enter '240' into both scan line boxes. *If you aren't using an emulator that supports these functions, don't care about flickering sprites, and just want to play, download the NES Classic Edition Many thanks to other user submitted roms for player stats and editing. Rosters may not be 100% perfect and any comments are appreciated. Enjoy! - Special thanks to Maverick209 for his insight on player ratings. **Please note this is a WIP rom, so check back often for revisions!** Check out this thread for custom covers for all 32 teams!* **ALL NEW**
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    Sim test USA

    Now that all 3 ROMs are tied at 51.5-30.5 for the season, it's a clean-slate FOR EVERYONE; and, look who's back for the final quarter-pole! ... Game Of The Minute! ... I told you we got 8:20pmE.T. (Wk14) time-slots!... We got 'em! And I Got: TEN
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    Week 4 from the season stream follows. This one is a battle of the 2 guys that were there at the end of the very first Seattle Tourney (that I know of) . Me and @manYo720 (Stu was 3rd there as well fyi). Maaaaan! I am soooo thankful for Manyo. He really got things kickstarted tourney wise in the PNW (Honorable mention to @SirTed) The genesis of CFT also emanated from Manyo's cerebral cortex. He is my tecmo bro like no other and I'm so happy he has gotten to experience CFT 2 and 3 as mostly "just" a participant, as he fully deserves to just show up and play and enjoy. We also have battles. We're fairly even in tapping, which is a battle in and of itself. And we both got squads here that fit our personal tecmo talents ( Manyo with Elway, a Speedy RB and WR in Barry and Mel Gray, and Dick Dick with a little Lurch Nelson thrown in, and me with a reliance on ridiculous HP like Rathman and LT and a high PS guy like Bubby with Speedy WRs and a solid running game aided by conditions) As this part of the stream begins, you see some of the eye candy we get, using the rom as it behaves just like a OG cart with season stats and player cards and standings and rankings all available to peruse. You get the beginning of Tick's Bengals vs Stu's Bears and the end of the OT affair between TBK's Cards and PTitteri's Broncos. Heard amidst the chaos... TBK stating that B Buttons are essentially wasted on him, because passing LOL. And Tick's squad on offense were all either in Excellent or (and mostly were) in Bad. This game between me and manyo was not the greatest. I turned the opening kickoff into a safety with some playcalling and fortunate tecmo rolls (bouncing grapples and not getting bounced myself). He continues to show a propensity to NAIL long JJ's to the Bo's and Barry's of the world. And our in game banter reeks of just the ultimate respect and experience as we've played each other a TON over the years. Enjoy that! And now, here are all the week 4 box scores. Players of the Week were Roger Craig (I didn't realize he balled out as much as he did) and Mike Gann (not the most exciting of weeks for Defensive Stats)
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    1992 MVP Voting

    Yeah he was his team’s MVP but didn’t have the year Marino did - they had close to the same attempts kreig 122/213 marino 134/215 w/ Marino completing more completion % comparison: (Marino 62% to Krieg’s 57%) Marino had 350 more passing yards than Kreig did but the biggest difference was Marino threw 11more TD passes than Kreig did. They both had the same 5 ints. Rating: Marino 136 NFL rating (163 Tecmo rating) Kreig 132 NFL rating (136 Tecmo rating) both had a 50ms RB & a 44ms as their RBs. both lead their teams to 11-5 records and won their respective divisions. Cant argue the facts. If Kreig impressed you that much it only makes sense Marino would get your vote since he was better than him - but it’s also a make believe award so Wtf Tecmo dan marino’s Feeling won’t be hurt.
