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    A shocking announement
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    I highly recommend going to the event as it is an awesome experience and Chris does things right. Personal highlights from previous Midwest Tournaments: -Apparently I was screaming and ranting during one of the tournament finals, I don't remember because I was kept in double bourbons and ginger all night thanks to a kind bartender who only charged me some amount less than the $100s of dollars I was expecting to see on my credit card -I returned the favor to Chris the next year much to Amanda's regret I would imagine -The tecmo was fun too
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    23 Days! In just over 3 weeks, the members of Cascadia Fuckin' Tecmo will converge in Tacoma for a live season where we have already drafted our teams using a salary cap. These are the #23's in Tecmo Super Bowl. First up, the guys who have had no play and won't come July 28th. Interesting note about Barry Word which was why I included the back of his card which provided some details around him being NFL Comeback player of the year. .Man I just read up on that whole Shaun Gayle case where his 7months pregnant GF was gunned down by a former GF in cold blooded murder. The details are not pretty. Gayle played in CFT 1 for @boogiewithstu's The 23s who will debut in season 2 of CFT include. Davis will play for @TheProfessor's Dick Dick will terrorize QBs for @manYo720's Troy Stradford will be part of the RB by committee that is the Dolphins RBs for @XtraLargent's And then there's this guy... Sammy Winder was with the Broncos for much of the 80s during their Elway not quite super successful seasons and he was a key part with what success they had. Winder will play for Joey B after helping @DT.'s make a run to the CFT 1 super bowl.
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    You've offered no proof that a 2nd FB even existed. I had no knowledge it existed. Also, I'm a contractor for the conventions I work for. I run the tournaments they request or approve because its their event and their money. I am also under no obligation to Dave for anything. To say I took it in April is absolutely false. Christian told me that it was Dave's to run if he wanted it well before that. As far as I know. Let's Play did contact Dave and Dave announcing his hiatus from Tecmo and not responding to Let's Play's requests for him to return changed the direction they wanted to take. This was the call by Let's Play in June. It was not my responsibility to reach out to Dave. Dave had his chance and didn't take it. My only obligation and concern is my client's needs. I am going to have to demand a fullretraction and apology. You have not offered any evidence that I've done anything wrong. I have shown that the accusation against me on reporting Dave's alleged FB page is false. I have shown that the accusation that I took the event without Dave's knowledge is false. I know he has communicated with Christian in the past 2 months. I know that Christian emailed him asking him if he wanted to return. Dave gave no indication that he was going to return. If you want to know the full story, contact Christian. I was not party to their conversations. I only know what Christian told me. Disparaging my business and defaming my character like this with only speculation rather than true evidence is absolutely unacceptable.
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    Since when do guys have territorial rights to do Tecmo events? I wouldn't expect anyone wanting to do a Tecmo event in southern Louisiana to ask my approval. I dont own territorial rights to any region/city. And to be fair, I'm sure Hal wouldn't be doing Tecmo Dallas unless LPGE gave approval because I'm sure Dave was their first choice. But LPGE made the right call in having someone step in and do the event instead of have it not happen at all. I'm just starting to get the sense that guys are feeling threatened by the Tecmo Tour for whatever reason. I've seen many issues happen in Tecmo for various reasons (I've been part of some) but this is a low point and I'm saddened at where this negativity has come from.
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    Another announcement about Tundra Bowl Weekend coming up next week...say tuned to our Facebook page, Twitter page, Discord and here on the forums to catch the next update!!
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    HSTL Deadline Exception Poll

    Heres my view I think all the people in question should go to very bottom of draft but still be playoff eligible Only reason I see someone not able to be playoff eligible is missing final deadline or having 3 demerits which is a auto boot anyway
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    Sorry for not posting lately been busy with summer school and projects around the house. I will send hotel information in a couple of days. But for now here are some more free raffle prizes: 1. Gil Byrd autographed picture. Not only is he great at getting pics hopefully someone will enjoy picking this one off. 2. You can’t have a rocking tourney time without a Rockin’ Randall Cunningham autograph. 3. I told Ron was bringing some friends and boy did he ever. He invited the whole 1991 Action Packed Limited Edition Collection. 4. All he does is catch touchdowns. A Cris Carter Starting Lineup. We be a good item to have by your side come tourney time. 5. There are plenty of rookies in Tecmo Super Bowl, Jeff George, Emmitt Smith, Junior Seau, and Cortez Kennedy. All Hall of Famers. Yes, Jeff George is HOF in my book. The Action Packed Rookie Set will be worth it for someone. 6. Since this is a Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney and it’s Action Packed each contestant will get a pack of Action Packed cards. Hopefully someone gets the 24kt Gold Card. I LOVE TECMO TOURNEYS!!!!!!!
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    I was looking up hotel pricing today and then decided to look into alternate options. I found out that the campsite 15 minutes away has a four-bed cabin with electricity at half the price of any hotel. Would anyone be interested in bunking up? Maybe a mini Friday-night tourney after the bar closes? Maybe a Burning Vogt competition?
