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    HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: GoNickMontana Nickname (if applicable): Email: gonickmontana at callmefairf.com Availability: yup Can you host?: yup List 4 Team Preferences: Sea What's your location/timezone?: West Coast Why do you want to join HSTL?: There's something missing from Tecmo these days: the JJ offense. I will be bringing it back. I'll win about 2 games per season so everyone should enjoy playing me.
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    Saturday September 22, 2018 Start time 10 am Where: Dmen tap 2849 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60618 Entry fee 150 (100% of prize money goes to prize pool. 1st place 1700. Plus pimp outfit as an official Tecmo Super Player Champion. 2nd place 800 3rd place 500 Pool play winners 300 each. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 You can also pay me in person. I will be at the Midwest tsb tournament and possibly New Orleans tecmo. Max participants 36. Goal 24. All prizes based on 24. 12 minimum needed. https://challonge.com/Tecmoplayerschamp2018/ Stream channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_b9V5HP0eJZyLuhuEmDf_g Please add Tom's channel's if you have not added it. He will be doing the main stream including the championship series. www.twitch.tv/retrosportsgamertom/ Format Group Play. With 24 we will form two groups of 12. The 12 best players in attendance will form group 1. The next 12 will form group 2. Each attendee will be asked to rank the players coming 1-23. this will determine group placement. You will play each person in your group once. The winners of each group will get there entry fee back. With 36 we will form 3 groups. 4 to 6 hours. (Also group play will add up to 11 games no matter the amount of participants) 24 to 36 single elimination tournament. All rounds a best of 3 series. Byes will be based upon performance in group play. 4 to 6 hours. Standard Madison rules except one tweak to the one matchup once rule. A player can only play in a matchup once during the tournament. It doesn't matter if he calls it or his opponent. Now I am looking for the best 24 to 36 players I can find. Right now I am trying to gauge interest. If demand is high I will have to put together a selection committee to narrow the field. Otherwise I will start officially signing people up once the date is set. If interested in playing please Email me at [email protected] And pay with this link. https://paypal.me/mort1237/150 Official entrants (15) max 36 ..Mort ..Louis B ..RSG Tom .Flo ..DPS ..Joseph Moore ..TecmoPsycho (D. Rubble) .Retro nate ..Nos ..Hank .Gats ..Troy gblan .Kevin Carbello ..Matt O'Toole .TecmoBo Interested list. Flo Gats Louis Buennagel Mort Rsg Tom Joseph Moore DPS Sonofpatbeach Tecmobo (chi) Hank the tank Nos Excellent?? tsb player (orenga) Tecmo psycho Jimsocks Darth Rockman James Kuhn
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    HSTL S47 Draft

    WR Taylor/Waymer
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    Keeping an eye on the Josh Gordon situation, of course. Next update Soon! Bills - WR, robert FOSTER Bengals - RB, mark WALTON Browns - WR, derrick WILLIES Falcons - RB, ito SMITH ?????? - WR, josh GORDON *Weekly Edition Only
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    Congrats to @NMUFred on his victory last night, winning free entry! We did get to stream, but had limited time to get in and out of the venue, so we didn't have time to dial in the stream audio very well. We were still able to capture games and add some commentary. Enjoy!
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    Mike Gordan

    Week 2 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

    @manYo720 @BigCat71 Waiting for your remaining Week 2 picks as well. I am patient, but I wish to give you guys a heads up. Also, @Miles Prower don't forget that you have to figure out who's going to win between the Patriots/Jaguars and Panthers/Falcons by tomorrow five minutes before their respective games start. No "Weekly toss-up" passes here. Otherwise, they count as lost picks.
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    wow, thanks bru... just saw this thread, and I have an AVS and am gonna try it out this wkd
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    MORE WEEK 2 UPDATES ! ~ Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Launch Edition 2.2) *Rosters 9/15/18 -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Bills - WR, robert FOSTER Browns - WR, derrick WILLIES Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Week 2 Version 3) *Rosters 9/15/18 -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Bills - WR, robert FOSTER Bengals - RB, mark WALTON Browns - WR, derrick WILLIES Falcons - RB, ito SMITH *Fixed RP errors with Jets and Patriots WRs. (Sorry) Tom Brady 88 PC. Jeremy Kerley and Josh Gordon released. Devonta Freeman and Joe Mixon out of weekly action for now. NES Classic colors fixed. ENJOY!
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    HSTL S47 Draft

    Anderson and Gault
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