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    Mike Gordan

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Okay, so I lost all of my data last night because my computer ran out of batteries. Kind of a restless couple of nights I've had, surprisingly enough. Luckily, the system I've been running with for a while now has given me a huge leg up in playing catch-up, so my Weekly Pick 'ems should still be good to go. Strangely enough, I faintly remembered the Power Rankings that I had all of my teams on last night, and thus was able to recreate a Week 14 Power Rankings that I think I should be feeling rather proud of. The only problem is, my data is going to come across as a little raw as a result. As such, the Power Rankings are based more on how I feel each team has been playing in recent weeks, as well as based off of off-the-field issues going on. So with that said, here are my Power Rankings: 32. Oakland Raiders (2-10): With the Arizona Cardinals getting the win, the Raiders are now back at the bottom of the NFL Power Rankings. Yes, even though they played the Chiefs tough in a high-scoring affair, but I'll get to the Chiefs when I get to them. I'd say that the Raiders are at least playing better football right now than the 49ers in spite of the record. I projected the Raiders to go anywhere from 2-14 to 3-13 a couple weeks ago, and frankly, I think that assessment still holds up for the time being. 31. San Francisco 49ers (2-10): In stark contrast, the 49ers have been playing some of the most bloody uninspired football you can possibly imagine. Then again, my assessment on the Seahawks being the Survival Pick of the week was as spot on as they came. So even though they embarrassed the Raiders, both teams are pretty much interchangeable at this time. At least the 49ers are in the driver's seat for the top pick in the draft. 30. Arizona Cardinals (3-9): Just because the Cardinals pulled away with a massive upset doesn't mean anything. The Cardinals are still comparatively bad to the Raiders and 49ers. But at least they got Win #3, so I suppose you could say the Cardinals are now slightly better than the Raiders and 49ers as of right now. But that's kind of like me saying that it'd be better to contract Herpes than Syphilis. 29. New York Jets (3-9): Basically the fourth team in what is now essentially the bottom feeders of the NFL. Injured or not, the Jets have basically considered this season a lost season, and decided to bench rookie Sam Darnold for the year. As a result, the offense has begun to produce somewhat better than it has been in the past thanks to backup journeyman and third oldest starting QB in the league Josh McCown. 28. Green Bay Packers (4-7-1): Even though there are several teams that one could argue are still worse than the Packers, right now, that is simply not the case. They have lost three in a row; and following a 3-2-1 start, they have since gone 1-5! They have lost every single solitary road game so far this season. And to make things worse, they lost at home. In a cold weather team. To the Arizona Cardinals! That proved to be the final straw as coach Mike McCarthy was fired after 13 seasons--10 of which provided some rather consistent success, as his teams behind Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers transformed into consistent Super Bowl contenders. And aside from a single championship, they've otherwise completely wasted Aaron Rodger's career up to this point in time (to put it into context, Peyton Manning at least won 2 championships in four tries--Aaron Rodgers is lucky to have actually won in his only appearance to date, and had otherwise not gone the way of Dan Marino). Honestly, there's no longer a reason to believe this team can actually get it done at this point in time. 27. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8): The Jaguars finally got a win in on what is already a lost season. All it took was the benching of QB Blake Bortles--his career with Jacksonville appearing to be finished--and the offense playing conservative to win by the measly score of 6-0--both points coming at the hands of field goals. I somehow doubt the Jaguars can make a comeback, but then again, we've seen stranger things. 26. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7): QB Andy Dalton, and WR's Tyler Boyd and AJ Green are all injured, with the former for certain out for the year. Their defense, meanwhile, has been an absolute dumpster fire all season long (with the exception of a few lucky breaks here and there), and their offense since the AJ Green injury hasn't been much better. They can now statistically be compared to the likes of the Cardinals, Raiders, 49ers, and Jets for worst team in the league, only with a small cushion on all of these teams. 