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    You're essentially telling people not to attend by saying "if I lived in Dallas I wouldn't attend" You're making it seem like Hal stole this event from Dave. The email posted by Hal shows a date of late June when LPGE made the decision to have Hal do the event. I'm assuming they waited til a month before the event to make the change because they were waiting on Dave to make a decision, which I assume he decided not to or just never responded to doing the event. So in my opinion (which isnt worth much) no one can fault Hal for jumping on the opportunity when asked seeing how he is looking to get more exposure for the Tecmo Tour. Now let's get all the facts in order, which probably should have been done before all these post happened, then go from there. Peace, Love and Long Live Tecmo
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    Dont get me wrong. I love Tecmo but not at the expense of being dragged through the mud like what's happening to Hal and his business. I thought this community was better than this......
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    So there's a conspiracy now? If this proves to be the case, wont it be too late to undo potential damages/negative "publicity" to the event and Retro World Series? A guy in your position can essentially make or break a potential Tecmo event with the platform you've provided here.
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    Also, 15 - 20% off right now at www.tecmojamcleveland.com through 7/8 + register through 7/8 and get entered for a chance to win a Sports Crate from sportscrate.com If you've been waiting for tix to go on sale - this is it! Less than 30 days until Tecmo Jam Cleveland - please come on out and show your support for this big show. We'd love to hear from folks who were there last year as well. It's great to see a number of ppl already registered that made the trip last year - we want to make this year even bigger and better. We've got an unbelievable number of sponsors, prizes and stuff going on this year. See you August 4th - register ASAP if you want your shirt sized guaranteed as well. Not sure if others can chime in here as well based on past experience at the main event - @ACSlater @The Ultimate Weapon @red98sethuthut @mort1237 @TheRook @joemama @tecmo_ninja @kmolnar3298 - thanks all - see you soon. Hope you had a nice holiday
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    tecmo: bringing nerds together since 1991.
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    There's only "ONE" real #24.....and that's O.J. Anderson.....and I'm SO GLAD I don't have to try to stop him. That picc actually scared me thinking somebody actually had him on their team...I am SO F*CC!N glad they don't.
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    1 month left to prep.....cue the rocky 4 soundtrack!
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    Well, I'm attending. Hal and the Retro World Series crew do a great job with the Tecmo events as well as all the other retro gaming tournaments. I highly recommend this event and any others that are partvif the Tecmo Tour
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    Was Dave planning on doing Tecmo Dallas?
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    Well, it's starting to get a whole lot realer. 26 days until the big jumpoff on July 28. Let's start with CFT 1's MVP... So technically he wasn't the MVP, as Andre Reed was the official MVP, but he is talked about by our CFT brethren as MVP as you can see he had a monster season for @DT.'s in season 1. Joey B showed that he's got the chops to take advantage of BHumps skill set and make other CFT owners pay in season 2 for his . A lot of 26's have yet to be selected in the CFT draft as of yet. Here are all but one. That Buccaneer is RB John Harvey. Now this guy will be making his debut in season 2 of CFT. He will be looking to separate opposing ball carriers and catchers from the football like he did in the actual NFL. Chuck Cecil will play for @SirTed's in CFT 2. Like B Hump, there is one other 26 to have been drafted in both CFT 1 and 2, and he was selected by the same team in both years. Jarvis Williams was selected by @Tick's in both seasons' drafts so far. In real life, Jarvis passes away in 2010 after a sudden severe attack of asthma... he was only 45. RIP Finally, this guy hasn't been drafted yet but he is an absolute Tecmo Icon. Our great founding father Obi Wan @Knobbe 's old handle on PureTecmo boards (buckfuttor on HSTL's Dynastyphile), Rod Woodson is just a MAN ! That Steelers secondary is no joke. Rod God. The ultimate 26!
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    HSTL Waiting List

    Put me down!! vikingmoe02 can host and stuff It might take 2 years, but I’ll be done with my masters by then anyway....
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    Since you made this post 24 hours ago the Tecmo Dallas page Dave had was removed from facebook and then you invited him to the event that you took. Someone flagged that page and if/when Dave appeals it I guess we'll know for sure. If you didn't request the page to be removed, who did? Christian? Why wouldn't he just ask Dave first? Seems on the up and up, huh. The email attached from June you have is nice but you took the tournament in April...Dave found out on the Monday after the got home from Madison late Sunday. So you certainly got it fair and square from Let's Play Gaming but not once did you ask Dave about it. "Are you planning to run this next year?" "Do you want to partner with this?" etc either because you are a person putting on tournaments that happen to have Tecmo, not a person putting on a Tecmo tournament. It simply didn't either occur or matter to you that anyone else in this community who wanted to do the same thing would have reached out to Dave. You did the guy wrong and i'm calling you out about it...that's the long and short of it.
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    Your suggestion is that Hal is entitled to run that tournament because he is in Dallas. I disagree with that opinion. What is this supposed to mean?
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    I don't have a problem with the Tecmo Tour or the Retro World Series as my previous tweets would indicate. The problem I have is with this particular event and I've stated my reasons why. It's fine with me if people go or people don't go.