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    ~Tailback King~

    Poetry Hour

    Cascadia F*cc!n Tecmo, will be the time of the man with the neckroll, red flash in an instant, 39's in the distance, and all hope, opponents have ta let go.
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    Not a problem! Thank you for the input! Will have him in the next update.
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    Listen, Jumanji: I've just achieved the previously-deemed inconceivable, and led my favorite team to Ultimate Glory! (I tried this a while ago with a previous version of your ROM - always JUICED, for me - and came-up a little bit short.) Got a 1st-round bye, on a 12-4 record (only losses were to MIN, TEN, G.B and N.E), and my biggest Playoff test was in the Conference Championship: It went to OT, and Leonard Williams recorded a 3rd-down SAFETY-sack on dat ass!! The run game was slightly more effective, now; as Isaiah Crowell scored a rushing TD in all 3 Playoff games. Josh McCown launched a total of 6 Playoff TDs (to 3 INTs), including 4 (to four different targets... Even sub-in Ardarius Stewart got in on the act!) in the SB. We Won that one by 14. Good fun!!! (One recommendation: you might want to add some contrast to the Jets/Chargers uniforms, for whenever they play eachother.)
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    Aight fellas! 29 days. 29 DAYS!!! Darrell Fullington is ready! Well... he's ready to watch. Fullington played for @Tick's in season 1, and that's exactly how many picks he got...1. I know, I know... There's all kinds of wrong with this pic. But once you go wood, you go FULL WOOD! Couldn't find a pic of Fullwood rocking the #29, and for the Packers he was #21, and YES, he did play in the Pro Bowl, the first Packer RB to make the Pro Bowl since a man near and dear to my WTF Retro heart, Terdell Middleton. @modeezie knows what I'm talking about! And no, Brent Fullwood neither played in season 1 nor will he play in season 2, but #squadgoals I would love to have him on my team someday because KEVIN MACK! The only other guy here not to play in season 1 or 2 of CFT, Don Griffin remains an after thought to both Not so Shy Ronnie Lott and Dave Waymer in his tandem. In season 1, Dennis Gentry came out of the Fog Bowl and onto our 8 Bit Gridirons to play for JoeyB's , and he averaged 27 yards on his 2 catches. Also sitting out season 2 after playing in Season 1 for @SirTed's (he's moved upstate to Tampa Bay for season 2), is this guy. Now to the guys making their CFT debut in season 2. Ricky Reynolds will be helping @invader_star64's in his Haddix support group. Albert Lewis will be making his debut for larrybird33's . And finally, our Cascadia veteran... Dwayne Harper will be patrolling the airwaves for @DT.'s 29 days!!!!
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    Is there any way to add Aaron Colvin instead of Bademosi to the Texans? He is going to actually be a starter while Bademosi is for special teams.
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    Big Red

    Funny things about TSB!!!

    I have the answer to all of your questions, but I will not answer them all. I will, however, answer this one: My father purposely designed this, just as He designed everything for its purpose in Tecmo. He wanted all of you to kick the side of the game during the panty-shot scene, freezing the screen, and then you are to masturbate to the cheerleader. This will help your relationship with the game and ease the tension . This was part of his plan. You have taken a special step in your relationship with the Tecmo God if you masturabate to that cheerleader. Big Red, Son of the Tecmo God
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    Funny things about TSB!!!

    He, he, he......the good old tecmo camel toe.
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    Funny things about TSB!!!

    on that rollout play often times the 2nd wr (stephen baker) will run into a lineman or something and fall to the ground. on pass plays the wr is supposed to run through opponents until he gets the ball, but I think there's a glitch and for that man it makes him think its a running play since the QB is still rolling out. after playing so many games as the giants, I wondered why sometimes baker wasn't running his route and then I would watch him and he would just flop on the ground like a dead fish scott
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    Funny things about TSB!!!

    No no, you got it all wrong. The Bears uniform is your hospital clothes. The uniform is kind of like the flag medical people fly in war as if to say, "Look, I'm a Bear. Don't hurt me. Take pity on me instead."