25. Atlanta Falcons (4-8): If there's one team that appears to have given up, it's probably the Atlanta Falcons. I have no idea why I continue to give this team chances, or the benefit of the doubt. But with no defense, the Falcons should be expected to outscore everybody at will. Alas, not only are they constantly getting outscored, but it doesn't even look like they're even trying to put points on the board anymore. It doesn't help the Falcons' offense has been problematic ever since Kyle Shanahan was hired to be head coach of the 49ers. And now the writing is on the wall. Honestly, I think the only advantage I'd give to this team over the Packers--outside the fact that this team appears to have Green Bay's number as of late--is the fact that they didn't fire their head coach (yet). 24. Detroit Lions (4-8): The next couple teams were somewhat difficult to piece together and to rank them properly, but here's what I'm seeing. I'm seeing a team devoid of actual talent and help for Matthew Stafford giving it their all against significantly better teams, and 9 times out of 10, they ultimately are proven to be outmatched. So the way I see it, the Lions play tough, but ultimately, aren't good enough to warrant much desirable results. Really, of all the 4-win teams, the Lions are the only ones that simply don't have an explanation or an excuse to justify how they could have been much better than their record would indicate. 23. Buffalo Bills (4-8): Similarly to the Lions, the Bills simply don't have the talent necessary to win big games. Though the difference is, the problems mostly come from a horrendous offensive line and very little to no help at wide receiver. That, and a rookie QB that remains to be seen if he can actually make it. Admittedly, this 4-8 record probably isn't as bad as one would think when you realize that Josh Allen actually missed at least a month's worth of games, and three of their four wins came when Josh Allen was the starting QB. 22. Cleveland Browns (4-7-1): Now the question becomes whether or not this team could have been much better than their record indicates had they had Greg Williams as their head coach instead of Hue Jackson. Seriously, the Browns are slowly developing a winning culture, as well as real team leadership for a change. Rookie QB Baker Mayfield is providing an air of confidence and swagger to this team. All of these so-called experts are already beginning to compare him to all these other non-bust failures in the NFL due to his attitude, when really, Baker Mayfield is probably more comparable attitude-wise to Cam Newton. Or if we're going to compare him to a Hall of Fame Quarterback, how about Joe Nameth? It remains to be seen where the Browns will be heading into next season. But they better consider upgrading Gregg Williams from an interim position (and yes, I know the guy was notorious for Bounty Gate--the team is in desperate need for toughening up, so sue me). 21. New York Giants (4-8): In stark contrast, the Giants are steadily bouncing back from an abysmal 1-7 start on their season to win three of their last four. Including a big one over the Bears. Honestly, a lack of offensive discipline as well as a rookie coaching staff are pretty much the reason why the Giants were so bad for so long. Will this become a Tale of Two Halves with the Giants? Who can say? But the biggest contributor to this massive turnaround is rookie RB Saquon Barkley, who is currently edging out Broncos RB Philip Lindsay for Offensive Rookie of the Year in a neck-and-neck race. 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7): Turnovers, turnovers, and turnovers were the reason why the Buccaneers have been so bad following their 2-0 start. That and every kicker that plays for them in the league have since blown up in their face. Especially since the Buccaneers lead the league in total offense by a sizeable margin. Their defense is also starting to figure a few things out as well. My worry with the Bucs though is that they may start to think that Jameis Winston will still be their man, and will attempt to keep him on board. And head coach Kirk Koetter would still be a good fit. Honestly, the two have been here since 2015 and 2016 respectively, and they only have 1 winning season in 2016 and no playoff appearance to show for it. To think we now live in a world where the Buccaneers can actually be considered better than Green Bay or Atlanta. 19. Miami Dolphins (6-6): And here is where we begin to enter the conversation of who the Playoff contenders are going to be. Honestly, even taking into accounts the last couple weeks, the Miami Dolphins are the team that has impressed me the least by far. Do keep in mind that they started the season off 3-0 before losing to the Patriots. And ever since then, the Dolphins have been rather stagnant at around .500. While I do not remember every team's remaining schedule, I definitely do remember the fact that they now get to host the Patriots this week. If this team can take care of business against the Patriots at home, and at least delay crowning them division champions for at least another week (and possibly even costing them homefield advantage), then maybe I'll consider rating them a little higher. 