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    A shocking announement
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    Thanks man! Next year we'll start the countdown at #99 so that we can bring it home (eventually) starting with Jerome. I wish these forums got used more, I've been using the shit out of it for research into hacking recently (mostly graphics which has been kind of a Pandora's box). And I'm pretty pumped with what I've learned and have been able to do, all the while not affecting anything to do with actually gameplay. I heard of your tournament with that salary cap, I think we're using the same one. Doing a draft with the salary cap works well to try and create some more even teams for the tecmo gods to have their say with over the course of a season with conditions and injuries. One of the challenges with the draft though was how to avoid and what to do when someone inevitably goes over. For this type of Tecmo event, I have to be honest, the seed was planted by @manYo720 , especially when he got @bruddog to hack the rom to allow preseason games to have stats go to season stats. (THAT IN AND OF ITSELF is really a gamechanger, as conditions and injuries and stats for all pickup games are recorded on the rom itself and makes for a very fun experience IMHO) Once I got to experience what we could do during our season 0, my mind immediately went to trying to accomplish a live season in one day using Everdrives to play many games at once. My hope is that other tecmo bros see that this type of "live season" can be done (regardless of changing rosters, just the fact of the time saved by not having to wait for one game at a time) by anyone and that's why i tried to document on the top post how it's being done.
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    HSTL Deadline Exception Poll

    Heres my view I think all the people in question should go to very bottom of draft but still be playoff eligible Only reason I see someone not able to be playoff eligible is missing final deadline or having 3 demerits which is a auto boot anyway
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    Sorry for not posting lately been busy with summer school and projects around the house. I will send hotel information in a couple of days. But for now here are some more free raffle prizes: 1. Gil Byrd autographed picture. Not only is he great at getting pics hopefully someone will enjoy picking this one off. 2. You can’t have a rocking tourney time without a Rockin’ Randall Cunningham autograph. 3. I told Ron was bringing some friends and boy did he ever. He invited the whole 1991 Action Packed Limited Edition Collection. 4. All he does is catch touchdowns. A Cris Carter Starting Lineup. We be a good item to have by your side come tourney time. 5. There are plenty of rookies in Tecmo Super Bowl, Jeff George, Emmitt Smith, Junior Seau, and Cortez Kennedy. All Hall of Famers. Yes, Jeff George is HOF in my book. The Action Packed Rookie Set will be worth it for someone. 6. Since this is a Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney and it’s Action Packed each contestant will get a pack of Action Packed cards. Hopefully someone gets the 24kt Gold Card. I LOVE TECMO TOURNEYS!!!!!!!
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    Then you need to make your own
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    1 month left to prep.....cue the rocky 4 soundtrack!
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    HSTL Waiting List

    Put me down!! vikingmoe02 can host and stuff It might take 2 years, but I’ll be done with my masters by then anyway....