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    I can help you out with that if you like? The key is to eat others peoples breakfast before the tourney as it takes away their powers.
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    Mike Gordan

    Week 13 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    With so many ties, I'm going to use overall records as tie breakers: 1st: Knobbe: 10-6 (122-70) 2nd: BigCat71: 10-6 (118-74) 3rd: TecmoSuperFan: 10-6 (108-84) 4th: Mike Gordan: 9-7 (125-67) 5th: gojiphen malor: 9-7 (120-72) 6th: Miles Prower: 9-7 (109-83) 7th: drummer4god: 8-8 (111-81) Hopefully, next week turns out to be much better.
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    The question/answer registration form has been slightly updated. 1. I have enough TVs to the point I shouldn't need to ask for TVs 2. I am planning to have the 4 players 2on2 Tecmo available via emulator and USB NES controllers for people to play on Friday and possibly on Saturday for people who are eliminated
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