18. Washington Redskins (6-6): Honestly, with the decline of RB Adrien Peterson and the presumed end of QB Alex Smith's career (as well as little to no receivers to help his replacement QB's), it is tempting to rate the Washington Redskins even lower. But frankly, it simply doesn't sit well for me to rate a team that is up two whole games behind teams like the Lions, Bills, and Giants. Even so, I think this defense is good enough to match up well with all the other teams ranked below them. If anything, I believe that the Giants and the Buccaneers probably would match up better than anybody else below this point, and that's assuming their offenses play mistake-free. Other than that, I would still lean more towards the Redskins over everybody else here. 17. Carolina Panthers (6-6): A team I once considered a bonafide Super Bowl contender, with my own personal League MVP in Cam Newton, is now on a 4-game losing streak. From 6-2 to now behind several other teams in the NFC Wild Card hunt. Even without having played the Saints yet, they are all but effectively eliminated from competing for a division title now (they would need to win out, and then hope for the Saints to suffer a 5-game collapse for that to become a possibility). Honestly, had they beaten the Seahawks, I probably would have considered rating them a bit higher than this. As well as the Bucs. And whoever else they played after that infamous Steelers game. 16. Tennessee Titans (6-6): This Tennessee Titans team is so unpredictable, so unreliable, that they even looked like they were going to get blown out by the lowly Jets. They kept it close, but they did bounce back against a significantly inferior team. But this is why I am rating the Titans dead center on my Power Rankings. Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. 15. Philadelphia Eagles (6-6): Up until tonight, I basically put the Redskins and Eagles at numbers 16 and 17. I considered doing my Power Rankings a little earlier, but chose not to because I figured whoever won was going to get a slight upgrade while the loser would drop a couple spots (depending on the outcome of said game). The Eagles won, and I ended up moving them up and down a spot each. And the rest is history. Now to see if the Eagles can turn this season around and win out for a chance to earn a playoff spot. 14. Denver Broncos (6-6): I already talked about Philip Lindsay being a potential Offensive Rookie of the Year candidate opposite Saquon Barkley. But for once, I am now feeling pretty satisfied with the Broncos. The only downside to the Broncos winning out is that it helps the Patriots in clinching homefield advantage. Even so, the Broncos still need some help. The Titans, Colts, Dolphins, and the loser of the Chargers vs. Steelers game all need to lose quite a few games in order to help boost the Broncos' chances of making the playoffs. Luckily, the Steelers have two brutal games coming up, and all the Broncos need from the Titans, Colts, and Dolphins are one loss apiece. Even then, they will need to win out if there's going to be any hope of a playoff berth for the Broncos. 13. Indianapolis Colts (6-6): Losing the way that they did to the Jaguars pretty much resulted in a drop in my Power Rankings. Especially hurting is the TY Hilton injury. He is by far their best playmaker and is essentially responsible for the Colts now dead 5-game winning streak. Worth noting they were previously 1-5, with Hilton missing many of those 5 losses. We'll see if this team will be able to bounce back though. 12. Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1): We knew the Vikings remaining schedule wasn't going to be easy. Now they have to travel to Seattle, and they get to host the Chicago Bears at home. The Vikings hope they can win out. Because if they do, a playoff spot will be locked in place for them. Heck, even a Division title is still in play since the Bears had lost to the Giants. 11. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1): If you think that's rough, the Steelers have lost their last two, and they still have to play the Patriots and Saints. Considering the fact that the Saints look like they're lightyears ahead of the Steelers, and they haven't been able to beat the Patriots since 2008--heck, Ben Roethlisberger is literally the only holdover from the very last time the Steelers had beaten Tom Brady all the way back in 2005. Ever since then, the Steelers have always, ALWAYS lost to the Patriots. 10. Baltimore Ravens (7-5): I originally thought about rating them at number 9 based on strength of schedule, but ultimately, I decided to rate them based off of where I think they belong. The Ravens are definitely one of the best defenses in the league right now. And from the transition from Joe Flacco to rookie Lamar Jackson, the team has turned from a pass-first mentality to a run-first offense, dominating the line of scrimmage. Unfortunately, I do not see much long-term success with this line of thinking in mind. And to prove it to you guys, Lamar Jackson missed a series or two due to injury before getting cleared to play again, and RGIII ended up taking over in his place. And how ironic that must be to be reminded of how RGIII's career went with a similar approach as well as a similar style of play as him. Heck, Lamar Jackson isn't a particularly big guy, just like RGIII! Right now, I do think the Ravens are a tad bit better than the Steelers. But as far as playoffs go, I do not see this team making much noise should they actually get there. Just a hunch. 9. Seattle Seahawks (7-5): Following a 4-5 start, the Seahawks have racked up some big wins over the Packers and Panthers. And they showed that they were definitely a much better team than the 49ers. This change in direction came with a reorganizing of the offensive line, and a restructuring of both the offense and defense. The Seahawks have adapted very nicely following the end of the Legion of Boom. I was more cautiously optimistic about this team heading into the preseason, and unfortunately for me (since I have no love for this team), said optimism has since been rewarded. What more is that all of these changes actually came into fruition following an ugly 0-2 start. Since then, their other three losses came at the hands of two LA bound teams (the Chargers plus the Rams twice). 8. Dallas Cowboys (7-5): That Amari Cooper trade they made with Oakland (combined with the injury of Alex Smith in Washington) have benefited the Cowboys tremendously. Combined with one of the best defenses in the league and one of the best running backs in Ezekiel Elliot, the Cowboys are now on a 3-game winning streak that includes a Thursday Night home upset over the Saints. One more win against the Eagles will put them in the driver's seat to all but win the NFC East. 7. Chicago Bears (8-4): Admittedly, the Bears did lose to the Giants. But it was on the road, and their QB, Mitch Trubisky, was still injured. At that moment, I probably should have read the tea leaves and predicted a Giant upset here, but for whatever reason, I never did. So really, the Bears were playing with a handicap. If Trubisky is healthy enough during the final home stretch, this team will easily clinch at least 10 wins and make the playoffs. There really aren't too many scenarios where they don't make the playoffs just shy of an epic collapse, either. 6. LA Chargers (9-3): I'm going to hold off ranking the Chargers in the top 5 for the time being, even though they probably should be considered as such. A good portion of their success last night came from the Steeler choking and then self-destructing. But really, the Chargers were admirable in their own right, and they most likely would have won had they got the ball in Overtime anyways. This team as a whole is going to be very difficult to defeat. Saying that as a fan happy to witness my Broncos pull away with a massive upset a couple weeks ago. Go figure. 5. Kansas City Chiefs (10-2): Spending pretty much the entire season in the top three, now all of a sudden, I'm docking them a couple spots in spite of a win? Well, their defense did allow the Raiders to score at will against them. So yeah! That's a big dumpster fire right there. All it takes really is for a defense to contain Patrick Mahomes, and it doesn't matter how good that offense is going to be on paper. This is pretty much the reason why they are no longer in the top three....No, seriously! That's all you need to know! I'm moving on now....bye....Otherwise, a win plus either a Steelers or Ravens loss will clinch a playoff berth. Now, good night everybody! 4. Houston Texans (9-3): If only the Texans didn't start 0-3--with one of those losses coming against the Patriots. Then, I would have considered placing the Texans at number 3 on my Power Rankings. Really, in a vacuum, I do believe the Texans would beat the Patriots as they are now. But in Foxborough in January, good luck. Speaking of which, a win next week against the Colts clinches the division! 3. New England Patriots (9-3): Another case of win next week, and you clinch the division. That's all I have to say about that! 2. New Orleans Saints (10-2): Looks like the Saints need to wait to clinch their division until next week. A win and/or a Panthers loss will clinch it for them. All before they even get to play the Panthers! Seriously, who comes up with these schedules, anyways? 1. Los Angeles Rams (11-1): Division Champs! *smooching hand* Good night, everybody!
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